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Route 5

Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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After defeating the Turrfield Gym, you will proceed to Route 5. This is a long path that connects Turrfield to Hulbury, the exact location of the next Pokemon Gym. On Route 5, you will run into Team Yell again, this time trying to steal a bike from a trainer. After defeating them, you will actually be given the Rotom Bike. Route 5 is also home to the first Pokemon Nursery (Pokemon Daycare).

Gift Pokemon
Level 5 Toxel (Pokemon Nursery)

Wild Pokemon
Stufful (35%): Levels 19-21
Swirlix(Sword)/Spritzee(Shield) (30%): Levels 19-21
Minccino [15%(Sword)/20%(Shield)]: Levels 19-21
Wobbuffet (10%): Levels 19-21
Driftloon (5%): Levels 19-21
Galarian Farfetch'd(Sword) (5%): Levels 19-21

Dottler (26%): Levels 16-18
Espurr (20%): Levels 16-18
Nuzleaf(Sword)/Lombre(Shield) (20%): Levels 16-18
Swirlix(Sword)/Spritzee(Shield) (14%): Levels 16-18
Applin (10%): Levels 16-18
Dewpider (5%): Levels 16-18
Nincada (5%): Levels 16-18

Special Overworld:
Eldegoss: Level 22

Berry Trees:
Skwovet (100%): Levels 16-18

Magikarp (70%): Levels 16-18
Chewtle (20%): Levels 16-18
Goldeen (10%): Levels 16-18

Reporter Gillian: Level 18 Helioptile
Cameraman Cam: Level 18 Klink
Cook Stuart: Level 20
Pokemon Bredder Debra: Level 17 Mincinno, Level 19 Steenee
Pokemon Breeder Adrian: Level 17 Stufful, Level 18 Cutiefly, Level 19 Ralts
Team Yell Grunt: Level 17 Galarian Zigzagoon, Level 18 Thievul
Team Yell Grunt: Level 18 Sableye
Pokemon Breeder Denise: Level 18 Cherubi, Level 19 Woobat
Office Worker Gabrielle: Level 19 Croagunk

Heal Balls: By Tree Near Interviewers
TM31: Southeastern Path
EXP Candy XS: From Person In Nursery After Receiving Gift Pokemon
Shed Shell: Behind Nursery Fence
Rotom Bike: Defeat Team Yell
X Sp. Atks: Near Pokemon Breeder Denise
Absorb Bulb: Near Bush In Far East Grass Patch
Chesto Berries: Berry Tree
Chilan Berries: Berry Tree
Cheri Berries: Berry Tree
Persim Berries: Berry Tree
Big Mushrooms: Hidden Near Tent
Genius Feather: Hidden On Bridge
Health Feather (Respawns): Hidden On Bridge
Swift Feather (Respawns): Hidden On Bridge
Muscle Feather (Respawns): Hidden On Bridge
Resist Feather (Respawns): Hidden On Bridge
Clever Feather (Respawns): Hidden On Bridge
Pretty Feather (Respawns): Hidden On Bridge

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