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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Cheats for Wii

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

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A large collection of cheats that includes unlocking the Great Ape card, unlocking the Gold Member's card, unlocking Movies, unlocking tournaments and how to get double fist power.

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Unlock Bra in Training Mode:

To get Bra instead of Bulma at the 'Start' screen of Training Mode complete ALL of the Basic Training.


The following characters become available when you enter the corresponding case sensitive passwords.
Unlock Super Saiyan 4 Goku (Level 125:
m+Q? #Gw$ NCoh

Unlock Goku (Level 40) or possibly a Super Saiyan:
!yzG UBPj x%y% NF&A
sUey Vc&u #Tvz mJDC

Unlock Great Goten (Level 122)
dIwI jkhq -bmL yiam
p%Vf ZVT# _L)A A!JO

Unlock Ultimate Gohan (Level 115)
EhSn wIL! $WL+ mhsI
JVew $TxR dHk! ?Xe(

Unlock Yamcha (Level 122)
XIVJ dguC et*A rZQo
c(ob kk$% ws!k L)nq

Unlockable Characters

Enter the following combinations to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock Android 13:
Computer + Hatred
Unlock Android 13:
Fusion Android 13 + Parts of 14 & 15

Unlock Bojack:
Unsealed + Galactic Warrior
Unlock Broly:
Son of Paragus + Hatred of Goku
Unlock Cooler:
Frieza's Brother + Hatred of Goku
Unlock Cooler Final Form:
Super Transformation + Cooler
Unlock Cui:
Vegeta's Rival + Frieza's Soldier
Unlock General Tao:
Bros. Of Crane Hermit + Memorial Campaign

Unlock Great Ape Bardock:
Power Ball + Bardock
Unlock Great Ape Nappa:
Power Ball + Nappa
Unlock Great Ape Raditz:
Power Ball + Raditz

Unlock Great Ape Card

This card becomes unlocked when you get a 100% achievement ratio in Dragon Adventure mode. The Great Ape is the form of Kid Goku.

Unlock Movies

The following movies become available when you complete the corresponding task.
Unlock Bardock The Father of Goku Movie:
As Bardock, unlock the 'Bardock The Father of Goku Movie' in Story mode.
Unlock Return Of Cooler Movie:
As Vegeta (Normal and Super Saiyan form) you must reach the part where Vegeta comes to help Goku.
Unlock History Of Trunks Movie:
As Adult Gohan (Super Saiyan form) you must reach the part where Gohan fights Android 17 and 18. As Trunks (Super Saiyan form), defeat Android 17 and 18 with Gohan and watch the scenario after that.

Unlock Tournaments

The following tournaments become available options when you complete the corresponding task.
Unlock Cell Games:
Win Three and Four Rounds type tournament at BudokaiTenkaichi (the first tournament).
Unlock Five Rounds Tournament:
Win Three and Four Rounds type tournament at Mr. Money's Tournament.
Unlock Mr. Money's Tournament:
Win Three and Four Rounds type tournament at Cell Games.
Unlock Final Type Tournament:
Win Five Rounds type tournament at every tournament.

Double Fist Power

At the 'Stage' selection screen hold Z + Plus. When you hear a confirmation sound press the Nunchuck Right, Wiimote Left 2 times, Nunchuck Right, Wiimote Down + Nunchuck Down. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear another confirmation sound.

Fight Intruders in Ultimate Battle Z

In Ultimate Battle Z mode on difficulty level 3 there are hidden battles that need specific conditions to unlock. Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding battle.
Fight Brolly Legendary SSJ in Saiyan Blood:
Using an Ultimate Blast defeat Bardock.
Fight Goku SSJ2 and Vegeta (2nd Form) SSJ2 in Dragon Tag 2:
Using an Ultimate Blast defeat any opponent.
Battle Hercule in Unlimited:
Defeat Gogeta SSJ4
Battle Super Baby 2 in Normal-ism:
Using an Ultimate Blast defeat Super 13.
Battle Uub in Kakarot Road:
Using an Ultimate Blast defeat Kid Buu.
Battle Omega Shenron in Ultimate Dragon:
Using an Ultimate Blast defeat Syn Shenron.
Battle SSJ3 Gotenks in Ultimate Children:

Unlock Gold Member's Card

Get a 100% achievement ratio in Dragon Adventure mode. This card gives you discounts when you purchase +15s ability Z-items.

Unlock Wii Exclusive Characters

Complete the following tasks playing through Ultimate Battle Z mode to unlock 6 extra secret characters which are only available in the European, Australian and Japanese versions.
Unlock Frieza Soldier:
Complete Course 2.
Unlock Appule:
Complete Course 4.
Unlock Cyborg Tao:
Complete Course 6.
Unlock Demon King Piccolo:
Complete Course 8.
Unlock Pilaf Machine:
Complete Course 10.
Unlock Pilaf Machine Combined:
Complete Course 10.

Rare unlockables

Bulla: Try all of the basic training and then when you press Z, Vegeta and Bulma will switch with Bulla(Useless).
Desert Costume Bulma: Beat 14 of the Ultimate Battle stages and in the Data Center, press Z and Bulma will have an Arabian like costume seen in DB(Useless).
"What if" scenarios: When you fighting and opponent and the battle requirement says ???????, then if you manage to beat it you will unlock one. There are 3 in all: Fateful Brothers, Beautiful Treachery, and Destined Rivals.
Grandpa Gohan: 1. In Destined Rivals, go to Kami's Lookout and fight Grandpa Gohan to get "Master Roshi's Pupil" item. 2. In the Android Saga go to "Cell Games Begin!" go to the Mountain Road and survive in the battle against Yamcha OR in the Buu Saga in "Two Majin Buu'..

Disable Active Codes

At the 'stage' selection screen hold Z + Plus. When you hear a confirmation sound hold Z + Minus and ALL active codes will be deactivated.

Easy Money

You can get easy money by going to the Majun Buu Saga and select the mission were you are Fat Buu and need to go to the mountains to fight yamcha. When you talk to him, he'll say something about 1 million Zeni. All you have to do now is either destroy him in battle or wait untill time runs out. You can exit the saga and go right back to it and do the same mission as many times as needed!
Happy Gameing Smile

Support Type Items (In which they are displayed in Evo. Z / Shop

Dragon Homing Uses +1 Buy at Z-Item Shop
Dragon Homing Uses +2 Buy at Z-Item Shop
Lock-on Range Enlargement Buy at Z-Item Shop
Master's Skills Fusion of Dragon Power and Miracle
Regeneration Ability Wish from Porunga Dragon on Namek
Eternal Energy Device WIsh from Porunga Dragon on Namek
Tension Up Buy at Z-Item Shop
I Am Champion Buy at Z-Item Shop
Warrior Race Buy at Z-Item Shop
Indomitable Spirit Buy at Z-Item Shop
Fighting Spirit Elevation ..

Fusion Type Items (In which they are displayed at Evo.Z/ Shop)

Miracle-- Fateful Brothers; Father and Son: Rocky Area: Defeat Bardock
Dragon Power-- Wish from Porunga Dragon on Namek
Wicked Heart Revealed-- Buy at Z-Item Shop
Babidi's Brainwashing-- Buy at Z-Item Shop
One Who Loves Justice-- Buy at Z-Item Shop
King Yemma's Stamp-- Buy at Z-Item Shop
Tortiose Shell-- Majin Buu Saga: A Hero is Born; Kami's Lookout: Beat Great Ape Baby
Ultimate God Water-- Andriod Saga: Trunks Suprises his Father; K. Lookout: Beat Grandpa Gohan
Elder Release Potential-- The Return of Cooler: The Return of Cooler: West Plains: Beat Cui/Saibamen
100 G Training-- Wish from Shenron Dragon on Earth
Elder Kai's Ritual-- Wish from Shenron Dragon on Earth
Unsealed-- Frieza Saga: Vegeta Attacks: Locate Krillin: Beat Transfo..

easy money

After you beat the game go back to senarios and go to the android saga start at the cell games begin. than with hurcule go to the mountain road and talk to yamcha he will make you an offer if you can beat him for one million zeni his at level 220 or something seems impossible don't it WRONG right before the fight starts quickly fly back and go under water as far back as possible than just wait most of the time he wont find you wait till the time runs out than you got an easy 1 millon zeni can repeat as many times as you whant just go to select senario

Floating Dragon Ball

Hey, I was playing in evil dragon of absolute destrution, I destroyed a building, and the Dragon Ball was floating there, and if you didnt know you can see the stars of the Dragon Ball.

Easy Dragon Balls

This is the easiest,in my opinion, way to get the dragon balls. Go to the Sayian Saga and select the mission Kakarot. When there, Go to the south capital and General Tao should be there. Just destroy the buildings untill you find the dragon ball, then finish.
Hope it helped Smile

Easy Money

When you are Goku, before you fight Vegeta (scouter) for the first time, go to the dot on the map that is not Baba's store. Fight the Saibamen and you will get the Saibamen Set. Now go to Baba and sell it. You can do this as many times as you want and it is worth 150,000 zenie each.

Easy Money

On the map screen in Dragon Adventure go to the wasteland place and figt the tree saibaman there when you win you will get an item called saibamen set now go to the item shop and sell it for 150,000 zenie. ( Note you can do this as much as you want but you can't after the android saga.)

Goku lvl 160


Go to create a custom character then type in this password you should hear a clung and the girl should say that's correct.

Gohan teen 160

OXT$ [email protected] Ho+F ZVpf uaKV uRoO FNJG -%Zi

Summoning shenron

Go to were Goten fights Gohan in the center of the map before the fight starts yougo there with all seven dragonballs and summon shenron.

Great Combo with Gogeta Super Sayian 4

I found out a really nice combo with Gogeta Super Sayian 4. Either get to MAX POWER! Mode, or use Power Up to The Very Limit, then do a Dragon Rush (Hold Z, and swing the Nunchuck forward) at the enemy. Hold B, and You'll kick the enemy hard. Press A really fast after kicking them, and you'll start to attack super fast, dealing loads of damage. When your MAX POWER! Is almost out, stop tapping A, and quickly press B, then hold Z and B together.(This takes some practice.) You'll kick the enemy away, and then charge a Big Bang Kamehameha right away! As the enemy starts getting up, you'll be done charging, and Wham!

Lvl 160 teen gohan

OXT$ [email protected] Ho+F ZVpf uaKV uRoO FNJG -%Zi

All seven dragonballs easy

The saga where you have to fight Syn shenron go through every fight just destroying stuff and eventually you'll find a dragonball in each fight, play through and you'll find a dragonball in every battle. Summon shenron make your wish and repeat the cycle.

Get dragon balls easy

Go to the last saga(the one of syn shenron) in level 1(because is easier) in every battle destroy all the buildings until you found it,to make it easier buy the dragon radar and when the battle starts press -, it will show dragon balls in the radar, when you summon shenron if in the options is not the one you want pause the game and put Select Scenario and summon him again.

Constant attack

Quite by accident my friend and I discovered that most characters in max power mode can spam melle attack without hitting the opponent away like what usually happens. There are some exceptions such as max power mode freiza.

Who are the rest

Ok I have 100% and I got most of the players but I am still missing three, so can someone tell me who are all the players on this game amd how to get them all thanks

Super saiyan 4 goku lvl 160 and android 18 lvl 160

Android 18: -Ylg-AAnX#[email protected]+i)CzSK
Super saiyan 4 goku: ouDP?tXdopWXD&njQizmdc(fcatF(IE-

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