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Yoshis Island DS Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Yoshis Island DS

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Our collection of cheats includes getting unlimited lives, unlocking secret bonus challenge panels, unlock extra levels and unlocking Baby Peach, Baby DK, Baby Wario and Baby Bowser.

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We have 11 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Yoshis Island DS please send them in here.

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Time Trial Mode

When you complete the game and then load your cleared saved game file the question mark that previously appeared on the lower right corner will be replaced with the 'Time Trial' option. There are 5 extra levels (one from each World) in Time Trial mode that are playable with a black Yoshi.

Unlock Extra Levels

For each world collect 100 points on 8 stages but not including the secret stages. This means getting 20 Red coins, 5 Flowers and 30 Stars to get the 100 points, 800 points altogether.
Unlock Extra Level 1:
Get 800 points for world 1
Unlock Extra Level 2:
Get 800 points for world 2
Unlock Extra Level 3:
Get 800 points for world 3
Unlock Extra Level 4:
Get 800 points for world 4
Unlock Extra Level 5:
Get 800 points for world 5

Unlock Baby Peach, Baby DK, Baby Wario and Baby Bowser

Baby Peach is unlocked at world 1-5, Baby Dk at 2-1, Baby Wario at 3-5 and Baby Bowser at 4-5. Baby Wario and Baby Bowser will leave you at various points.

Character Coins Bonus

Collect ALL the Character Coins on each of the worlds to unlock a harder version of a mini-game in the 'Mini-Games' menu.
Unlock Tulip Shooter - Hard Setting:
Get all character coins in World 1
Unlock Flutter Challenge - Hard Setting:
Get all character coins in World 2
Unlock Bouncy Maze - Hard Setting:
Get all character coins in World 3
Unlock Speed Eating - Hard Setting:
Get all character coins in World 4
Unlock Egg Toss - Hard Setting:
Get all character coins in World 5

Unlock Secret Bonus Challenge Panels

Collect the following points to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Flip Cards:
Get a total of 700 points in World 1
Unlock Scratch and Match:
Get a total of 700 points in World 2
Unlock Match Cards:
Get a total of 700 points in World 3
Unlock Roulette:
Get a total of 700 points in World 4
Unlock Slot Machine:
Get a total of 700 points in World 5

Flutter challenge (Easy)

For starters, this challenge is unlocked in the 1st world 2nd level. It involves you to jump of a platform and 'flutter jump' (pressing B and holding) as far as you can go. It isn't hard to get over 130 on this challenge if you have the right technique. Begin by pressing and holding the Y button.(This makes you run giving you a boost) Go to the very back wall and run and jump of the platform. Hold B until the jump wears out then quickly press and hold B again. Keep on doing this until you hit the ground. If you do this correctly you should get about 100-150 meters on this challenge.

baby wario

you shold get him after world 3s first castle like level. you go through a video the next level and you will only have him. then you get the others back


You can unlock Baby Peach-umbrella can fly with the wind, Baby Donkey Kong-can climb and use DK Smash, Wario-can move metal with a magnet and Bowser-Can breath fire (Lose tongue ability)
By defeating the game you can get secret levels and by getting all the character coins for each world you can get hidden levels!


In the game you should try to get all the character coins,red coins,flowers and stars and you will unlock all sorts of things like minigames hard mode.

flutter is great

If you jump on any enemy, the continue holding "B", yoshi will flutter three times as high.
Just fluttering on some parts of levels that involve shooting eggs to move platforms, just fluttering continously can get you where you need to be quicker and without using eggs or waisting time.

Joke hahaha

Why did yoshi agree to get that baby
Becouse he wasnt pretty

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