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Route 8

Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough and Guide by warrior13
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Connected to Route 7 is Route 8, a path divided into two separate areas. The first section is made up of ruins, while the second is a snowy path that leads directly into Circhester. Of course, a variety of different Wild Pokemon and Trainers can be found in both areas.

Wild Pokemon
Ruins - Overworld:
Golett (25%): Levels 39-41
Gurdurr(Sword)/Boldore(Shield) (25%): Levels 39-41
Pawniard (20%): Levels 39-41
Boldore(Sword)/Gurdurr(Shield) (10%): Levels 39-41
Rufflet(Sword)/Vullaby(Shield) (10%): Levels 39-41
Togedemaru (5%): Levels 39-41
Solrock(Sword)/Lunatone(Shield) (5%): Levels 39-41

Ruins - Grasses:
Sandaconda (30%): Levels 38-40
Rhyhorn (20%): Levels 38-40
Dusclops (15%): Levels 38-40
Haunter (10%): Levels 38-40
Bronzong (10%): Levels 38-40
Hippowdon (8%): Levels 38-40
Drapion (5%): Levels 38-40
Falinks (2%): Levels 38-40

Ruins - Special Overworld:
Crustle: Level 40
Falinks: Level 40

Steamdrift Way - Overworld:
Snom (40%): Levels 39-43
Snorunt (25%): Levels 39-43
Sneasel (20%): Levels 39-43
Vanillish (10%): Levels 39-43
Sawk(Sword)/Throh(Shield) (5%): Levels 39-43

Steamdrift Way - Grasses:
Snom (40%): Levels 38-41
Sneasel (25%): Levels 38-41
Snover (20%): Levels 38-41
Delibird [10%(Sword)/15%(Shield)]: Levels 38-41
Darumaka(Sword) (5%): Levels 38-41

Doctor Joanna: Level 36 Roselia, Level 36 Hattrem
Backpacker Barbara: Level 36 Dreepy, Level 37 Vullaby
Musician Charles: Level 37 Togedemaru
Office Worker Jordan: Level 36 Excadrill, Level 37 Lucario
Office Worker Alison: Level 36 Hippowdon, Level 37 Perrserker
Police Officer Bobby: Level 37 Arcanine, Level 37 Boltund

Items (Ruins)
Shiny Stone: Near Southeastern Ledge
TM96: Near Western Ladder
Hyper Potions: Middle Grass Patch
Luxury Balls: On Middle Ramp
Max Revive: Near Western Rocks
Nugget: Far Northeast Corner
King's Rock: Within Small Alcove
TM43: Far Northwest Corner
Terrain Extender: Near Tent
X Defenses: Hidden Near Eastern Stairs
Elixir: Hidden Between Two Ramps
Big Nugget: Hidden Near Backpacker Barbara
Pixie Plate: Hidden In Middle Alcove
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