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Paper Mario Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Paper Mario

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A collection of cheats that includes how to get lots of Whacka's Bumps, more recipes and unlimited coins.

More Paper Mario Cheats and Tips

We have 31 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Paper Mario please send them in here.

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Unlock Original NES Mario

Go through the door across the hall from the enrance in Boo Mansion. Jump in the large jar that is in it and NES Mario will jump out. To change back simply jump back into the jar or leave the room.

Tons Of Badge Codes

I finally uncovered all the badges in the game(yes the no namers are in there to)! (The ones in red are mystery badges)
8110f442 **** Replace **** with the values.
00E0 Spin Smash
00E1 Multibounce
00E2 Power Plus
00E3 Dodge Master
00E4 Power Bounce
00E5 Spike Shield
00E6 First Attack
00E7 HP Plus
00E8 Quake Hammer
00E9 Double Dip
00EA Unknown (I don't think it's a badge)
00EB Sleep Stomp
00EC Fire Shield
00ED Quick Change
00EE D-Down Pound
00EF Dizzy Stomp
00F0 Unknown Hammer Charge Badge???
00F1 Pretty Lucky
00F2 Feeling Fine
00F3 Attack FX A
00F4 All Or Nothing
00F5 HP Drain
00F6 U..

Find Dry Dry Ruins

To find dry dry ruins in chapter 2 you need to go to the dry dry outpost save and leave. Immediately upon leaving head south and exit here.Go south a screen to find a oasis there will be two trees here smack one with your hammer.One will release a lemon the other a lime. Return to dry dry outpost and talk to the guy at the end of the town and give him the lemon since lemon is his favorite fruit he will let you ask a question. So ask about dry dry ruins read the text then give him the lime and select how to find dry dry ruins. He will tell you to go to the item shop and purchase a dusty hammer then a dry shroom or in the other order I cant quite remember. well buy the items at the shop and the toad will tell you the mans location. So go back to the one guy you gave items to he will be gon..

mario bros theme

At the beginning of each chapter, if you wait long enough, the original mario bros theme song will play.

Bowser Battle

In the final bowser battle, use Watt in the combat. She can power mario up and by-passes bowser's defense; not in star-rod mode, though.

Epic Item

Yes this is another "No Namer" But this time it's an item.
This item appears to be something Mario drinks. His ears steam and than he will get hyper active. When it's Marios turn again he will go twice.
8110F456 0091

how to get yoshi sound

To get the yoshi attack fx badge you must be past chapter 6. Go inside one of the houses in shiver city. Climb the book cases and other stuff and go to the bottom window and press A and go through the window and use parakarry to go over the ledge. Go through the window, open the chest and... You got yoshi attack fx(attack fx E) and now put it on and swing your hammer. And voila!

How to get more health in Flower Fields:When you..

How to get more health in Flower Fields:

When you unlock some of the gates by giving berries to the flowers then keep the excess berries.

They will come in handy when you are low on flower points or health points.

If you leave the area then go back you can get as many berries as you can carry. Some give 5 health points, 5 flower points or, 3 flower points and 3 health points.

Hope this tip is useful in your future gameplaying.

All Recipes

Apple Pie: Cake Mix + Apple. Recovers 4HP 4FP
Big Cookie: Cake Mix + either Red Berry, Yellow
Berry, Goomnut, or Egg: Recovers 20FP
Bland Meal: Koopa Leaf + Red Berry or Yellow Berry or Blue berry or Goomnut: Recovers 10HP 10FP
Boiled Egg: Egg + Stinky herb or Strange Leaf. Recovers 8HP 8FP
Cake: Cake mix. Recovers 15FP
Coco Pop: Cake Mix + Coconut Recovers 3HP 15FP
Deluxe Feast: Strange Leaf + Whacka's Bump or Potato Salad + Shroom Steak. Recovers 40HP 40FP
Dizzy Dial: Strange Leaf + Stinky Herb or Strange Leaf + Volt Shroom.
Egg Bomb: Egg + Fire Flower
Electro Pop: Cake Mix + Volt Shroom
Fire Flower: Dried Fruit + Strange Leaf
Fire Pop: Cake Mix + Fi..

Infinite HP

Just before the stairs that go to Koopa Village, run around that blue thing that watches you.
You will hear star music and hearts will pop out of it, just keep running around until you get as many hearts as you want.

Just something good to know

OK I will try to remember, um when you are in the desert, you have to break a big block I think. There will be a big mole. If you hit it in the head with a hammer you will get a ball which is suppose to be his bump from the head. It has like 30 hp and 30 fp. In order to get another on you have to leave the scene and go back after a while. It helped me a lot when I was beating the bird.

Easy Huff N. Puff Battle

An easy way to beat Huff N. Puff is to got to the sewers ans find those Ultra boots. When you're in battle with him use Muskular's star power (the blue star with the salor hat) to weaken Huff N. Puff.

Easy way to beat Lava Piranha

Uses the badge "Ice Power" and use Sushi's Last attack. (Only for people that don't know)

Purple Jump No Namer Badge???

Okay I don't know where this one came from but it appears to be another "No Namer." I investigated on what it did and it appears to do the same thing as Mega Jump and Power Jump(Jumps on a foe with more attack power). Its attack power is more than Power Jump but less than Mega Jump. But I just call it "Super Jump."
8110F442 0122


Luigi's diary: Go into Mario's house,go to the odd shaped part on the floor,do a ground pound on it,and his diary is sitting there to read!
The Black Shy guy Easy Way:The black shy guy in the toy box,guarding a chest,is tough,so,get 25 star pieces,and buy the power plus badge from the person upstairs of Merlee's house,then go fight him,open the chest,and there is another power plus badge,now you have 2,put both on and you do plus 2 damage!
Ultimate badge combo:Get 3 power plus badges,and 3 defense plus badges,now get 36 BP(badge points) and apply them for better defense and attack!( Only 3 because there are only 3 of each in the game,i did this,and beat Bowser easily!)

Three ice king helper

Ok I just beat this boss twice and I found a way to tell when he goes into 3 forms of himself,which one is the real one. First realize they dissapear then come back and look at them when they come back, one will be slightly more invisible the the other 2, that one is the real one.

To get a ultrashroom and 4 mushrooms, beat the i..

To get a ultrashroom and 4 mushrooms, beat the ice king, then go to the town with penguins..

Have three healing items. go to the toad house and take a nap. when you wake up you should see them. (I promise this works.)

It works better when you have a ultrashroom and two supershrooms.

You can get an ultrashroom after you pass the monster that tries to lick you.

A way you can defeat the Crystal king

If you want to defeat the Crystal King to get the Seventh Star spirit,you are going to need to get a lot of fire flowers(like 5) and use them.When you run out of fire flowers,use you Parrykarry's shell shot(or his other attacks) and use it on the crystal king .
When you run out of FP(flower power),he should be down to his 20-50lives(Also bring some super shrooms and if you are close to dieing use it because so you can stay alive for the battle.
When you are colse to defeating the crystal king use a finishing blow (like using a hammer,,jump or mabye your partner can do the finishing blow for you).You decide who is going to do the finishing blow.
When you defeat him,you get the seventh star spirit.You have to be a high level(like 13-20)to defeat him.Your ..


Ultra shroom+jammin jelly=jelly ultra restores 50hp and fp
Whackas bump+strange leaf=deluxe feast restores 40hp and fp
Cake mix+jammin jelly=jelly pop restores 64fp
Those are really good items enjoy


I will just enter all the recipes in a random order and I do not want anything here to be copied from anyone.
Apple Pie= Apple+ Cake Mix
Dizzy Dial= Strange Leaf ( near Boo's Mansion shake a bush)
Special Shake= Melon ( give something Tayce T made to Yellow Yoshi-Adult)
Healthy Juice= Special Shake+ Stinky Herb, or Strange Leaf with Special Shake
Nutty Cake= Goomnut
Bland Meal= Goomnut and Koopa Leaf
Koopasta= Dried pasta and koopa leaf
Fire Flower= Dried Fruit+ Strange Leaf
Sweet Shroom= Life Shroom+ Cake Mix
Cake= Cake Mix
Thunder Rage= Dried Fruit+ Volt Shroom ( or mystery, note mystery alone can be used for some recipes)
Life Shroom= Koopa Leaf+ Volt Shroom
Deluxe Feast= Potato Salad + Shroom Steak
Shroom Steak: Li..

Easy Huff N. Puff Battle

To beat Huff N. Puff easier is to get the ultra boots, and use Muskular (Blue star).

Peach's guarded room access key

When you go in Peach's castle in the beginning of the game there is a cheat on the first floor. There is a toad guarding the door to Peach's room. Keep on talking to that toad until he gets out of the way. When you go in the door you are in Peach's guarded room

How to beat Crystal King easy

1. Buy as many Shooting Stars as you can
2. Have the Triple Dip badge
3. Also have the Lucky Day badge
4. Have anyone fully upgraded who could do some damage
(Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry or Watt will do in my opinion)
5. Have some other great badges equipped
6. If you followed my steps, the Crystal King should be easy

More recipies

Ultra shroom+cake mix=shroom stake
submitted by farn

Shrink Smash???

Here is another code for a weird badge. This "Shrink Smash" badge is really weird. It never showed up in the game and the description says it only uses 1 FP. But in battle it uses 2 FP. Well anyway..Here is the code!
8110F442 012B

Best ways to get star points

#1:Go to lavalava island and fight the fuzzy,make sure you have the zaptap badge(if not,then go to the badge trader who trades badges for star peices) at merlee's house,then,the fuzzies can't hurt you and they take 1 damage!(just choose do nothing every round,and they will keep multiplying,for ultimate star points!) but if you are to high level to get experience from them,then try these other ones!
#2:At the flower fields,go down the bottom right path,then go until you see a flower creature that is shining,now fight him(he will try and run away) he is tough,does 20 damage and takes about 15 damage to kill,but you get 40 star points for killing him!(once you kill him,go 2 screens back then go back,if he isnt there again,try again until he is back)
#3:Once you beat la..

Coin trees

When you are at Yoshi's village in world 5 some trees in the jungle hold coins

Unlimeted money

Go to lavalava island equip the pay off badge then harass the hurt plant attack the 2nd hurt plant then do nothing until you are in danger merlees magic= mor cash sleep at the toad house then repeat

Unlimited Coins

It would be wise to have the Toad Town Sewer Transport pipes for this cheat well what you need to do is have no items at all then go to the Goomba Village then go to the gate near it you will see a tree hit it then a Goomnut will fall out get the Goomnut then walk through the gate and back out into the Goomba Village again and hit the tree again and another Goomnut will fall out repeat this process until your items are full once your items are full return to Toad Town go to TayceT's kitchen and cook all of the Goomnut's they will become Nutty Cake now take them to the item shop and sell them for 6 coins Repeat this process until you are fully content.

Most effective attacks for the Crystal King:

Level up Kooper to Ultra Rank. His Flame Shell will be effective. Use attacks like Power Shell, Power Bomb, Tidal Wave, Quake Hammer, Flame Shell, Dizzy Shell, etc. Any attack that will strike multiple enemies at once work great for when the Crystal King splits up or when Crystal Bits are active.

How to get lots of Whacka's Bumps:

First, go to Mt.Rugged and get Whacka's Bump. Now go down the mountain, save and turn of Nintendo 64 or Wii. Turn the game back on and go back to the Whacka area. The Whacka will be there! (You can only do this several times before the Whacka dies.

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