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Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing: Wild World walkthrough and guide
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Do you want 100,000 bells, maybe all the fossils. What about a golden shovel? We've got all the answers here.

More Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats and Tips

We have 437 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS.If you have any cheats or tips for Animal Crossing: Wild World please send them in here. For more Codes for Animal Crossing: Wild World go to:
Animal Crossing: Wild World Action Replay Codes

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Detecting Forged Items

It is possible to detect forged items in Crazy Redds tent by paying close attention to his body language. If a yellow star shaped object appears on his eye then the item was most likely forged.


Donation Unlockables
Donate the corresponding amount of Bells to Boondox town to unlock the following
Unlock Green Feather:
Donate 10,000 Bells
Unlock Blue Feather:
Donate 200,000 Bells
Unlock Yellow Feather:
Donate 500,000 Bells

Unlock Red Feather:
Donate 800,000 Bells
Unlock Purple Feather:
Donate 1,100,000 Bells

Unlock White Feather:
Donate 1,400,000 Bells
Unlock Rainbow Feather:
Donate 6,400,000 Bells

Nook Store Upgrades
Spend the corresponding amount of Bells at Nooks Store to unlock the following
Nooks Cranny (Level 1):
Available from start
Nook 'n' Go (Level 2):
Spend 25000 Bells

Nookway (Level 3):..

How to Fall in Love

Ok, I have noticed lots of people asking questions all over the internet asking the same question..; 'Can you fall in love with a neighbour on AC:WW?'. I, having fallen in love many a time on AC:WW, (;D) know the answer.
1. On Yay Day when you have to say nice things to other people, talk to them and they will ask you to say something about them. Say either 'girlfriend/boyfriend' (depends what sex you are) or 'my love'. They'll blush and say something like, 'Oh, I never knew you felt this way!'
2. If, one day, when you are talking to them, they might say 'You love me, you love me not,'. One of the op..


Unlockable HRA Bonus Items
Unlock Mansion Model - Earn 150,000 Points

Unlock One-Story Model - Earn 70,000 Points

Unlock Two-Story Model - Earn 100,000 Points

Unlockable House Upgrades

Unlock Expand House (1st) - Pay the debt of 19,800 Bells

Unlock Expand House (2nd) - Pay the debt of 120,000 bells

Unlock Upstairs Room - Pay the debt of 298,000 Bells
Unlock Left Room - Pay the debt of 598,000 Bells
Unlock Right Room - Pay the debt of 728,000 Bells
Unlock Back Room - Pay the debt of 848,000 Bells


Unlock Golden Timer:
Tortimer will give you the Golden Timer when you have the Golden Bug Net, Golden Axe, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden Slingshot, Golden Watering Can and the Golden Shovel.
Unlock Golden Roses:
Plant red roses next to each other and black roses will eventually appear, then use the Golden Watering Can to water the dying black roses and they will be golden the next day.

This is just telling you what cheats arent real

You cant see Tom Nook in his pajamas.
You cant get a dog from under your bed.
You cantpbut a bath and toilet in your cupboards and the next day at 3-33 ou go into your drawers and there is a bathroom. No no no no no.

How to get a dog

It`s actually really easy to get a pet dog.I promise,
It`s NOT fake!I can even gove you my friend code and
I can prove it.Anyway,this is how to get a pet dog!!!
1.When Pete comes,shoot him down.He comes usually at
9:00 am and 5:00 pm.He doesn`t come everyday though.
2.Talk to him until he says 'owie..yowii.oww' or something like that.
3.Run and shake the closest tree.Keep shaking until...
4.A dog will pop out.It will say,do you want this dog?
Say yes and you`ll find a leash in your pockets.You can
Also take your dog for walks.
5.If your dog runs off,go to your house and look under
Your bed.Lie down and the dog will be you friend.
6.Therefor,you dog might get too tired if you take him/her for too many walks a day.When yo..


Unlockable Post Office Savings Acount Rewards
Get the following amount of Bells to unlock the corresponding effect
Unlock Box of Tissues:
Save 1,000,000 Bells
Unlock Piggy Bank:
Save 10,000,000 Bells

Unlock Pelly's Pic:
Save 100,000,000 Bells

Unlock Phyllis's Pic:
Save 500,000,000 Bells

Unlock Town Hall Model:
Save 999,999,999 Bells

Unlockable Mush Furniture
Get acorns at the Acorn Festival and Cornimer will give you mush furniture for a specific amount of them
Unlock Mush Stool:
5 Acorns
Unlock Mush End Table:
10 Acorns
Unlock Mush Lamp:
25 Acorns
Unlock Mush Chair:
40 Acorns
Unlock Mush Dresser:

Meow Mix Town Tune

All High Notes
There you go! The Meow Mix song for your town tune!

How to get a boyfriend/girlfriend as animals (actually works)

You can get a boyfriend/girlfriend and they can be animals I have a boyfriend named wolfgang ok this is
How you do it....... First talk to them again and again every day and wave at them whenever you see them then post your feelings about them on the post bord and also write them a letter saying how much you like them. And last if they ever ask you to find them a fossel,fish,bug,clothes ecs find it for them. After a while they will say to you "i know we are still friends but I can't help thinking that we have chemistery and it scares me" ..........and sometimes when you see him/her talking to another villager they say they have a crush on you and then eventually they will give you a pic of them and will tell you that they reallly like you and want to come to your house alot.....hop..

Enter Crazy Redd's Tent

To do this you must give a password the first time and become a member. Passwords are usually found by talking to some of the villagers. The following responses will give you access to Crazy Redd's tent.
Ask and you shall:
Be charged
An open wallet:
Is often empty
Bottom dollar:
Top dog
Crazy Redd:
Is 35
Even robbers:
Have safes
Fan in one hand:
Cash in other
Foot in the door:
Eye on prize
For my fans:
Shop here again
Get an Education:
Or win it big
Give 2 cents:
Ask for change
Head in the sand:
Find something
Hot and cold:
Money makes it
I'm all alone:
But I have cash

99,999 Bells: The Ultimate Animal Crossing Cheat!

I know this works for real, as I have seen it happen!
Note: It may not work first time.
99,999 Bells in 14 easy steps:
Step 1: Go to the Town Hall.
Step 2: Go over to the post office area.
Step 3: Talk to Pelly and select 'Acess Account'.
Step 4: Select 'Save Bells'.
Step 5: Put an amount of Bells in.
Step 6: Save your game and turn off the DS.
Step 7: Take out the Game Card, unless you have the Manual Startup option enabled, in which skip to step 8.
Step 8: Turn on the DS.
Step 9: Go into options and change the year to 2099.
Step 10: Turn off the DS again and put in the Game Card, unless you have the Manual setting on, in which skip to step 11.
Step 11: Turn on the DS (Tap the game on the menu if you have Manual sett..

When you have Nookington, you can change your ha..

When you have Nookington, you can change your hair.
The color names Harriet uses are kinda strange, I found the key:
Mysterious: brown
Young: blue
Lush: green
Radiant: white
Safe: brown
Lighthearted: blond
Fiery: orange
Flirty: pink
Hope this helps you save some money.

How to get a boyfriend or girlfriend

Ever wanted a boyfriend or girlfriend on animal crossing?Well you can!Here's how...
1:Always take his/hers side in animal conversations.
2:Keep sending him love letters with red roses in them,they HAVE to be red.
3:it's best to try for the boys who talk a lot about food and that are really easy going like for eg Egburt,Biscuit or walker.
4:it's best to try for the girls who like gardening,sowing and/or shell collecting or basically the girly girls like for eg Goldie,Alice or Ruby.
Hope I helped!

Money cheat

To get money, you get 50.000 bells and put them in your account in the bank.
You then save&exit your game then turn off, go into options in the Ds, change the date to 10 years later.
Then go on your game, you should get a letter and it should say that you have had interest put in your account and now have 9,999,999 bells.
Good Luck Smile

Zelda's lullaby town tune

This isn't exactly a cheat, just how to make the town tune zelda's lullaby, go to pelly, in the civic center, click town tunes, and make the first letter the lowest B, dash(which continues the note), dash, Lowest D, dash, lowest A, dash, dash, lowest G, Lowest A, Lowest B, dash, dash, Lowest D, dash, lowest A


You really do need to pull up weeds when you see them, if you leave them for too long you will have lots of weeds and you will get this big ugly red flower in your town which won't go away until you pull up every weed.
So watch out and be careful.
Hope I helped!

10 steps to easy money every day!! (not a cheat)

Every day, there are things you can do along side your fun to make money. These 10, simple instructions will help you make that money. There are no warnings or anything bad that could happen from it. So, the steps:
1) Go to the beach and collect up all the shells. Sell them to Tom Nook (throughout the day more shells will appear on the beach for you to sell).
2) Go to the gate and talk to Copper. Select 'Invite Guests' and 'DS to DS' to open your gate. Now all the residents in your town will be in their houses, making step 4 easier. Now talk to Booker and select 'lost and found'. Take out EVERYTHING in there - pitfall seeds included.
3) Go to the Town hall and look in the recycling bin. Take anything in there out (if your pockets are full, put the pitfall..

10 000 Bells

on animal crossing if you forward the date to the 1/1 your mum will send you mail and give you 10 000 bells ( im pretty sure, it may not be exact) although on other websites it tells you how to get 99,999 bells ( that actually works)so maybe give this a try Smile

99,999 Bells

It might be a little hard but here it goes...
1)Go to DS menu and change date to 09/03/2000.
2)Go to Animal Crossing WW game phone and change date to August 23rd 2000.
3)Go on your account and deposit 50,000 bells in bank.
4)Save and go to animal crossing WW phone and change from 23rd to 27th of August.
5)Go on game then when ur character goes outside save and quit.
6)Go on DS menu and change to 09/03/2099
7)Go to Animal Crossing WW menu and go to ur character and you should get a letter from town hall in the mail then in bank account you should have more bells than before!!!
Its proven to work Smile

How to Change your bed 8)

First you make sure that you have the bed in your inventory.Go up to the attic of your house and click on the bottom of the bed that is in there.Be sure to click it with "A".Select the bed and there you go!The bed that was there should be in your inventory.This is not a thing that needs a Action Replay.
P.S. If you have more then one user you can not switch a bed while somebody is sleeping on it.

Lyles insurance

Lyle has 2 ways of giving you money;
Bee stings and falls.
Bee stings: Shake trees, there are usually 5 hives. Run. Press Y. Pull out net. Close menu. WAM!
Fail: You get stung. But also recieve 100 bells from Lyle. Achieve: Sell it. Get 4,500 bells for a bee. Falls: From the Able sisters. Recieve a full covered mask like a King Tut Mask. Run around. You might fall. Get 100 bells from Lyle.

Free goodies

Go to the gates(where you leave your town and let people come in) and talk to the animal on the right and ask him about lost items, it will come up with item and ask if any are yours. Take the ones that you want

How to Get Golden Tools (and perfect environment)

Hope this helps!
Golden Shovel
Get two regular, original shovels. Keep one in your pocket and one equipped. Go somewhere in which there are no signs, trees or houses being blocked. Dig a hole, put one shovel in, and bury it. Take a pattern, if you want to, to mark that it's yours. In 24 hours (or, just go to your DS's settings to do it) you can unravel and admire the shovel!
Golden Slingshot
Stand in the middle of the town with a slingshot. A regular slingshot. Every fourth minute, a present will fly by! (If you don't feel like staring at the screen for ten minutes, just put your DS at an angle and turn the sound up loud. You should hear a big "WHOOSH" when it comes by.) Shoot it down. When you shoot down 15 presents, your sixte..

Stop your animal friends moving!

If your best friend wants to move and you really like him/her it is really easy to stop them this is all you do: 1. Send them a letter or two in the mail. 2. Open your gate leave it for a few minutes then close it. 3. Time travel 2 days and when you go out your friend will still be there! The only difference with them is they will have a new hobby!
If you don't want your friend to even start to move just don't do anything for them like when they ask you for a shirt,fish,bug ECT don't get it for them because once they have completed their hobby e.g. Fishing,clothes or bug catching they will move.I have had animal crossing for 3 years and I still have a neibour named bones he is a dog. I still have him because I do this cheat whenever he considered moving!
Hope I hel..

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