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Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough and Guide

Where To Find All The TRs?


Unlike TMs, TRs can only be found and obtained in the Wild Area. Every last TR that is known to exist can be obtained as a Drop Reward from a Max Raid Battle. Depending on the Type of Pokemon you defeat, you will receive various TRs that are the same type as the Raid Boss you defeat. Additionally, all TRs can be purchased from the various staff members throughout the Wild Area on a rotational basis.

TRs List
[TR00] Swords Dance
[TR01] Body Slam
[TR02] Flamethrower
[TR03] Hydro Pump
[TR04] Surf
[TR05] Ice Beam
[TR06] Blizzard
[TR07] Low Kick
[TR08] Thunderbolt
[TR09] Thunder
[TR10] Earthquake
[TR11] Psychic
[TR12] Agility
[TR13] Focus Energy
[TR14] Metronome
[TR15] Fire Blast
[TR16] Waterfall
[TR17] Amnesia
[TR18] Leech Life
[TR19] Tri Attack
[TR20] Substitute
[TR21] Reversal
[TR22] Sludge Bomb
[TR23] Spikes
[TR24] Outrage
[TR25] Psyshock
[TR26] Endure
[TR27] Sleep Talk
[TR28] Megahorn
[TR29] Baton Pass
[TR30] Encore
[TR31] Iron Tail
[TR32] Crunch
[TR33] Shadow Ball
[TR34] Future Sight
[TR35] Uproar
[TR36] Heat Wave
[TR37] Taunt
[TR38] Trick
[TR39] Superpower
[TR40] Skill Swap
[TR41] Blaze Kick
[TR42] Hyper Voice
[TR43] Overheat
[TR44] Cosmic Power
[TR45] Muddy Water
[TR46] Iron Defense
[TR47] Dragon Claw
[TR48] Bulk Up
[TR49] Calm Mind
[TR50] Leaf Blade
[TR51] Dragon Dance
[TR52] Gyro Ball
[TR53] Close Combat
[TR54] Toxic Spikes
[TR55] Flare Blitz
[TR56] Aura Sphere
[TR57] Poison Jab
[TR58] Dark Pulse
[TR59] Seed Bomb
[TR60] X-Scissor
[TR61] Bug Buzz
[TR62] Dragon Pulse
[TR63] Power Gem
[TR64] Focus Blast
[TR65] Energy Ball
[TR66] Brave Bird
[TR67] Earth Power
[TR68] Nasty Plot
[TR69] Zen Headbutt
[TR70] Flash Cannon
[TR71] Leaf Storm
[TR72] Power Whip
[TR73] Gunk Shot
[TR74] Iron Head
[TR75] Stone Edge
[TR76] Stealth Rock
[TR77] Grass Knot
[TR78] Sludge Wave
[TR79] Heavy Slam
[TR80] Electro Ball
[TR81] Foul Play
[TR82] Stored Power
[TR83] Ally Switch
[TR84] Scald
[TR85] Work Up
[TR86] Wild Charge
[TR87] Drill Run
[TR88] Heat Crash
[TR89] Hurricane
[TR90] Play Rough
[TR91] Venom Drench
[TR92] Dazzling Gleam
[TR93] Darkest Lariat
[TR94] High Horsepower
[TR95] Throat Chop
[TR96] Pollen Puff
[TR97] Psychic Fangs
[TR98] Liquidation
[TR99] Body Press
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