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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

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We have cheats for alternate ending sequences, Coral Canyon and Gems. We'll aso tell you how to skip Time Trial.

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We have 22 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Xbox

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Don't Lose Lives

This sneaky little trick is done by pausing the game before the screen turns black when you die and then quickly selecting 'Warp Room'. When you do this You return to the Warp room without losing any lives.


Alternate Ending Sequence -
To view an alernative ending sequence collect all 46 gems.
Defeating Lo-Lo -
Shoot where the mask floats.
Defeating Py-Ro -
When charging the water cannon hold B to be able to hit.

Coral Canyon and Gems

Beat Coral Canyon:
The easiest way ot beat Coral Canyon is to stay as high as you can to dodge the bombs and water creators.
Earning Gems:
In earn a gem on any level you must get ALL the boxes. This will also increase your lives and apples. To get to the coloured gem areas you must not have died on the level before you reached that area.


Gem Locations
Jump onto the Skull And Crossbones and make your way through the following levels to get the indicated Gems.
Blue Gem:
Arctic Antics Level
Red Gem:
Crash And Burn Level. Yellow Gem:
Gold Rush Level. Green Gem:
Wizards And Lizards Level. Purple Gem:
The Gauntlet Level. Earning Gems:
Collect ALL the boxes in a level to earn a Gem. Getting the Gems will increase your lives and apples.
Unlock Alternate Ending Sequence:
When you have collected ALL 46 Gems you will be able to view the alternate ending sequence.

Time Trial Skip

Beat level 4 'Wizards & Lizards' and touch the stopwatch to start the Time Trial. When you then press 'Select' Crash will warp to the end of the level. Note: this doesn't work on the Platinum version of the game.


Alternate ending sequence - Collect all 46 games.
Avoid loosing lives - Just as you die, press start and go back to the warp room.


Okay to start off with this is a real power and it will inprove your bellyflop for Crash and Coco this is the only power that you don't have to beat a boss to get.
Step 1:Fristly go to crash and burn (level 21) and get the read gem thats there.
Step 2:Once you get the red gem go to Banzai Bonsai (level 8) where you play as Coco.
Step 3: Go throght the level as normal but when you go throght that maze type bit keep going on till you get to that bright with the red gem to the side of it.
Step 4:Jump on the gem to go to the secrect level and continue throght here and when you get to the end you will see the power next to the exit portel and a gem aswell
VOLA You now have a new power and another gem

If u wanna get xtra lives on the firstlevel unlo..

If u wanna get xtra lives on the first

level unlock the second stage and complete it then straight after enter it again but don't fly into the red balloon cause then u r in time trial.

Fly around hitting every box specially the health boxes cause in every one there is a life,once you have got every box (u will know by pressing triangle)complete the level then you have the lives and a crystal.

Keep doing this till you get loads of lives..!

All Crystals

R1 R2 x l2 r1 o x

Avalanche: Getting all the boxes

\When on the avalanche mission, don't attemp to get the boxes. Instead, just keep boarding as the avalanche will destroy them for you.

On the level Wizards and Lizards which is no. 4 ..

On the level Wizards and Lizards which is no. 4 in section 1 when you get passed the wizard and across the bridge then you will see a round thing with a question mark on it. Jump on it and it will take you to a bonus area where you get extra lifes.

A few more lives

If you are looking for extra lives fast, go to the level "Artic Antics" and go through the level a lot.You can also shoot the mamoths to gain a life.

*LEVEL: TSUNAMIIf you want the pink gem, right a..


If you want the pink gem, right after you escape the waive and the door closes, hit the checkbox. Just before the exit there's the green bonus box and pink platform.

DON'T brake the box before getting on the platform, as this will explode the nitro boxes destroying your remaining 3 boxes for another gem, plus it destroys the path to the PINK gem.

Hope this saves you some trouble.

Also, don't bother getting all the gems at once before getting all the powers, because you won't be able to.

Extra lives

For some extra lives shoot the mammoths on Arctic Antics with the bazooka.

Unlock Alternative Ending

Complete the game with all 46 gems to unlock a different ending.

Great halls of LIFE!

Die 5 times in a row and gain 25 extra lives!!

Crash OR Burn

Jump 2 times triple spin run fast use bakooka easily walk and Finally body slam.Now you have unlocked electric bolts from Crash's arms by pressing R1 and holding it!!! I learned this by trying different combinations of power buttons. You should try it because it really works!

More Lives!

If you do the third level,you can get around 17 lives.It's true!

On the last boss level when you fight all four e..

On the last boss level when you fight all four elementals, the only way to hit Crunch is to use the Bazooka. Just in case anyone didn't know.

Extra life

If you have the Bazooka and you are on a level with the Mammoths on, shoot them and you get an extra life.

Two immunities

In the last boss level, "Crunch Time", you can avoid being frozen or being burnt by fire.Jump on one of the petadstals that the laser beams come out of and the ice rocks can't hit you, nor can the fire.

Extra and what is the skull round

Extra in level 1 see elephant in the water or some locker hit hes head and give you one Life, the skull round is some platform give you a hard path for extra boxes , gems , new end level and level 8 red gem path have one gem and one POWER The Power Is Super Body...
(note : the skull round not appear if you drying but if not we stay that platform)

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