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What Pokemon Have Evolution Methods?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Outside of the Pokemon that either evolve simply by Leveling Up or by use of an Evolutionary Stone, there are a number of Pokemon within Pokemon Sword & Shield that have special Evolution Methods. Some of these Pokemon evolve only by Trade, while others must have Maximum Happiness towards their trainer in order to evolve. There are even a few with more complex Evolution Methods. In total, there are 49 Pokemon with Special Evolution Methods in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up With Maximum Happiness
Meowth -> Persian
Eevee (With Fairy Move) -> Sylveon
Eevee (Morning) -> Espeon
Eevee (Night) -> Umbreon
Pichu -> Pikachu
Cleffa -> Clefairy
Togepi -> Togetic
Budew (Morning) -> Roselia
Munchlax -> Snorlax
Riolu (Morning) -> Lucario
Woobat -> Swoobat
Type Null -> Silvally
Snom (Night) -> Frosmoth

Pokemon That Evolve When Traded
Machoke -> Machamp
Haunter -> Gengar
Onix (Holding Metal Coat) -> Steelix
Rhydon (Holding Protector) -> Rhyperior
Feebas (Holding Prism Scale) -> Milotic
Dusclops (Holding Reaper Cloth) -> Dusknoir
Boldore -> Gigalith
Gurdurr -> Conkeldurr
Karrablast (Trade For Shelmet) -> Escavalier
Shelmet (Trade For Karrablast) -> Accelgor
Spritzee (Holding Sachet) -> Aromatisse
Swirlix (Holding Whipped Dream) -> Slurpuff
Phantump -> Trevenant
Pumpkaboo -> Gourgeist

Pokemon That Evolve By Getting 3 Critical Hits In One Battle
Galarian Farfetch'd -> Sirfetch'd

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up With Certain Stats
Tyrogue (Level 20 & Higher Attack Than Defense) -> Hitmonlee
Tyrogue (Level 20 & Higher Defense Than Attack) -> Hitmonchan
Tyrogue (Level 20 & Equal Attack To Defense) -> Hitmontop

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up With Certain Moves
Piloswine (Knowing Anicent Power) -> Mamoswine
Bonsly (Knowing Mimic) -> Sudowoodo
Mime Jr (Knowing Mimic) -> Mr. Mime
Pancham (Level 32 & Knowing Dark Move) -> Pangoro
Steenee (Knowing Stomp) -> Tsareena
Clobbopus (Knowing Taunt) -> Grapploct

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up With Certain Items
Sneasel (Holding Razor Claw At Night) -> Weavile
Applin (Given Sweet Apple) -> Appletun
Applin (Given Tart Apple) -> Flapple
Sinistea (Given Cracked Pot / Chipped Pot) -> Polteageist

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up At Specific Time Of Day
Galarian Linoone (Level 35 & Night) -> Obstagoon

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up With Certain Gender
Combee (Level 21 & Female) -> Vespiquen
Salandit (Level 32 & Female) -> Salazzle

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up With Other Party Pokemon
Mantyke (Remoraid In Party) -> Mantine

Pokemon That Evolve Based On Damage & Location
Galarian Yamask (49+ Hit Points Damage & Under Dust Bowl Arch) -> Runerigus

Pokemon That Evolve When Leveled Up In Certain Weather
Sliggoo (Level 50 & Rain) -> Goodra

Pokemon That Evolve With Nintendo Switch Movements
Inkay (Level 30 & Switch Upside Down) -> Malamar
Milcery (Sweet Item & Circle Control Pad) -> Alcremie

Now that you know which have Special Evolution Methods, Click Here to learn which Pokemon can only evolve with the help of Evolution Stones!

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