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Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut

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A collection of cheats that includes Chao secrets, Exotic eggs, unlock Super Sonic for Story mode and an easy wat to get rings as Sonic.

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We have 54 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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Unlock Codes

Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.
Sonic Spinball - Unlock Level Select:
At the Sound Test option play the song in the following order - 0, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6
Sonic Spinball - Unlock Fast Background Music:
At the Sound Test option play the song in the following order - 0, 4, 2, 5, 5, 7
Sonic Spinball - Unlock Zoomed View:
At the Sound Test option play the song in the following order - 0, 2, 1, 1, 6, 6
Sonic Spinball - Unlock No Gravity:
At the Sound Test option play the song in the following order - 0, 9, 0, 1, 6, 8

Sonic Chaos - Unlock Instant Chaos Emeralds:
At the Character Select screen press Up, Down, Up, Down, B, A, B, A, B, A

Sonic Chaos - Unlock Level Select:

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Cheats

Sonic Chaos Mini-Game
On the Sonic Chaos title screen press the following combination:
Up, Up, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Start.
Sonic Labyrinth Mini-Game
On the Sonic Labyrinth title screen press the following combination:
Up(2), Right(3), Down(6), Left(9).
Sonic Spinball Mini-Game
In the Sound test for Sonic Spinball play music 0, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6.


Unlock Level Select in Sonic Triple Trouble:
At the SEGA logo screen wait for when Knuckles touches the red Emerald then press Start.

Unlockable Characters, Mini Games and Mission Mode
Unlock Sonic Labyrinth:
Complete 20 Missions

Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog 1:
Collect 20 Emblems
Unlock Sonic Drift:
Collect 40 Emblems
Unlock Sonic Spinball:
Complete 40 Missions
Unlock Sonic Chaos:
Collect 60 Emblems

Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog 2:
Collect 80 Emblems
Unlock Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:
Collect 100 Emblems
Unlock Sonic Drift 2:
Collect 110 Emblems
Unlock Sonic Triple Trouble:
Collect 130 Emblems

Unlock Tails Skyp..

Strategy Guide

1. Level select in Sonic Spinball
Enter (sound test) option for Sonic Spinball - Play the following songs in order - 0 2 1 5 6 6
2. Faster background music in Sonic Spinball
Enter (Sound Test) option for Sonic Spinball - Play the following songs in order - 0 4 2 5 5 7

Sonic Chao, Shadow Chao, Nights Chao

Sonic Chao: To make a sonic chao you must have a regular chao and give it lots of speed before it evolves and make it a neutral chao. It will evolve looking like a green sonic give more speed until it turns blue and your done.
Shadow Chao: To make shadow chao you must give a regular child chao alot of dark fruit and speed. When it evolves it will look like a green shadow give it more speed and it will eventually turn red.
Nights Chao: To make a nights chao you must give a regular child chao alot of fly. Then make it evolve into a neutral chao or dark chao for a dark nights chao which is better.

Exotic Eggs

1. Gold, First go to the place where you first fought Chaos 0 you should see a egg shaped rock, Pick it up. Then go to the antique store,
and take the gold egg off the pedestal and put the rock on it.

2. Silver, Go to the Mystic Ruins Waterfall, you should see a boat near the water, touch it and you will see an egg fall from the waterfall.

3. Onyx, In the middle prison cell on the Egg Carrier.

Unlimited gold, silver, and black eggs

Ok, first you choose your memory card then when it says to choose your file and it says,
1 s t k a b e
2 s t k a b e
3 s t k a b e
You choose one that you haven't started yet and then you go to where the eggs are take the eggs, put them in your chao garden. Then you delete the file you were playing after you get all tree eggs then you repeat and you can have as many gold, silver, and black eggs as you want!

Chao Locations

First,the Gold egg is in a shop.When you pick it up,the alarm rings and the doors close.Go to the nearby garden and pick up the rock shaped like a chao egg.Take it to the shop,place it where the golden egg is and you have a golden chao.
Two,the silver egg is in the forest place on a cliff.You must first find a button,click it,and stairs on the wall should appear.Climb up those stairs.The silver egg is there.
Three,the black egg is in the egg carrier.First find the jail,and open the second cell.The black egg is there.
~Note-You must take the eggs to the gardens before you quit or you will lose the eggs and have to do it over again~
Thank you,

easy leveling for chao! =P

To do this simply go up to your chao with an animal but
Dont go to close or this wont work.
Then drop an animal infront of your chao an he will get it's
Ability and you can keep on using that same animal over and over!

Happy Gaming!

Re-use Small Animals

Take an animal of choice and walk near the desired chao. Rather than walking into the chao as usual, leave a bit of distance between yourself and the chao. Drop the animal, and the chao will collect the animal's stats, but the the animal will still sparkle and can be used again.

Super Sonic Chao

Make a golden sonic chao by making a gold chao and turning it into a sonic chao!
Hope I helped!

Unlock Super Sonic for story mode.

To unlock him, win the story mode with every character.

Cream the Rabbit

Not much of a hint but it is cool, me and my brother noticed this yesterday. Sometimes when your done with a stage in station square, you can sometimes see Cream the Rabbit!

Easy rings

Use this cheat to gain rings by up to tens of thousands at a time, and bring them to the Chao Garden for purchase. If you have few lives, you can use the lives counter to continue the count past 999 rings.
There are three ways to do this:
Enter a place with weeds (e.g. Station Square, Mystic Ruins) and and do the spin hammer attack at the weeds. This will sometimes give you rings, and sometimes even a random ring capsule. It takes maybe a week to get a large amount of rings.
Enter the Mystic Ruins in mission mode (requires you to have a 100% Tails completion in story mode) and touch the mission card at the train station. You shuld get a mission statement. Go to tails house. Cut down all the weeds except for the ones in the water. Sta..

Chao Secrets

1.If you buy a shiny chao,You can breed to adult chaos including the shiny chao and whatever you breed,you get that kind of shiny chao.
EX.Shiny White chao and a blue chao will give you a shiny blue chao
2.If you want an adult chao,you'll have to but all kinds of one of two fruits and give them to the selected chao.
EX.If you want a dark chao,Buy dark fruits and give them to your chao.Eventually,the chao will evolve.

Thank You,

An Easy way to get rings as Sonic

Ok, for this you need the light speed dash..
Go to the casinoopolis area in Station Square and find the switch that activates the rings. Then, charge up the light speed dash and dash along the rings--repeat the proces for as many rings as desired. Then go to any level (except casinoopolis) and finish it. REMEBER: DONT GET HURT OR YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RNGS!!!

Chao Race: Rolling The Ball Faster

To roll the ball faster you must raise your chao's speed and power. Hope I helped.

ball runing lol!

This looks kinda wierd...
Ok... Go to the level where you go through that elevator
And when you run down those 2walls press the B button and
Sonic will look like a ball blue ball roling down something.
Its funny!

Happy times =P plz submit and ill submit yours! =P

gold egg

In the store with the gold egg DON'T go in yet go to the place where you battle chaos find the rock then bring it to the store and swap the egg with the rock

The secret Items

So you thought you got all the upgrades right, wrong!
I'll give you a list on were to find upgrades for characters.
Sonic:Cristal Braclet:Hotel, climb up the stairs and charge your light dash, than step on both switches from left to right than release and you should collect the rings and run in the door at the same time, but be quick, the door also shuts.
Tails:Jet Anklet:Behind Twinkle parks tube thing, in the opening in the water and there should be a opening inside the area when you reach the fence that blocks you from going on, than fly in the hole to find a room with the item.
Knuckles:I think there called the power gloves:Mystic ruins jungle above bigs house and on some land that is on the cliff, but you fir..

Gold Street shop egg

In station square go to the spot where you first fought Choas. Go through the big gate behind you. All the way to the left there should be a rock behind some grass. Pick it up and take it to the shop down the street. Once you go in to your right there should be a huge golden egg. Pick it up, move it near the door, and place the rock on the exact same spot where the egg was. Now the doors should have reopened. Pick up the egg and leave the shop. Now go to the chao garden and enjoy the egg.

Copy Chao

To copy chao this way you need these things
1Sonic Adventure DX:Director's Cut
2Sonic Adventure2 Battle(or another memory card with Sonic DX data)
3A Gameboy Advance
4A Gameboy GCN game link cable
O.k drop off your choa from one of yourgames.Then turn off the game and put in the other game then pick up your chao it won't look exactly the same ,but it`ll be the same color and just as strong.
P.S I't might look the same if you never gave it animals.

Fall through the ground

On Emerald Coast with Sonic, you will eventually go through an area where the path slopes down and curves right. Stick close to the wall on the right and run down. You will fall through the floor after the curve finishes, and then drown. This can be really annoying when you are playing the level, so remember: stay to the left!

Really Wierd Things

When you are knuckles and you battle chaos 2 `you notice he turn into chaos 2 with 3-4 emeralds.

Snowboard backwards

This is my first submission so please don't judge me.
When you are Sonic, go to Mystic Ruins and go to the ice cap stage. When you get to the part when you're snowboarding bump into the walls many times. You can leave the controller alone and it will bump into walls and Sonic will eventually be sliding down backwards. I don't know if you can do this with tails or not. I only tried it with Sonic.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

secret emblem

If you have 129 emblems and want metal sonic by getting all emblems theres a secret emblem.When you're near where you got the gold egg, as knuckles at the opposite side of city hall, where you got the stone dig inbetween the trees and theres an if I didn't explain it good enough dig on both sides.

ring farming

on sonic dx in station square as knuckles dig til you get a purple bubble that moves rings to you. now go to the hotel up the stairs and the 2 button are there go to the right one (one that pops up rings.) now go to any lvl and pass with out getting hit. and now you got 999 rings for chao. (yaaaaah)

Flying Bunny

IF you walk around Station Square for a little while you will eventually see a rabbit who is flopping his/her ears to fly.

It's weird.

Hint for 'Big'

A better way to catch froggy is to wiggle the rod around back and forth.
Then he'll probably grip the reel really tight.

Silver and gold eggs

Hey I'm new here.
Anyway to get a silver egg you must go to mistic runes place now go to that water fall theres some button that you push.
Push it and the silver egg comes Flouting down pick it up and go to the garden.
Now the gold egg is in station square.First go to place with the buger place and Look for a rock that looks like a egg and pick it up now go to the store with an egg.
Drop the rock and pick up the gold egg then a cage will block the door put the Rock there and take the egg to the garden.

Hope it got you happy.

Easy way to beat Perfect Chaos

I've only done this once because it's very hard. If you get close enough, to him and hit a hurricane, you will shoot straight up and hit his head damaging him! This can harm him without having to go at a certain speed!

Hotel Power Up

When playing as Sonic, there is a power up in the hotel.You have to first have light dash.Go upstairs and press the button and use light dash.Then go in the door as fast as possible.

Metal Sonic and others

To unlock Metal Sonic is to get all 130 emblems.
To unlock Tails is to beat the first stage with Sonic.
To unlock Knuckles is to beat him with Sonic or Tails.
To unlock Amy is to meet her with Sonic.
To unlock E102 is to beat him with Sonic or Tails.
To unlock Big is to beat Chaos 6 with Sonic.
To unlock SuperSonic is to beat story mode with everybody except Metal Sonic.

My favorite chao types.

This is a list of chao and how to make them.
I would of added pictures if I could of.
Note: Neutral/Swim/Run< Train your chao in this catagory after he/she evolves.
^ (blue cacoon)(takes a long while)
Train you chao^before evolution.

Neutral Chao
Multi Chao
A thin chao,with many colors
Aqua Chao
Small chao with many markings that are included of blue and green.
Armor Chao
Feet become much flatter and the head spreads out like a ram sort of protecting the chao.
Advanced NiGHTS Chao
Jester become larger, larger brighter wings, resembles NiGHTS a lot.

Hyper Sonic's Last Boss

When facing the last boss,Perfect Chaos,Do not goof off.Your life is based on rings which run out by the seconds.Don't slow down because you have to go a certain speed to inflict damage on Perfect Chaos.If you don't hit him right,you will be propelled backwards which takes up valuable time.Get as many coins as possible in the level,but leave some for the following parts of the level.The level is split up into eight sections meaning you have to let say about two-hundred rings last you through this.Once you beat it,you can relax knowing that the game is finished.I mean story mode finished.There are tons of extra features still available,and many things to unlock.

Thank You,

Here's how you get to turn your chao into a hero..

Here's how you get to turn your chao into a hero or dark chao.Get about six-thousand rings then pay for hero or dark fruit.Feed it to the selected chao and eventually it will turn through many fruits.I hope this helps.

Glitch: Homing attack through wall glitch or walk through

Ok, go to the Mystic Ruins. When you come from the train station, you see that there is a wooden wall with only 2 wood bars are. Then there is another wooden wall near it, with all rows covered in wooden bars. So you just walk, run, or homing attack at that wall with all wooden bars covered and you should go through it.
P.S. I chaokingricee just discovered it now.
That's all folks


To get a headache from a SILENT SCREAMING CHAO transport a chao that hates you from adventure 2 battle and you pick it up he wont go: wah teeee wann mnm.

Three shiny chaos(combined)

To make these chaos you must get:shiny white chaos,gold chaos,silver chaos and black choas.and make sure all of your chaos grown up.
1:nine tails jincuriki chaos
Breed chaos with shiny white chaos and gold chaos.
2:shiny aqua chaos
Breed chaos with shiny white chaos and black chaos
3:invincible chaos
Breed chaos with shiny white chaos and silver chaos
Note:these chaos has 70% breeded and gold chaos maybe breed into invincible chaos.

easy hero/villian chao

I don't know if this is how I did it but I was feeding my chao as sonic and I accidentally picked it up and then I had to go to bed. I forgot to put the chao down, and in the morning it was a hero choa. Again it might just have3 happened but I doubt it. I havent tried it with villian chaos yet

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