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Super Smash Bros. Cheats for N64

Cheats and Tips for Super Smash Bros.

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Super Smash Bros. Guide
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Check out our huge collection of cheats which include unlocking the Sound room, playing as Master Hand and doing 999% damage in seconds.

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We have 93 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Smash Bros. please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : 3DS : Wii U

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Unlock Alternate Costumes:
Highlight a character and press any of the four C-buttons to use an alternate outfit
Unlock Captain Falcon:
In under 20 minutes beat the 1-Player game with any character on any diffculty. You will then fight Captain Falcon and if you defeat him you can play as Captain Falcon.
Unlock Jigglypuff:
Using any character on any difficulty setting beat the 1-Player game and you'll then be able to fight Jigglypuff. If you defeat him you can now play as Jigglypuff.
Unlock Luigi:
Using ALL 8 of the original characters beat Bonus Practice 1. This can be achieved in Bonus Practice mode or in the 1-player game.
Unlock Ness:
Using any character beat the 1-Player game on Normal difficulty setting using only 3..

Funny Shieldbreakers

Ever wondered how you can see Kirby as a drunk, hypnotised, singing foursome, or DK listening to music with his headphones? Well, thats what I'm gonna tell you now. First to do this cheat the best you need four controllers (any number of controllers will do, but four gives the best effect for some of the characters) and the Mushroom Kingdom course.
Got all that? Good. Now get four of any character and stand them in a line under the platform on the far left that you can't go through from the bottom and make sure they are all in view. If you have more than 2 controllers you might want a friend to help with this next bit. Get all the characters to have their shield on (use Z button) at the same time. If you keep the shield on the shields will break on all characters and give the ..

Okay in 1player mode if you beat the Kirby team ..

Okay in 1player mode if you beat the Kirby team in order you will get a special Kirby award for 15,000 points!

Heap of CHEATS

hi its lil_memi, and I got some good cheats for you.
And you cane trust me because I have clocked the whole game.
First of all how to get the four secret characters:
Do every break the target with all the origanal character
Beat the game on any diffuculty and any stock(lives)
Captian Falcon:
Beat the game in under 20 min
Beat the game on normal diffuculty and with there stock- no continues
Mushroom Kingdom (secret Level):
Beat the games with all origanal characters on any diffucuty and on any stock
Item switch:
Play vs mode 50 ..

In 1P mode when you fight pikachu you can just s..

In 1P mode when you fight pikachu you can just stand on the ledge that has an H on it and you can either give him a little punch or just jump over him when he comes near you, and he will jump off the cliff on his own.

Unlock Luigi

If you beat all of the target games with all the original characters you will unlock Luigi

How to unlock the characters

Luigi:Beat the 1st minigame with all original characters.
Ness:Beat the game on easy-3 lives-no continues
Captain Falcon: Get over 1000000 points
Jigglypuff:Beat the game on any difficulty level-any number of lives- you can use continues.


Hello. Its mastaplaya21 here. In order to make this work, go to training. Then, choose ANY level (you must use Mario, Luigi, or Samus). Make sure the opponent is on a platform that you are able to jump through (make sure the opponent is standing still). Put 4 GREEN SHELLS right on the opponent. Then to top it off, press UP and B at the same time right on the opponent and........POW!!! The damage on the opponent will go up REALLY FAST!! With Mario or Luigi, you'll hear the sound of coins. With Samus, you'll hear banging noises. TRUST ME, it works. Happy gaming!

If you want to get the Classic Mushroom Kingdom ..

If you want to get the Classic Mushroom Kingdom Stage (on the level select screen there should be an empty space above "random")You have to beat the game with all eight original characters on the Normal difficulty setting.

On Super Smash Bros. On one player When you figh..

On Super Smash Bros. On one player When you fight the yoshi team, Kill them
in order and then at the end You will get the yoshi merit award.

Moves that every charactar can do.

(Right or Left+A),(Left or Right+Z) and
(Up,Up+Rwhile in air).

Unlock Sound Room

To unlock the sound room you need to clear Break All Targets and Board All Platforms with all characters to unlock the sound room.

How to get rid of your enimies fast.

Use Yoshi and stand on the edge of a platform then wait for your enemy to walk\run at you,then press b.If done correctly,yor enemy should be in an egg falling of the edge! Note:This should take a few tries with lvl5-10 or on story mode,hard\very hard enemies.

These are the real cheats:Unlock jigglipuff:beat..

These are the real cheats:

Unlock jigglipuff:beat 1p with any lives,any diffuculty,and beat can continue.

Unlock ness:beat 1p with normal with 3 stocks without continuing.he should be the strongest charachter.

Unlock luigi:beat bonus 1 with with all the 8 normal charachters.

Unlock c.falcon:just beat 1p mode under 20 should be able to get him with any stock,any may continue!

Unlock mushroom kingdom:just beat the 1p mode with all 12 charachters.they must have the normal diffulculty setting.

Unlock item switch:just do 100 v.s matches

Unlock sound test:just beat both bonuses with all ..

When you get the secret level(Mushroom Kingdom)y..

When you get the secret level(Mushroom Kingdom)you use Donkey Kong and get into the little tunnel thing and get someone to come after you then press down B.

They will start bouncing up and down. After a while they will get 999% damage then just hit them and they will fly away like never before.

luigi ultra fire punch

I was playing around with luigi and I decided to try one of those red shell tricks.When I did,i did the luigi fire punch and a big sound came up and there was a ball of fire around luigi and the it right and you'll get more than 500% damage.

People people, there is a way to get Master Hand..

People people, there is a way to get Master Hand and Metal Mario, AND Giant Donkey Kong. But there isn't a way to get it without the Gameshark.

The Gameshark Code is 800A4D2B 00??

Replace the Q Marks with the following:

00-0A The normal characters

0C Master Hand

0D Metal Mario

0E-19 Fighting Polygon Team

1A Giant Donkey Kong

DO NOT DO METAL MARIO! I REPEAT, DO NOT USE METAL MARIO. I experienced difficulties with this and they are:

1. It always picks Mario in 1-Player Mode, no matter what.(Unless you take away the Gameshark).

Thanks, and have fun!



Here are the ONLY cheats for this game!! ..

Here are the ONLY cheats for this game!!

Unlocking Jiggilypuff:Complete 1P mode on any difficulty

Unlocking C.Falcon:Complete 1P mode under 20 seconds

Unlocking Luigi:Complete all the original 8 charaters'1P bonus 1 stages

Unlocking Ness:Complete 1P mode with 4 lives,normal difficulty,NO CONTINUES!!!!

Unlocking Item switch:Play Vs.mode a number of times

Unlocking Mushroom Kingdom:Play Vs. mode a number of times.

Unlocking Sound test:Complete all 12

charaters'1P Bonus 1&2 stages

Nowadays,many people say that you can get Mew,Tenchi,Goku,etc.Well............


This is not realy a cheat but its funny. First,..

This is not realy a cheat but its funny. First, get item switch by playing VS mode 50 times.

Second,go to the item switch screen and only put on mosion senser bomb. Third,go to VS mode and wait till a box and a bomb show up.

Last,throw the bomb to where the box is and make second player go pick up the box he will fly like never before!

Unlock Mushroom Kingdom

Beat the game with all eight characters in normal mode. Then play in every multiplayer stage once.

Evrey one

Heres evrey one on the game for some people who havent known yet,
Capt falcon

how to get????there is only 12 characters which ..

how to get????

there is only 12 characters which are

Ness Samus

Luigi D.K.

Mario Link

Kirby Jigglepuff

Yoshi Fox

Captain Falcon Picachu

there the only characters.

Mushroom Kingdom Stage: Beat 1p mode with all th..

Mushroom Kingdom Stage: Beat 1p mode with all the eight orignal characters. (Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Yoshi, DK, Pikachu and Fox) Also play at Vs. Mode at least once on every course.

Hello this is master smash.I just want to tell y..

Hello this is master smash.

I just want to tell you don't belive these bozos who put fake cheats. I got the real cheats.......

first erase Super Smash Bros. Then

luigi=go to practice and pass all the braking targets of all eigth original players.

giggly puff =pass the game on easy any stocks

Captin Falcon=Pass the game with yoshi{optional it's better with yoshi}normal and any stocks under 20 minutes.

Ness= pass the game on hard with 3 lifes

with no continues {you may die at least one time}

It will work.

To see Samus without her suit on:go to training ..

To see Samus without her suit on:go to training mode or verus mode and pick Ness and Samus (easyer if you have Samus a human so she stands still) then use giga thunder and hit your self in the back, so you fly at samus and pause right after you hit her you will see her without her suit!!!

Also beat 1P game and beat the game with any level and as many countus and at the end if you look hard enough you canshe her face.

Here's how to get Luigi and Captain Falcon in on..

Here's how to get Luigi and Captain Falcon in one run...........

First of all you need to complete bonus 1 for the original 8 characters. Then, Luigi will instantly challenge you. You will face him with the character you had last completed the chalenge with, so choose a good character that suits your style best. Defeat him. Now you have him in your character roster. Then, go to Story Mode. Now you can choose any and I mean any difficulty setting. Now getting Captain Falcon under 20 minutes will be a piece of cake.

P.S If the bonus 1 cheat doesn't work, then try bonus 2 and repeat the cheat.

(I just don't know why people would put bogus cheats on here. Would it kill just to put a decent cheat that works on h..

How to borrow lives:When using team-mode if you ..

How to borrow lives:

When using team-mode if you die, with all your lives. push start, and you will re-appear. your bud has to have more than 1 life because you actually take one of his lives for you to be alive.

And the person who did the 900 damage code that put his name:

Self-destruct:Just press Z or R until the armor ..

Self-destruct:Just press Z or R until the armor runs out, and you should "self-destruct".

Play as EVIL ness,Well just looks different:Complete the game with ness on very hard with no continues,at the character select screen Ness will have an angry and dark face (NOTE:you can do this with Link, I don't no about the other characters because, I haven't tried yet!).

I know a cheat that makes a computer a super wea..

I know a cheat that makes a computer a super weakling! Ok, first, you go to vs. mode. Select any character, and set their handicap to one.

Then set the damage percent to any number. Then change whatever character you chose to a computer. Whatever nuber it the damage percent is, the computer -(s) will be weaker than your character!

You could kill a ccomputer just by throwing him/her. Plus, they can't hurt you as badly as you can! No more losing!

Hello, I have just read that you think there is ..


I have just read that you think there is no mewtwo. well for one thing.. i have got him. but its not a character u can play with. It comes out of the pokeballs every now and then..

Thank you

Ok this is good

When your playing on teams and playing stock.
When your teamate dies tell him to press start and a life from you will slide over to your partner. You have to have two or more.

Easy Victory Against Pikachu

You can not only beat Pikachu on One Player mode within the first 15 seconds of gameplay, but earn a "Pacifist" bonus (60,000 points) as well for not using any moves. When you fight Pikachu, on any difficulty setting, simply avoid his attacks and go stand on the Helicopter pad on the right side of the stage. Pikachu should try jumping over there using his Up-B move, but fall down instead!
This may not work the first time. If it doesn't, just keep jumping between the Helipad and the main building. This will confuse Pikachu, and he will eventually use his Up-B move, fall off the edge of the building, and die.

Easy way to beat giant dk

First go far way from him and use you're special attack b next keep using grap holds atttacks on him next use any item that comes on him fianllys make his life go up alot then send him flyin.

This isn't really a cheat but its funny. on vers..

This isn't really a cheat but its funny. on verses mode pick one of the following, Mario, Luigi,Fox, Ness or Pika-a-a-a-achooooooooooooo. sorry. Then go to foxes ship and go down to the back fin area. get your opponent to around %100 or a little bit more and face the fin. Wait till your opponent comes in front of you then grab him and throw him into the fin. If it works right your opponent will come right back in front of you, then grab him again and keep doing it for awhile. You have to be fast to grab though because they come back fast(that was obvious).

Defeating the masterhand easily. When defeating ..

Defeating the masterhand easily. When defeating the masterhand, use the

A-button moves instead of the B-button moves, because the A-button moves do more than the B-button moves.

Yeesh, I'm lucky I'm the master of the first Super Smash bros. (I never lost a match in my times playing it).

Hello. I know boo cell superman and all of those..

Hello. I know boo cell superman and all of those cool things. I know 8 cheats. Jigglypuff beat the crap out of the game.

C falcon beat the crap of the game in less than 20 minutes. Ness beat the crap out of the game on normal with 3 lives.

Do not die with one life.

Luigi beat the crap out of break the targets with all 8 original characters.

Mushroomkingdom beat the crap out of the game with all 8 original characters. Play on vs. with all 8 original characters (you do not need to win all battles).

Itemswich-Play vs. 100 times. Soundtest beat the crap out of all bonuses with all 12 characters.

This cheat is called Halfpipe Punch.Use Capt. Fa..

This cheat is called Halfpipe Punch.

Use Capt. Falcon on Sector Z(Fox`s level) on training or VS mode(Select Player 2 a Human with no controls).

Punch the other guy to the arc on the back of the ship and punch him so he goes against the arc and keep hitting the A button fast, until the other guy has 200% damage.

Then perform a smash attack. He will go flying against the arc and smoke will show that he is gone across the arc.

This is impressive to watch!

Hi. From the mysterious depths of my keyboard I ..

Hi. From the mysterious depths of my keyboard I bring you a cheat.

first off though, I am sick and tired of these people sending in fake cheats!

Anyway, here is my cheat. Most say that the only use for the acid at the Planet Zebes level is to toss people into it.

Well, YOU'RE ALL WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you have to do is get a star (Easier if you unlocked the item switch) And then........

JUMP INTO THE ACID!!!!!!!! Instead of it sending you back up, you will go through it and fall into the mysterious depths of space!

It's cool!!!!

There are only four cheat characters that u can ..

There are only four cheat characters that u can get, they are jugglypuff, captian falcon, luigi, and ness.

Also the mushroom land thing, is the only level you can get so don't listen to the people that are saying you can get people like oni link, and bowser.

Some People Say you Have To beat the Game with A..

Some People Say you Have To beat the Game with All 12 Charactors,There Wrong. Some people say you have to beat the game with the 8 orignal charactors,there part right.

But What You Really Have To Do Is Beat The Game With The 8 Main charactors Then Play On all The Vs. Places.That Is How To get The Mushroom Kingdom

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