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Super Mario Sunshine Cheats and Tips

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We have cheats that will unlock two secret mini games, walk in water and get the secret shine sprites. There's also a cheat for beating level 5 of the amusment park easily.

More Super Mario Sunshine GameCube Cheats and Tips

We have 99 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario Sunshine please send them in here. For more Codes for Super Mario Sunshine go to:
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Unlock Delfino Airstrip

After you complete the story talk to the Pianta on the docks near the entrance to Ricco Harbor and give him 10 coins. When you do this he will take you to the Delfino Airstrip.

Easy Free Lives and Coins

On the levels where you encounter nails that shoot up out of the ground you can get a free life or coin by jumping on them and and ground pounding them three times.


So to get the two minigames you will need a hover and turbo nozzle. Frist take the turbo nozzle, then near the two guards there will be a door. Then zoom through the door, then you should be in a minigame.

Ok, last minigame. You will need the hover nozzle. Ok...under the bridge there will be a coin. So get on the boat that goes under the bridge and when you are right under the coin, then JUMP and use the hover nozzle and then you will be in a minigame. Oh and please RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Yoshi's Spritzer Squirt:

Press R, then press A.

Avoid Dying:

During game-play pause the game just before you are about to die and then select Exit Area and you will be teleported in front of the level you were at and not lose a life.

Sunglasses and Shirt Pianta Location:

The Pianta man that gives you the sunglasses is located in the following

places in each level:

Pinna Park - Near the start point.

Bianco Hilles - Near the start point.

Ricco Harbor - Near the start point.

Delfino Plaza - Fruits Street.

Gelato Beach - Beach house.

Pianta Village - In the village during the daytime only.

Sirena Beach and Noki Bay - Not found in this level.

Hotel defino giltches

On the level after all the ghosts r in the hotel stand on the friut bar look up and jump up and down. U should see 2 pink ghost from the previus level.

The second is by the help desk. on bolth sides there r windows. Go to the left side and jump on the first post u should get stuck and not be able to get down.

P.S. please rate

Floating objects

Get Yoshy and sneak up behind a bird or go to a fruit. Suck in the fruit or bird and really quickly jump off of yoshi. If you jump off of yoshi fast enough the bird or fruit will be floating in air.

Mario The Penguin: a Faster Way to Travel.

A Super Mario Sunshine Cheat for ya;

Penguin Mario.

Okay, It's a bit of an exaggeration, but it works. First, go somewhere flat, like the plaza, take a running start, and keep pressing B. Mario will slide on the ground, and Flop, and Slide again, like a penguin. Each time you do this, it speeds up. I found the most efficient way to do this is to press B right as Mario starts to slow down.

Hope this gets you where you need to go quicker~

Fall Through The Floor

OK, it's been a while since i've done this so i'll give it a try. First go to the Shine Gate. Here's the tricky part. Wall Jump off the bulding to your right. You should go far enough that if you did not do this cheat you would land on the grass. Right when your about to hit the ground do a Ground Pound. You should fall through the floor, through the water, and hit some sorta barrier and die. If this does not happen my apologies.[color=teal][/color]

2 City Spites


Go to the main city. In the sand by the lighthouse there is a hidden picture of a Sunsprite. Reveal it to get a Sunsprite.


Get on a boat that goes under a small tunnel. In the middle of the bridge, jump. (there is a coin at the point of where you are supposed to jump)You'll go to minigame. Collect the 8 red coins to get a Sunsprite.

Hope this helped!

PS: FLUDD's voice is annoying, isn't it?

How to turn juice into water and water into juice

Ok...this is how you do it. Frist hacth a yoshi egg, then hop on it then squrit juice, then hop off it and then you should see water. turn water into juice, frist hacth a yoshi egg then squrit water then hop on the yoshi. Then you should see juice. Thanks for reading, and please rate.

Walk in water

This is a glitch go behind the shine gate where a fence lies jump and press b until you walk in water

How to walk under water with yoshi

go to the building to the left of the warp pipe to sirena beach and stand to the left of the lady who wants bananas. you will need a yoshi or else you will die. go to the spot directly under neath the open window and, keep pushing up on the controler. do a spin jump and then get off yoshi when the open window is directly infront of you. get off of yoshi and, if done correctly, yoshi should fall through the window and into the death zone. this youtube video will walk you through the rest:

Watch the video

Easiest Way to Get 99 lives

Go to Pianta Village. Do episode 5 (Secret of the Village Underside) and get to the secret level. Once you get there, keep going until you get to the platform where all the enemies keep poping out of the walls of the platform.

Now, you must gently spray three of them with the squirt nozzel so they turn upide down.

When you turned three of them upside down, jump on one of them and the other two upside down enemies will die and a life will popout of one of the bodies as they die.

Important: On the small walls of the platform, there are painings pf the enemy. These are where the enemies pop out of.

Before you begin flipping them over and getting lives, spray two of these paintings away so there won't be so many enemies to deal with, but there..

Easy way to beat the amusment park levil 5

You may know this but when you go to the amusment park and do levil 5 here's an easy way to defeat it without going up those gates behind the feris wheel, first you go on top of the rollar coster(you know the patform near the top of it)then do that sinning thing off the platform pushing the controle stick in the direction of the feris wheel then use your hover nozle to get you the rest of the way you should get to the other platform then you then jump on the gate press A and defeat the levil, it might tlk you a few trys but it dose work

Secret manhole on the beach and shine

If you wanna find a secret manhole on the beach spray water around and then you should see a circle and then slam on it and later on spray water on the beach to reveal a secret shine!

Mario slip ' n ' slide

This is kinda fun and gets you around real quick.

Spray the ground while you are running and then do a dive.

When you hit the water you take off like a rocket!

Funny Glitch

If you have the turbo nozzle, run with it, then jump, then change to the the squirt nozzle (while still squirting) and it'll squirt like the turbo nozzle but forwards!

Secret shine sprites!!!!!

So if you want the secret shine sprites please do the following.

1st shine sprite:near the lighthouse in delfino plaza squrit the sand until you see something yellow and keep on squriting it then a shine sprite will come out.

2nd shine sprite:in delfino plaza go to the island where the stranded pinta guy is and then hold R then press A and then a yellow bird will come out if not keep trying. Then when you see the yellow bird squrit it long engough then a shine sprite will come out.

Sliding water cheat

You know that on the first world you visit which is Bianco Hills, when you go down the hill you can slide on the water. I found how you can do that without using hills,

I did this cheat in Gelato beach and it's awesome and place to do it, using your squirt nozzle, spray the ground then slide on it. When mario starts sliding he will end sliding without having to slow, it's like the whole is on a hill. I tried this 5 times and it worked.

Once you have unlocked the level "Noki B..

Once you have unlocked the level "Noki Bay", go to any episode and go to where there is already a wall for you to wall jump in. Get to the top of the wall and get into the tunnel. Proceed to the end of the tunnel and you will end up on the side of a giant cliff. You will see and opening. Go into the opening and you will automatically jump up through the cliff. Do not press anything during this time. You will end up on top of the cliff and you will see a yellow bird next to a tree. Jump on top of the tree and with the Squirt Nozzle, douse the yellow bird three times (or more if you are not quick enough) and for your effort, the yellow bird will transform into a Shine Sprite and land on the same cliff you are on. That particular Shine Sprite is on of the three secret and hard to ge..

To do this cheat you will need the jet pack no..

To do this cheat you will need the jet pack nozzle go.

To the lighthouse and charge up the nozzle and fly to the top of it go on to the platform with the picture on it.

Charge up again fly up as high as you can then press L you will break the platform, sunshine sprite will come out you will have to fly to get it

Hey I got a cool hint on the game in noki bay i..

Hey I got a cool hint on the game in noki bay if you can't beat Eely-Mouuth's dentist well I know a way to beat it.

First clean his some of his teeth then when the Eely shoots you up quickly get coins and do it over again a lots of times in til you bet it.

It work for me mabe il work for you to.

Hidden Sprites.....! If you have the rocket ..

Hidden Sprites.....!

If you have the rocket pack then go to the lighthouse and get on top.Once you've done that then you will see a black cicle thing with a face on it.

Use the rocket again and do a hip drop at the very top of the boost.

If you hit the thing with a firery hip drop, the black thing will break. Then a sprite will appear.

Also when you use that gay yoshi to get to the island to go in to the pipe, eat that yellow bird and you'll get another free shine sprite.

Ez way to get a shine

To get this shine follow the instructions.

Go to the beach and get a barrel full of water go to the beach beside the lighthouse, toss the barrel in the sand and a shine sprite will apear.

Trust me I'm not a liar mean that I truly doSmile

Shine sprite

After you get the rocket nozzle, use it to go at the top of the lighthouse.

You should see something that looks like a hockey puck.

Stand on it then use the rocket nozzle to jump high. Once you get to the highest press L to smash the "hockey puck" then a shine sprite will come out.

Some Secrets

1. Sunglasses

Once you earn 30 Shines, talk to the one Pianta guy who wears a pair of Sunglasses - he's located once in every level!

2. Shirt

Once you've beaten the game, talk to the same Pianta guy who gave you the Sunglasses and he'll give you Sunglasses and a new Shirt.

3. Alternate Ending

Once you get all 120 Shines, beat the game yet again for a different Ending!

Extra Shines

This might just be after you beat bowzer but try it before as well go to the places with the word secret in the chapter and after you beat it do it again and you will still have fludd and there will be one of those red things that makes the red coins appear and you will have to get the red coins in that place and you get another shine! It really works though you might have to beat bowzer because I did not try it until after I beat him.

Green Yoshi Glitch

Hi, this is my first glitch/cheat! The glitch makes yoshi green but only for when you collect the shine. Ok, what you do is go to sirena beach and go to level 3 take the left bathroom and go to the crate room get the pineapple, and bring it to yoshi. Then, go to the bed jumping room and smash trough the area that leads to the pool. Once you get into the pool area wait for yoshi's juice to go down until he starts changing green then hop on him quickly and get the shine it will show you on a green yoshi winning the level!!!!!!!

(i tried it twice so I know it works)


Shortcut to the island with the stranded guy

Ok so to get to the guy that's stranded on that one island is easy but to get to him with a yoshi is harder. Anyway normally you have to go all the way close to the gate that's near pinna park but if you notice in front of the pianta statue is the place where you have to go on a boat but when the first boat gets there it turns around and get closer. So if you triple jump and time it right you can land on the boat and then jump and catch the other boat faster. Warning this is very hard but it is easuer than waiting for the boat and risking falling into the water many more times.

P.S There is a much easier way to get to the island with a yoshi. It's a cheat or glitch that makes it so yoshi can go underwater. If you know how to do this than please put it up it would help out man..

Walk under water EASY!!!!

OK to walk underwater during the flood go to a log dive under it then swim back up with A if done corrctly you can walk under water p.s if you end up in a blue area start runnung or you're going to die. Anytime exept for the flood go behind the shine gate and go in the lowest pool dive under the second bar to the right then if done correcly you should just slide down and end up in the water and walk around so there you have it bye!! LOLZ!! Luke s. Over and out!!

Contrary to popular belief, defeating Bowser is..

Contrary to popular belief, defeating Bowser is not required to re-access the airstrip.

All you need is access to Corona Mountain. Once there, pause and hit "Exit Level".

And voila! The flood will vanish, and the ferry to the airstrip will run...and you didn't even beat Corona Mountain.

Sunglasses: Later in the game talk to this ..


Later in the game talk to this guy in sunglasses and he will give you a pair.note:

The sunglasses will come off if you go into a level.

Hello everyone! This how to get more liv..

Hello everyone! This how to get more lives quicker and easier than pie! First, you must have unlocked the level "Pianta Village" and have completed episode 6 of it. Go to episode 6 of Pianta Village and successfully douse all of the 10 villagers in the fire graffiti within the time limit of 3 minutes. Do not talk to the kids that were in the fire graffiti but talk to the adults that were in the fire graffiti. If you haven't collected the blue coins that they give you the first time around then go into the level again and repeat the process until here. Once you talk to someone that was inside the fire graffiti except one of the kids, they will give you a green 1-up mushroom. Since there are 10 villagers that are trapped inside the fire graffiti and there are 2 kids out of those 10 ..

Get to the Pinta Village early

Wall kick up the Shine Gate until, you get to the big shine sprite. Get your hover nozzle on then run then triple jump.

Activate the nozzle as soon as you are in the air. You will then go up the side of the wall of the gate. (You have to get good air.)

Next, keep going up and finally you will be at the top.

This may take a couple of tries. You can only do the stages until you get Yoshi.

Huh? Duh?

If you go ontop the lighthouse and Jump off using the rocket aim for the sand and press b while in air and his head will be stuck in the sand (If you dont press b it will be your body.)

Also (this is hard) on the level with the flood go to the center and look at the shine gate. Turn right and you wil see two bouncy platforms. get on the slightly lower one (on the left) with out jumping (u can do that somehow) and face the other one. run toards it and you will fall in the small space. imedetly as yuo start to go through the ground use the Hover Nozle and land on the ground. now you can run around without breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever wondered why there's so many dolphins? Like the island, posters, or the island's name is delfino the italanian word for dolphin it's because the GameCube was originly supposed to be called the Dolphin. Just another one of Nintindo's "Easter eggs".

Yoshi Hints

I few hints for using yoshi. 1 he can run faster than mario. His juice can turn enemies in to blocks for a short time to which you can stand on. Yoshi can go in shallow water. Yoshis spin jump is much higher. To get to the island with the pianta on it wait for the first boat to get to the docks then jump onto it then ride it to the first island. Or take the sewers to the first island. The boat is little easier for beginners. Then wait for the second boat to come. Note if yoshis starts running low on juice then snack on some cocunuts till the second boat gets there then jump on it. Then meet the last boat to get to the island. If it is absolutly necassary then spin jump onto the little outpost and eat the banana but then you risk landing in the water. You don't need a lot of juice as soon..

Easy way to get 2 shine sprites

By the shine gate there is a store wtih umbrallas infront of it. Go in the store and talk to the guy and he should say something about crushing boxes. Agree with him and beat hitit before time runes out. Then you should be able to get a free shine sprite. Do it a couple more times then you will get a max of 2 shine spirtes. then thats how you beat this little hint.

Blue Coins

Blue Coins

Blue coins can be found on some Sandy Areas like Gelato Beach. Some Blue Coins are from the Ladies that need fruit. Look at places that might be unusual like the waterfall in the place where it's night and day and the carnival places's clams. Don't forget to spray the grafitti shapes and Ms.

Walk in first-person

To walk in first-person view,do the following:

(1)Get the turbo nozzle

(2)Switch to first-person view(the Y button)

(3)Gently hold the R button until it starts spinning,NOT POWERING UP.

That should allow you to walk in first-person,preety cool once you get the hang of it.

NOTE:You can also use this to walk in third-person,and swim(not using the A button),but I would just recommend using the joystick since you have to anyways.

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