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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..
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A large collection of cheats that include making Orca drop his weapon, a teleportation spell and getting easy money. We'll also tell you the secret way to get behind the stall during the day.

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Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker Cheats

Defeating Phantom Ganon:
When battling Phantom Ganon hit the energy balls he hurls at you with your sword. You will get a Skull Hammer when you defeat him.
Defeating the Wind Temple Boss:
When the Wind Temple Boss sticks its head out of the ground pull its tongue with the Hookshot and hit it as much as you can. It will then run around the room until a hole reappears. Repeat this process until it is defeated.
Defeating Zeetlock:
Once you have escaped the flood hit Zeetlock with the Magic Hammer to make him fall into the water. Avoid its Beak Smash and its beak will get stuck making it weak. Use your Hammer to crack off the helmet then use your sword to defeat it.
Refill Magic at Forest Haven Island:
Find one of the flowers that shoots y..

Wear Original Clothes

When you have beaten the game once you will be able to play wearing the clothes you wore at the beginning of the game.

Half Price Tingle Things

You can reduce the price of the Tingle Things by half if you jump onto the metal pot on the first floor of the Forsaken Fortress with the Tingle Tuner activated.

Understand Hylian Language

The Deku Tree, Valoo, and Jabun will speak in English instead of Hylian if you beat the game once and save it.

Seven Sages Portraits

If you look around the outside walls of the room in Hyrule where you get the Master Sword you will notice that the stained glass has portraits of the Seven Sages from Ocarina of Time and also one of Ganon.

The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker cheats

Unlockable Items
Unlock 'The Hurricane Spin':
Give Orca 10 Knight's Crests

Unlock 'The Hero's Charm':
On Windfall Island give 40 Joy Pendants to the School Teacher

Unlock Alternate Costume for Aryll

When you have beaten the game once and then start a new game Aryll will be wearing an alternate costume.

Final Battle Zelda Heart

If you use your Hookshot on Zelda in the Final Battle with Gandorf you will be able to steal a heart from her. Take advantage of this if you are low in health.

all the bosses and how to kill them

Ok I will list them all:

#1 gohma -lava boss
-located within dragon roost island
-to beat it simply use the gappling hook on the dragons tale and swing till the rock falls on it 3 times. Then when it has no armor hit it's eye till it comes off.
#2 kalle demos -plant boss
-located within the forbidden forest
-to beat it simply use boomerang on the wires holding kalle demos up the when he falls hit it's head inside till it falls off.
#3 gohdan -guardian boss
-located within tower of gods
-to beat it simply use arrows on hands eyes until the fall asleep. Then the heads eyes will open and shoot those till it head drops and the mouth opens. Then finally put..

Unlock DX Camera

This item will become available when you have beaten the game once and save it. The next time you play the DX camera will be in your inventory. Unlike the other camera you will be able to take colour pictures instead of only black and white ones.

get the boat shop chart

After you find the bombs by passing the 2nd test for the pirate ship, and you run out of them, go find the boat shop (you first find it on outset) and buy some bombs (you'll need 30 rupees) and he'll give you his chart.

Get New Outfits Simply finish the the game one t..

Get New Outfits

Simply finish the the game one time

Get Skull Dress

All you need to do to get this is complete the game.

The 3 Pictograph Tasks for Lenzo on Windfall Island

1st Pic: Wait on the edge of the dock facing the mailbox and wait for this guy in red overalls to show up and stick a letter in the mailbox - you need to take the shot as soon as his hand is near the mailbox.
2nd Pic: Go to the cafe (to get to it, go to the Shop of the guy who gave you your Sail - outside - and to the left of the Shop is a set of stairs, take them up to the cafe). There's a guy standing over in the corner by a table - he's the coward you need to scare. Roll into the wall or throw a pot at him to scare him, then snap a photo of him - quickly.
3rd Pic: Up by the School is a girl in orange and you know that guy who walks around the Town and supposedly knows all of the short cuts, well, when he gets near her, he'll look at her, take the shot of them then!


Complete the game and play it again. Aryll will wear a pirate costume and Link will wear the blue costume he wears before getting the heros clothes.

All Bosses to defeat!!!

Scorpion thing in Dragon Roost Cavern- to kill this, get your grappling hook and grapple it on Valoo's tail above and the jump off. Repeat this untill his outer shell is off.
Then get on the ground and grapple his eye. Then, while his eye is down, keep on hitting it `till it goes back up. Repeat untill dead.
Plant thing in the forbidden woods- to kill this, get your boomerang and throw it at the roots AT THE TOP, not the 7 or 8 at bottom trying to kill you.
When all the roots at the top are broken, the plant will fall down and open up to reveal a plant. Hit the plant awhile and then run away, of the giant plant will eat you. Do reapeadiatly untill dead.
Andross-like thing in the Tower of the Gods- shoot your arrows at its hands untill the ey..

Smoking Beedle

Find one of Beedle's ships and get out your bombs(while your on your boat) and shoot a couple at him. His ship will start smoking like it's on fire!

Understand Hylian LanguageBeat the game once and..

Understand Hylian Language

Beat the game once and save.

After that, Valoo, The Great Deku Tree, and Jabun will speak in english

Extra hearts

To get extra hearts, first complete all of the side quests. Then when you are in your red boat, pause the game and enter.
A,B,LEFT,RIGHT,A,B. note: Use the control pad not the control stick.

Unlimited exilir soup and bait

Ok first lets start with the bait 1 go buy some bait set it to Y heres the tricky bit quickly press Y and start a few micro seconds after and change it with any item you'll spread the bait and still have 3 bits Smile now for the unlimited exilir soup heal your grandma with a fairy she'll give you exilir soup set it to Y and quickly press Y and Start you should drink it but still have a full bottle (you must change it with another item a bottle if you wanna have another half of it) NOTE: if you stuff up talk to your grandma again to get more and it's really hard

Instant translater

I heard that if you make your name Zelda you can Understand the ancient languages on the first quest.Try it!

Deadly Pigs

Go to Windfall Island and find one of the pigs. Take out your arrows and shoot it until it turns red. The pig will chase you, and the other ones will do it too. They will hurt you if they touch you and if 2 of them are on you, put out your shield and they will still hurt you somehow. I don't know how to make it stop. Just go in a building. It's pretty funny regardless.

Orange Ruppee/breaking stuff

On Outset Island under your grandma's deck is a hole. Crouch and follow the path. There should be an entrance so go in open the chest and viola an orange ruppee!!
You need the deku leaf for this cheat. On Outset Island there is a house wich has a pig yard. On the west side of Outset there is a trail, go up it. You should see a man with a telescope. (ignore him) And you can see a house with a little entrance. Fly over there on your deku leaf (make sure the wind is the right way) and you should be in a attic with barrels and pots with a hole in the floor. Now pick up the pots and drop them in the hole. You will hear a *smash* and it's really funny if you talk out loud!! Hope I helped!!

Lots of cheats

Zelda the wind waker

Save the Deku Tree & Get the Deku LeafIn the Deku Tree's Island you will have to save him from some blob creatures. First, stand on the giant lilly-pad in front of the Deku Tree. Little blob creatures will appear all over the Deku Tree's face. To knock down the blobs, you have to do a rolling attack into the Deku Tree. The blobs will fall. Kill them all and you will see a cut-scene where you have to get up to the Deku Leaf on a branch. Jump into a flower bud on the floor. Try to face the next one (it is up higher). When the flower spits you out press UP all the way. You will land on another one. Continue doing this until you land on branch with one of the Deku Tree's children. Aim your GRAPPLING HOOK at a branch and swing into the next fl..

Moblin speed-up

Now, this is a glitch I found all by myself. Why don't ya try it?
What you require: Ice arrows
Where it can be done: Anywhere as long as there is a Moblin (big pig with spear) there (the Earth temple is a good example).
Who will be affected: You.
How to do it: Freeze a moblin, any moblin. Then pick him up. When he starts shaking, he's about to defrost. Use the "R" button to PUT him down roughly
0.5 - 0.8 seconds after he breaks the ice. With a perfect timing, you will STILL be able to pick him up. This triggers the glitch. You will notice at once if it works.
What happens: No spoilers here, nope. You habe to find out by yourself.
At least I can tell you this: This glitch lead to other glitches as well. It's up to you to find them. See ya!

Perfectly Circular and Pale

If you guys thought that the full moon was Perfectly Circular and Pale, you were right. You need a Deluxe/Color Pictobox for this. To get the Deluxe Pictobox, you need to get a Forest Fairy in Forest Haven and give it to Lenzo.


If you want easy traveling do the following in 3 easy steps:
1. Get the hero's bow from the Tower of Gods.
2. Find a Cyclone and approach it.
3. Once Cyclo appears, shoot him three times and get the Ballad of the Winds song ( Ballad of the Winds: C-Down, C-Right, C-Left, C-Up)
P.S. It will only make you go to certain places like Windfall Island, Ouset Island, Dragon Roost Island, and others.

Color Pictograph

While at Forest Haven, after defeating the boss and you are back where you met the big tree, go to a corner with shiny things flying around it. There will be a colored fairy called the Forest Firefly. Catch it with a bottle(if you have one) and sail out of Forest Haven and go to Windfall Island. Go to Lenzo's house(the one with alot of bricks and talk to him inside. Show him the Forest Firefly and he will be amazed that you have one. He'll take it, upgrade it, and give you a better pictograph with color.
Note: There will be some small missions for you to use the pictograph like at Forest Haven, Windfall Island, and more.

One Arrow

If you are cheap about arrows, you can just try to fire your arow at something wooden or grassy and the arrow will be on the ground. Get the arrow that you shot back and you will have saved some arrows.

Reset Game

Hold buttons: Start + B + X


The other people who want the item mostly bid "3" more rupees. So no worries, you probably want to bid 10 or more rupees, so the people will get stunned and you'll get a better chance of winning.

Finding Forbidden Tingle Statues

If you have trouble finding the 5 Forbidden Tingle Statues, have a Gameboy Advance System, a Gameboy Cable, and the Tingle Tuner (in your Item Menu.) Call him and go to the main places like dungeons, towers, and other main buildings. Using Tingle to look for the Statues, use Tingle's map and find some weird hints that Tingle will notice. Once Tingle notices a rare item hidden somewhere in the room, use Tingle's Bomb (will cost 10 of your Ruppes) and just leave it. Once it explodes, a treasure appears, open it and VOILA, you got a Forbidden Tingle Statue!


Beat the game once and watch through the credits. It will ask you to save your game for a second play-through. Save it to any file and play that file for a new mode. Here is what I've noticed so far:
- You keep the clothes you start with (the blue shirt) instead of Links usual green clothes.
- Aryll is still wearing the shirt the pirates gave her at the end of the normal game.
- Valoo, the Deku Tree and Jabun speak fully in english.
- If you had the Pictobox at the end of the normal game, then you will have it at the start of the new game.
- The Nintendo Gallery will already be open

Beedle Memberships

These are the items you get for Silver and Gold Membership:
Silver Memebership: 30 Points for a Slip for getting Complimented.
Gold Membership: 60 Points for a coupon that makes certain item refilled (Bombs,Arrows,etc.).

Nintendo 64 photos

Not all the time you have to use Lengendary Photos. You can use the Color Camera to get sculptures of enemies (exp:Red ChuChu) and people (exp:Deku Tree).

Hurting The King of Red Lions

Did you know that you can hurt the K.R.L., just use arrows, BomBs, and other hurting items on him but he never tells you to stop.

Funky invisible cloths

In the ending of Quest 2 when water fills the area, and you float up, look at the back of your head. It looks like you have the cap own even though you realy dont! (no invisble cloths) but when you come back up, your wearing your quest one cloths!!!

Zelda's Lullaby

During the ending (the bubble scene) nearly at the end, listen closely! Youll hear the tune!

Blue Chuchu Jelly Locations

1) Star Island: Bomb the boulders.
2) Northern Fairy Island: near the eastern palm tree.
3-4) Crescent Moon Island: near the Treasure Chest.
5) Overlook Island: Hookshot the palm trees to get to the other side.
6) Mother & Child Isles: on the smaller island.
7) Spectacle Isle: under the wooden bridge in the sand.
8) Pawprint Isle: on the northeastern rock.
9) Western Fairy Island: near the southern palm tree.
10) Rock Spire Isle: get to and Bomb the last boulder.
11) Tingle Island: near the wooden sign.
12) Eastern Fairy Island: near the northern palm tree.
13) Thorned Fairy Island: near the eastern palm tree.
14) Needle Rock Isle: search the ring part of the island.
15) Stone Watcher Island: behind the giant stone face.

Wallet Upgrades

- 1,000 Rupee Wallet: Outset Island, in the forest where you met Tetra
- 5,000 Rupee Wallet: Northern Fairy Island

Teleportation spell

To get the teleport spell you must get the bow first. Next you search the sea because I don't want to give you incorrect cordinates. Look for a giant tornado with a red frog inside. Once you spot him he will suck you in while he is doing this shoot an arrow at him. I recomend holding L tho automaticaly aim it's easier. P.S. This can only be used in areas where a tornado is.

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