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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Cheats and Tips

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A huge collection of cheats including how to unlock characters including captain Falcon, Crash Bandicoot, Dr. Mario and even baseball player Derek Jeter.

More Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii Cheats and Tips

We have 392 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Super Smash Bros. Brawl please send them in here. For more Codes for Super Smash Bros. Brawl go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Super Smash Bros. Brawl Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Bonus Characters

If you want more characters in the game then complete one of the following optional tasks to unlock the corrsponding character.

Unlock Captain Falcon:

- Complete Classic mode in under 20 minutes and then in the following match defeat Captain Falcon.

- Play 70 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Falco:

- Complete the 100-Man Brawl.

- Play 50 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Ganondorf:

- Using Link or Zelda complete Classic mode on the Hard difficulty setting.

- Play 200 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Jigglypuff:

- Using any character except Ike complete Classic mode.

- Complete Event Match #20.

- Play 350 VS. Mode matches.

Unlock Luc..

Fight Crazy Hand in Classic Mode

When you have reached the Master Hand in under 9 minutes without using any continues on at least the 'Hard' difficulty setting Crazy Hand will then appear alongside Master Hand at the start of a match in Classic mode.


There's been debates raging all over the web for some time as to what characters will be featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Below is the definitive list of characters that are in the game and where they originally appear.

The newcomers to the Smash Bros. Series are:

- Diddy Kong (from Donkey Kong Country)

- Ike (from Fire Emblem)

- King Dedede (from Kirby)

- Lucario (from Pokemon)

- Lucas (from Mother 3/EarthBound 2)

- Meta Knight (from Kirby)

- Pikmin & Olimar

- Pit (from Kid Icarus)

- Pokemon Trainer (controls 3 Pokemon, you switch between Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard to fight)

- R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy � from Gyromite & Stack-Up)


SuperCheats Guide

The Unoffifical Guide to Super Smash Bros Brawl is now online, here:

There is a complete 31 level walkthrough, plus a location guide for EVERY Yellow Box!

All of the unlockables and challenges are laid out as both by character, iten etc... And by co-ordinates.

Anyone thinking about buying the game or who as it and wants to know how to complete the game 100%, this guide is for you.

Unlockable Music and Sound Tests

Try completing these tasks in the game to unlock the corresponding tune.

Unlock King Dedede's Theme:

Complete Event #5.

Unlock Road to Tokiwa:

Complete Event #8.

Unlock Legendary Air Rider Machine:

Complete Event #13.

Unlock Mountain and Forest:

Complete Event #18 on the the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Fire Field:

Complete Event #24.

Unlock Great Temple:

Complete Event #33 on the 'Difficult' setting.

Unlock Song of Storms:

Complete Event #37.

Unlock Dream Chaser:

Play 10 vs. Matches on Port Town.

Unlock Goruda:

Play 10 vs. Matches on Halberd.

Unlock His World:

Play 10 vs. Matches on Green Hill Zone.

Unlock Metroid Pri..

Unlock Hidden Assist Trophies

Collect the 6 hidden Assist trophies in the game by completing the indicated task for each one.

Unlock Gray Fox Assist Trophy:

Unlock Snake.

Unlock Shadow the Hedgehog Assist Trophy:

Unlock Sonic the Hedgehog.

Unlock Ray MK III Assist Trophy:

Play 100 brawls.

Unlock Isaac Assist Trophy:

Play 200 brawls.

Unlock Advance Wars Assist Trophy:

Play 300 brawls.

Unlock Barbara Assist Trophy:

Unlock at least 25 CDs.

Alternate Between Samus and Zero Suit Samus Anytime:

To be able to change between the two characters quickly press Up Taunt, Down Taunt, Up Taunt at any time during a match (the code will not work if it is entered as a Final Smash).

Unlock K.K. Slider Concert in Smashville Stage

When your Wii's internal clock is set to a Saturday between the hours of 8:00pm and midnight and you play any kind of Brawl on the 'Smashville' stage from Animal Crossing the K.K. 'Totakeke' Slider will appear in the background and play a concert during the stage.

Unlock Single-Player Events

These Single-Player events are unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Events #1 - #10:

These are automatically unlocked.

Unlock Events #11 - #20:

Beat at least 7 events.

Unlock Events #21 - #28:

Beat Subspace Emissary (Adventure Mode).

Unlock Events #29 - #40:

Unlock ALL 35 characters.

Unlock Event #41:

Beat ALL 40 previous events.

Start Match with Zero Suit Samus

If you want to begin a match with Zero Suit Samus then select him at the 'Character' screen and hold the indicated buttons with the corresponding controller that is being used before the match starts.

Using Gamecube/Classic Controller:

Hold the R button before the match starts.

Using Wii Remote:

Hold the Minus '-' button before the match starts.

Using Wii Remote with Nunchuk:

Hold the Z button before the match starts.

Unlock Bonus Stages

Here is a list of stages in the game and of course... How to unlock them!

Unlock Green Hill Zone Stage:

Unlock Sonic.

Unlock Great Sea stage:

Unlock Toon Link.

Unlock Luigi's Mansion Stage:

Play as Luigi 3 times.

Unlock Big Blue (Melee) Stage:

Play as Captain Falcon 10 times.

Unlock 75m Stage:

Play as Donkey Kong 20 times.

Unlock Mushroomy Kingdom Stage:

Complete Event Match #19.

Unlock Spear Pillar Stage:

Complete Event Match #25.

Unlock Electroplankton Stage:

Complete Event Match #28.

Unlock Flat Zone 2 Stage:

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch.

Unlock Green Greens Stage:

In VS mode play as Kirby 20 times.

Unlock Frozen Hillside..

Unlock Virtual Console Trials

It is possible to unlock ALL of the following Virtual Console Trials by completing the corresponding task in the game.

Unlock Donkey Kong:

Play the game for more than 10 hours.

Unlock F-zero:

Using Captain Falcon beat SSE.

Unlock Super Mario World:

Play Yoshi's Island (Melee) more than 3 times.

Unlock Super Mario USA:

Using Peach win in Vs mode more than 5 times.

Unlock Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time:

Use the Toon Link more than 10 times.

Unlock Character Conversations

To trigger the mid-battle conversations you have to rotate the D-Pad clockwise using the following characters in the indicated stage of the game.


Rotate the D-Pad clockwise on the Lylat Cruise stage.


Rotate the D-Pad clockwise on the Lylat Cruise and Corneria (Melee) stage.


Rotate the D-Pad clockwise on the Shadow Moses Island stage.

Unlock Stickers

The following stickers cannot be collected randomly off the ground, to get them you have to complete a specific task. Below is a list of the stickers along with the game that the character originally appears in and the task which needs to be completed to unlock them.

Unlock Boo (Mario Tennis):

In the Home-Run Contest hit over 900 ft.

Unlock Ryuta Ippongi (Duendan 2):

In under 3 minutes, 30 seconds clear 100-Man Brawl.

Unlock Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes).

In Cruel Brawl defeat 10 Alloys.

Unlock Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo):

On the Easy difficulty setting using any character Clear Classic mode.

Unlock Phyllis (Animal Crossing: Wild World):

On the Normal difficulty setting using any cha..

Stage Builder Parts

To be able edit the 'Stage Builder' parts you must complete the following tasks for the corresponding parts.

Edit Parts A:

Play 10 Vs. Matches on the 'Stage Builder' stages.

Edit Parts B:

In 'Stage Builder' create 5 Stages.

Edit Parts C:

In 'Stage Builder' create 15 Stages.

Random Stage Exclusion

When you have unlocked ALL 40 of the stages in the game you will then get the option to exclude stages from the random stage selector that you don't want to play on.

Crouching Tiger,Hidden Falcon

Yesterday,I was brawling online with anybody and saw Captain Falcon's hidden move!I called it the C.F. Combo.

1.Hit you're enemy with the Fire Uppercut(wii-mote=1+→)

2.Hit them with the Rising Falcon(1+↑)

3.Hit them with Falling Falcon(1+↓)

And if you want to get fancy,preform the Falcon Punch.(no promises that Punch will work)

This is a response to the thumbs up on Infinite R.O.B.Give this over 8 thumbs up & i'll give another hint!

Unlock ALL-Star Mode

This mode which allows you to battle every playable character in the game becomes an available option when you have unlocked ALL the hidden characters.

Landing a Snake Eyes/Sonic's Super Screen Sweep Service

Heres another double pack brought to you by me!

Snake Eyes:

This cheat is for (obviously) Snake.Here are the steps:

1.Plant a manual ground bomb onto a desired area.

2.Plant an automatic ground bomb some where NEAR manual bomb.(WARNING,DO -NOT- PUT AUTO BOMB ON OR A FEW INCHES AWAY FROM MANUAL BOMB!!IF YOU DO,THIS GETS MESSED UP!)

4.Choose to spam missile launcher or hand grenades.

5.If launcher,chase target with missile and get the target to hit the auto bomb.

6.If grenade,keep tossing or throwing grenades and threaten target to hit auto bomb.

7.Either way,after target get auto'd,they should be in the air.

8.Hit target in mid-air towards the manual bomb.You can use whatever means nessesary.

9.Activate manual bomb.


Unlock Boss Battle Mode

Complete the Subspace Emissary in Adventure mode to unlock this mode which is similar to the ALL-Star Mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee with the only difference being that you don't fight against playable characters but battle the bosses of the games like Master Hand and Crazy Hand as well as the bosses in the Subspace Emissary which includes Taboo.

Infinite R.O.B laser

On your character list choose R.O.B(as noted in title).Make sure you have the Smash ball on!Then choose the stage Bridge of Eldin.Wait for Smash ball to appear.When it does,make sure R.O.B gets it.By the time you get it,the bridge should be destroyed.Wait until that ship thing appears to fix the bridge.When it does,it will drop some black orbs.As soon as that stuff gets in the gap in the bridge,walk in the gap and use your Final Smash.If done correctly,not only will R.O.B have infinite eye beams,but he'll also be invinsible!This is a very delicate process,so dont get frustrated if it doesnt work the 1st time!I also made a hint for this game called Floating Fox.Ive made 3 hints so far!The other one is called Transformin' Smeargle for Pokémon Heart Gold.Thank you for your time!Rate thumbs..

Moveset Swapping

Check out the following videos to see how you can swap the movesets of the various characters.

Watch the video

Watch the video

Watch the video

Unlock Multi-Player Events

These Multi-Player events are unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Events #1 - #8:

These are automatically unlocked.

Unlock Events #9 - #13:

Beat Subspace Emissary (Adventure Mode).

Unlock Events #14 - #20:

Unlock ALL the characters and beat any 10 Multi-Player events.

Unlock Event #21:

Beat ALL 20 previous Multi-Player events.

Double Pack:Godzilla Jigglypuff/Mega Marth Combo

Since these hints are kinda lame,I made it a double pack!Its getting harder to find more hints,but im gonna keep going!

1st up,Godzilla Jigglypuff.Go to Special Brawl,and Mega sized.(other options are optional!)Choose Jigglypuff and put Mega-mushroom and smash ball on high.Now,choose Bridge of Eldin.This is kinda like the ROB hint.When you get to the stage,get a mushroom,and smash the smash ball.By the time that horserider comes,the mushroom should have worn off.So get another one!When you get the other shroom,the should come and repair the bridge.When the orbs come out of the ship,get in the gap and use the Final Smash,Puff Up.If you executed it correctly,you should be juuuuust big enough to cover the screen and not die.

#2:Now heres Marths secret combo.Most people..

Floating Fox

OK.Most people think that only Peach can float.No one can blame those people for being wrong!But,like in the title I found how Fox Mcloud actually float!It works with everyone.

Step 1:Jump as high as you want/need.

Step 2:At the highest of your jump,use the reflector.(Doesnt matter which controller,I used the wii-mote.)

Step 3:Hold the down button while repeatedly pressing the attack button.

If done correctly,Fox will gently float down!Its promised to work.This is my 2nd hint.My 1st is on Pokémon Heart Gold called Transformin' Smeargle.This is valuble information.Use it to claim your victory!!















Pit (kid Icarus)


Zerosuit Samus

Ike (Fire Emblem)

Pokemon Trainer (fights with:squirtle, ivysaur, charizard)

Diddy Kong

Meta Knight (kirby)


Lucas (Mother 3, Similar to Ness)



Battle Field

Delfino Plaza (Mario Sunshine)

Yoshi Island

Lylat Cruise (Star Fox)

Bridge Of Eldin (Zelda:Twilight Princess)

Smashville (Animal Crossing)

Rumble Falls (DK)

Skyworld (Kid Icarus)

Castle Siege (Fire Emblem)


Pokemon Stadium

Battle Ship Halberd (Meta Knight)

Shadow Moses Island (Metal Gear..

Unlock Classic Mode Target Tests

These are unlocked when you clear the different difficulty levels of Classic mode. It is possible to unlock a high difficulty level to automatically unlock the Target Tests in the levels before it. For example if you wanted to unlock ALL of the Target Tests for ALL the levels you would need to beat the 'Intense' difficulty setting once.

Unlock Level 2 - Medium:

Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Easy' or once on the 'Medium' difficulty setting.

Unlock Level 3 - Hard:

Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Medium' or once on the 'Hard' difficulty setting.

Unlock Level 4 - Very Hard:

Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Hard' or once on the 'Very Hard' difficulty setting.

Unlock Level 5 - Intense:

Beat Classic mode 2 times on 'Very Hard' or once ..

Unlock More Rules

This feature is found at the bottom of the 'Rules' screen and is unlocked by getting 200 KOs in Standard Brawl.


Press the minus button and hold to switch to super sonic and stay like that the whole game awesome!

Unlock Mewtwo

Conquer Classic Mode and get an 800 Maximum Combo in Training Mode.

Controller Options

Here are real control options.

There are 4.

1.Gamecube Controller

2.Wii Remote+Nunchuk

3.Wii Remote Sideways

4.Classic Controller

So those are the real controller options.

Unlock Sheik

This character is easy to unlock, all you have to do to play as her is select Zelda at the 'Character Select' screen while holding A and don't release A until the match starts and Zelda will automatically transform into Sheik.

Good Website

Ok guys... If you really want to know about what characters and stuff go to it has everything you need to know, it is updated every weekday. Happy to help.

Giant suit

OK this isn't really a cheat it's more like a cool little glitch that I figured out. Step 1. Turn off every item EXCEPT Smash Ball and super mushroom.

Step 2. Choose Samus as your character.

Step 3. Get a smash and use it.

Step 4. As Zero Suit Samus get a mushroom.

Step 5. Pick up a part of your suit and it's giant.

It might also work when you're tiny I haven't tried that. Look for more stuff submitted by me. Well Happy glitching/cheating.-scorpio_dude

P.S. Please rate this cheat because this is the first one I've ever submitted.


I'm not sure if this has been submitted yet but I didnt see it on the first page so....

Anyways, on the character select screen choose jigglypuff and an inactive human player (can be any character) and set the only items as smashball as containers and set them to high. Once you've done that go to the stage bridge of eldin. (i think thats what it's called but I could be wrong, it's the stage where a goblin comes and blows up part of the bridge if you still don't know) once you get there get a smash ball. Don't use it immediatly bu save it until the bridge is blown up. Don't use it know either. Once you see the portal open up jump into the gap that is closing and use your final smash.

If you timed it right, jiggs will grow huge and suddenly stop as the bridge comes b..


Hey I m new here and I found out somen cool! If you use wario try this.

1. Go on practice

2. Get big

3. Get on you're bike(it will b big 2)

4.get small again(note you're bike will still b big) bike (b button)

6. Repeat about 3 times

7. Do a fart (down+B) it is HUGE and will lanch u!!!!

HOPE U like his cheat(u can always eat the bike wile it's down):,) please try and rate

Dodge Tabuu's wing attack

When you see Tabuu is getting ready to do the wing attack get to the ground. Then put your sheild up. When the red pulses get near you press down, like when you are dodging a projectile. There should be 3 pulses, so if you dodge 3 times you should not get hurt.


Partially Invincible

To become partially invincible is easy.

When you do your shield, move to the side or crouch and you will roll out of the way (this can be repeated over and over again).

You can also do this in midair by repeatedly pressing the shield button.

This comes in handy when avoiding final smashes!!!

Unlock Dr. Mario

Use Mario and get 500 Maximum Combos in Training Mode.

Poke mania

Player 1 needs to be pikachu player 2 needs to be Pokemon tranier player 3 needs to be lucario player 4 needs to be jigglypuff set the rules to 10 stock and the pokeball as the only item (needs to be on high) then go to Pokemon stadium 2 then you should get a lot of rare Pokemon ( you wont get all of them)

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