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Pokemon Sword and Shield Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Everyone loves free gifts, and in Pokemon Sword and Shield there is a chance to get some Mystery Gifts whenever new gift codes are published. Here are some details on how to redeem Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift codes.

About Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Sword and Shield

There is a Mystery Gift system within the Pokemon Sword and Shield game. From time to time, new Mystery Gift codes are released which are generally connected to an event. Many useful items can be acquired by the use of Mystery Gift codes, however, usually you'll get Pokeballs.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Mystery Gift codes

At the time of writing, November 2022, there are no active Mystery Gift codes for Pokemon Sword and Shield. We'll keep looking, and if any new ones get released, we'll publish the details here.

How to redeem Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Mystery Gift codes are claimable after you have completed the first event in Slumbering Weald. After you've done that, here are the steps to claim Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

- At the game menu, press X and select the pink present icon.

- Then select the Get with a Code/Password option

- After you have successfully added your code you should find any new Pokemon added to your party or Pokemon Boxes. If you've got a fashion item, then check those out by heading to a fitting room. Other items you'll find in your bag.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Tips

You'll find all our our help for this game over on our Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthough and Guide. The whole game is covered and should help you from the beginning through to the end of the game.

If you need specific help with the game, then you can also head over to our questions page to post your own question.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough and Guide

Latest updates to our guide:


Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Easy EXP and Money

During your adventure you will come across a News Reporter and her Cameraman, they are named Gabby and Ty. You will first find them on Route 111 after you have used rock smash to eliminate the rocks blocking the path north of Mauvile.

The 2nd time you meet Gabby and Ty they will be located on Route 118 and the 3rd meeting is at Route 120 after Fortree city. When you defeat them a 3rd time they will head back to Route 111.

Their patterns are always the same and when you beat them they will always travel to the next location. Repeatedly defeat them 255 times, after which they will remain stationary at Route 111 forever. You can then beat them, travel up and left to reload the area, and then ride back down to re-battle them.

This is the BEST place in the game to train Egg mons, all you require is a 2nd Pokemon with an AOE (Area of Effect) attack like Earthquake or Surf; make sure your eggmon has Protect as a technique and that your sweeper is at a high enough level to either OHKO both pokemons or be strong enough to KO the last Pokemon on the 2nd turn. Within half a day you will be at 9999999 Gold. Also note that you will gain 2 HP and 2 Sp.A EVs each time you win against Gabby and Ty.

Good luck becoming the BEST.


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Pokemon Sword and Shield FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What Pokémon does Raihan have in the finals
Torkarl goodra duraladon and flygon. Not in that order
How do you get the rusted sword in Pokemon shield
Going to defeat The Dynamax Pokémon, you have it still then, going into the woods the second time I think you collect the rusted sword ONLY IN THE SWORD GAME, you make zacian go into it's sword form, without it it’s is original form, and can’t do some of it's moves
How to turn eevee into flareon
Use a fire stone on an eevee (not let's go eevee eevee) or go to lake of outrage when sunny and you will find a flareon there
Why do people trade their shiny legendaries? I have none and it angers me a lot since I'm shiny hu..
Oof same. IDK why they trade those. I have a shiny Ultra Beast I got from a Wonder Trade if you want it?
How to get regieleki and regidrago
To get regieleki and regidrago you must have the extension DLC for both isle of armor and crown tundra. When in the crown tundra follow all of the objectives until you get to the missions. To get the regi's you need to do the second mission, which is to collect all the regi's. To collect the regi's you need to find the temple and to enter will need to do a riddle for each of them. The temples are spread across crowned tundra. Once in the temple you must light every dot except the last temple where you have to do a pattern to get one of the regi's you will need to catch the regi's once you entered the temple. Dusk balls are the best for catching the regi's. When you collected regirock, regice, and registeel you can enter the temple with regieleki and regidrago. But beware once you choose a regi you can't get the other regi. The only way to get the other regi is to trade.

Can you help answer any of these questions?

What is the cheat code to encounter Lucario?
Where do you get the calyrax
How can Silvally originate from Galar if it is first seen in Alola?
How do I speed up
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