BB Codes Guide

Want to use our cool little BB codes in your forum posts, or website submissions, then check out this guide.

You can use the buttons above the textbox to format your submission, answer, forum post or comment, or make something a link, add an image or a Youtube or SuperCheats video page.

Here's how...

Clicking one of the buttons prints a set of tags in the text box, for example... That 'B' button () makes text bold and will print the following tag in the text area:


You then just have to put inbetween that tagset the text you want to make bold, like so..

[b]SuperCheats... Make be Bold![/b]
SuperCheats... Make be Bold!

That's how all the tags work except for the weblink, which, along with all the other tags, are explained below.

Text Formatting Tags

[b]Makes Text Bold[/b]
Makes Text Bold

[i]Makes Text Italic[/i]
Makes Text Italic

[u]Give text an underline[/u]
Give text an underline

[size=12]Set the size of text as you want it in pixels up to 24[/size]
Set the size of text as you want it in pixels up to 24
Please note:: 12 is the normal size if you don't use this option

[color=red]Makes the font color red[/color]
Makes the font color red
Please note:: You can pick most colors but we recommend not using anything too light or dark though as it won't work well if people use the dark and light style sheets

[strike]Puts a line through your text[/strike]
Puts a line through your text

[spoiler]Hides this text[/spoiler] - Hides the text written between the tags


click to reveal

[quote]This text appears as a quote[/quote]

This text appears as a quote

You can also use the quoteby tag:
[quoteby=Team SuperCheats]Who is Gamer X?[/quote]

Team SuperChats said:Who is Gamer X?

If you know the name of who you are quoting you may prefer to use this option, but we don't have a button for it you'll have to type it in :)

[*] Bullet list
[*] For each item just add a star in brackets and enter your line of text

Adding a Link

There are a number of ways you can do this

Just entering the name of the full URL you want to link to between the two brackets:
- please remember to include the http://

Or if you would like the link text to say something different
[url=]Take a look at this![/url]
Take a look at this!

You can even make the URL link to an image (we'll explain the image tag in more detail in the Image Tag section following this)

Adding an Image

If you would like to display an image in your post or submission, then you can use the Add Pic button as follows, clicking the button weill insert the following tag into the text area:


Just enter the URL of the image you want to display inbetween the brackets, as follows:

The image most already be available on the internet and not from your hard drive. If you need to upload an image, then try Tiny Pic, on their site you can upload an image to the interet and they will give you the URL to add in the image tags, or even give you the complete image tags to use.

Please be sensible and do not post obscene images, this is a family orientated website.

Add Video

You can enter a video in your submission or post by using this tag: [video][/video]

We only allow videos from YouTube or SuperCheats, just enter the full URL of the video you want to insert eg:



Again, please be sensible and do not post obscene videos, this is a family orientated website.