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Super Mario 64 Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

If you are looking for some cool ways to great extra lives, learn the best techniques to battle the bosses and get some great tips on how to collect power stars and much more, just scroll down for our expert level content for Super Mario 64 cheats and tips.

Super Mario 64 Cheats and Tips

Super Mario 64 is not just a game; it's a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many of us, and it's a world of fun and adventure for the newer players. But whoever you may be, have a few neat cheats and tips to use in the game is always a lot of fun, scroll down to see what we've got.

1. Acquiring Extra Lives

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your momentum in Super Mario 64 is ensuring you have plenty of lives. But how do you stock up on these valuable assets? Here are some strategies:

  • Catch the 1-Up Mushrooms: These green mushrooms are scattered across various levels, providing an instant extra life when you catch them.
  • Collect 100 Coins: Accumulating 100 coins in any level will reward you with an additional life.
  • Defeat Enemies: Certain enemies, when defeated, drop a 1-Up Mushroom.

2. Unlocking Secret Levels

Super Mario 64 is known for its secret levels, hidden away and waiting for you to discover them. Here are some methods to unlock them:

  • To enter the "Tower of the Wing Cap," look up into the sunlight while standing in the middle of the castle's main hall after obtaining 10 stars.
  • The "Vanish Cap Under the Moat" level can be accessed by draining the water outside the castle. To do this, pound the two columns in the basement.
  • To get to the "Cavern of the Metal Cap," you need to play as Luigi in multiplayer mode and perform a backward somersault on the small island in Hazy Maze Cave.

3. Fighting Bosses

Boss fights can be challenging, but with the right strategies, they can be easier to handle. Here are some tips:

  • Against Bowser, always aim for the nearest bomb when you swing him by the tail.
  • For King Bob-omb, avoid his grabs and pick him up from behind, then throw him.
  • While fighting Eyerok, aim for the eyes in its hands with a punch or a ground-pound.

4. Collecting Power Stars

Power Stars are crucial to progress in Super Mario 64. Here are some strategies to collect them efficiently:

  • Always pay attention to the hint given before you enter a level. It can often guide you to the star.
  • Collecting 100 coins in each course will grant you a star.
  • Some stars are hidden inside objects or enemies, so leave no stone unturned.

5. Navigating Challenging Courses

Some courses in Super Mario 64 can be quite tricky. Here are a few general tips:

  • Master the triple jump: Mario's triple jump is not only higher but also covers more distance. It's a great way to reach higher platforms or cover large gaps.
  • Use the wall jump: Mario can jump off walls to reach higher areas. This is especially useful in narrow vertical spaces.
  • Take your time: Don't rush through a course. Take your time to explore and understand the layout.

As with many platformers, the key to mastering Super Mario 64, is patience and practice, but we really hope these Super Mario 64 cheats and tips will help make the journey a bit easier.

Apart from our expert content above, you can also find a ton of submissions sent in by visitors to SuperCheats, you may well find something pretty cool that is just what you need, dive into this great and original content below.

More Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 Cheats and Tips

We have 134 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Mario 64 please send them in here. For more Codes for Super Mario 64 go to:
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Unlock Special Triple Jump:

Get 120 stars and the lives from Yoshi on the roof of the castle.

Unlock Extra Coins:

Whenever there is a post in a level run around it 5 times and some coins will drop out. These coins are good if you need more health or need to collect 100 coins.

Ice Slide in Cool, Cool Mountain

Stay on the ice slide in the 'Cool, Cool Mountain' level and follow the cluster of coins that do not follow the slide and instead point to a wall. These coins will lead you to a secret tunnel hidden in the wall that you can get 2 one-up mushrooms and reach the finish line faster.

Go Through and Under Tower

If you fly low enough at the location where you unlock the Flying Cap ALL 5 towers' bottoms will become semi-transparent allowing you to fly through the semi-transparent walls. Don't hit the bottom otherwise you will be taken back to the castle.

Reach the 3rd Bowser without 75 Stars

If you go up the stairs jumping backwards rapidly this glitch will eventually enable you to get to the end without having the required 75 stars.

All120 stars

play the game for 1 week then stop playing for 9-10 weeks,when you turn it on you will have 120 stars.but it will only work on one file.

Unlimited 1-up's (American Only)

Finnaly SuperCheatMaster is back to tell you the way to get unlimited 1 up's on the american sm64. Go into the castle go outside and find the waterfall. Now three trees away from the waterfall clib it and get a 1 up go into the castle go back out and repeat for unlimited 1 up's.

Stop time

In the clock level thing make sure the minute hand is touching the twelve and the level will be frozen Smile

Thanx 4 listnin

Mario's Combat Moves:

For those of you that have not stopped to see what Mario can do, listen up. First of all, Mario can do a Double Punch Kick move. All you need to do is press B 3 times. Mario will punch twice then kick! Next, Mario is able to fight walls. Face a wall then jump. When you're about to hit the wall, press B. Mario will kick the wall and bounce off. Sorry to say, you've lost that fight! I wanna show you how to get Bowser in Bowser in the Sky to get neara bomb. Simply get near Bowser. He will start to charge you so just keep running towards the closest bomb. Then dodge Bowser just as he's about to hit you on the edge. Bowser will teeter on the side. Now pick Bowser up and you should be close enough to the bomb to hit it!

P.S. Sorry for the long cheat.

Controller glich

Run around and unplug the controller while running and mario will move on his own.

Crazy Mario

To make Mario look crazy you need to mess with your cartridge. First,lift one side of the cartridge keeping one side in the N64. After that,Mario looks weird.

Endless stairs glitch

there is a glitch to go up bowser's endless stairs without 70 stars. to do it, you run up the stairs forward for a couple of seconds then turn around and long-jump (run, crouch[L], and jump), then keep long-jumping, but backwards, up the steps (NOTE: you need to be pressing A as fast as you can) and if done right, you will be at the top of the steps.

PS: hard to do, may require practice

PSS: can only be done for fun, because when you do the glitch and beat bowser, at the end of the credits when mario says, "thank you very much for playing my game", the game freezes at that the glitch is useless (and im not the only one that has had the game freeze at that point...)

The 15 Secret Castle Stars!

1) Princess Peach's Slide 1

2) Princess Peach's Slide 2 (do it in less than 21 seconds)

3) Bowser in the Dark World (8 Red Coins)

4) Bowser in the Fire Sea (8 Red Coins)

5) Bowser in the Sky (8 Red Coins)

6) Jolly Roger Bay Room Secret

7) Flying Atop (3rd Floor Secret)

8) Running Bunny 1

9) Running Bunny 2 (catch him again later on in the game)

10) Red Winged Cap (8 Red Coins)

11) Green Metal Cap (8 Red Coins)

12) Blue Invisible Cap (8 Red Coins)

13) Toad in the Basement (down the left corridor)

14) Toad on the 2nd Floor (by the Stairs to the 3rd Floor)

15) Toad on the 3rd Floor (by the Tick Tock Clock)

The castles black room of death

You need to have the moon jump code for this . First go to the top of the castle, go to the area where the picture of peach,stand on top of the picture jump to the 3rd floor of the castle use the moon jump code and jump to the wall you will go through the wall ,don't move you will fall down and then you will land behind the door but they want show the inside of the castle go through the door you will land inside the castle but behind the door go through the door you will land in the same area, so when you are in the castle go through the wall and you will be inside the castle

It will really work

Secret cannon and the top of the castle

If you've ever explored the area around Peaches castle, you probably found a mysterious grate like thing on the ground near the water; this is a cannon grate. How is it opened? Its a difficult bonus to get as the grate is only opened by the obtaining of all 120 stars.

What this cannon leads to the roof of the castle. What's the point of getting on top of the castle? Yoshi is up there(along with 3 extra lives, and a flying cap) and Yoshi(helpful as ever) will say "Mario!!! Is that really you??? It has been so long scince our last adventure! They told me I might see you if I waited here, but I'd just about given up hope! Is it true? Have you really beaten Bowser? And restored the stars to the castle? And saved the princess? I knew you could do it! Now I have a very special mess..

Wing Cap-No Damage from Falling

Hold A while falling to float(WingCap only). Also, dive and hold A-- something funny happens!!!

P.S, Can be done anywhere

P.S.S, Letting go of A stops the floating.

Level Painting Secrets

Three levels have entry secrets.

1. WET-DRY WORLD. The higher you go in, the higher the water will be.

2. TINY-HUGE ISLAND. The left painting will make stuff tiny, the right one will make stuff huge.

3. TICK TOCK CLOCK. If you enter with the minute hand closest to 12, nothing moves. If it's closest to 3, things move slow. If it's closest to 6, they move randomly. And if it's closest to 9, things move fast.

Hope this helped your gaming skills!

Bob-omb Batttefeild gate glitch

(I'm not talking about the chain chomp gate I'm talking about the other one) Have a bob-omb chase you than go in front of the gate and have mario "feel" it keep feeling and when the bob-omb comes into contact with you,you should be on the other side of the gate!

The best glitches

I found this out from a friend, and it really works!

First get 15 stars. Then, go to the castle's basement. There will be a bunny rabbit at the end. Grab it until you reach the door. Drop the rabbit near the door; you will be stuck in between the door. Grab the rabbit, then exit. If you want to fight Bowser (1 or 2?), take the rabbit to the door, and do the same, and voila! You are near the painting of Bowser. Jump and fight.


Next there will be another glitch that will make you go backwards. Go full speed to a locked door, then you will go fast backwards. This helps for Bowser's Infinite Stairs. Then, you will fight Bowser 3 and win the game in a tenth of my other friend's times of beating it.

Woo hoo.


In the tiny-huge world wen you're small smash the brown monsters with A then Z and instead of a yellow coin it's a blue coin

Heheheh extra mula!!!! ^o^


TWO Teleport Zones in Bob-omb Battlefield

I've seen a few hints for one of the teleport hints I'm going to post here, but so far I haven't read any for the other. So I thought I might post it here..

From the beginning of the level, run up the little sloping bridge. If you stand in the centre of the flower patch to the right of the path, you should teleport to another flower patch in the battlefield part.

The second teleport it the one on the mountain. It's found in the hole where the black ball things roll out of. Just jump in there and walk as far in as possible without pressing yourself up against the wall. You should teleport to the other hole at the top of the Mountain.

I've found that when in the "Footrace With Koopa the Quick" mission, if you teleport and beat him to the top of the mounta..

Some cheats

Shortcut up the mountain:on Bomb-omb battlefield when climbing up the mountain jump into the first gap in the rock that the black boulders come out of and you should be warped to the second boulder hole which is near the top of the mountain.

Beat Koopa the Quick easily:use the warp I described above.

Beat all of Bowsers forms easier:when you are fighting him try to grab his tail on the edge of the 'battle area'. That way you can see the bombs you need to throw him into easier, which gives you a good aim.

The Red, Wing - Blue, Vanish & Green, Metal Caps

To get the Red, Wing Cap - first you need to get 10 Stars, then a ray of light will appear at the entrance inside the Castle. Walk under the light and then look up at it to be transported to the Bonus Stage. Collect the 8 Red Coins for a Secret Star and then Ground Pound (A+Z) the Red ! To unlock the Wing Cap in every Level.

To get the Blue, Vanish Cap - once you've beaten Bowser the first time, head to the basement, unlock the door, follow the dark corridor to the right and enter the door. Go right, continue down the corridor and make the first right to a door without a Star - enter it, get in the water and swim under the wall to another room. Here, you'll find 2 pedestals to Ground Pound (A+Z) and drain the water - next, head through the door to be outside the Castle in the ..

Wall Kicks Will Work Cheat

In the cool, cool mountain level. The 6th star "wall kicks will work", can be a difficult star to get. I found a way to obtain the star without any effort. All you have to do is jump on the first Spindrift in the level (the one near the snowmans body) and you should be able to easily spin all the way around and down to the bottom, landing just underneath the star. (Spin towards the camera).

Extra coins

Hey everybody I'm back with this awesome cheat for Super Mario 64. Okay so you know when your low on health and need to stay alive? Well all you need to do is this. 1)find a post. 2)run around it a few times and some coins should spill out! This will surely keep you alive a little longer. Hope this helps.

Funny but scary green guy

if you have wondered what the star in the boo area is there for it is there for a funny cheat go in the boo area & stand in front of the star go out of the door into the main area get on the right big hump there is a door up there in plain sight but barely anyone sees it then you'll be in the hallway where the big boo is go back in the boo area go to the brick wall behind the star and kick it and see what happens

Hidden Courses

PRINCESS SECRET SLIDE: In the 2-star room, jump in the right picture of Princess Toadstool.

WING MARIO OVER THE RAINBOW: Soumerault/triple jump near the clock. You'll find a hole - go in it.

SECRET AQUARIUM: Jump in the black hole above the toad in the Jolly Roger Bay room.

CAVERN OF METAL CAP: Go on Dorrie in Hazy Maze Cave until you see a door. Take it. You'll find a pool of slime. Walk into it.

TOWER OF WING CAP: After you get 10 Power Stars, light will appear. Press C-up and you'll enter it.

VANISH CAP UNDER THE MOAT: Stomp two certain pillars in the basement. All water will drain. In the moat, there's a hole. Go in it.

Every other secret is really easy to find. Bye!

Freeze Time

You know that course Tick Tock Clock? Well you can make everything still! All you have to do is make sure the minute hand's closest to 12! Warning: 'Get a Hand' and 'Stomp on the Thwomp' can't be done without movement.

Other way to enter light

This is a glitch I found. Go just behind the carpet and look at light. You won't enter the level because you're too far away. Next go just on the carpet. Zoom in and you'll enter the level before you even look up.

Free lifes!

If you want to get lifes you can go to the waterfall-aroun the waterfall there is a hole*if you made it already*. Jump into that hole and after you get the lifes you can exit course-repeat this and get the lifes in this game as many times as you want...there are many lifes around.

Clock World FREE STAR

If you want to get a free star then go to the never ending stairs room (clock room) and go to the toad on the rignt hand side and talk to him.

He will give you a free star!


Slide shortcut

On slip slidin away when your going down the slide you will see a line of coins going into the wall follow them into the wall and it will bring you to a tunnel with 3-4 extra lives

Variation to

In wet dry world, instead of launching yourself at the sun, fire at the top-left corner. Go as far as the cannon will allow. You will hit the wall, fall back in the cannon, and WOW! No health lost.

Warning: do not ride if pregnant or suffering back/neck injuries.

Peach slide

Go on the red slide on the first floor...keep on sliding down until you reach a small falt 'b' very quickly to do a flip that helps you get up on your feet....when on your feet jump backwards when you reach the slope you will slide a little everytime you jump backwards...but don't worry keep on jumping until you reach the beginning again..and the funny thing is..thew time keeps on, I don't know how high the time can thats up to you to find out. Smile

Swimming in the air

O.k. So to do this you have to have the moat around the castle all dried up and you have to have the "Walk up hills" gameshark code activated then go to the place where you found the invisible cap and jump into the abyss. Then it will put you into where the waterfall goes to and you can swim up to the ground. But you will notice something, you will still be swimming in the air as if the moat was never drained! You will still only be able to swim where the moat once was, so you won't be swimming everywhere. This works I've tried it!

P.s. My favorite way to go down the giant hill in the invisa-cap place is to switch the camera to mario-view and run down the hill with the "Walk up hills" code. It's fun XD

Yoshi and the 100 life trick

First you have to collect all 120 stars and then a cannon will open Peach's Front Yard (Where you begin when you start the game) That closed gate thing is now open. Fall into the hole. It will be a Cannon! Go on the roof and where those little Mushies are Yoshi is wandering around talk to him and he will give you a letter from the Super Mario64 Team. Then Yoshi will give you an awesome prize. I won't spoil the 100 life surprise! Oops! I just did!!! Oh, well... Now you can look forward to getting 100 lives!

Beware!: You will lose lives like normal but you will count down down 100. You know, 100, 99, 98 and so on and so forth... Have fun on Mario 64!

Unlimited 1-up's (Japanesse Only)

Go to fight bowser in the dark world when batteling him collect 1000 coins when he breaths fire coins will be released collect 1000 and every time you die the 1-up meter will increase by one instead of decrease. DO NOT DO THIS ON AMERICAN CARTRIDGES you will only waste your time because the american games coin count stops at 999 coins therefore it will not work. - just trust me if you own the jaoanesse game do this.

Holding your breath under water

what you have to do is go to the hole just off the bridge jump a backflip into the hole and from there you slide down the slope, you jump of the cliff, and then you end up in the water drowned yourself and repeat this 3 times till you get 0 lives stay under water till you have one red left it will keep beeping but dont worry you wont die ive done it several times before but don't forget the backflip or else it wont work if it doesnt work the first time try again with out the backflip i dont know everything is diffrent just try it at home nd you will like the results!!!!Smile

Scuttlebug jackpot

Hit a scuttlebug, and a jackpot of coins pop out.

Through basement door

Do this if you're really bad at the game or are doing a speedrun. Throw the rabbit near a locked basement door. Pick him up from behind and you should pass through the door! Hope that helpedSmile

Shortcut to the lonely mushroom

I know three shortcuts to "Blast to the Lonely Mushroom":

1) Use the bouncing block near the start of the level. It's hard to do without TAS.

2) Use the Shy Guy near the log to spin to the mushroom. This is totally off-subject, but you can also use the Shy Guy to spin pats the log.

3)Long jump off I-can't-remember-where. See a YouTube video to see where (ValvenAlvern [sorry if I spelled it wrong] uses that method).

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