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DragonballZ Budokai Cheats

Cheats and Tips for DragonballZ Budokai


We have 11 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for DragonballZ Budokai please send them in here.

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DragonballZ Budokai Action Replay Codes

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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Cheats

Unlock Extra Characters
Complete through The Namek Saga at any level.
Complete through The Namek Saga at any level.
Complete through The Namek Saga at any level.
Play through The Androids Saga at any level.
Android #17:
Play through The Androids Saga at any level.
Teen Gohan:
Play through The Androids Saga at any level.
Defeat Recoome with Vegeta.
Win a World Match Tournament at the Adept level with Tien.
Go through The Saiyan Saga at any level.
Complete a World Match Tournament at the Advanced
Super Vegeta:
Complete the Vegeta's Confidenc..

How to get hercule

To get hercule beat adept mode in world tournament. P.s he has the move called present for you.
p.s. Brett is a thumb sucker.


Here are all the characters you can play as:
Kid Gohan
Teen Gohan
G.T. Saiyaman
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
That should cover all or most or them.
Here are the people you can't play as:
Goku's Dad(forgot his name)
Kid Trunks
That was alot of typing!!!!!!!!!

lots of skills

Heres how to get a ton of capsules easily.
First beat story then you can select any part.
Some new ones! Just best any scene and you get a capsule.

How to get "The Legend of Hercule"

After you beat Novice or Adept mode in World Tournament, I forgot which, you can go to Mr. Popo's skill shop and go to the reccomended capsules and buy "The Legend of Hercule".
You might have to buy the next mode of World tournament first. In "The Legend of Hercule", You play as Hercule in the Cell Games with some challenges after every match, like fighting one person after another but not healing in between matches.
It is kinda hard even if you do the novice mode.

Hercule and G.t Sayaiman

Heres how to get two characters:
Hercule = beat the adept tournement
G.t Sayaiman = beat the advanced tournement
P.S dont get your hopes up if u want sayaiman, because he is rubbish.He can't transform or do a best move. e.g Goku = spirit bomb

Unlock all players press L,R,B,Y [in the lobby}

Unlock all players press L,R,B,Y [in the lobby}

How to unlock G.T. Saiyanman

To unlock G.T. Saiyanman
Win Advanced in the world tournament

Last Character

Well for all you that have heard Mr.Satan is the last character well there talking rubbish the last character to get it is G.P sayinman(i think thats how to spell it)
And does anyone know how to get super sayin vegeta because i have all his capsules except that one someone please help.

How to win easily

When you are facing a opponent when they are going to hit you, block as quickly as you can.
After they stop hitting you hit them back as many as times possible.
But they may block too. So watch out.
Hope I helped! Peace out homes!


Ginyu can kick 5 times. If equiped with pose 2 use it after last kick to make you more powerful.

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