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Who Are Sordward & Shielbert?

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After completing the Main Story, the Post Game Story will begin with your trainer needing to go to the end of the Slumbering Weald in order to find Hop. He will look to battle you once more, and after defeating him, the two of you will return the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield to the Shrine. After doing so, Sonia will appear and have a quick chat with both of you. As she does, two people, with the names of Sordward and Shielbert, will appear.

They will tell how they are the royal descendants of the true kings that stopped the Darkest Day so long ago. They will then look to take the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield since they believe they are the rightful owners. Your trainer and Hop will look to stop them, with each of you going into battle with one of them (depending on the version you are playing). After winning your battle, you will receive your Rusted Item back. Unfortunately, Hop will lose his battle and Sordward and Shielbert will make off with his Rusted Item.

After they leave with Hop's Rusted Item, your trainer and Sonia will return to her Lab to learn that Sordward and Shielbert are causing Pokemon to Dynamax at all the Pokemon Gyms across the Region. It will be up to your trainer, Piers, and Hop to help stop them from doing so. After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon at the Turrfield, Hulbury, and Motostoke Pokemon Gyms, you will return to the Pokemon Lab in Wedgehurst to find Sordward and Shielbert. You will again have to defeat them in battle, and after doing so, Sonia's new Assistant will reveal that she has been working for the royal descendants the entire time.

From there, you will have to help stop the Dynamax Pokemon at all of the remaining Pokemon Gyms. After you do, you will be able to get into the Energy Plant in hopes of stopping Sordward and Shielbert once and for all. You will again have to defeat one of the two descendants, and after you do, you will learn that they have been Dynamaxing Pokemon in order to prove that Zacian and Zamazenta are not the true heroes that stopped the Darkest Day so long ago.

After this, you will head to the top of the Energy Plant to find the other royal descendant struggling against the Cover Legendary Pokemon of the opposite version of the game. It will be up to your trainer to defeat it in battle (since it won't be able to be captured), and after you do, you will have to battle the Cover Legendary Pokemon exclusive to the version you are playing. This time, you will be able to capture the Cover Legend, and after you do, Sordward and Shielbert will realize the error in their ways and promise to make atonement for their actions.

Once you have captured the Cover Legend, Hop will call you and ask for some aid back in Slumbering Weald. Once you arrive, Hop will actually capture the other Cover Legendary Pokemon. Once he has, he will challenge you to one more battle. After defeating him, he will tell both your and Sonia that he intends to now become a Pokemon Professor. Sordward and Shielbert will soon arrive to apologize, having abdicated their claim of being of royal blood. The Post Game Story will end with the two of them stating that the only royalty left in The Galar Region is your trainer.

Later on after defeating the Crown Tundra DLC, both Sordward and Shielbert will be participants at that Galarian Star Tournament. However, they won't be unlocked until you have defeated the Galarian Star Tournament with each of the other fifteen participants as your teammate. Upon their arrival, the two will mention that they were the ones who sponsored the making of the Galarian Star Tournament.

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