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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

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Lots of cheats for you to check out and includes EXP and Gold hotspots, the Magus Ring, unlock the old axe armour and unlock Boss Rush rewards.

More Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Cheats and Tips

We have 24 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin please send them in here.

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Hidden Vincent Dialogue

Play as Charlotte and stand in front of Vincent the shopkeeper. Then hold Up until he begins speaking.

Unlock Old Axe Armour

Kill at least 1000 Old Axe Armour (Monster No. 92) then 'Save'. You have to 'Save' for the Kill Count to register. When you now start a new game you can select Old Axe Armour as a playable character.

Unlock Permanent +50 Luck Bonus:Defeat the last ..

Unlock Permanent +50 Luck Bonus:
Defeat the last boss in Hard mode to get a permanent Luck Bonus for both your characters.

The Magus Ring

Complete ALL of the Wind's quests to unlock the Magus Ring which will quickly regenerate your Magic points.

Unlockable Modes

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding mode.
Unlock Richter Mode:
Beat the whip memory at the end of the game and defeat Dracula.

Unlock Sisters Mode:
Beat the whip memory and defeat Dracula.

Defeat Doppleganger Easily

Equip Jonathan with the Illusion fist then due to the lack of an animation the doppleganger will only be able to walk towards you and not be able to attack making the fight easy.

Hard Mode Bonuses

When you complete Hard mode with the indicated level cap the corresponding bonus will become unlocked.
Unlock Konami Man Trophy and +50 Strength:
Complete Hard mode with Level 1 cap.
Unlock Twin Bee Trophy and +50 Intelligence:
Complete Hard mode with Level 25 cap.
Unlock Vic Viper Trophy and +50 Luck:
Complete Hard mode with Level 50 cap.

Defeating Legion

During battle with Legion become Charlotte and use the Ice Needle spell. It will take between two to four fully charged Needle spells to take out a section. You can take out Legion from the top platform if you have Volcano Duel Crush. Long range attacks are great for when Legion's entire shell has been shed.


Unlock Boss Rush Rewards
Complete the following 3 Boss Rush courses without any breaks and within the specified amount of time to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock Astral Ring:
Clear Course 1 in 1 minute
Unlock Illusion Fist:
Clear Course 2 in 5 minutes
Unlock Invisible Cape:
Clear Course 1 in 3 minutes
Unlock Record 1:
Clear Course 2 in 3 minutes
Unlock Record 2:
Clear Course 3 in 3 minutes
Unlock Scout Armor:
Clear Course 3 in 5 minutes

Unlock Best End Bonuses

Complete the game with the best ending to unlock the following effects.
'Richiter' and 'Sisters' Mode:
Using a different duo start a new game.

Boss Rush - Courses 2 and 3:
Select at the Boss Rush menu
Hard Difficulty:
Allows you to place a max level cap
New Game +:
On your clear data start a new game
Sound Mode:
Select at the Main menu

weird axe bomber

Okay, this the_LINKS 00, and I'm going to tell you how to do a weird axe bomber
To do so follow these steps
1) backdash
2) quickly press up+the x button (axe bomber must be equiped)
3) your done
There you have it the weird axe bomber
The_LINKS 00

EXP and Gold Hotspots

It really just depends on what lvl you are and how much damage you can do. If you can do at least 70 damage in 1 hit, then this will help. But if you find the axe, then you can basicaly hit these guys 2 times in a row, so it does double damage. You want to go to the first portrait and go to where there is only an andras. Walk over to the right side of that area after killing it, then go in the right side then out again. It will be there. Then just keep killing them until you get enough biker jackets and Falchions. And the other one is in the stair way place. There is a hill guard on one spot(and only like one spot, so hes really easy to find), so just go to the right again after killing it again then just keep doing the same thing and the andras give 17 exp while the hill guards give 77 ..

Easy money

There is a way to get easy money, plus easy pudding buckets(almost the same as high potion). Use the teleporter to go near the Sandy Grave portrait.As soon as you exit the teleporter room, there should be some Persephones there with vaccuum things. Kill them, and they will drop Frilly Casimoles and pudding buckets. Keep the pudding buckets as food, but you should collect 9 Frilly Casimoles before you sell them. They are a common drop, so you should get 9 in 10 minuites or so. If you sell them, they are worth $2450 each, so selling 9 of them at once gets you 20k or more in just 10 min!

Foreign Language

When on the selection screen, hold L while you select "game start".
You should here someone's voice. Now, pick a profile. Every voice clip in the game will be in a foreign language now.

How to whips memory

1# Get cream pie (sub weapon)
2# Use it on whips memory and it should 50-70 dmg

Geting your level up.

Go to the area around the portrait for Nation of fools. There are 3 gunmen there, and a save room above them. Kill them and go to the save room. Return to the gunmen and do it over again. Also, there is a hidden room in this area. Use an axe or the bible to unblock it. You have to find it on your own!!!

Getting old axe armor

The one below is true but you also have to beat the games "good" ending to do this, after you beat the "Good" ending you also unlock the Ritcher & the vampire sisters as playable Char.
--Vocta out!

How to get a Golden Axe

Heres how to get the most powerful weapon in the game. It's simple really, after some unknown amount of time just talk to Vincent and you can buy it from him for like 30,000 or so dollars. I know it's alot to pay but it's worth it, but I use Action Replay so it was easy for me, but if you don't have an Action Replay then my only advice to you is to break a butt load of lights and candles.

Defeating Dagon

To defeat Dagon, the boss of the second school looking portrait you must have obtained the Dark Rift spell from Vincent. When Dagon sucks in all the water then is about to spt it out cast dark rift and all the water will be sucked right in to the black hole and no damge will have been done to you. From there just repeat that and be sure to use the Rose Stem Whip because although that is not what it says he is weak to and it's not a very good weapon for some reason does pretty good damage to him.

Quick AP

Once you have beaten the game, go down into Death's Pass. At the bottom, you face a Doppelganger of yourself or your partner. Use the subweapon that you wish to upgrade on the Doppelganger at least once. Do not use anymore subweapons after this. This will screw up the process. Defeat the Doppelganger, and you will get roughly 250 AP. This is quite a bit compared to most others. In order to fight the Doppelganger again, you must leave Death's Pass and come back. I recommend giving your characters the worst equipment as you walk in the room with the Doppelganger, as the Doppelganger uses your current equipment against you.

Easily Defeat The Doppleganger

First, before you enter the room where the Dopplegager is, un-equip both Charlette and Jonathan and the Doppleganger will have those weapons. When you get into the room, equip your best weapons and you'll defeat them in no time!

Gaining experience easily

Here is instructions on how to gain experience easily and master the subweapon wreckingball
1. Go to dark academy
2. Go to the place where there's those trees that make fleamen
3. Go to the leften most part of this area
4. Equip the wrecking ball subweapon
5. Use the weapon and keep holding y (to keep it going) this should kill all fleamen who come near
6. Summon your partner for extra support.
You have to be jonathan for this to work

Easy Way to kill Loreta and Stella

First have the taunt sub-weapon on Jonathon and make sure Charlotte has sanctuary spell on her, also make sure to have lots of high potions go to the the room(make sure to save first) go in skip dialogue get near Loretta and and Stella and make Charlotte use sanctuary then as shes casting sanctuary use taunt move away from Charlotte but keep her on screen at all times or she will disappear and you will have to do it all over again now when it's done casting you will win the battle.
If you decide to kill them you will get the bad ending Brauner will get away with Loretta and Stella in his painting he will than destroy draculas castle will be destroyed and you will chase but it will automatically give you Game Over and you will be sent back to the last save point with everything..

How to kill Whip's Memory easy

Listen closly. After you use the sactuary spell on the vampire sisters, they will allow you to make the Vampire Killer stronger. But in return, you must kill Ricter Belmont, the Whip's Memory. Buy many healing items, because this battle will take a long time. Also, you should still have the Nebula whip. Use that weapon to attack him. Also, his attacks can send your HP to the bottom. Memorize them and kill him.
Good Luck.

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