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Star Fox Adventures Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Star Fox Adventures

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Several cheats for you to check out including avoiding damage froms short falls and beating the Test of Strength and Lightfoot challenge.

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We have 12 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Fox Adventures please send them in here.

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Star Fox Adventures Cheats

Avoid damage from short falls:
Just before you hit the ground press X to roll and avoid damage.
Krazoa Test Number 5 (The Test Of Knowledge)
Match up items you found during the game and where you found them:
Place the Meteor in front of the Space Image.
Place the Moonseed in front of Moon Mountain Pass.
Place the Gold tooth in front of the Walled City.
Place the Totem piece in front of the Lightfoot Village.
Place the Dinosaur horn in front of the Snowhorn Wastes.
Place the Cloudrunner horn in front of the Cloudrunner Fortress.

Extremely easy way to beat bigfoot

If you have a controller with a turbo button, put turbo on and keep your finger on A.While you are doing so press Z while pressing A.He will go down in a flash.

Did you know if you look opposite the game that ..

Did you know if you look opposite the game that you gamble your scarbs there is a wall that is a lighter colour than all the other walls, you should be able to walk straight through it.There is a rock with two or three RED scarbs under it.

Here are the locations of the Gems...1.On the ba..

Here are the locations of the Gems...

1.On the balcony,in a caged doorway.

2.In a blue room

3.there is one more to find after that,get the lighting key from the lightfoot in the cage in the prison room.

Prince Trickys Anger When Prince Tricky is ne..

Prince Trickys Anger

When Prince Tricky is near you take out your staff and wack him a few times.(recomend you try this after you get the flame command)Eventuly he'll do the flame command on you.

Be sure to sheild yourself,but if try to make him do an action like "find" he'll respond with a "I'm not doing it!" and like he says he wont do it.

This has been the The Master of Melee.

Easily beat strong lightfoot

The strong lightfoot is a challenge, but there is an esay way to get past it. Take the back end of a pen and run it back and forth across the A button during the strength test. This will easily defeat him in 5 seconds.

Here is how to defeat Andross. When he is at the..

Here is how to defeat Andross. When he is at the Korzoa part of him, dodge the beams he shoots from his mouth while shooting his eyes and the crystal thing on his head.

Then he'll turn around and try to defeat you from there. Shoot his hands until the other hand comes up. Then he'll shoot rocks and health at you. If you need to, grap the health. He'll then try to suck you up. Don't get suck up or you will have to fight him as the Krozoa part all over again.

Destroy his hands and he'll turn to the Krozoa head. This time is harder. Keep flying around his head and shoot the stuff at the same time.

This time he'll shoot missles at you. Do the same as last time. Destroy his hands and he'll try to suck you up. There ..

mushroom no more

Go near a shaky mushrom and sheald your self by pressing are fox will cough like he breathed in the gas but not lose eney life

Easy Bomb Spores

Go to dino planet and you see the Big giant plant. Shoot it with flames and it will go KA-BLOOIE Then you see purple thingys floating QUICK GRAB 'EM then you will have 3 bomb spores

Hint: you can repeat this up to 100 times

Just Funny

This is just a retarded cheat and isn't really useful but it's worth a chuckle or two, it gives you something to do when you run out of ideas. Anyway! Back to what I was explaining, if you go up to the regular weak sharpclaw, hit it a couple times, don't kill it. Once you hit it let it attempt to hit you, (use your shield with R to block it but it will be harder to accomplish the cheat if you do)so just back up a bit, don't get to close or it will attack you, AGAIN! We don't want that. But don't back too far or he'll walk off ignoring you. Whenever you get to the perfect distance just watch the sharpclaw, if you did it correctly then he wont attack you out of any expanse of time there is at all, listen to the shaprclaw theme and watch it do it's stance, he looks like he's dancing which i..


This is a bit tricky but eventually you'll do it.You must keep the red line within the green area unless you go out of control.Don not look at the nightmare or you will not win.Sometimes it changes direction and goes fast.


Can anyone tell me how to get my staff back from the guard in cloud runner fortress

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