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The Sacred Bonds Of Sovereign And Steed

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After joining Peony within his base found in Freezington, he will finally tell you about the adventures he has in store for you. For each of these adventures, Peony will give you a Legendary Clue to get you started and for you to take notes with during these adventures. The first adventure will officially begin as he does, the same that Peony has named The Sacred Bonds Of Sovereign And Steed.

By looking at Legendary Clue #1 in your Key Items, you will learn about the statue in Freezington, prompting you to head there first. By clicking on the statue, it will appears as though something is missing from it. By heading back to the Peony's Base, you will see an item located on the table. By clicking on it, Peony will tell you it's just something he has been using as a pillow while in the Crown Tundra. After Peony allows you to take it, head back to the statue and click on it once again. Your trainer will place item on the statue, and after you do, one of the Pokemon in the statue will suddenly appear in the distance.

After following the Pokemon, you will soon find yourself in battle with it. It won't be able to be captured, so you must simply defeat it. After you do, Peony will suddenly appear to check on you. As he does, however, the Pokemon will telepathically use Peony as a vessel to communicate with your trainer. The Pokemon will introduce itself as Calyrex, the same that was once the King of Bountiful Harvest.

Calyrex will describe that it once was the bringer of good harvests in the Crown Tundra long ago, but has since not been able to due to how weak it has become since no one believes it exists anymore. Calyrex will then ask for you to go to into the town of Freezington and ask the townspeople what they might know about the King of Bountiful Harvest. After doing so, you will need to return to Calyrex and explain what they said. Calyrex will be saddened by their thoughts, but is understanding since it knows it hasn't had the power to help with the harvests. Calyrex will then tell about it's truly steed it one rode to help ith the harvests, but it can't remember anything about it since it was from so long ago. Calyrex will then ask you to go back into the town and ask the citizens what they might know about his steed.

After talking to everyone in town, you will quickly discover that the mayor is no longer outside of his house. Two of the townspeople will mention that the mayor has gone off to the Giant's Bed, which is located just past Frostpoint Field. You will then need to go on the search for the mayor, and after finding him in a field where more crops aren't growing, you will return to his home. The mayor won't know anything about Calyrex's royal steed, but he will mention one of the books on his shelf might. By reading all of the books, you will learn that the steed once loved the taste of carrots.

Return to Calyrex and explain to him what you found, and he will ask for you to obtain some carrot seeds for him to grow. By going back into Freezington, you will find a person willing to sell you some. After obtaining the seeds, go back to Calyrex. He will then tell you of two fields in the Crown Tundra where you can plant the seeds, and the field you choose will determine what Calyrex's steed will be. If you plant the seed in the Snowslide Slope field, an Ice Carrot will be harvested and Glastrier will appear. If you plant the seed in the Old Cemetery field, a Ghostly Carrot will be harvested and Spectrier will appear.

After Glastrier/Spectrier appears, it will head into Freezington and start trouble. Calyrex will ask for you to return to the town and stop it rom doing so, which will send you into battle with the horse once you do. It can't be captured either, so you must defeat it for now. Once you do, it will be weak enough for Calyrex to step in and get the horse to leave the town. The horse will leave behind a piece of hair from its mane, and you will need to show it to Calyrex. The king will tell you that if it had its Reins of Unity, it would be able to better control the horse and will then have the power it use to have so long ago.

Calyrex will then produce a petal for your trainer to use with the piece of hair in order to create a new Reins of Unity. From there, it will be up to you to find out how to do so. By talking to the people in Freezington, you will learn that the mayor might be able to help. By visiting him, he will attempt to create the Reins of Unity. Unfortunately, he will fail to do so. Just then, Peony will arrive and will take a crack at it. Somehow, Peony has the skills to create the reins. After he does, return and show them to Calyrex.

The goal will then be to lure the horse to you so Calyrex can use the reins to tame the horse. It will insist to head to the old shrine at the far north of the Crown Tundra, and once there, you will place the carrot your grew within the basket in sight. After you do, Glastrier/Spectrier will soon arrive and Calyrex will be able to tame it with the Reins of Unity. After it does, Calyrex will challenge you to another battle. This time around, however, you will be able to capture it using a Poke Ball. While riding its steed, Calyrex will take on a new form. But you can separate the Pokemon at anytime using the Reins of Unity Key Item, at least if you have room in your party to do so.

By returning to Peony after capturing Calyrex, you can give him an update on Legendary Clue #1. After explaining that you have captured the two Pokemon as one, Peony will officially claim that The Sacred Bonds Of Sovereign And Steed Adventure has now been completed!

Click Here To Learn All About Peony's 2nd Adventure!

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