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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Easy experience, catching Pokemon more easily and good ways to purify Lugia are all on our cheats page.

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Getting a Master Ball:
What you need to do to get the Master Ball is go to the first floor of the Pokemon lab and see Professor Krane. When you talk to him he'll open a secret passage hidden in the floor which will lead to a room which has a chest in it. Inside the chest you'll find a Master Ball. If you haven't been to Citadark Isle at least once you won't find anything in the chest. The Master Ball is best saved and used when you encounter Lugia.
Getting a Premier Ball:
This ball is simpler to get, just go to a shop and buy 10 or more Pokeballs and the shopkeeper will say 'Thank you! As a bonus have a Premier Ball!'.

Item Choices

At Gateon Port when you are interviewed by Acri you recieve 4 different items depending on your answers to the three questions she asks you. The Amulet Coin is the best choice as the Mental Herb, Quick Claw and White Herb can all be purchased at Mount Battle.
Amulet Coin:
Answer 'Yes' to every question

Mental Herb:
Answer 'Yes' to 1 question

Quick Claw:
Answer 'No' to every question

White Herb:
Answer 'Yes' to 2 questions

Johto starters

In xd each time you beat mt.battle you will be given ether cyndaquil,totodile or chikorita (you choose) there is only one of each and they have these moves (ULTIMATE ATTACKS)
Ancient power


Put him in the purify chamber (doesn't matter which set) with all 9 tempos full and he will be purified. This works- I have the strategy book.

Purify Lugia

Rewite here with a very helpful cheat. You know how nobody tells you the exact way to purify Lugia? Well heres the right way. You know how to purify pkmn in the purifacation chamber? Fill all nine of the boxes in the purifacation chamber. And then put Lugia in. It'll say something wierd is happening to Lugia! Then you may purify Shadow Lugia. Remeber full tempo in all boxes. Hope I helped.

Togepi for Elekid

At one point in the game, a trainer named danny gives you a shadow TOGEPI lvl. 25. After you've purified it you will be able to trade it with him for an ELEKID (lvl depends on the lvl of TOGEPI when traded) with spaciel attacks which are:
-Cross Chop
Later on in the game you will be able to catch an Electrobuzz therefor you may want to keep togepi until he evolves(WARNING! This takes a very big ammount of cologne). If you should decide to trade togepi after it evolves into togetic for Elekid. It will not have the attacks above, instead it will have normal attacks. (REMEBER, Elekid will not be a shadow Pokemon when traded).

Pokemon xd

This Pokemon game will come in october 2005. It will be like Pokemon colloseum, you are in the land of orre and it's baiscly the same plot as Pokemon colleseum but 3 twists there will be an extremly stong Pokemon named shadow Lugia, a new Pokemon I forgot it's name but it's the pre evlotion of sodawodo {spelling}, and you start out with a eevee. If you want more info go to

purify lugia

To purify Lugia you have to fill the purify chamber witha full tempo for all sets. Then you have to put Lugia in there and it will then say something strange is happening to lugia. Do not take Lugia out though keep Lugia in the purify chamber and go to the lab go into the purify chamber and then you have purified lugia.

Face anyone more then once

If you go to outskirt you can face Willie more then once
In Agate VIllage wen you go to the west side and talk to tis muscle guy and he will battle you if you want to battle again go into the cave and come out and talk to him again to battle.


Hey Rewite here with not a stupid cheat but a good one. If you want to catch the rare Dragonite you have to catch all the shadow pkmn. Then the Mirror radar will say Mirror B is at gateon port with the last shadow pkmn. Go to gateon port go to the top of the light house and he will be there. The last pkmn in his party is of course a shadow Dragonite. Hope I helped.

How to Get a Good Team

When you get to pick your Eevee evolution, pick Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon. After you get to the Cipher Lab, get Shadow Seedot,Mareep, Houndour, and Teddiursa (from earlier). After you purify Seedot and level it up, it will evolve into Nuzleaf. Use the Leaf Stone you found after beating Spy Naps and rescuing Prof. Krane. The Nuzleaf will be a Shiftry. After you purify Mareep and level it up twice, it evolves it Flaafy. Houndour is also a good fire Pokemon, so you can destroy enemy grass types. If you raise Teddiursa and treat it good (and maybe give it a Soothe Bell), it's Return attack is very powerful. Raise them all and they will make a formidable team.

85% Easier Catch

When you try to catch a shadow Pokemon make it sleep then throw a ball when the ball opens press and hold B then move the analog stick the same way the ball moves....

The real way to purify LUGIA

Well this is what I did and it worked...
.All's you have to do is make sure you get all 9 sets with full tempo (flow does'nt matter) and put shadow LUGIA in set 5 and then it should say that there is something different about the LUGIA then go to the Pokemon HQ and then it will say there is a Pokemon that can open it's heart stand in the centre platform of the purify chamber and then voila he will be purified.This really works belive me.
P.S he changes his colour back after he gets purified so might be a big dissapointment for some people.

Facing Master Greevil

When you Battle Master, have four regular Pokemon, Shadow Salamence, and a space for Shadow Lugia in your party. Face Shadow Lugia, snag it, and let it join your party. When you face Master Greevil, you should have Salamence and a regular Pokemon in your party. Switch your regular Pokemon with Shadow Lugia, so you'll have Salamence and Lugia in your party. This is good, because Master Greevil's Shadow Pokemon can't hurt and defeat you a lot, but you should still carry recovery items. Use Salamence's Shadow Rush and Shadow Hold and use Lugia's Shadow Storm and Shadow Down. When Master Greevil's Pokemon is weakened, use Ultra Balls to catch it.

Mt. Battle Truth

In Mt. Batlle you don't have to beat it straight through or with the same team.
Also, there's only one way to purify Lugia, get max tempo in all chambers and put Lugia in any chamber,then TADAH!!!
It doesn't matter if there's other shdow Pokemon being purfied.

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.
Bug - Super Effective against: Dark, Grass, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel
Dark - Super Effective against: Ghost, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Dark, Fighting, Steel.
Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: Steel.
Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.
Fighting - Super Effective against: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.
Fire - Super Effective agai..

Final Battle With Miror B.

After you defeat Master Greevil and captured all the shadow Pokemon and purifly all of them, go to Gateon Port and the Miror Radar will just go on. Miror B. Will appears at the big lighthouse and you need to bring your best party, because he has 5 Ludicolos and a Shadow Dragonite. Here's Miror B.'s party:
Dragonite-Lv.50 or 60
Note: Have a lot of Ultra Balls, Net Balls, Poke Balls, Timer Balls, Premier Balls, that Luxury Ball from the S.S. Libra, and Great Balls, because Dragonite is a tough one to catch. Just bring Dragonite's HP down to the red zone and use the balls to catch it and then you defeat him.

Premier Ball

Go to a shop and buy about ten Pokeballs. The shopkeeper will say, "Thank you! As a bonus have a Premier Ball!"

Mt. Battle Master Pokemon

The Mt. Battle Master Battlus has the following good Pokemon:
Dusclops Lv. 70-76
Slaking Lv. 70-76
Latios Lv. 70-76
Latias Lv. 70-76
Salamence Lv. 70-76
Metagross Lv. 70-76

Mt. Battle Master Pokemon

The Mt. Battle Master Battlus has the following good Pokemon:
Dusclops Lv. 70-76
Slaking Lv. 70-76
Latios Lv. 70-76
Latias Lv. 70-76
Salamence Lv. 70-76
Metagross Lv. 70-76


Trade with Emerald

Battle CD's

If you need help finding CD's, try looking in shelves and check the basement room on the hook levels. Also check in the CD shop and Do certain CD's for a side B on them if it says side A.

To purify Shadow Lugia

Put Lugia in the purify chaimber set 1 and make it a best circle.Now make all other sets into best circles.(don't put any other shadow Pokemon into purification chaimber!!!!) Wait a while. Then you should hear a buzz and your controller should rumble indicating that it is ready. Go to Pokemon HQ lab and purify it.
P.S. I don't recommend purifing Lugia, but hey-it's your game!
P.S.S. I wouldn't go through the trouble. I don't think it's worth it.


To get togapi you have to go to The Outskirt stand and talk to a guy by the door. It won't come normally though you'll have to purify it.


When you are at the main menu go to "vs mode",then choose the option on the left, not "group battle".
Then I think you choose anything goes, then choose "ULTIMATE" battle. When the Pokemon come up you should have very rare ones on your team such as DEOXYS. You can also use JIRACHI, MEW, MEWTWO etc.
If you don't like the Pokemon the computer has chose for you, just press B then press A to go back into it. You should have different pokemon

Purify shadow Lugia instantly

To instantly purify Lugia without doing things over and over all you must do is have the tempo in all nine chambers at the highest level. Then put Lugia in any one of them and it will be instantly purified. I found this at which is a website that is only about Pokemon. Go to it and check it out. No subscriptions needed. Hope I helped. ^_^

How to purify shadow lugia

The only way to purify shadow Lugia is using the purify chamber, now what you have to do is have all 9 sets have max tempo, than put shadow Lugia any set you want, than it will say, "shadow Lugia is different,maybe..." or something like that, anyway, after that, shadow Lugia's heart gauge will be empty, so you exit the purify chamber, the go to Pokemon HQ lab(unless your already in there) and go to the purify chamber and than go ahead and purify shadow Lugia.
After purifying Lugia, it's moves are going to be:
Psycho boost
Feather dance
Hydro pump
Hope I helped!Smile

Master Greevil Team

Unlike the Pokemon Colosseum, the final boss battle for XD Gale of Darkness is a lot more challenging because Greevil has all Shadow Pokemon in his party. Its best suggested that you use the Master Ball on Shadow Lugia before you battle him.
He will have a Shadow:
To be able to capture these Pokemon in one go you need to have a pretty even team that will be able to stand strong against the Shadow Pokemon so that you can catch them. It will also be helpful if you have moves that cause status conditions like Paralysis, Sleep, or Frozen.
Note: On a side not don't be scared if you accidentally defeat any of his shadow Pokemon your first time around, you will be able to go bac..

Dunkings Pokemon

The Three Pokemon Dunking give you suck execpt for the last one. To make it esier for you, you can get some of the Pokemon or all of the Pokemon that Dunking wants off of your gameboy. The three Pokemon that dunking gives you are (they are all in order) Shuckel, Meditite, Lavitar.
It's worth getting them all because of the Lavitar which later evoles into Tyranitar.
Those are the Pokemon that Dunking give you.

Shadow Lugia

In Gavon Port go to the parts shop and the man at the counter will give you apart to robo kyorge after you ride kyorge you are at Citadark isle.
After you beat 2 morons (including all chifers followers),walk into the building go up a elevateor you and Greevle will be in a colosseum he will send out lugia (USE A MASTER BALL!!!!!!!!!)

The Rumor About Mew

I have heard the pile of rumors about battling Mew. And I have solved it. It is both true and not true. You only battle a Mew Simulation. It is on Battle CD 46.
You find it AFTER the battle with the Grand Master. At the part where he locked you behind the glass wall. You notice the part he was floating on. Go to that platform and you will see a shiny thing on the ground. Go to it and press A.
You will obtain Battle Cd 46. Then go to Relgam Tower and enter the Battle Simulation Room. Show the receptionist the CD and then it will start. You will have Eevee, and all of the other evoloutions. All at Lvl.30 and Mew at Lvl. 50. It takes a good strategy to beat him. The key is switching Pokemon,confusing him and paralizing him.
One hint... After you start swi..

Picking your Eevee Evolution

When you reach Gateon Port, you must go into the parts shop. Go in, and a man will be standing on your right. He'll say something about Pok�mon, yadda yadda, and then say something about how interesting Eevee is and how it can evolve into 5 different forms. He'll notice you have one, and ask you to pick one of 5 items:
Water Stone-Vaporeon
Thunder Stone-Jolteon
Fire Stone-Flareon
Moon Shard-Umbreon
Sun Shard-Espeon
For me, I picked Sun Shard because out of all, Espeon is my fave. It also has pretty decent moves. If you pick the Sun Shard, after a few battles Eevee will evolve. It takes a while to learn any Psychic moves, but when it does it can be very helpful. It is also easy to train. My Espeon is at level 55 and knows Bites, Psychic, Morning Sun and..

Easy Shadow purification

If you have just started out and you have a shadow Pokemon and don't want to battle just walk around a lot

Easy Way of Catching Shadow Pokemon From Master Greevil

When facing Master Greevil, he's the only Cipher Boss that has 6 Shadow Pokemon. Here's his line-up:
It's going to take alot of time to catch all 6 Pokemon. Well for real, two days ago, I was facing Master Greevil and I catched 4 out of 6 Pokemon and the defeated one were Articuno and Zapdos. But no worries, you can face Master Greevil again, but he has replaced those 4 catched Shadow Pokemon with non-shadow Pokemon and I forgot who they are, but they are tough like the his former Shadow Pokemon. This would be a better way to gain Experience Points and levels. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Improved and Better Trainers

After you defeat Master Greevil, you will just end up at the beginning of your adventure, which you will start from your room. When you go to Gateon Port, Pyrite Town, Pokemon Shadow Lab(Where XD001 was made), Agate Village, Phenac City, and other places and you want to battle the same trainers who first had their pokemon levels 10-25, they will accept it. When you start the battle, you'll notice that their pokemon became stronger and they evolved and they are all on Lv. 50. This is way better to gain Experience Points and levels, so your party can become stronger.

New Level Bingo Card

In the Realgram tower, after you complete all the difficulties of the bingo cards including the Extra and Bonsly Card, the woman will tell you that is another level call the "1-Panel Bingo Card Game." This level is hard to complete, so you have to figure out a way to complete it like a path.

More Shadow From Trainers Than Usual

Somewhere between the beginning Citadark ILse and the final battle with Master Greevil, Ciphers and other trainers will have 2-4 Shadow Pokemon except Master Greevil, because he has 6 Shadow Pokemon.

Being too CHEAP!

If you are cheap of buying recovery items like potions, you can save some money. Just go to Pyrite Town's vending machine (in front of ONBS building). Super potions are $600 and recovers 50 HP, a drink in the machine that has water (forgot name) recover 50 HP but is only $200. Hyper Potions are $1200 and recovers 200 HP, a drink in the machine recovers 200 HP but costs $400. Other drink costs $300 and the other costs $350. They recover about 100 to 200 HP. Don't even bother finding cheap Poke Balls, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, or any other ball because they all are the same price everywhere and it's the same for Poke Snacks.

Sleepy Cashier

In Phenac City, when the Cipher Attack starts and you go upstairs in the PokeMart, you'll see a Cashier sleeping, but when you move anywhere near him, you can see that his head is moving while snoozing.

Mt. Battle Area Leaders

When you battle an Area Leader in each area and you defeat them, you can see that they usually say "Well done!", but they lose like other trainers and sits down on their knees, nodding at their ownselves.

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