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Armored Core 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Armored Core 2

We have 6 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Armored Core 2 please send them in here.

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Unlock Human Plus

Intentionally lose the first mission after the Raven test and drop to -50,000 credits to activate the 'Plus' cheats. Each time you do this the game is restarted and you will receive different abilities which will help you in the game.
1st Time:
Automatic Radar.
2nd Time:
Ability to throw The Laserblade.
3rd Time:
Have heat taken away from attack.
4th Time:
Ability to fire back-mounted weapons while running.
5th Time:
Use half of the energy.
6th Time:
Double energy.

Human Plus Enhancement and Overweight movement

Human Plus
Okay, what you saw I wrote before was fake (look at the writer). Actually, you start new game then complete the promotion. When you beat it, Do what ever you want because if you do the H. Plus steps, you'll still have your parts but your credit and your rank number will be back to normal. Okay, now I recommomand you save the game (because you only get 3 chances)and buy a gun that uses high Ammo price (like the chaingun)by going to the arena. Also, make sure you have 5000 or less. First go to the first mission on the top that says something about MTs. When you began, waste all you ammos on the ground and DO NOT USE MISSLES!!!!!! Then you just go kill yourself by the MTs. They'll show the report and you should get negative credits. Repeat the process until you have 50,000 credits or more with you (not the debts!). They should show a movie clip. After that, you'll start over in the very beginning with your parts. Do this process 4 more times because each time you start over, you get one ability at a time. Here are the abilitys you'll unlock:
1st, Auto-Radar, you'll have a radar no matter what head part you got.
2nd, Discharge laser wave, if you're equiped with a laser blade, press O then tap or hold X to discharge a wave. Note: you can't do it in air and plus, it's weaker than slashing!
3rd, Enhanced Cooling, you'll cool twice as much faster than before.
4th, mounting cannons, you now have the ability to stand to move around and shoot you back cannons at the same time with any leg parts!
5th, Enhanced Energy Supply, with any boosters, your energy will be twice as much stronger than before.
Just beat the whole game so you can battle while overweighted. Plus, it does nothing to your mobility.

Human Plus To get the human plus, start new game..

Human Plus
To get the human plus, start new game. On the first mission, keep losing until you have -50,000 credit. The game will restart from the first level with same items gained in the previous game. Also, your name (or pliot)will vanish from the name slot. This will allow you to shoot cannons on your back, auto radars, 2x cooling, 2x energy and discharge blade by pressing X and tap or hold O. It's really awesome.

Hidden parts

I have found some hidden AC-parts. As far as I know I already got all of them, but I am not shure.
Extension BEX-8B210 (Boosters pushing you back):
Play "Escort Train" and destroy the second container from the back of the train "black tail".
Warning: The mission will fail if you take this AC-part!
Play "Guard Secret Information" and go to the door, which can not be opened until you destroy the button next to is. There is another door to the left, which leads to an room full of containers. Most of these containers are in the middle of the room. Destroy them and the floor part close to the wall which is covered by the containers. There is a small hidden room.
Left Arm Part LS-MOONLIGHT (most powerful Laser-blade)
There is already a hint at this page.
Booster ZBT-GEX/3000
Play "Infiltrate Radar Base". Once you are outside the building do not destroy the radar. Eliminate all enemy forces instead, so you can go to the right edge. There is a garage-like building with several doors on both sides. Destroy them and you will find the Booster.
Back Unit EWM-5612 (Small missiles; number of lock on: 12; ammo: 60)
Play "Destroy Radar Base". The weapon is exactly at the same place where the Booster ("Infiltrate Radar Base) is.
Right Arm Weapon KARASAWA-MK2 (powerful Laser Riffle)
There is already a hint at this page.
Optional Part SP-BLS (Increases power of laser-blades and shields)
Play "Destroy Containers" and look for the planes wreck. There schould be a lrge wing part or sometihing like that leaning against the wall of the canyon where the wreck is located. Destroy it and you will see the Optional Part.
Back Unit ZWX-F04/ORBIT (floating energy weapons)
Play "Zio City Suppression" and fly above the houses. Watch the streets between the houses. There should be a huge blue object. That is what you are looking for.
Warning: There are two ACs attacking you. If they get on your nerves you can destroy one of them, but spare the other until you found the AC-Part.
Generator HDY-BV2500
Play "Eliminate Leos Klein". There is a long hallway with many doors leading to small rooms on both sides. The Generator is in one of those rooms.

Cool stuff

To get the laser rifle that ares has go to the mission-even if you beat the game-stop the surface weapon and from where you start over-boost foward to the outskirts but not too far on the way you may see a sparkle that is it. On to human plus, this helpt me so much. You go and lose a mission late in your progress so you have a lot of parts, and go back 60,000 or more in credits. They include laserblade shoot(press o and fast x)able to shoot back grenades and gatling gun while walking, and energy bar refills faster.and also to get the moonlight go to the mission rescue reaserch team and when you fall all the way down the pit ignore the disorders and boost down the long hallway and when you see the tile that looks difrent and blow that up and go down it is there.

Mission Unlockables

Complete the following missions to unlock the corresponding new parts which can then be found at the shop.
Unlock HOY-B1000:
Compete ALL Balena missions.
Compete ALL Zio Matrix missions.
Compete ALL Emeraude missions.

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