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Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Super Smash Bros. Melee

SuperCheats Guide
Super Smash Bros. Melee Guide
Take an in-depth tour of Super Smash Bros Brawl with our exclusive guide. All the unlockables (characters, levels, music etc...) plus info on items,..
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A collection of cheats that include unlocking all the stages and characters including Mr. Game and Watch, Mewtwo, Young Link, Roy and Ganondorf.

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Unlock Mr. Game & Watch:Beat "Adventure Mode" wi..

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch:

Beat "Adventure Mode" with: Dr Mario,



Ice Climbers,Kirby,Samus,Zelda,

Young Link,Link,Pichu,Pikachu,Jigglypuff

,Mewtwo,Marth,and Roy.

When you are done Mr.Game & Watch will

battle you. If you beat him he's your's

to keep.(If you have a memory card like


hint:do it on "Very Easy" difficulty it

will save you an hour or two.

Get Dr. Mario:

Beat "Classic Mode" with Mario on any


Super Smash Bros. Melee cheats

Unlock Pichu:
Complete Legendary Pokemon Event 37 and defeat Pitchu when he challenges you.
Unlock Dr. Mario:
Complete Classic in 1-P mode using Mario with any difficulty and without continuing.
Unlock Jigglypuff:
Complete Adventure or Classic in 1-P mode in any difficulty.
Unlock Mewto:
Complete 20 hours of combined Vs Time total then defeat Mewto when he challenges you.
Unlock Luigi:
Complete Adventure mode with a 2 in the seconds metre like for example; 04:32:34. You will then view a scene where Luigi kicks Mario away so he can fight you with Peach. Defeat them both to unlock Luigi then Defeat Luigi.

Alternate Character Unlocks
Unlock characters by playing a certain number of vs. Matches.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats

Mushroom Kingdom II (Super Mario Bros. 2):
Get Birdo or Pidgit trophy from Super Mario Bros. 2

Superflat World: Flat Zone (Game & Watch):
Unlock Mr. Game & Watch and defeat Classic mode with him

Defeat All-Star Mode (secret mode) with any character

Final Destination:
Clear all 51 Event Matches
Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths (Metroid):
Play 50 Vs. matches

Eagleland: Fourside (Earthbound):
Play 100 Vs. matches

F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue (F-Zero):
Play 150 Vs. matches

Kanto Skies: Poké Floats (Pokémon):
Play 200 Vs. matches

Yoshi's Island (Classic N64 Yoshi Stage):
Hit 1,323 feet (or more) in the Homerun Contest with Yoshi

Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats

Play as Falco Lombardi:
To unlock Falco Lombardi successfully complete the 100 Man Melee or play 300 versus mode matches.
Play as Gannondorf:
To unlock Ganondorf successfully complete event mode #29 (Triforce
Gathering) or play 600 versues mode matches.
Play as Roy:
To unlock Roy successfully complete the game with Prince Marth in Classic mode or play 900 versus mode matches.
Battlefield stage:
To unlock the Battlefield stage successfully complete All-Star mode.

Trophy Unlockables

Unlock Paper Mario Trophy:
In Homerun Derby mode hit over 1500 feet.
Unlock Pikmin Trophy:
Insert a 'Memory Card' which has a saved game from Pikmin and when you start the game the Pikmin trophy will be available.
Wave Race: Blue Storm Trophy:
Insert a 'Memory Card' which has a saved game from Wave Race: Blue Storm and when you start the game the Wave Race: Blue Storm trophy will be available.
Unlock Luigi's Mansion Trophy:
Insert a 'Memory Card' which has a saved game from Luigi's Mansion and when you start the game the Luigi's Mansion Trophy will be available.
Unlock Alternate Trophy Background:
If you zoom in on a trophy and press 'Start' the background will change.

How to unlock every character in SSBM

Luigi-In the first stage of Adventure Mode, beat it with a 2 in the seconds counter. For example, 6:42:13.
Then Luigi should kick Mario off and you'll have to fight him with Peach. At the end of Adventure Mode, he'll challenge you and beat him to unlock him.
Dr. Mario-Beat Classic Mode as Mario on any difficulty
And at the end he'll challenge you. Beat him and you'll unlock him.
Ganondorf-Beat Event Match 29-Triforce Gathering and he'll challenge you. Beat him and you'll unlock him.
Falco-Beat 100-Man Melee with anybody.Tip: Use Donkey Kong's Down + B or Mewtwo's Shadowball on the edge. Beat him and you'll unlock him.
Young Link-Beat Classic Mode with 10 of the original characters on any mode. Beat him and you'll unlock him.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats

Play as Falco Lombardi:
To unlock Falco Lombardi successfully complete the 100 Man Melee or play 300 versus mode matches.
Play as Gannondorf:
To unlock Ganondorf successfully complete event mode #29 (Triforce
Gathering) or play 600 versues mode matches.
Play as Roy:
To unlock Roy successfully complete the game with Prince Marth in Classic mode or play 900 versus mode matches.
Battlefield stage:
To unlock the Battlefield stage successfully complete All-Star mode.

How to beat Giga Bowser.

Ok this is quiet hard but I did it. Thanks nintendo_dude for your help though. Anyway you need Young Link & get real good with him & take on adventure with 3 lives.
I did it & Giga Bowser fell because I kept useing b^ so he couldnt get away then when he had about 400% i jumped up & used av as i was falling so it knocked him up & out the background.

Insane And Invincible Nana! (Black hole)

Okay, before you try this, it only works with 4 controllers. Start out with changing the items to only super scopes, (poke balls are optional) and put the thing with how much the items appear on low. (believe me, if you put it on high, it gets really annoying) put the time limit on none, so it's a never ending game. Next go to melee, choose the people: falco, peach, fox, and ice climbers. WARNING!! THIS STEP IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!! MAKE SURE ICE CLIMBERS AND FALCO ARE ON THE SAME TEAM, WITH PEACH AND FOX ON THE OTHER, OR THIS WILL NOT WORK!! Once you have all the people ready, go to start fight, an0d select the course: battle field (because nana will only flip out at that place) once started, wait until a super scope drops, pick that one up, then wait for another one (for nana). Once you ..

Alternate Characters

Wario:Mario's Yellow suit
Daisy:Peach's Yellow suit
Blood Falcon:C. Falcon's Red suit
Shadow Kirby:Suck up Mr. Game & Watch

Extra Lives

First of all, I have to thank my sister for playing with me in order to find this cheat. Ok, now for the cheat. Go to VS. Mode and select Melee. Have two human players. Choose your charcters and the place. If you're player two{which is the only one I've tested this cheat with}and you are about to lose your last life, don't worry! During the announcement "Player Two Defeated!" press Start on player two's controller and look up{if the pause worked}to see player two on the revival stand. You can do this as many times you want. Hope I helped!
Please rate this cheat. Pokemonman9972.

In the Corneria stage, go to the nose of the shi..

In the Corneria stage, go to the nose of the ship, then jump off. Then, jump to the right so that you are underneath the nose and you will see a pair of laser guns. Land on top of them.
Then, while standing on them, use attacks, such as your downward Smash attack, to cause damage to the guns (you should see little animated explosions appear).
Once you have dealt enough damage, they will explode, and you will fall through.

Ganondorf combo

For a cool combo with Ganondorf:
B^ to send them back
Bv to kick them away but you go along with them
B>to knock them in the air
B to finally send them flying

play as master hand

(you need 2 people to do this) go into vs mode have everyone choose their characters exept the person who wants to play as master hand have that person press new name (in the name box) while at the same exact time someone else presses back, if done correctly this will take you to the stage select screen, choose your stage and your him (some times when picking the stage the game will freeze) you can only attack through the 3rd controler port (to attack use a combonation of the d-pad and the A, B, Z, L or R buttons)

Samus's Super Frustrating Secret Grapple Beam Extension

Well, folks, if you want something really cool but difficult to do, then check this out.
The easiest way to do this is in Practice Mode. Once you are there, set the game speed at 1/4 so that you won't mess-up so many times. Be sure to play as Samus when you do this. Now, start by pressing the Z Button, where Samus fires her Grapple Beam. Don't stand right up to a wall or it won't work. Half a second later, press the Z Button and a direction on the Control Pad at the same time. Note I said the Control Pad, not the Control Stick. half a second after that, press Z and the next direction on the Control Pad, going counter-clockwise.
So, if you started by pressing Up on the Control Pad with Z, you will now want to press Right with Z, then Down with Z, and so-on. Keep doin..

25 Characters

C'mon, people! Quit making up some dumb characters that don't even exist for this game! People try to get characters that aren't even possible to get! There are only 25 characters, and they are:
Dr. Mario
Mr. Game and Watch
Captain Falcon
Young Link
Ice Climbers
There is no Toad (other than the one Peach holds), Captain Olimar, Megaman, Goku, or anyone else like that! NONE! So, I'm gonna create my own character!
King DeDeDe (to unlock him, you have to complete All-Star mode on very hard with every character)


Here are some characters you can unlock:
Falco-beat 100 man melee
Jigglypuff-beat classic mode once
Mewtwo-play 700 vs. Matches or play 20 hours of vs. Mode melees
Mr game & watch- beat classic mode with 24 characters
I'll come back with some more so long for now!!

The Playable and the Unplayable

Wario: Mario's yellow suit
Dr. Mario: Classic w/ Mario
Luigi: Adventure stage1 in **:*2:**
Daisy: Peach's yellow dress
Capt. Falcon
Ganondorf: Event #29 Triforce Gathering
Falco: 100 Man Melee
Ice Climbers
Young Link: Classic w/ 10 characters
Pichu: Event #37 Legendary Poke'mon
Jigglypuff/Perin: Classic w/ anyone (exept Mario)
Mewtwo: VS mode 20 hours
Marth: Classic w/ 14 original characters
Roy: Classic w/ Marth
Mr. G&W: Classic w/ all characters
Sandy Cheeks
Master Hand
Crazy Hand


Ok ppl I'm going to put all the characters you can get (that you don't have by default) and how to do so.
Luigi- beat the first course of adventure mode with any number of minutes and 2 seconds
Young link- beat adventure mode with 10 different characters.
Dr mario- beat adventure mode with mario
Falco- beat 100 man melee
Jigglypuff- beat adventure or classic mode
Pichu- beat 200 vs mode matches or beat event 37
Ganondorf- beat event 29
Mewtwo- do 700 vs matches or have 20 hours of total playing time
Mr game and watch- beat classic or adventure with evry character
Marth- beat adventure mode with the original 14 characters
Roy- beat adventure mode with marth

Easy Unlock Mewtwo

To easily unlock Mewtwo you will need two controllers you will need to go to Vs. Mode and change the settings to time and switch the time limit to none and set up the battle with a character you yhink you can beat Mewtwo with against any other character turn the T.V off sleep wake up turn on the game exit the match beat Mewtwo and unlock him.

Super Smash Bros. MeleeSecret CharactersJigglypu..

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Secret Characters

Jigglypuff - Beat Classic Mode with any character.

He will challenge you at the end of Classic Mode, beat him to obtain him.

Luigi – On Adventure Mode, Stage 1 (Mushroom Kingdom)

When you are near the finish make sure the final timer says

(##:#2:##) the 3rd number from the left must be a 2.

In the next level instead of versing Mario you will verse Luigi,

He will challenge you at the end of Adventure Mode, beat him to obtain him.

Dr.Mario – Beat Classic Mode with Mario. He will challenge you at the end of Classic Mode, beat him to obta..

100 Multi-man Melee

If you beat the 100 multiman melee, you'll unlock Falco Lombardi from the game Starwing.
You'll probably think, that cheat is many more times on this site, but to beat the 100 multiman melee isn't easy.
The best thing, how to beat it, is to take Donkey Kong. When it starts, the first thing you have to do is stand in the middle and as fast as you can press B-down.
Donkey will smash with two hands on the ground and every character which you'll hit will fly away.

Cheat Title: Easy Unlocks!

* = or adventure I`m not sure
Falco-beat 100 man melee then beat him!
Jigglypuff-beat classic ( * ) with anyone (you might have to do it with Link cause I beat it with Link) then beat him
Roy-beat classic ( * ) with Marth then beat him
Mr. Game&Watch-beat classic ( * ) with the 24 characters not including Mr. Game&Watch then beat him.
Q:Can I use this Cheat?
A:SureSmile :p

Fox has a secret pose that works only on cornerc..

Fox has a secret pose that works only on cornercia and venom.wait for a quiet moment and hit left,right,left,right.

The arwing team will appear and say funny things.I'm not sure if it works with falco.

Getting Roy and Marth Easy!!

First go to vs. mode and put your cpu as Yoshi with no handicap. Then Put the stock on only one life. Now you beat Yoshi with every character (best person last!!) When you beat Yoshi with every character Marth will challenge you.Beat Marth and you get him.
Now when you have marth go to classic mode and use Marth. You can be on any mode and have as many lifes as you want just dont lose all of your lives. When you play classic mode with Marth beat classic mode and dont loose all your lives. When you beat classic mode with Marth and didnt loose all your lives Roy will chalenge you. Beat Roy and you will get him.

sencirily, super_smash_brother_MASTER
P.S =Roy kicks ass (the only characters you can unlock are Marth,Roy,Mewtwo,Pichu,Ganondarf,Falco..

100 man melee

To easily beat the 100 man melee,and unlock Falco,use Donkey Kong with his down+b move.
Use it in the center of the bottom floor. If you get hit go back as quickly as possible and if you can't,then get as far away from the edge as possible and continue using down+b.
You must use it continuesly. Hope this helped.
P.S.Can someone please tell me if it's true that you can unlock Saria, Rayman, Waluigi, ect. and if so how? Thanks!

secret characters and how to get them

JigglyPuff: Complete 1 player mode ( classic or adventure) on any difficulty with any player.
Luigi: Complete mushroom kingdom (stage 1 of adventure mode) in the time of xx:x2:xx (x= any number)
Falco: complete 100 man-meli. Best thechnique is to use Donkey kong, stand in the middle and use hand slap (down,B)
Dr.Mario: Complete 1 player mode on any difficulty with Mario
Young Link: Complete 1 player mode with 10 original characters. ( Zelda/shiek, Link, Mario, Bowser, Peach, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Captain Falcon and Fox.)
P.S Falco is the beat!!!!!

Great dodge

To dodge some tough-to-beat moves quickly tap < or > and R and you will do some weird move that gets you to the other side of your opponent unharmed.

Dr. Mario

Beat the game with mario on classic mode. You must not continue if you lose all your lives.

How to get ganondorf

Hey are you guys wondering how to get ganondorf? Heres how: first you have to get triforce gathering in event match then you have to be link you fight ganondorf
At hyrule go down to the area where there is a slope and toss a bomb at em and ya have to do it twice then when you win you will fight again beat em there you have ganondorf!

Calling Team StarFox

Ok to do this play as fox or falco in there level then on the digital pad press left,right,left,right if you do this correctly at the bottom of the screen peppy or slippy will appear or even fox depends if you are using falco or the oppiste.Then they will tell you some advice but you can only do this once per battle and also if you get hit when trying to call them it won't work.So try it out and see what they say trust me this works.

Turnips Of Doom! (Black Hole)

This is a glitch you can activate in the Nintendo Gamecube Game "Super Smash Bros. Melee."
Step 1: Go to the custom rules in versus mode. Make sure it is a stock match. Any ammount of lives will work. Then change the items to very high with the super scope as the only item.
Step 2: You need four players to activate this glitch. You need one fox, one falco, one peach, and the last player as anybody. Make sure that falco and the "anybody" are on the same team with fox and peach on seperate teams.
Step 3: Go to the battlefield stage. You do not have to go here but it's easier to do here.
Step 4: Do the infinite ammunition cheat for the super scope. To do this, shoot five un-charged shots and two full shots. Before you fire the third full shot, ge..


All you have to do is get a voltorb out then once it turns alittle bit black you can pick it up, but you better hurry it will explode like two seconds after you hold it.
Get sheik out and charge up your needles with the B-button then (while still holding down the B-button) press the R-button and you should go into your sheild and when you get out of it you will have your needles charged where ever you go even in the air just press the B-button and relese it.
Just get Game and Watch and fill up your oil panic attack and die. You will still ha..

unlockable characters and hints

I only need mewtwo and n watch but I know how to get them and other characters.
Jiggilypuff-beat classic or adventure with any character.
Dr.mario-I don't really remember but I think you have to beat classic or adventure with mario or jiggilypuff.
Ganondarf-beat the event I think 29,30,or 31?
Luigi-do adventure mode and at the mushroom kigdom at the begining of adventure go to the end but on the seconds part when it gets to two you walk on the finish line.
Young link-i don't know how I even got young link I just beat classic with the top row withe begining characters or I just beat it with donkey kong 1 of the 2.
Falco-falco is so~so to get falco you have to beat 100 man melee the best character to use would be donkey kong then you will battle ..

small kirby, big hammer! small link, big bomb!

to do this all you have to do is have the game on tiny mode and ONLY poison mushrooms. You can do it with other items but your likely to get them more the less items you have out. Make sure you have it on tiny mode. To do the kirby thing fist get a poison mushroom and then use his attack that has him spin in the air with his hammer. While he's doing it pause the game. He'll be barely wider than the handle! It's great for picture mode. To do the link thing get a poison mushroom and get one of links bombs.
hope everyone using this likes this
please rate

Unlock Final Destination Stage

Simply complete Event 51.

unlock all stages (easy way)

All you have to do is go to match options and set stage selection to "in order"
Vwalla! You Now have all stages! Mr. Ryanator says congrats!

Here are a few different secret levels and how t..

Here are a few different secret levels and how to get them

Super Flat World: Beat Classic mode with Mr. Game and Watch

Battlefield: Beat All-star mode with any character and difficulty level

All-star mode: Get all secret characters

Past Stage Yoshi's Island: Get 1300 ft. on Home-Run Contest

Final Destination: Beat all 51 evnts

Past Stage Kong Jungle: Beat 15 minute multi-man melee

Past Stage Kirby Dreamland: Beat target test with all 25 characters

GOOD LUCK!!! (or skill)


go to ness's stage (eagleland onnet) and go to the far right.
Pause the game, zoom in with Y and look around. There should be a sign.
It says something about a guy in a black van driving recklessly. See if yuo can spot it!
The other one i found is on mushroom kingdom. The one that looks like the classical version of super mario.
Stand anywhere, pause the game and look to the sides of the stage. It is black for some reason and reads: DANGER!

Defeating Giga Bowser

When defeating Giga Bowser choose Jigglypuff and use the down b move on Giga Bowser first and when Giga Bowser dies hopefully you can defeat the other two (if not start training).

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