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Pokemon Blue Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon Blue, released in 1998 along with Pokemon Red were the original Pokemon games released worldwide and started a craze which is still going on over 2 decades later! If you are new to Pokemon Blue then our cheats will help you get through the game more quickly and without grinding or you can just choose to get specific help with individual cheats that will help for specific things, like finding a legendary Pokemon, or getting more master balls.

SuperCheats has been publishing content on Pokemon Blue cheats for over 20 years and during that time we have collected an unrivaled set of Pokemon Blue cheats that have been added by staff members and also sent in to us from visitors to our site from around the world.

As well as cheats, we also have a Pokemon Blue Walkthrough and loads of Pokemon Blue tips which you can brose by scrolling down.

Pokemon Blue Cheats

While you will find Pokemon Blue cheats on this page, all of the cheats in Pokemon Blue need to be entered with a GameShark device or in the cheat menu of an emulator as a GameShark code, so most of the cheats we have for Pokemon Blue will be over on our ]Pokemon Blue GameShark Codes page.

Pokemon Blue

We do have loads of codes for this game, so how about a few pointer to set you in the right direction to find the best cheat content on this site with this hand picked list of the best Pokemon Blue cheats:

Best Pokemon Blue Cheats

1. Master ball cheat

Fill the Poke Mart with master balls, and purchase as many as you want. With the master ball, no Pokemon can escape you and whoever you encounter will be yours, so fill your boots with the best ball in the game using this cheat code.

2. Walk Through Walls cheat

Move anywhere on the map with this walk through walls code. Check the page for details on how to implement it and the feedback from visitors that have tried this cheat.

3. All Pokemon Blue Cheats

If you are not quite sure what cheat you need, or would like to know more codes that are out there and the things that you can change in the game, then this collection of Pokemon Blue cheats is a great page to browse through. It's packed with codes to encounter your choice of Pokemon, codes to change your Pokemon stats, change the music, sprites and more.

4. Catch any Pokemon

A set of codes that, when activated, will allow you to meet your selected Pokemon in the wild. You can then try to catch him. All 151 Pokemon are listed.

There are loads more Pokemon Blue cheats on both this page below, and on our ]Pokemon Blue GameShark Codes page.

Pokemon Blue Tips

If you prefer not the use cheats, or if you need a little bit of extra help in the game, then our Pokemon Blue tips may help you out.

Get Mew without cheats

With these instructions you should be able to get Mew in the game without ussing cheats, this is explained step by step if you follow the link above.

Cycling Road without a Bike Glitch

Get onto cycling road without a bike with this glitch.

Get SS Anne Again

If you've missed the SS Anne, then you can get this ship again, with these instructions.

Duplicate Items

I guess you could call this a cheat too, but the good think is you don't need a GameShark to do it. You can duplicate any item you already have with this glitch.

Pokemon Type Match Ups

Discover the best Pokemon types which are strongest against other types. Use this chart to figure out which Pokemon you should send into important battles.

There are laods more tips below, also check out over 400 Pokemon Blue Questions and our Pokemon Blue Walkthrough.

More Pokemon Blue GameBoy Cheats and Tips

We have 214 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Blue please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon Blue go to:
Pokemon Blue Action Replay Codes
Pokemon Blue GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Blue Questions & Answers page.

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The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower it's HP as low as you can. The lower, the better.

2. Make it Fall Asleep. This makes catching it easier.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at it.

How to Obtain Every Kanto Legendary Pokemon

Zapdos - Zapdos can be found inside the Power Plant. It is a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It is an Electric / Flying Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 50. Try to catch it with an Ultra Ball.

Moltres - Moltres can be found deep inside Victory Road. It is a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It is a Fire / Flying Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 50. Try to catch it with an Ultra Ball.

Articuno - Articuno can be found deep inside Seafoam Islands. It is a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It is an Ice / Flying Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 50. Try to catch it with an Ultra Ball.

Mewtwo - Mewtwo can be found deep inside the Cerulean Cave. It is the strongest Pokemon you can find within the game. It is a Psychic-Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 70. If yo..


In-Game Reset:

Press Select + Start + A + B while the credits are displayed to restart the game. Doing this will not cause any data to be lost.

Blue Version Pokemon:







Hints, tips and guidiance can be got by visiting the SuperCheats Pokemon forums and asking our experts questions at the Q&A section.

How to Catch Mew in Pok�mon Red/Blue/Yellow

Yes, believe it or not, it can be done without a GameShark or other cheating device. Here's what you'll need to do:

Restart your game and play until you get HM02 Fly from the house west of Celadon City.

DO NOT fight the following trainers:

The Youngster with a Slowpoke (Level 17) on the road to Bill's house (Route 25). He is the fourth trainer after you cross Nugget Bridge, standing directly above a female trainer and facing north.

The Gambler with two Poliwags and a Poliwhirl (all Level 22) between Lavender Town and Saffron City (Route 8). He is standing just east of the entrance to Saffron City, facing north toward the door of the Underground Path.

Carefully follow the series of steps illustrated below.

Make sure you have a..

Named after colors?

It's kinda weird, but all of the cities and towns in the game are named after colors... Lavender Town, Indigo Plateau, Saffron City, Vermilion City, Viridian City...


Yes, there is another way of making it so that you can get on the SS Anne after a while of gameplay.

Now for prep time.

1. You have to have a Pokemon that knows Surf.

2. You must be willing to save the game.

Now what you have to do, is, stand right above the sailor man blocking the way. Now you have to move your guy left so that you are diagonal to the sailor man. Now you have to do this quickly, so read ahead before you try this. You have to go to the right and quickly press START and save the game. Then restart the game. If you notice, usually when you save the game and turn off, your man on your screen is looking downwards, but for some odd reason, your man is looking right when you do this. If he is not looking right, then you need to go back and do th..

Get onto Cycling Road without a Bicycle!

Okay, so you may have deposited your Bike in your PC or never even bothered to get one, and you really can't be bothered to pick it up so you can get on Cycling Road.

There's a simple solution. When you enter either of the guardhouses that separate Cycling Road from Celadon/Fuschia City, walk so that you that the counter is right next to you. When the guard stops you and says that you need a Bicycle, keep on pressing Left on the D-Pad and after he's finished speaking you will walk past him anyway.

A very convenient and useful glitch!

Color Changing screen

When the game starts, at the screen where it says Game Boy, press a combination of one of the directions on the D Pad and the A or B Buttons. you can make the screen change into many different colors, including black and white, and neon. Cool, huh?

How to get Missingo and other high level Pokemon

This is how you do it, first go to Cinnabar and go in the the place on the left of the gym then get out, fly to Viridan and talk to the old man who tells you how to catch Pokemon, say no and watch him.

Then fly to Cinnabar and go in the water to the right of the gym. Surf then youll get an over level 100 Pokemon then it grows to level 100.

This works 100% trust me.

Missingno glitch and unlimited items

Need to have access to Cinnabar and need to know surf & fly. First go to viridian and go up from Pokemon center you see a girl. Right above her is an old man. Talk to him and say no. He'll show you how to catch a Pokemon. After fly to Cinnabar. Go all the way to the right. Then put the item you want get a lot of and list it as your sixth item. Do that by pressing select and then press select on sixth item then use surf ( for example Blastoise) and just go up and down. ONLY be on half- land half-water. Should encounter missingno. If level 0, run anything higher level after get on land. Check 6th item should have a weird symbol next to it it means it has more then 9 of that item. See ya

Get Into S.S Anne after it has left!

Pretty pointless hint, but it can apply to other blocked entrances in Pokemon blue, red, and yellow, such as getting onto the bike route without a bike. You must have surf for this to work.

What you do is position yourself right above the sailor guy blocking the entrance to the ss anne after it has sailed away. Walk one step to the left, so that you are diagonallly left of the sailor. then, take one step right and IMMEDIATELY press start. Save the game and reset.

Now, for reasons unknown the game programmers for the old Pokemon games set your character to always position downwards as default when you start the game. However, because you save immediately after stepping right, the game becomes confused.

Now after you reset, you should be facing right. If no..

Mew and Mewtwo in Pokemon blue

To catch Mew first go to Cerulean City. Then you go across nugget bridge and go to the grassy area on the left. After go in front of the trainer and pause in sight. Fly, dig, or teleport to Cerulean City. Once you do this you cannot pause. Then go fight youngster and his lv 17 slowpoke(make sure you are a space away from him). If you win you will be able to pause and fly dig or teleport to Cerulean City. Go across nugget bridge and it will pause once you unpause you will find a lv 7 Mew.

To catch Mewtwo you must complete the game and have a master ball. You only get the master ball once. Go to the cave in Cerulean City(surf) and go inside. Go in random directions and if you see a Pokemon it is mewtwo. Talk to it you will have a lv 70 mewtwo. At the begining throw the master ball at..

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.

Bug - Super Effective against: Grass, Poison, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying.

Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: (nothing).

Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.

Fighting - Super Effective against: Ice, Normal, Rock. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.

Fire - Super Effective against: Bug, Grass, Ice. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Fire, Rock, Water.

Flying - Super Effective against: Bug, Fighting, G..

Duplicate items

To duplicate an item go to Viridian city and talk to the guy who was sick at the begining and talk to him.

Make sure the item you want to duplicate is the sixth item. Then go to Fuscia city surf down to the seafoam islands and surf along the shore (don't go on land) wait until you run into a Missingno, defeat it and you'll get alot of the items you duplicated.


If you want to get TM31 Mimic, go to Celadon City and buy a Pokedol, you buy this from the man which sells the evolutionary stones like Water Stone and so on, he is at the Department Store.

After doing this go to Saffron city and go to Copy Cat's house and talk to her and she will give you Mimic.

Glitch City! (aka Fuschia city)

This is my first cheat, and I know some people probably already posted it, but I need to get some cheats out there.

Now, for prep time. You need to have:

1. Pokemon who knows Fly

2. Pokemon that knows Surf

3. At least 500 dollars.

4. Be willing to save your game.

5. Have been to Fuschia city, and Cinnabar island.

Now what you have to do is go to the Safari Zone and pay the man to go in. NOTE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ONCE YOU ENTER THE SAFARI ZONE, YOU DO NOT TAKE A STEP! Now right when you enter, leave. When he asks you if you want to leave early, say NO. You will then be put back in the Safari zone. Now Save your game, and either reset it, or turn it off and back on. Then once you start the game again, you will be right in the begginning o..

How to get to Glitch City

SAVE WARNING - Once inside Glitch City, DO NOT save your game. If you save your game within Glitch City, the save file will become corrupted and you will not be able to load it properly, forcing you to abandon your playthrough and start a new game. As utilizing this glitch involves Flying to Cinnibar Island, an area only explored during the latter half of the game, it means you'll probably have played for numerous hours that you don't want to lose, so use caution with this glitch.


Follow these steps for the only known way to access Glitch City, a 'city' comprised entirely of 'glitched' pixels:

1. Enter the Safari Zone in Fuschia City. Pay $500 to play the Safari Game. Once inside, exit. The clerk will ask if you're "Leaving alreadY?". An..



1.First you will need:Pokemon stadium,Gameboy and pokemon red or blue. pick a starter pokemon then save your game. you deposite your starter pokemon in the stadium game. you do this with the other two pokemon.

5 and bang you got al three starter pokemon.

2 change the colour of your screen!!! When u..

2 change the colour of your screen!!!

When u turn on your Gameboy press up, down, left, right, 'A' or 'B'.

The screen should change colour. This also works on Yellow & Red!!!

Hope it helps,


EASIER Mew cheat

The cheats with MEw on nugget bridge are long and tiring. My cheat worked this way.....Don't fight the kid with the sdlowpoke OR on the left side of the bridge.

Get an Abra.

Save before you battle the kid on the left side....take 1 step forward

the hit start right away...teleport with abra (make sure you healed at the pokemon centre before doing all of this)

Now go to the kid with the slowpoke, beat him then teleport again. Once you have teleported make sure you have a level 5 - 10 pokemon in first slot. Once you walk on nugget bridge the start menu will pop up....hit "B" button and you will be in a battle with mew level 7

you do NOT need to worry about the gambler because I havent gotten that far. It's worked for me with Pokemon Blue and Red so it is faster than..

Facing a different direction after turning the game on?

Start the game. Now, make your character face up, left, or right. Now Save. Turn the game off. Turn it back on, get into the game, and you will be facing downward instead!

1,998 Coins

Want to get 1,998 coins for the Game Corner? First, get 999 coins in your coincase and put it in your 6th item slot. Then, encounter MissingNo or GB 'M GB.

You will have 1,998 game coins, but you can not get rid of your extra coincase.

Finish Pokedex easy style

Put your master ball as sixth on your list, fly to Viridian and let the guy show you how to catch Pokemon, fly to Cinnabar and surf the east side of it. You will battle a Pokemon called something like ?#][M;+$` when you beat it you will have loads of master bals. This makes you able to complete your pokedex REAL fast. You can also duplicate other items

Okay, this cheat can be applied to both Pokemon ..

Okay, this cheat can be applied to both Pokemon Red and Blue (not sure about Yellow).


Well, the old way of getting a Mew using glitches is flying from the gambler trainer near Lavender Town, just as he sees you, fly to cerulean city and defeating the slowpoke kid, then flying to Lavender town and Mew will appear as you walk west towards Saffron.

Well, I experimented with this little glitch and I've realised you can have any Pokemon you like using this glitch! This is my simpler method of catching a Mew, or any other pokemon.

First,go to cerulean city with a Pokemon who knows fly or teleport in your team (abras in the area are good). Then, walk up nugget bridge until you reach a sma..

The Truth About Missingno.

Oh no, not another Missingno. thing. This is different, this Cheat is just telling you about Missingno. and why he is actually a GOOD thing to capture.

Alright, first off, Missingno. has some pretty good Stats. His Stats actually depend on his level (as usual). For example, if Missingno. is at level 80, his Attack will be 180, which is really good. Another thing though, if he is at level 80, his Defense will only be 8, which is bad but, any Poke'mon should be dead in one hit with Stats of 180 Attack, at only level 80. If he's at level 120, his Attack would be 220 and defense will be 12, but once he level ups, his level will go down to 100, but his Stats will stay the same.

Another good thing to remember is that Missingno. can learn basically all TM's and HM's. Whe..

Get CARD KEY and get to Giovanni in Silph CO ..

Get CARD KEY and get to Giovanni in Silph CO

Go in the lift, choose L9, go out lift, go to YOUR immediate right, there should be a narrow path, go down this path when you get to the end, fight the trainer if you wish and go in the only Teleporter in the room, you should appear near a ROCKET, fight him, there should be another narrow path, go along it, after a while there should be an item, this is the CARD KEY. When you have this item go back along this path to where the ROCKET, is go in the teleporter, you should appear near the table with the scientist/trainer near it, go back in the teleporter, go up, and open the door to you left with CARD KEY, go in the only teleporter in the room you should be in a room with your RIVAL and a man, defeat your RIVAL and talk ..

(Mew Lv:5) The true way to get mew!

First you need a Pokemon with sing and an abra and a very strong guy too. After you get to city number three heal your Pokemon then go to nugget bridge battle Gary and all the other trainers up until the rocket grunt.

After you beat him, heal your Pokemon again. Make sure you don't fight the guy in the grass near there or the youngster with the slowpoke. Go to the guy in the grass, press start as soon as he sees you. You must be as far away from him as possible when he spots you. Select abra and use teleport.

Then walk to the kid with the slowpoke. Stay at least two steps away from him. When he spots you he will walk to you. Battle him and win then use teleport again. Finaly walk up nugget bridge again and boom, there's mew.

Hope you have fun with this..

Rich ash

To get rich follow the instructions below:

1.Go to veridane city to the guy walking by that lady to him and say "no" to cinnibar island

5.put a nugett in the 6th slot of your items up and down the east side where its half land half water

7.find missingno or m and run

8.look in your items and you have alot of nuggets SELL THEM AND YOUR RICH

P.S. Believe me it also works with rare candys....

Teleporting People

Make a guy stand halfway on land and halfway on water

I just found this out today. Ok, don't battle the guy to the left of Nugget Bridge and don't battle another person remember the person as Trainer 2.(just pick a person it doesn't matter, but they have to be past Nugget Bridge) Have a flying Pokemon or an Abra that knows teleport. Walk up Nugget Bridge all the way. Now go left all the way. Save your game. Now, go down to the enge of the grass(don't battle the guy). Go up until he's One step off the screen.

Take one step right. You can save your game if you want( you don't have to, just incase if you mess up) Take one step down and IMMEDIATELY press start. If done right the menu will pop up before he wants to battle you. If you mess up start your game over and try ..

Goodd way to train

DO NOT concentrate on training your starter Pokemon'll be your downfall

Disproving Rumours

1. You CANNOT get Mew from the Game Freak man in Celadon City in any of the Japanese games. You just get the diploma. Why is this still around?

2. In G/S/C, you can't breed a Nidoking and a Nidoqueen to get a super powerful Pokemon. Nidoqueens can't breed for some reason.

3. There is no possible way to see Mew instead of Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave.

4. Missingno is a Water/BIRD type, not a Water/Flying.


Right as you turn your gameboy on, push up, or down, or left, or, right to change colors

Tree cheat

Go to viridian, just above where the old man is there is a tree go up to it and press A, you get a potion, now cut down the tree and save, turn it on, not only will you be facing the other direction but you will be standing on the tree, walk off of it.

(I know more if you'd like)

Invisisble Computer

Go to Celedon City ( the city with the grass gym and gaint super market) in the row of hosues by the casino further to the right their is a building about twice the size of a house go in it.

Up in the right hand corner of the building one space away from the wall, there is an invisible computer, stand on the second space down form the wall and the second space to the left of the wall and look forward, then press A.

Get 2 mews works 100%

4 dis cheat ya need a lot of poke balls. Regular poke balls will do.

Get to Cerulean citee an beat nugget bridge. Catch an Abra.

Go to the top of the brij an go across so your diagnal to the corner of the water.

Save your game. Walk down 1 square and pres start as fast as you can.

If you start a batlen turn off an on again an try agen. The menu should pop up but the guy will see u. Go to Pokemon an choos Abra. Telport to cerulean pokecenter and go battle the first swimmer in Misties gym. After ya beat the swimmer walk out of the gym and telport agen. Walk up the brij an a level 7 Mew will fight u. Catchit. Repeat but dis time battle the youngster wid the slopoke instead of the swimmer. Der ya go, 2 mews.


Strange Truck

There is a strange truck that you can't see when walking into the S.S. Anne's harbour. If you could surf off the ramp leading to the boat, you would find it to the left of the boat on a patch of land.

But how do you get to the truck?? (Because you can't surf at this point in the game)

-this cheat is annoying because you have to go through most of the game just to see the truck.

Ok, You are up to the point in the game where you have to go into the S.S.Anne. Battle all the trainers in the boat except for one. Any trainer will do. Once you have beaten your rival, DON'T talk to the captain, because once you have talked to him, the boat leaves. And we don't want the boat to leave. Now leave the boat and go to a Pokemon center. Deposit all your Pokemon and withdraw ..

6th item glitch

Hey. This is a cheat to get the 6th item in you bag duplicated by 150.It works for anything, master balls, rare candies, etc.. But you need fly and surf, and be ale to go to cinnabar island. First, go to viridian city, and talk to the man at the top of the city. He will ask you if you are in a hurry. Watch hi cath a weedle (really annoying to watch, it's really slow, but hey, it's worth it!)

Second, Fly to cinabar island and surf up the east edge until you find a missing no. DONT CATH IT IT WILL MUCK UP YOUR SAVE FILE. Dont listen to poeople who say you should cath it, believe me, it happened to me. Also you might see some other glitched Pokemon, like golducks lv250, or lv 0. These may muck up you game if caught but sometimes they don't. Anyway, either run away or figght the m..


Sorry if this hint has already been submitted but I didn't see it. If you are in desperate need of 10 coins for the game corner but don't have enough money to buy 50 coins or have talked to all the people and have gotten all of the 10 coins from them, here's how you can get an extra 10 coins. Walk into the game corner in Celadon City and as soon as you walk in you see a table on the right and another table on the left. Go to the table just past that and you should see a nerd. Get directly behind him. Walk up exactly 2 steps and face up so that you're one seat below the lady but stay in the isle. Walk down one step and press "A" and it should say that you found 10 coins!

Fushia Gym Secret

In the Fushia gym, there are invisible walls. If you look closely, there will be little white lines. The white lines indicate the location of the invisible walls, which means there is no wall in the way if there is no white line.


Hitmonlee glitch

Everyone knows the famous Mew glitch.But I found a way to use it for other pokemon. Start of the Mew glitch by flying away from the trainer near the entrance to cerulan cave and fly to celdon.Then,walk to theleft inn till you see a group of bikers fight the first one you see below you and fly back to cerulan and walk up nugget bridge.The start menue will open,close it and a wild level7 hitmonlee will appear.

Pokemon Blue FAQs

Pokemon Blue Walkthroughs