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About Flamedrario

Currently: Offline | Last seen: 20th Jun 2012Recent Status: Inactive

Hi, I'm Flamedrario...or Res or Flame or Jalil. I couldnt care. What ever floats your boat

I'm 14 if you must know.

I joined September 29 2007 with my Resaiden account and ran up 78 Submissions and over 10K T&C posts and over 1,000 forum posts. I became a moderator with Resaiden, sometime around Feb 11 2008.

Switched to Flamedrario after a month of being a moderater of the Dragon Ball Z hub. Then with shortly before the switch I got the pokemon Action Replay spot and Pokemon Battle AND Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

When I 1st Joined with Resaiden I posted in pokemon diamond. Then I migrated to pokemon trading. Shortly after that... I became a T&C n00b. (Yes I know. Sad) For about 4 months I had rarely went into forums. Then I got tired of posting meaningless posts in T&C after I learned about Xain getting banned some time ago. I had seemed to miss to much. Plus T&C can get over spammed. I didnt want any part. Anyways I moved back to forums and got my mod spots.

Later on June 4th 2008 I was demoted. Yeah alot of us had the WTF reaction in different ways. About a month later, mod applications were checked and I was promoted again. Back to feeling like a n00b mod. Seeing as I have to deal with disrespect from the other new mods. Oh well. Atleast I'm back. And I aint complaining.

I also love music. Its awesome. Rap...HipHop+R&B and just about everything else. But, don't hate. In school I play Tenor and Baritone and Alto Saxaphone. But no I'm not a band geek >_>

Friends off the top of my head If I forget you just let me know.
Shadow Cresselia 101
Chaos Sonic
King of Hell
Mecercenary Rubia/Trainer Saphire
RJ Fighter
Sega Shadow
Aaden Foli/Yossy666

If I forgot you let me know. I didnt include banned members or people who left SC

Games I like are Armored Core, DBZ, Castlevania, Sonic, Mario and Animal Crossing and any 2-D Fighting game.

I grew outta pokemon so don't ask me to pokemon battle. I may have grown out of it but I'm still happy as a Pokemon Action Replay Moderator.

One thing that ticks me off is how people don't respect "gangstas". Look alive, geek. They're there. And they aint wannabes. So stop hatin' 'cause your most likely a geek. If you have a problem with us and like talking about us badly have the right to shut the hell up. And I don't like posers or show offs. They're very annoying.

I'm pretty laid back and fun to hang out with. I like to crack jokes on my friends. No I don't hate them. Its just how I am. Deal with it. Sorry in advance if I offend you.
All around you can sum me up as........awesome :p

Contact me on MSN using this [email protected]

TV shows are Boondocks, Death Note and DBZ and Family Guy and Robot Chicken. Vh1 and MTV rock!

My favorite games a-....wait. Nevermind. Just leave me bio already!

I'll add more soon.

---------Hall of Art---------
This is a section where I keep a record of all my sigs and avys that were made for me. So they'll never be forgotten. Only avys/sigs on my Flamedrario account are recorded.

-Awesome avy by Mr D or InterDimension. Gotta love DBZ

-TwilightPrince's Lucario Sig. Some awesome stuff! It was worth the wait

-Xion's Gift to me. An awesome sig with my brawl main in it.

-I'll add more Just gotta find'em

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