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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64 Cheats and Tips

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Our cheats include getting more bottles, entering Zelda's castle and unlocking elemental arrows and Skulltulas spiders. We'll also tell you how to get the big Gorron sword.

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We have 36 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii

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Unlockable Elemental Arrows and Skulltulas Spiders

Unlock Elemental Arrows

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Elemental Arrows.

Unlock Ice Arrow:

Complete the Gerudo Training Ground.

Unlock Fire Arrow:

After the Water Temple shoot the sun.

Unlock Light Arrow:

Beat ALL the temples and then talk to Shiek.


The following items are unlocked by killing the corresponding number of Skulltulas Spiders. When you have killed the skulltulas spiders collect the tokens and go to the Skulltula House in Kakariko Village to get your prize.

Unlock Adult Wallet:

Collect 10 Skulltula Tokens.

Unlock Stone of Agony:

Collect 20 Skulltula Tokens.

Unlock Giant's Wallet:

Collect 30 Skulltula Tokens.

Free Hylian Shield

Instead of paying 80 rupees for one as a kid at the market, go to the Kakariko Graveyard at night, and pull back the grave with flowers, drop down and get the shield.

Funny dog

When you are little Link, at night, go to the Market and look for a man

Looking out of his window on a balcony. Look for a little white dog and

Touch it. It will follow you around, now go to the Alley, if you don't

Know where that is, go to the corners of the Market, you will eventually

Enter the Alley. Take the dog to an area in the Alley where there are

Two doors. There will be one on the left wall, and one going forward.

Go forward with the dog and talk to the lady in the house. I think

She gives you a heart piece, I don't recall, but also note that when

Walking into the Alley with the dog, go slow and let it keep up with

You or it will stay in the Market. WOOF WOOF!

Treasure Chest game cheat

The Treasure Chest game (that opens at night in the Hyrule Castle Town Market) can be finished easily without luck of guess. Equip the Lens of Truth. You can use it to see inside the chests and look for which chests contain Rupees and which chests contain the keys needed to progress. In this way you can get to the Piece of Heart at the end without ever having to retry.

The only downside to this trick is that you have to wait until later on in the game to perform it.

Free Hylian Shield (Young Link)

As young link go to kakariko village then enter the graveyard. In the graveyard go behind the gravestone that has flowers in front of itand pull it until you hear a tune. Then go in front of the gravestone and fall down the hole. Walk forward and open the chest to get a Hylian Sheild!

Jabu Jabu's Belly as Adult Link

On The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there are a number of glitches. A very easy and fun one is this one I am about to tell you how to do.

To get into Jabu Jabu's Belly as an adult, you have to be head to where Jabu Jabu used to be, and walk to the downhill ramp on the left leading to the water. Then, walk up and down the left ledge of that ramp a few times until your screen turns black. A few seconds later, you find that familiar bubble floating around. You're in! It might take a few minutes to master, but you will get at one point.

NOTE: I am not sure if you can do this glitch on the N64 because I have only done it on the 3DS.

A Fifth Bottle?

To get the fifth bottle here is what you need to do.

1. Go to a fairy fountain.

2.get out an empty bottle.

3.swing at a fairy and pause before catching.

4.switch to an item you don't need.

5. You now have a fifth bottle containg a fairy.

WARNING: only save if your sure you want to keep the bottle.

Finding and getting Heart containers and skullets!

Well the skullets make nosie follow it where it is strongest and you will see it! Then for the heart pices you have to do like three major things. The first one is to look for the ones that are in the open. Next plant the magic beans so when your an adult link you can ride them. For the last do the side missions and for every one you complete will give you one or an item!

Angry Chickens

Like most Zelda games, if you hit ANY chicken enough times it will turn red and start attacking you. Not only that but it will also call in hundreds of other chickens to fight you!

Enter Zelda's Castle

Yep, you heard right. You actually can enter the castle.

But, it takes a Gameshark to do it.

Turn on the Levitate cheat then go to Zelda's courtyard.

Then, simply fly above zelda into the room where she looks, which means flying above the castle roof. There, you can ctually stand a distance in her castle. This is the only spot in the courtyard that allows you to stand in her castle.

It's meaningless, but interesting.

Skip Gerudo's Training Ground

If you are low on life, and want to make use of time, this is a good way to do just that. The main purpose of this glitch is to easily get the Ice Arrows. To do it, you must have the Hookshot/Longshot and the Gerudo's Token. With your Hookshot/Longshot on any one of the buttons, continue into the Gerudo Training Grounds and look around until you find a cell chamber with chain walls and one locked door you can reach, and a few locked doors that you can see through the walls. There should be a big Treasure Chest through the wall as well. Now, go to the corner of the wall with the (reachable) locked door and the chain wall. Now backflip into the corner and instantly press the button in which your Hookshot/Longshot and aim it towards the chain wall. When your arm goes through the wall, shoot..

Easy rupies

1 make yourself a kid

2 when you enter hyrul from the big feild enter the 1st door

3 break the pots

4 you get 70 rupies

5 keep on doing it until you are full

Have fun making rupies

Unlimited skulltulas

There is a secret skulltula area by the tree where you first met talon the lon lon ranch owner. You must be kid link. Go to the closest tree and play the song of storms. Then when you go down find the wall with the skulltula. When you have killed it you must step closer back to the portal. Then use your boomerang to gramb the token but before you get it jump into the portal. Results: you get a token. Repeat this process to get unlimited skulltulas tokens.

Easy, Normal, and Hard game

Easy: Get All Heart's in the game, Get Golden scale, get all Great Fariy

Spell's,Use any Bottle Item's,Get All 4 bottle's and Largest Quiver, Seed bag, & Bomb Bag.

Normal: Get 10 Heart's, Get Silver scale, Get 1/2 magic meter, Get 3 Spell item's, use only Red & Green Potion's, Get 2 Bottle's, and 1 upgrade for Quiver, Seed bag, and Bomb bag.

Hard: Keep 3 Heart's, Get silver scale, Only Great Fairy on Death Mountan, Only use Lon-Lon Milk, Get 1 bottle, No Quiver, Seed bag, And Bomb bag Upgrade's, and

Use Iron Boot's, Deku nut's, & Megaton Hammer(Until You Get Sword Back) When

Fighting Ganon.

Bottle glitch

You can have more bottles than you think

So heres my cheat

Equip bottle

Got to catch bug or fish

Use bottle for capture and pause game when link swings it

And replace with different item and ta the extra bottle

Big Gorron Sword

Once you get to the part where the big gorron says he will make you the sword do the song where the day and night passes a couple times and you will get your big gorron sword faster.


When you first fight ganon and he throws energy balls at you and you hit them back it's not a hit after the ball hits him use a light arrow then rush over and attack

Mario, luigi, yoshi, bowser, peach

Ok so when you are young link go to the place where zelda is at the window and don't go to her go to the window on the right and look in it there are pictures of mario charachters and if you slingshot that window youll get a red ruppe (20)

Roll at nothing

Like the title says you can roll with-out moving at all. All you have to do is stand close enough to a wall that when you attack "roll at" it you will run into it. If you do this about two-five rime Link "or whatever you named your character will roll with-out moving. It's not very helpful but it is fun!

More bottles!!!

A way to get more bottles is to go somewhere you can catch a fish or something. Take out a bottle and try to catch the thing, but about a little less than halfway through your swing, pause the game and replace the bottle with an item you don't need.(NOTE: After you do this do NOT save or you won't be able to get your item back unless it is a collectible item like deku nuts or arrows. If you want to keep it, use the claim check after you get Biggeron's sword.

Infinite Sword glitch

First, walk up to an unbreakable sign and follow these steps;

1. Crouch next to the sign making sure you can read it from where you are (or when the blue 'a' button says 'check')

2. Now this is the tricky part. Swing your sword (whichever one, it doesn't matter) and then just after that press the a button as soon as it says 'check' again. For it to work you have to get it just right, and if the screen doesn't follow you, you've done it. There is also another way of knowing if it's worked or not. Press the 'z' button and the black lines that appear on the top and bottom of the screen should not disappear if it worked

Jump and Earthquake Glitch

To do the Jump Glitch, you must be at least adult Link. Go to Lake Hylia and go to the house with the old lady inside, go to the very end of the wood out on the water. In the corner, jump straight to the platform and hold up. If you were in the right spot, and you went the correct way, you should grab on to it, fall off it, grab on to it again, and so on so quickly that he will do it 7 times a second if you hold up. You will keep on going if you hold up. For the Earthquake Glitch, you must be kid Link at his house. At that desk at the bottom(if you have the full house view)go to it and put it so you can't see the whole house. If your view is just right, go to the right of it. Then get to it's corner and if yo went into it just right, everything should start shaking while Link is moving(t..

Rebuild Sign

Find one of the many squre information signs and chop it into pieces. If you play zelda's lullyby then the sign rebuilds itself. (sorry if the song is mispelled)

Secret Golden Skulltulla at Lake Hylia

First off, you need to have beaten the Water Temple. Warp to Lake Hylia, whether you are there or not, and look at the tree. Get out your Longshot and just at the little arrow there just above the limb, shoot it. Make sure that you're looking at the right tree, the one you need to go to is the one with the claw marks. You will go up and land on an out stretched limb. Play the Suns Song and turn to where the very top of the tree is. There will be a Gold Skulltulla if it is night. Use your Longshot and kill it and collect the token. Also, the reasons that you need to beat the Water Temple is because...

1. You need the Longshot

2. You need to be able to see the sun and moon

the magic crystal "Faroes Wind"

to tell you I found this on accident, when you get the third spirital stone (Zoras Saphire) there is an island with 2 rocks a gray rock and a brow rock. The island is in the place Lord Jabu Jabu floats at put a bomb beside the gray rock when the bomb explodes a wall will get blown up there will be a entry way in the back when you go in there will be one of those faries that give you a new power this power gives you Faroes WindSmile

If you roll at a tree it will shake itmay contai..

If you roll at a tree it will shake itmay contain a skulltulla or ruppies

Make Rockets Ships

First of all go to any of the various Time teller things around Hyrule, when you hit them with your sword they tell the time, but try blowing them up and moment later it'll change between blue & red and will lift off into the sky, unless there is a ceiling over it, then it will just blow up


Use your gorron sword to kill him faster

Water Temple Trick

Use Farore's Wind next to an important Triforce symbol that changes the water level. By doing this, you can change the water level quickly, and make the dungeon a little less tedious. Hope this helped! =D

Cow underground

On the path to the fire temple,blow up the 3 rocks.blow up the rock on the ,and jump will find a cow.maybe you can do something about it.but I don't know what to do with it.(please leave a thumbs up)

Under The Ice In Zora's Domain

This cheat is extremely easy, and can be done as Adult or Kid Link, although, the underwater ranks of Zora's Domain can only be explored as Adult Link.

All you have to do is head down to Zora's Domain and jump off the first cliff when you walk in. Walk along the right wall until you find a tunnel. As you enter it, turn around and go to the right corner and press the "L" button to do a jumping sword attack at the joint between the wall and the pillar-like rock form. After attacking it a few times, you should be behind the wall.

Walk a few steps to the left and then jump off of the invisible cliff into the invisible water. Equip the Iron Boots and the Zora Tunic then sink down, while swimming toward the underwater oasis. When you think you are directly under the water, take off t..

Infintinte sword glitch!!!!!!

First go to a breakable sign(a square sign)now turn away from the sign make sure it says check on the blue circle now crouch then quickly press B and THEN QUICKLY PRESS A and you would read the sign and your sword will have a white line at the tip and it will cut the sign and your camera would be messed a little to see foward press Z (NOTE IT WILL COME OFF WHEN YOU PRESS ANY OTHER BUTTON OR GO OUT OF ANY AREA) theres the infitinte sword glitch MORE CHEATS COMING SOON!!!!!!!Smile

Pot thru wall

In the ice cavern as big link go till you see 2 pots beside eachother break 1 and throw the other at the opossite wll and it will go through the wall(note make sure icecicles have fallen on roof) ps: this is my first cheat <(-_-)>

Moon walk

When you are walking repetedly press the z button and link walkes weird.

Unlimited Golden skultia

The golden spiders are hard to find well I know a secret if you have the boomerrang and the slingshot you can get alot by the tree near the castle and you need the rain song and you can get alot.

Turning into invisible link!

Go to gurudo vally on epona. When you pass the bridge ride epona into the workers tent. You should go in. Then warp to lake hylia and Viola! You are invisible link!

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