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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

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Cheats include getting a 1 million bonus Zeni, getting Bulma instead of Vegeta at the Training menu and unlocking secret characters and tounaments.

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We have 99 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Wii

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Unlock Saiyan Saga Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding characters.
Unlock Nappa:
In the 'Saiyan Saga' story defeat Nappa.
Unlock Raditz:
In the 'Saiyan Saga' story defeat Raditz.

Dragon Ball Locations

To get the Dragon Balls without spending loads of time looking for them go to the locations listed below. It is possible to get the whole set of Dragon Balls in the first four episodes of the Saiyan Saga which is the first story in Dragon Adventure mode (some of the cities which are marked as yellow dots on the world map may need to be re-entered several times before they appear).
1 Star Dragon Ball 01:
Kakarot - East City (Mr. Satan)
2 Star Dragon Ball 03:
Gohan and Piccolo - South City (Satan)
3 Star Dragon Ball 00:
Mysterious Alien Warrior - East City (Yamcha)
4 Star Dragon Ball 03:
Gohan and Piccolo - Center City (Chiaotzu)
5 Star Dragon Ball 04:
Saiyan Blood - East City (Yamcha)
6 Star Dra..

Secret Characters (Item Fusion's Only)

Majin Buu (Pure Evil) - Human Gunman's Gun + Majin Buu
MAX Power Master Roshi - Master Roshi + Seriousness
Perfect Cell - Cell Perfect Form + Self Destruct
Hildergarn - Hildergarn's Lower Half + Hildergarn's Top Half
Super Zarbon - Zarbon + Unsealed
Full Power Frieza - Frieza Final Form + Ultimate Transformation
Mecha Frieza - Full Power Frieza + Remodeling Surgery
Janemba - Saike Demon + Peoples Bad Energy
Great Ape Raditz - Raditz + Power Ball
Great Ape Nappa - Nappa + Power Ball
Great Ape Vegeta - Vegeta (Scouter) + Power Ball
Great Ape Bardock - Bardock + Power Ball
Great Ape Turles - Turles + Power Ball
Super 17 - Android 17 + HFIL Fighter 17
Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed) - Super Buu + Absorb Gotenks
Super Buu..


Unlock 100,000 Zeni:
Using the option at the Main menu load a saved game file from the original Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi to get an extra 100,000 Zeni.

Unlock Characters
During gameplay complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock 100% Full Power Frieza:
Super Transformation + Final Form Frieza
Unlock Android 13:
Computer + Hatred
Unlock Android 13 Fusion:
Android 13 + Parts of #14/#15
Unlock Baby Vegeta:
Baby + Vegeta (2nd form)
Unlock Bardock:
Defeat Super Namek Lord Slug with Z-Fighters (Lord Slug saga)
Unlock Bojack:
Unsealed + Galactic Warrior
Unlock Broly:
Son of Paragus + Hatred of Goku

Car Manufacturer and Replays

You must buy a z item called item fusion from the item is required for every fusion.the no. Is displayed on the top right corner. You start off with 5 but you must have used them already.

Unlocking Tournaments

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding tournament.
Unlock Cell Games:
At Budokai Tenkaichi (1st tournament) win the 3 and 4 Rounds type tournament.
Unlock Mr. Money's Tournament:
At Cell Games win the 3 and 4 Rounds type tournament.
Unlock Five Rounds Tournament:
At Mr. Money's Tournament win the 3 and 4 Rounds type tournament.
Unlock Final Type Tournament:
At every tournament win the 5 Rounds type tournament.


Complete the following task during gameplay to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock Burter:
Defeat him in Story mode
Unlock Captain Ginyu:
Defeat him in Story mode
Unlock Frieza:
Defeat him in Story mode

Unlock Guldo:
Defeat him in Story mode
Unlock Jeice:
Defeat him in Story mode


There are three secret sagas. They are:
Destined Rivals: Beat Adult Gohan with Goten. (Magin Buu Saga)
Butifull Trechury: beat Dodoria with Kid Gohan and Krillin. (freiza saga)
Fatefull Brothers: Beat Radits with Piccilo. (Saiyan saga)

Easy find for all 7 dragon balls and get 3 wishes from porunga!!

First we start by doing the first scenerio in story mode.."the one with raditz" "must be with goku"
And we go to southern capital city and fight general tao...but before beating him, destroy all the buildings in the area till you find the dragon ball, then simply beat him and re-do the whole thing untill you aquire all 7 dragon balls, then when you have all 7 , hit start and go to another scenerio, and go to the frieza scenerio, and when you start you'll be vegeta...,thats ok just go to the white dot and ull see the word Porunga as a place to land , and there you go!! 3 wishes instead of 1 with shenron!!!!!!!

Nearly Endless Money

Go to the majiin buu saga and then to the 'Two Buus' scenario. Dont fight the evil buu, go to the free event at the mountain road. You will have to kill a lvl.226 Yamcha. If you have already gotten the gold membership card for shops, this should be an easy victory. You can choose from hurcule or fat buu.
(I think the choice is obviouse...)
Kill him and you will get 1,000,000zeni along with the Fox Mask item which is used to unlock grandpa gohan.
Do this four or five times and you have enough money to last a long time.

Fusion Recipe

Bardock Ape : Power Ball + Bardock
Raditz Ape : Power Ball + Raditz
Nappa Ape: Power Ball + Nappa
Vegeta Ape: Power Ball + Vegeta (Scouter)
Kibitoshin: Kibito + Supreme Kai
Monster Zarbon: Unsealed + Zarbon
100% Full Power Frieza: Ultimate Transformation + Final Form Frieza
Mecha Frieza: Remodelling Surgery + 100% Full Power Frieza
Super Perfect Cell: Self-destruction + Perfect Cell
Gotenks Super Buu: Gotenks Absorbed + Super Buu
Gohan Super Buu: Gohan Absorbed + Super Buu
Garlick Jr.: Makyo Star + Dead Zone
Super Garlick Jr.: Giant Form + Garlick Jr. Turles: Lower-Class Saiyan Soldier + Fruit of the Gods
Great Ape Turles: Power Ball + Turles
Salzer: Armored Cavalry + Cooler's Soldi..

Password characters

Get Meta-Coller(Level 160)
Enter u!hR +y-p N(?F kxT!
!$xt GpCB-hXbFlh+
Get Super 17(Level 160)
Enter !oed IS-v NaOz H-#r
UFvZ HkEU ypcm Tdzk
Get Ultimate Gohane(Level 160)
Enter gQVg) Gvl vDFX VStx
iptI &&wb eNZQ pCVh
And there you go enjoy!!


First go to Data Center then once there go to password and type:
Baby Vegeta:
*pr! MTHy WMMP J(Ee
@SR% JicY JIQr T#+(a
Ssj4 Goku:
?xw% CIRN dWkV nokR
*JAP AuOA qUoo )you%z
[email protected] M&sO *pla vVoY
Qsbt Xs)y pftZ m%%H
PWmP [email protected] z BU! #eT?
Hope this helps you.

Stay ultimate power mode.!11!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While playing get onto free look and charge up to max ki then pause the game and click X,square ,up down, O, down left triangle, start

cheating combo

Press sqare sqare down traingle traingl sqare you will do something very suprising I figured this move on my own

Unknown Kaioken

Okay, this isn't easy but it's pretty cool. First use Kaioken(with Goku only) and just before your energy reaches 0, use it again, if you do it right Goku still uses Kaioken, but loses the last ones glow. This is easiest in ultimate training.

passwords for (data center ) mode

SS4 Goku (Level 160) DX)b &iF? BGQs XsCx BtiO VyX) w!mk CpTK
SS4 Vegeta (Level 160) Yi?o XhZb [email protected] uPO# x)AD Yr$X (CyI moMr
Broly (Level 160) xGM$ (PAX -ypv Zcp# aOjO m*Ve [email protected] PExH
Baby Vegeta (Level 160) ny!c Zp!! MVLg [email protected] $DOL hE(m ZQEK [email protected])!
Super 17 (Level 160) !oed IS-v NaOz H-#r UFvZ HkEU ypcm Tdzk
Syn Shenron (Level 160) N*u* ?KTD WaB$ H&+j gj)* k+NN kNRy h%*R

Bulma instead of Vegeta at training menu

When you get to the training menu hit circle and bulma will appear!!

How 2 double instant transmission attack

Ok first start hand to hand combat attacking (square) then after that trip the person (down and triangle) this wont work very well with a big person or monkey hit triangle again nothing else no square or anything then do triangle again and after hit square then what you're resulting attack should b is this.
A few punches.........trip........punch.....hit far.....teleport kick up.........teleport punch down.

Level 160 Codes

Vegeta (level 160)
Enter the following code under the "Data Center"
uGY# iexS jS*% etaH
CZWH &Dxj Ub&z MdrB

Vegeta Second Form (Level 160)
Enter the following code under the "Data Center"
#Xgm z&xy ?SYg NNpv

Piccilo (Level 160)
Enter the following code under the "Data Center"
Poor Oe-M %qWI Jp&S
R%au SsZ% -)+B MYm%

Krillin (Level 160)
Enter the following code under the "Data Center"
AdV? XCYQ qdve rYZj
#?Sd C-fJ zGhl -euL

Teen Gohan (Level 160)
Enter the following code under the "Data Center"
JIih m*OO +BOu -tpz
chzh &hkm &FrX jxil

Ultimate Gohan (Level 160)

Z Item which helps

Did anyone know that the Z item 'Kiss of 18' increases the character's level from 8 to 40, increases them by 32 lvs!!! Ways to get the 'Kiss of 18':
Unlock all tournaments and do them on all difficuilties
Go to Shenron for the first time
Go to Shenron for the 5th time (Sometimes works, swear down)
Go to Porunga for the 10th time (Sometimes works, seriously swear down!)
Hope I helped for the crap and good characters!!

More password characters

Here's some more cheats for password characters.
Cooler Level(160)enter
Vgh! (OKq ueTr dsAm
JjzM pNHM -cg#GQ
Android 13 Level(160)
EoxL KO?g eA&z
Super Buu Level(160)
!cEr [email protected] $DzS
&ikN %wdb
Slug Level(160)
L&GA oB$R DdQo Tha#
Tu)X jW%V #xbO K?sK
That's they cheats I have I promuse you I'll get more for you.
Hope the help.Ps:I tested them myself and they work ok!Later

Ghost Beams

First of all, they're not really ghost beams. But this is best done with Tien, go to Kame's Lookout and send Tien to the bottom. Go to as close to the bottom of the lookout as possible. Then press x for the other player. Then use Dodon Ray with Tien. It will go through the lookout. P.S. This is very hard to do. Only try if you have a lot of patience.

Enemies on Ultimate Battle Z: Kakarot Road Through Ultimate Chil

Kakarot Road #1:Yamcha #2:Krillin #3:Tien #4:Piccolo #5:Vegeta(Scouter) #6:Frieza Final Form #7:Cell(Perfect Form) Final:Kid Buu - Ginyu Force #1:Guldo, Recoome, Burter, Jeice & Captain Ginyu - Assault Force #1:Hercule #2:Videl #3:Master Roshi #4:Grandpa Gohan #5:Yajirobe #6:Yamcha 7:Krillin - Dragon Tag #1:Tien & Chiaotzu #2:Goku & Piccolo #3:Vegeta(Scouter) & Nappa #4:Cooler & Salza #5:Hercule & Majin Buu ..

How to Stop a Blast2 Combo

Blast2 Combo = Meteor Smash, High Speed Rush,Amazing Impact & Others
How to stop this kind of attack, when (your KI bar is Low) and
(enemy's KI bar is High) Press/Hold Up + Press Square (Many times) until the enemy attacks with a Blast2 Combo. When done right this will stop the enemy from doing a Blast2 Combo.

Another +30000 Damage Combo

You need to be in (Max Mode / 10 KI Bars). Once in (max mode) approach or get close to the enemy by Pressing/Hold (X button) then Press Square (many times) this will do (Violent rush) Combo. Keep Pressing Square until your KI bar is 1 or 2 (Blue KI bar) then Press (Down + Triangle,Triangle(2x))(this will flip enemy up in the sky) once you've seen the enemy up in the sky, Press (Ultimate Blast = L2 + Down + Triangle). Once done right this will do a +40 hit combo & +30000 damage


To Charge press L2 Also you should hide first then charge (L2)

Secret Character Cheats

I got my pre-order and I'll be updatin' later
My ..

An easy way to beat Cell perfect form with Hercuel

First use the move where you give him the fake capsule case and when he falls charge up and use it again keep doing that until he dies.

1000000 Zenie

After you completed the dragon adventure go to the Majin Buu Saga and go to # 11-Two Majin Buus then you go to Moutain Road and you'll find Yamcha press X to speak to yamcha then he'll say something about 1000000 Zenie.
P.S After you beat him You'll get the fox mask and equipment slots 4

Teleport attack

I think people know in the show how when someone hit them far and teleports behind them and hit them down or kicks the up well heres how you do it
When doing a combo you hold squarre until the power meter geos to max and when you hit them hit triangle right away to teleport behind them and hit them
Usually down but sometimes up.

Kiss of 18

Kiss of 18 gives you 4 levels of everything when equipped. There are two ways to get them. The first is that you can get one by beating every single battle type in the tournaments. The second is through the dragonballs. You have more of a chance of finding Kiss of 18 through Porunga than Shenron, so, when you get all 7, go to Namek before using them.

Hirudegarn (Level 160)

Enter the following code under the "Data Center"
wSUF *%Ea jjWb HWUM

Level up Faster

There easier ways to get your character to a high level. For example you can use Kiss of #18 and Tenkaichi(title). Both of these level up all your abilities up by 4, but Kiss Of #18 also adds an extra Dragon Homing. In order to obtain these they can be found by summoning shenron(try a couple of times, if no there then return to selecting a saga so you don't lose a wish) or Puruga(less likely).

Level up Faster

There are faster ways to level up then fighting battle and getting experiance points. The key is obtaing Kiss Of 18 or Title(tenkaichi), both of these level up all your characters abalities by four. In order to obtain these you must summon shenron or Puronga(if it doesn't appear on the wish list, return to main menu with out making a wish, so you don't lose your wishe(s), more likely to obtain using Shenron).

How to defeat big characters

You may be wondering how to make a big enemy (such as hirudegarn or great ape baby)flinch when you attack them. Just power up to your highest form and even if it dosen't make the opponent flinch, you can power attack them and maybe dragon rush or something. The higher the form, the faster it recharges (Super Trunks and Goku Super Saiyan 3 are exceptions).

How to get grandpa gohan and kid goku

First beat gohan with goten in the majin buu saga. Then go to the destined rivals saga. And keep playing until you are goku and on the map you see that you can go to kamis lookout. Go to it and you will be able to fight grandpa Gohan. When you beat him you should get master roshis pupil and kid goku. Go back to the majin buu saga and keed going until you are ant the scene were you are majin buu and hercule. Then go to the mount road and you will fight yamcha(lv.225) it toook me about an h0ur to survive for like 150sec. Once you beat yamcha you will get the fox mask. Go to evilution z and fuse the to items(fox mask+master roshis pupil). You should then have grandpa gohan.

Trouble in first lvls don't worry

If you skip some lvls in story mode that you are ssj whit who you want then go back fight be ssj 1-2-3-4
Transform and you have it in no time

How to get good raditz

Go to saiyan saga and pic the level were your fighting raditz with piccolo and there is the box saying before you fight it sais ready to fight when you pick it instead of it saying fight the challenger or watever and win the battle it will say special battle and !!!!!!!!!!!
When your fighting him beat and then once it says what you've earned it says fateful brothers and quit that scenerio and then go there itz exciting you get 2 fight and your good friends with the good guys but piccolo.

Easiest money How to get 10000000

In Dragon Adventure mode, play until you get to the Majin Buu Saga. When you make it to the Two Majin Buus storyline, you will be playing as Fat Buu.
During that story, go to the top right area of the map and go to the Mountain Road area. Once there, Yamcha will offer you a contest to see how long you can last.
If you either stay alive long enough or if you are strong enough to defeat him, you will be awarded with not only 1,000,000 Zenny, but you will also get Equipment Slots +4 and the Fox Mask fusion capsule. Once done, go back to the scenario selection screen and repeat.
Increase Fat Buu's attributes as much as possible to make this easier. It is recommended that you spend some time in the Android Saga scenario and choose the Goku Defeated!?! Story..

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