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What Attacks Are Unusable?

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Since certain items and attacks are not found in The Galar Region, there are certain Pokemon Attacks that cannot be used in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Even if a Pokemon that knows one of the moves is transferred from a previous Mainstream Pokemon Game via Pokemon HOME, they still won't be able to use them. When you receive or transfer a Pokemon with an Unusable Move, the game will actually tell you that it's best to delete it since they will be completely ineffective.

Unusable Pokemon Attacks

10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt, Acid Downpour, All-Out Pummeling, Assist, Baddy Bad, Barrage, Barrier, Bestow, Bide, Black Hole Eclipse, Bloom Doom, Bone Club, Bouncy Bubble, Breakneck Blitz, Bubble, Buzzy Buzz, Camouflage, Captivate, Catastropika, Chip Away, Clamp, Clangorous Soulblaze, Comet Punch, Constrict, Continental Crush, Corkscrew Crash, Devastating Drake, Dizzy Punch, Double Slap, Dragon Rage, Egg Bomb, Embargo, Extreme Evoboost, Feint Attack, Flame Burst, Flash, Floaty Fall, Foresight, Freezy Frost, Frustration, Genesis Supernova, Gigavolt Havoc, Glitz Glow, Grass Whistle, Guaradian of Alola, Heal Block, Heal Order, Heart Stamp, Hidden Power, Hydro Vortex, Ice Ball, Inferno Overdrive, Ion Deluge, Jump Kick, Karate Chop, Kinesis, Let's Snuggle Forever, Light That Burns The Sky, Lucky Chant, Magnet Bomb, Magnitude, Malicious Moonsault, Me First, Meditate, Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, Miracle Eye, Mirror Move, Mirror Shot, Mud Bomb, Mud Sport, Natural Gift, Needle Arm, Never-Ending Nightmare, Mightmare, Oceanic Operetta, Odor Sleuth, Omnious Wind, Pika Papow, Psywave. Pulverizing Pancake, Punishment, Pursuit, Rage, Razor Wind, Refresh. Return, Rock Climb, Rolling Kick, Rototiller, Sappy Seed, Savage Spin-Out, Searing Sunraze Smash, Secret Power, Sharpen, Shattered Psyche, Signal Beam, Silver Wind, Sinister Arrow Raid, Slizzly Slide, Sky Drop, Sky Uppercut, Smelling Salts, Snatch, Sonic Boom, Sou-Stealing 7-Star Strike, Sparkly Swirl, Spider Web, Spike Cannon, Splintered Stormshards, Splishy Splash, Spotlight, Steamroller, Stoked Sparksurfer, Subzero Slammer, Supersonic Strike, Sychronoise, Tectonic Rage, Telekinesis, Trump Card, Twineedle, Twinkle Tackle, Veevee Volley, Wake-Up Slap, Water Sport, Wring Out, Zippy Zap

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