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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats which include winning the tournaments quickly, getting Omega Shenron and a code that will give you every item in the game.

More Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 103 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 please send them in here. For more Codes for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 go to:
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Unlock SS4 Goku Alternate Appearance

To be able to do this you must first unlock SS4 Vegeta and SS4 Goku. When you have unlocked them select 'Practice' mode and play as Vegeta and fight Goku (both with SS4). Then set the Com settings on 'Match' and when Goku transforms he will have blue jeans and gray body hair.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 cheats

Bonus Items:

To get Bardock, Babidi's Pot and a Silver Membership Card have a saved game from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 on your memory card.

Alternate Costumes:

When choosing a character at the selection screen press Left.

Additional difficulty settings:

To unlock difficulty 'Z'successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on Very Hard difficulty.

To unlock difficulty 'Z2' successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty 'Z'.

To unlock difficulty 'Z3' successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty 'Z2'.

To unlock a Trophy successfully complete Dragon Universe mode on difficulty 'Z3'.

Unlock Dragon Arena:

To unlock Dragon Arena successfully complete Dragon Universe mode with all eleven characters:


Character Codes

Enter the following codes (without the quotes) as a password to unlock the corresponding character at the indicated level.

Unlock Broly - Level 25:

Enter the code 'xDWKH fvNCO$ hcmlyY *+-x(S cz!fjR #iAVxi'. This code will give you Broly with Legendary Super Sayian, Gigantic Press, Gigantic Meteor, Senzu Bean, Health: 20, Attack: 5.

Unlock Captain Ginyu - Level 40:

Enter the code 'eCyF%% LJIWhU YiCWZ* Er%ied qx!jKX x?FmWZ'

Unlock Broly - Level 99:

Enter the code 'vq&Eu? TJNnqR NPAtlW bIiZhZ gV%oJM nkJYHe'

Unlock Goku - Level 99:

Enter the code 'cxgsYD cU-e@M fc-J$( HNMkJt Tcn)yd @?ZntN'

Unlock Omega Shenron - Level 99:

Enter the code '*cT)xz tgGtuI yUivbR bPiTLv mtNuRf B..

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 cheats

Level Up:

In DRAGONUNIVERSE start a new story then go to 'Kami's Lookout' and Level Up. Save your game data and quit DRAGONUNIVERSE then start a new story in DRAGONUNIVERSE and repeat this process.



Fly over to Raditz's spaceship in the beginning of DU, you should see ???. Enter it to get him.


Defeat Brolly the second time through as Goku.

Captain Ginyu:

Defeat Captain Ginyu in Dragon Universe mode with Goku.


With Teen Gohan defeat Cell in Dragon Universe mode.

Android 17:

With Piccolo defeat Android 17 in Dragon Universe mode.

Android 18:

Complete Dragon Universe mode with Krillin.


Defeat Frieza then look under him ..

Dragon Arena break-ins:

Dragon Arena break-ins:

There is a break-in for every five levels of characters in Dragon Arena mode, as follows:

Levels 1 to 30: Yamcha; Prize: Sparking! (10%)

Levels 31 to 35: Nappa; Prize: Saibamen.

Levels 36 to 40: Krillin; Prize: WE GOTTA POWER! (10%)

Levels 41 to 45: Dr. Gero; Prize: Sparking!! (20%)

Levels 46 to 50: Frieza; Prize: Sparking!!! (40%)

Levels 51 to 55: Cell; Prize: World Tournament Cell Games.

Levels 56 to 60: Dabura; Prize: WE GOTTA POWER!! (25%)

Levels 61 to 65: Majin Buu; Prize: Sparking!!!! (60%)

Levels 66 to 70: Piccolo; Prize: Cell Jr.

Levels 71 to 75: Cooler; Prize: WE GOTTA POWER!!!! (100%)

Levels 76 to 80: Kid Buu; Prize: Red Ribbon Army Base.


How To Get Broly

Broly is one of the strongest and best characters in the game. To get him, oyu must first get to the Majin Buu Saga. Before you fight Super Buu with Vegito, go look to the west in the Mountains or Desert fir a ??? Area. Tien will then talk to you. Now, Search for another place close by entitled "Mountains". This time, you will be talking with Supreme Kai. Now, go beat up Super Buu. After you rip out of his stomach, you will sense a power far larger than his. Go over to the New Red Dot and you will be fighting Broly.

NOTE: To be able to fight Broly, you must be playing Goku's Dragon Universe for the SECOND time.

Hope I Helped


Need help please!

Hi I need help on dragonballz budokia 3 I don't know were to put the cheat codes at please help me so badly!

Vegeta's Dragonball Locations

Saiyan Saga

Dragon Radar: West City

Dragonballs: Forest on northwest corner of main continent

Ocean southeast of tournament arena

Frieza Saga

Dragonballs: North of Capsuel House

Village on southwest island

Android/Cell Saga

Dragonballs: Ocean south of south city

Buu Saga

Dragonballs: South of Kame house

North of lokkout point


.Android 16

Find him on plains among the south island and bring him to west city in (krillin DU mode 2nd time)

Android 17

Beat him with piccolo in dragon universe

Android 18

Complete dragon Universe mode with Krillin


Defeat cell in dragon universe mode with teen gohan


In dragon arena fight level 66 majin buu/fat buu twice on the second time you will fight piccolo beat him to get cell,jr (your level must be at 20-40)

Dr. Gero

Beat dr.gero with yamcha on dragon universe mode


Defeat Recoome in Dragon universe mode with goku

Captian Ginyu

Defeat Ginyu In dragon universe mode with goku


Under wear you beat frieza there will be SS veg..

Black Membership Card

The Black Membership Card allows you to buy ANY skill in the Shop. To be able to get this, you must have a character of a level 30 and up. Now, go to this characters Dragon Univrse at the Beggining and fly over by the Mountains. There should be a little island there wit a place entitled ??? Go there and you will get the Black, Gold, and Silver Membership Cards.


How to make more Saibamen appear

While your game is loading and it shows the Saibamen coming out of the ground rotate the analog sticks and more Saibamen will come out of the ground.

How To Get All The Dragon Balls...FAST (Goku)

First, you will have to start over with Goku becuase there are Two Dragon Balls in the Saiyan Saga. First, Go defeat Radditz then look around for the Dragon Radar. I think it's somewhere in the Mountains. Now, search around Earth by Pressing and Holding L1 (This will cuase your character to go SUPER FAST!!!). You will see little Orange Dots on your Radar, this means there is a Dragon Ball in that area. Heres a list of how many Dragon Ball's are in which Sagas:

Saiyan Saga:2(After beating Radditz)

Freiza Saga:2

Cell Saga:1

Buu Saga:2

When you collect all of the Dragon Balls, go beat the game. After the Crdeits, Shenron will appear and you will get Three choices of Items.

1:Goku's Breakthroughs (Lets you use all of Goku's Skills)

2:Memories of..

Unlock Bonus Items

Get a Silver Membership Card, Babidi's Pot and Bardock by having a saved game from Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 on your Memory Card.

Lots of zeni quick

Pick new story then select Kid Gohan then go to the forest dot and talk to Goku zoom to the land with a river making a U around it and get zeni, then zoom to edge of snowy island and get zeni, go to small island on bottom right corner get lots of zeni, then go to bottom left corner and get 25000 zeni in bare water, save and repeat until you're satisfied.

Win Tournaments...Quick

With this cheat, you wilil be able to finish a tournament very fast.

First, when the battle begins, start off with a Death Move. Then, RIGHT before your Enemy gets up, Dash over to him/her and kick them, if done correctlly, they will be Rung Out and you would've won.


How To Get Uub

Uub is actually Kid Buu but reborn. You see, before Goku killed Kid Buu, he requested that he come back as someone nice. So, he did and Uub is the Outcome.

Uub is actually a pretty good character (In my book at least) To get him, you must be at the Majin Buu Saga. Before you are about to fight Kid Buu, Set your Skill Tray to the following:

(Doesn't what order)


2.Super Saiyan

3.Spirit Bomb

5.Anything else thats Not above Super Saiyan

After you have set your Skill Tray, Save. You must Save becuase if you kill Buu, then you will have to start from last time you saved or start all over again becuase you would've beat the game. Now, Fight Buu. Start off the fight by transforming into your Kaioken. NEVER GO SUPER SAIYAN!!! It's a good th..

Quick Money

With this Cheat, I will teach you how to get SUPER FAST CASH!!

First of all, you will need to go to the World Tournament (Not in Dragon Universe). Then, when the fight Starts, open with a Death Move. RIGHT before your Opponent gets up off the ground, Dash over to them and Kick them. This will send them flying out of the Ring. Repeat this and you'll have quick money in No Time. This works well with the Advaned Difficulty Setting becuase you get more money.

NOTE:My Dash Kick strategy may not work every time so, just keep trying.


Easy Skills

All you need is 2 memory cards.Get as much cash as you want (I got 53,500) buy the skill with one memory card and transfer it on the other turn of the ps2 and copy the memory card with the cash onto the other

Piccolo's Dragonball Locations

Saiyan Saga

Dragon Radar: Southeast of Baba's palace

Dragonballs: East coast of piccolo's island

Northwest of Hercule City

Frieza Saga

Dragonballs: West of village on southwest island

North side of northeast island

Android/Cell Saga

Dragonballs: Ocean south of West City

Mountains southwest of Goku's House

Buu Saga

You have to go to the first marker before the dragonball appears

Dragonball: South of Kame house

Passwords (dragon arena)


Password: vq&Eu? TJNnqR NPAtlW

bIiZhZ gV%oJm nkJYHe

Level: 99

Health: +16

Ki: +16

Attack: +17

Guard: +17

Arts: +17

Ability: +2

Com: +14

Capsule (s): Breakthrough

Password: -TJYoV vUkY$# -K*Jcm

b*NG@- oU)PYl xtjd(N


Level: 99

Health: +16

Ki: +16

Attack: +17

Guard: +17

Arts: +17

Ability: +0

Com: +16

Capsule (s): Breakthrough

Password: aeDKSC mN&hZe TkhyX@

V?jUOp t$KvXy *++pSp


Level: 99

Health: +16

Ki: +16

Attack: +17

Guard: +17

Arts: +17

Ability: +0

Com: +16

Capsule (s): Breakthrough

Password: aufhvJ VyjmhC gEuLT#

*Kjc!! KfKlTs aQ&KQ$


How to get fusion Gogeta for vegeta

In vegeta's 2nd du or higher, before turning into vegito to fight buuhan, go to ice island and you'll auttomaticlly land at muscle tower, there kabito kai will tell you about broly, then continue vegeta's du as normal, but insted of fighting kid buu, you'll get to fight broly, beat broly then go to the world tournament to face gotenks as ss gogeta, beat gotenks to get the fusion capsule.

Unlock every item

Press R1,R1,R1,L1,L1,L1,L2,R2,up,down,left,right,start,select


Hey listen if you want to fly you just press left,left,up but when you second time press left hold it than just press up and voila.

Cell. Jr

To get cell's crayzier side (Cell Jr)

1. Get Dragon Arena

2. Level up one character to 36

3. In Dragon Arena challenge level 66 Majin (fat) Buu

4. Choose any stage and Piccolo will break-in

5. Beat him to get cell Jr!

Infinite health when fighting your friend.

Instead of going to dueling go to practice and choose your characters, then in the fight press start and go to the top bit which says do nothing and press right and it should say guard 1 move it right twice and it should say player controls. Get off the options screen and give your friend the second controller and he will be fighting as well. You will both have infinite health as it is in practice mode.

Grandpa gohans house

Play as kid gohan,the second time through.Instead of fighting piccolo in the mountains,go to grandpa gohans house and beat gohu to unluck grandpa gohans house.

Shorter Short-Cuts

1122andyozz33 was wrong about the shortest way to get the hyper mode and ultimate atk... theres an even shorter way to get there without pressing more than 1 button

Hyper Mode - L2

Ultimate ATK - L2 while in Hyper Mode

Hint: The best timing to use ur Ultimate ATK is when ur opponent is just out of hyper mode and is recovering energy, when ur opponent as less than 3 Ki gauges (so they wont teleport behind u), and after u hit them to the ground with a dash attack and quickly press the L2 button right after ur opponent gets up.

Also, to have a 2nd shot at ur altimate ATK if u miss, make sure ur Ki is at MAX before you go into Hyper Mode (Except Majin Vegeta because his takes 7 insted of 5 gauges).

Hope this helps


Make more green alien's apear at loading screen.

When you are at the green loading screen, spin the right analog stick in circles. For example, go to the tourament and when it is loading on the green screen with one alien, quickly spin the right analong stick in circles, (clock wise), and more aliens should apear. The faster you spin it, the more alien's come out.

Unlockable stages

Grampa gohan`s house beat goten(adult gohan)

Cell games ring beat cell when he braks in dragon arena

Urban stage start a new DU and go to cental city(teen gohan)

A Few Short-Cuts

Getting on to Hyper Mode by Pressing K(Triangle)P(Square)G(X)and E(Circle) can be a REALLY big pain while your'e trying to fight. With this cheat, I will teach you some short-cuts to make your fights easier.

Hyper Mode-Pres R1 and Circle AT THE EXACT SAME TIME

Super Saiyan/Power Up Mode-R1

Luanch Ultimate Move-R1 Plus Circle AT THE EXACT SAME TIME

Luanch Pursue-Dash the press R1 and Circle AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!!

I will tell you if I come up with any more.

-Happy Cheating

-Hope I helped



Defeat Frieza final form with goku then select map and go to bottom left dot and youll face Cooler. Defeat him and you will unlock him.

This isn't really a cheat but if you want to kno..

This isn't really a cheat but if you want to know how to BLOW UP!!!!! A bit of the blanet all you have to do is use that characters ultimate attack such as vegetas big bang attack or gohans farther son karmahamaha ( also it don't work for some of the characters.)

How to get Broly, Super Saiyan 4 Goku Skill, Super Gogeta/Super

You need to be playing through Goku's Dragon Universe mode. Play through it however you want until after you beat the fat original Majin Buu. After you beat him, and right before you fight Super Buu with gohan absorbed, go to the middle of the map where it is a dry desert, a little lower than that is a darker desert right?

Go there and you should be able to land there and there should be a cutscene with Tien and Goku. Then fly around that area a little bit and you should be able to land again and you will talk to the Supreme Kai who is now fused with Kibito.

He will talk about how there is another power greater then Majin Buu's and he is worried. Go and beat Super Buu with Gohan absorbed, and then beat Super Buu in his head.

When you are supposed to be..

Cell Jr

Ok now listen up get a lvl 36 person or try lvl up some one to

36 at dragon arean and fite lvl 36 majin buu and selected

Any stage and lvl 36 piccolo will break in beat him to get Cell Jr

Getting Uub

For you who don't know how to get Uub, this will be very helpful then. First you must be Goku in Dragon Universe and go through all sagas until you fight Kid Buu. If you're doing Goku's Dragon Universe a second time and all you can do is fight Broly but not Kid Buu then you must select New Story. When you're fighting Kid Buu as Goku, you have to use spirit bomb on Kid Buu. DO NOT use spirit bomb with kaoiken or SS1 SS2 SS3 and SS4. After you have used spirit bomb you then have to fight Uub in the World Tournament and you get his Capsule!!! Yay!!! Hope this Helps you guys.

Gaining levels Quickyly and other useful info

The best and easiest way to beat people in DU is to level up quickly.

To do this you first need DA. Get this by completing everyone's DU first. This includes Broly and Uub.

To get Uub play through Goku's DU and Use the Super Sprit Bomb on Kid Buu. A world Tournament will open up after that where you fix Uub. Just blow him away with your Death move.

To get Broly and SSJ4 And Omega Shinron (you go through the same quest anyways so lets get them all) Play through Goku's DU normally. Before you and Vegeta fuse using the earings go to the Desert below the red marker and look for both the mountains and ??? Markers. After going through those fight Super Buu and Super Buu inside his stomach. Now you will be told about a super powerful person. Go to the Dot and ki..

Broly, Goku (SS4), Gogeta, Gogeta (SS4), and Ome..

Broly, Goku (SS4), Gogeta, Gogeta (SS4), and Omega Shenron(With Goku): Before looking for Vegeta for the Vegito Fusion in the Buu saga, look for Hercule right near where Buu absorbed Gohan, then a little SW of the red dot you should find Tien, he is unconscious, then just south of him you’ll find Supreme Kai.

He will say he feels a larger force then Majin Buu. Go Fuse and fight Buu. During the final fight instead of fighting Kid Buu, Vegeta will say to go find the larger power and defeat it.

Beat Broly to get his capsule. After Goten and Trunks will challenge you to a Fusion fight at the world tournament arena as Gotenks Vs. Gogeta. Instead of fighting him, look for ??? to the NE of the world tournament on one of the small islands. There you should get Goku's SS..

Z mode, Z2 mode and Z3 mode, easy...ish

Right, all you have to do is work your way through the game on easy mode, until before the last battle, save, quit, then go to options and change the difficulty settings to very hard, Z or Z2 depending on which you need, hope this helps much.

PS. chaoticjaf123, your wrong about the fusion thing, you missed out kibitoshin, sorry had to point out that you were wrong and that you obviously havent completed the game 100% like you say you have!


I was fighting in the dragon arena as a level 35 goku against a lvl 64 napa and fat buu broke in and when I beat him I got sparking .!! Try it!!

Easy EXP...

To get easy exp., you need to unlock Dragon Arena and have a good person already because then you get stronger people when you use him/her. Find the strongest Uub, Hercul;e or Videl and Battle them. They have no missle attacks(Other then Uub's Ki Cannon) and when they go to hyper mode you just need to keep backing away...then when they run out they are suckers...

(Best do this with a Goku with SS4+10xKamahamaha and maxed out Arts, then it'll do about 2 bars of damage)

You can also trick them into Ultimate moves with this.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 FAQs

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Walkthroughs