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Champion Cup Finals

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The following day, the Champion Cup will take place. In order to face Leon for The Galar Region Championship, you must win a tournament that will include all of the Galar Region Gym Leaders (save Piers). Because it's a single-elimination tournament, you will need to face and defeat three of the Gym Leaders in order to reach Leon. However, as the Champion Cup is about to take place, Bede will appear and challenge you to a battle. Leon allows him to do so, and Bede will pledge to resign for his career as a Pokemon Trainer if he loses to your trainer once again. (He will Gigantamax his Hatterene went sent into battle.)

Pokemon Trainer Bede: Level 51 Mawile, Level 51 Gardevoir, Level 52 Galarian Rapidash, Level 53 Hatterene

After losing, the crowd will cheer for Bede and insist he just start his career over. He will agree to do so, hoping to become the new Gym Leader of Ballonlea after Opal decides to retire. Once Bede departs, the Champion Cup will kick off. Your first opponent will be Nessa, the Water Type Gym Leader of Hulbury. Her team has improved since the last time you have faced; she'll even Gigantamax her Drednaw now in battle.

Gym Leader Nessa: Level 51 Golisopod, Level 51 Pelipper, Level 52 Barraskewda, Level 52 Seaking, Level 53 Drednaw

After defeating Nessa, you will advance to the next round of the Champion Cup. This time, your opponent will be the Stow-on-Side Gym Leader, and depending what version of the game you're playing, that will either be the Fighting Type Gym Leader Bea (Sword) or the Ghost Type Gym Leader Allister (Shield). Both of their teams have improved immensely. Bea will Gigantamax her Machamp, while Allister will Gigantamax his Gengar.

Gym Leader Bea: Level 52 Hawlucha, Level 52 Grapploct, Level 53 Sirfetch'd, Level 53 Falinks, Level 54 Machamp

Gym Leader Allister: Level 52 Dusknoir, Level 52 Chandelure, Level 53 Cursola, Level 53 Polteageist, Level 54 Gengar

With Bea/Allister defeated, you will advance to the final round of the Champion Cup Finals. Now, the only trainer standing in your way of challenging Leon for The Galar Region Championship is Raihan, the Dragon Type Gym Leader of Hammerlocke. After losing to your trainer, Raihan now relies on a team full of many Dragon Types that use the Weather in battle to their advantage. Of course, he will continue to Gigantamax his Duraludon when he sends it into battle.

Gym Leader Raihan: Level 53 Torkoal, Level 54 Goodra, Level 54 Turtonator, Level 54 Flygon, Level 55 Duraludon

After defeating Raihan, you will proceed to facing Leon for The Galar Region Championship. However, directly before the match is set to take place, Chairman Rose will appear on the big screen and announce that he has decide to move forward with his plan to prevent the upcoming energy crisis. Even though he hates to do so, Leon must postpone your match with him to go see what Rose is truly up to.

Click Here To Learn About The Galar Region Championship Match!

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