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What Pokemon Have Different Forms?

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Like all New Pokemon Generations, the 8th Generation sees plenty of new Pokemon having more than one form. Some of these forms won't do much more than change the appearance of a Pokemon, but there are a number that will change a Pokemon's type, stats, and effects. In total, there ten new Pokemon that have more than one form in Pokemon Sword & Shield. There is even one Legacy Pokemon with multiple forms that is also found in the games.

Pokemon With Multiple Forms

Toxtricity: Toxtricity's Form is based upon the Base Nature of Toxel. More Physical Natures will see Toxel evolve into Toxtricity's Amped Form, while more Special Natures will see it evolve into a Toxtricity in its Low Key Form. There are no significant differences between the two forms outside of a change in appearance.

Indeedee: Indeedee has two different forms based upon its gender, but ouside of a difference in appearance, there is nothing significant about the two forms. Indeedee's gender is based upon the game you are playing.

Cramorant: Unlike other Pokemon, Cramorant's form changes in battle. After using the move Surf or Dive, Cramorant will pick up a prey and change its form. When hit, Cramorant will shoot the prey at an opposing Pokemon. If Cramorant has more than 50% Hit Points, it will change into Gulping Form. If it has less than 50% Hit Points, it will turn into its Gorging Form. When in its Gulping Form, Cramorant will shoot Arrokuda at a foe, causing damage and lowering an opponent's Defense Stat. When in its Gorging Form, Cramorant will shoot Pikahcu at a foe, causing both damage and paralysis to an opponent.

Sinistea & Polteageist: Sinistea and Polteageist are Ghost Type Pokemon that inhabit tea cups as their homes. Unfortunately, most of these tea cups are made of fake materials and are considered forgeries. Only one percent of Sinstea and Polteageist found in the game will have authentic tea cups as homes. Outside of a change in appearance from their Forgery to Non-Forgery Form, the only real difference is the item you must use to evolve Sinstea into Polteageist. The forgeries need the Cracked Pot Item to evolve, while the authentic ones need the Chipped Pot to do so.

Alcremie: Alcremie has 63 Different Forms, and it all depends what Sweet Item a player uses to evolve Milcery into Alcremie. These forms differ greatly in terms of appearance, but that's about it since everything else about Alcremie remians the same from one form to another.

Eiscue: When sent into battle, Eiscue will always be in its Ice Face Form. This form sees Eiscue being very slow, but also very defensive. But after taking damage from an Attack, the ice from its face will shatter and Eisue will resort to its much quicker Noice Face Form. Should Hail being in the battle, Eiscue will revert back to its Ice Face Form.

Morpeko: Morpeko has a unique ability called Hunger Switch. This sees it change from its Full Belly Form to its Hangry Form after each and every turn it is in battle. This form change sees Morpeko look incredibly different in appearance, as well as changes the type of its Aura Wheel Attack from Electric when in its Full belly Form to Dark when in its Hangry Form.

Zacian & Zamazenta: Both Cover Legends also have alternate forms, and they solely depend on the item they are holding. If Zacian or Zamazenta are holding the Rusted Sword or Rusted Shield, respectively, they will change into their Crowned Sword or Crowned Shield Forms. If they are holding any other item or no item at all, they each will remain in their Hero of Many Battles Form. Their Crowned Forms see both Zacian and Zamazenta adding the Steel Type to their Base Typing, as well as a boost to their Base Stats.

Rotom: Rotom's many different forms make a return in Pokemon Sword & Shield. However, unlike previous Mainstream Pokemon Games, you don't need to go to a specific place to change Rotom's Form. Instead, simply defeat the man in Wyndon that battles with three different Rotom Forms to receive the Rotom Catalog. This item will allow you to change the form of Rotom to any of its six different forms.

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