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Pokemon Silver Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon Silver, along with Pokemon Gold was released in 1999 on GameBoy Color and re-released improved in 2009 on the DS as HeartGold and SoulSilver. Gold and Silver have also been re-released again in 2017 on the 3DS Virtual Console. Pokemon Silver is is great adventure RPG to play and has stood the test of time, you can choose to play the game with or without cheats, you'll find loads of great tips for this game below and of course, Pokemon Silver cheats which can be used with a GameShark or the cheat menu of your emulator.

Pokemon Silver Cheats

There are loads of Pokemon Silver cheats, to enter any of them you will need the original Pokmeon Silver Cartridge, GameBoy Color and a GameShark, you can then enter any of the codes found on this site in that device.

You can also enter the cheats if you are playing Pokemon Silver on an emulator, and that program has a cheat menu. Simply enter and activate the codes as you need them.

Cheating Notes

There are a few things to be aware of when entering Pokemon Silver cheats, and that is to save your game before you enter and activate any cheat, to only use one or two cheats at a time, you should deactivate them when you have got what you wanted from them. And to only save your game after you are sure the cheat has not caused a problem with your game.

Pokemon Silver Tips

Scroll down to find a lot of content from site visitors that have discovered loads of great tips and tricks in the game as including:

- How to get all three starters without codes,

- How to get all Johto Kegendary Pokemon without cheats

- How to Clone Pokemon and Items and loads more.

Pokemon Silver

More Pokemon Silver GameBoy Cheats and Tips

We have 102 cheats and tips on GameBoy. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Silver please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon Silver go to:
Pokemon Silver GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Silver Questions & Answers page.

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The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP "into the red". This makes catching it easier.

2. Make the Legendary Pokemon Fall Asleep. This too will make it easier to catch.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at the Legendary Pokemon.

4. If it should wake up, make it fall back asleep and continue to throw Ultra Balls. Repeat this process anytime the Legendary Pokemon should wake up.

How To Obtain Every Johto Legendary Pokemon

Lugia - After you have obtained the Silver Wing, you can find Lugia deep inside Whirl Islands. It is a Psychic / Flying Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 40. Try to catch it with an Ultra Ball.

Ho-Oh - After you have obtained the Rainbow Wing, you can find Ho-Oh at the top of Tin Tower. It is a Fire / Flying Type Pokemon. It is the strongest Pokemon you can find within the game. It will be at Level 70. It would be wise to use the Master Ball on it.

Suicune - After you have awaken Suicune in Ecruteak City, it can be found roaming the Johto Region. It is a part of the Legendary Beats Trio. It is a Water-Type Pokemon. It will be at Level 40. Try to catch it with an Ultra Ball.

Entei - After you have awaken Entei in Ecruteak City, it can be found roaming the ..

All the Cheats you really need...and more!!!

All Three Starter Pokemon


Free masterballs. (The following free cheats will appear in you key item pocket. Dont freak if you can't find key items. They will reappear when the cheat is disabled.)


Free Rare candies(No longer rare...)


And now every Pokemon...


Replace the ?? With the code next the the Pokemon name.

01: Bulbasaur

02: Ivysaur

03: Venusaur

04: Charmander

05: Charmeleon

06: Charizard

07: Squirtle

08: Wartortle

09: Blastoise

0A: Caterpie

0B: Metapod

0C: Butterfree

0D: Weedle

0E: Kakuna

0F: Beedrill

10: Pidgey

11: Pidgeotto

12: Pidgeot

13: Rattata

14: Raticate

15: Spearow


Real Cheat for all


Need at least one pokeball tp turn on master ball with following cheat


Item Master Ball: 0101fdd5

Infinity balls: 0199fed5

With rhese cheat use this cheat at gassy aera










Fastest way to raise happiness (evolving into umbreon/espeon)

I am positive that there is a spot on this website that will tell you how to reset your game clock with a little mathematics and a nice little hack you can do. Well in order to get you eevee to involve into an espeon (must evolve during day) or into and unbreon (must evolve at night) you must riase happiness. One of the greatest, fastest, and easiest ways to do so is by getting a hiarcut in the underground path in goldenrod city. I saved infront of the haircutter, got my haircut, saved again, shut my game off, and reset time so I could do it all over again Smile. Give that about... 12 tries and you have an easy espeon or umbreon. (also try on togepi for a togetic)

Must read before cloning

Clone at your own risk!!! If you clone too much you can cause your game's save file to be corrupted, and yo wont be able to keep games off for more than 5 minutes( I know it happened to me).

Clone at your own risk!!! Cloning isn't worth losing your game completely over.

Clone Pokemon

This is the easiest way to clone Pokemon, but use at your own risk. If you don't use it correctly, you could lose precious data. First, make sure you have the Pokemon youwant to clone and at least one other Pokemon in your party. Then, walk up to a pc and SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE GOING ON PC. Once you have saved, go to "DEPOSIT PKMN" and deposit the Pokemon you wish to clone. After that, go to "CHANGE BOX" and change your box to anything other than the one you are currently using. When it asks you if you want to save, press "YES", but right when it says "SAVING... DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER" turn off the power. Turn your game back on and load your file. If you did it correctly, you should be standing in front of the pc and there should be the Pokemon you cloned in your party and in the box yo..

How to get the Elemental Stones

After you have beaten the Elite Four go to Cerulean City, and go to the Cape, where in Blue, and Red versions Bill lived. Now his father lives there, and he wants to see specific Pokemon, and in return he will give you an elemental stone. Here are the Pokemon he will ask for:

Lickitung- Everstone

Oddish- Leaf Stone

Staryu- Water Stone

Vulpix- Fire Stone

Pichu- Thunder Stone

My recommendation is that once you get the stones, you attach them to your Pokemon, and clone them because there is only one of each stone in the game, and you need many stones to get the final evolutions to complete the pokedex.

Getting all three starter Pokemon without codes!

1. Save infront of the Pokemon

2. Choose the first one

3. Get through cherrygrove and get the egg

4. Go back and on the way battle silver(rival)

5. When in the lab talk to the professor

6. Get the pokeballs

7. Catch a Pokemon(any will do, it will be lost)

8. Go to the pokecenter and give the starter a pokeball

9. Store it in the PC

10. Select change box and change it's box

11. When it asks if you want to save select yes

12. Before it saves, reboot the game

13. You should be infront of the Pokemon again

14. Repeat this process for the last two

15. All of them should be in box one of the PC

Hope this helps! I tested it an..


Ok, I tired of all these "proven" cheats making me lose my progress, so I am going to make a compilation of ones that I have personally tested them ALL on Pokémon silver, but since silver and gold are the same I only tested a few on gold and they all worked.. I will give detailed descriptions on what to do for each..


~To make this work best store the item you modify or items you make infinite in a PC and then disable the codes and retrieve your item(s) before doing it with another item.

Item 1 Modifier: 01XXB8D5

Infinite Item 1: 0163B9D5

Item 2 Modifier: 01XXBAD5

Infinite Item 2: 0163BBD5

Item 3 Modifier: 01XXBCD5

Infinite Item 3: 0163BDD5

Item 4 Modifier: 01XXBED5

Infinite Ite..

Clone your pokemon

You can make 2 of your Pokemon, clone them, go to pc, put a Pokemon in an empty box, and save, now, save again but this time when it says don't turn off the power as it's saying (don't) turn it off, after you turn it back on, you will have a Pokemon duo, I used this method and cloned my level 75, hall of famer typhlosion, now I got 2!


Hey it's me Super Cheat Master! You want to know how to get hm2(fly)?

Well just go to Chainwood across the sea, and beat the gym. Then go outside and look for the gym leader's wife, talk to her and she will give you HM2(FLY).

There now wasn't that easy?

Get All Starters Without Trading

First, at the begginig of the game, go to Elm's lab. When he asks you to pick a Poke'mon, sae in front of the table. Now this may take some time. Go to Mr.Poke'mon's house and get the egg. Then go back to Elm's lab. Once you are about to leave, this guy will give you 5 Poke'balls. Go catch a Poke'mon and then go to Cherrygrove City and go to your box. Don't save anytime between then and now. Now deposit your starter and change the box number. When it says SAVING DON'T TURN OF THE P, turn off the game. If done correctlly, you should be back at Elm's lab. Do this again with all the starters and neer take them out until your done. If you go and check your box, you will have all three starters after you have done this three times.


Free weekly stuff at the Lucky Number Show.

Each week tune your pokegear to the lucky number show and look for the lucky number. Once you have it match it to one of your Pokemon and go to Goldenrod City then into the radio tower and talk to the man in charge of the contest. If you match it you will have a chance of winning one of three prizes depending on how many digits of the chosen number you match.

1st prize-Masterball (match the entire ID number, all five digits)

2nd prize-Exp Share (match the last three digits of the entire ID number)

3rd prize-PP up (match the last two digits of the entire ID number)

If you have a gameshark, action replay or monster brain use it to change the ID numbers of your pokemon. Otherwise you have to trade from others to match the ID number.

How to clone items and Pokemon!

1. Fly to Pokemon Center

2. Save as soon as you enter

3. Go to the P.C. And save

4. Turn on PC then turn on Bill's PC

5. Place the Pokemon you want to clone in an empty box.

6. Select 'change box' and change to an empty box.

7. Just before it has finished saving turn the Gameboy off

8. When you turn the Gameboy back on you will have that Pokemon in your party and in the box.


Go to the city with the fourth gym and go to the second cave.(Make sure you have an empty space in your party)Turn to the right in the cave and surf.

Go up the water fall to the top and enter the cave next to you.(Do not move any bolders or you will go the wrong way+You will surf a lot)Find your way through the maze you will eventually find a karaty guy battle him and if you beet him he will give you Tyrogue as proof you beet him.

Cloning Items and Pokemon

There have been many cheats about this but this is the CORRECT way to clone Pokemon and Items..

To clone POKEMON go to a Pokemon Center and then to the PC. Put the Pokemon you want to clone in your box, (hint:I would suggest you save before you do this process) Then select CHANGE BOX from the menu and switch to a different box.

When it says: "SAVING...DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER" turn your Gameboy off when it begins to say the word OFF, this is the way it should look when you turn it off: "SAVING...DON'T TURN O".

Turn it back on, and go to your box you should have the Pokemon you put in with you and in the box.If you wish to clone more than one simply deposit the number of Pokemon you want to clone in your box and do the same thing. Now, to clone ITEMS...

Duplication extension

This cheat works for both gold and silver version

You all know about the duplication cheat right? Well if you don't go look at one of the other cheats cause I'm not going to waste my time , but heres how it goes:

1. Begin the game(doesnt matter what your name is)

2. Save right before you get a pokemon

3. Pick a pokemon(doesnt matter which one)

4. Make sure you don't save again till you have all three beginning pokemon

5. Then play the game as normal until you get your first five pokeballs from oaks assistant

6. Then catch two pokemon(doesnt matter which ones don't worry if there not strong cause your just getting rid of them)

7. Then put one wild Pokemon that you caught and your beginner in the pc a..

Where to get hm2(fly)

First go to Chainwood and beat the gym. Then go outside and look for the gym leader's wife and she will give you hm2(fly).

Totally Random Helpful Hints/Cheats

1. Save before doing anything important

2. In the Elite Four, save before battling one of them, and after battling with them. (Save after because if your batteries are low enough and you have used at least one cheat in the game, when you enter the next room, you lose your save file and have to rebattle the last person)

3. Save before battling Gym Leaders to.

4. Instead of keeping a button down on the game when you sleep to hatch eggs, I when I'm for example watching TV, I hold down the button. You save battery that way. Or spend your time training in the grass so you get stronger Pokemon as you walk around and get Togepi before the game plans. One step ahead of the game is a good thing. ;)

5. When you find a legendary dog for the first time, run away. Becasue unless y..

Find Celebi

Very Simple. Fill pokedex completley. Beat Elite Four after filling it (dosent matter if youve beaten them already just do it again). Have HO-OH, Lugia, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune and go to the shrine in the forest. Click on it and it will do the same thing, but after that it shines. Your trainer person does the what thing and you battle a level 100 Celebi. Some say you can find Celebi in the same cave as you find red but the level is only 50 then. Be carefull and save before clicking the shrine. Celebi is really strong. All my legendays are level 100 and Celebi keeps beating me before I can catch it. Use a Master Ball by the way. All I had were Ultras when I was almost lucky enough to catch it. Broke out immediatley when it's HP was real low in the red. HP was same with Lugia and I lost..

Get Hit By Confusion Less

When the game says you are confused, press A. Before the question marks pop up, hold A until it says your Pokemon hsa attacked. There you have it.

Important Phone Contacts

The following are trainers, and their locations where you should register them in your pokegear, because they will inform you of Pokemon outbreaks.

Fisherman Ralph Route 32- Quilfish

Hiker Anthony Route 33- Dunsparce

Bug Catcher Arnie Route 35- Yamma

Schoolboy Chad Route 38- Snubbull

Fisherman Wilton Route 44- Remoraid

Hiker Parry Route 45- Marill

Bunch of cheats

Change time

At the title screen, press Down + Select + B. You will need to enter a password to change the time, based on your Trainer name, Trainer number, and money. The password can be calculated online at The Bruise Brothers and The PokeMasters; or you can download a Windows 95/98/Me program to do it on your PC.

Restart game

At the title screen, press Up + B + Select.

In-game reset

While playing a game, press Start + Select + A + B to reset the game.

Faster credits display

During the credits, hold B.

Skip credits

During the credits, press Start + Select + A + B.

Clone Pokemon and items

Note: This trick could corrupt your saved game file. Put the Pokemon you want cloned in an empty box on Bill's ..

The town map card

To get the town map card, go to cherrygrove city and let the old man give you the tour.

How to get Pokemon in level 100

You frist have to start a new game and then go to Mr.Pokemon he will give you an egg then take it to the profecer and after that save your game and turn it off.

And then back on and there you go you will never now what kind is going to be but it has always worked for me.

The not so secret locations

These are the locations of the legendary pokemon

Lugia:go to olivine city go to the spot where you use rock smash on the shoreand stay to the right when going downthen the 1st island you see go there then when you go in go up as far as you can the rightthe you come to a waterfall go down and you will see a cave he will be just floating (bring ultra balls)

Ho-oh:go to erika town to the place ware all the monks are and there will be stairs down then when you go up you will be at the tower thers a couple stories so it will be a long time

The dogs: there will be scaterd across johto

(thats all I know for know )(it took me 2 weeks tofind Lugia prity pathetic)

How to clone items and Pokemon!

Put the Pokemon in a empty box what you want to clone, and make that Pokemon hold an item you want to clone, e.g masterball, rare candy etc. Then once you've put the Pokemon in the empty box, change box, when it says saving do not turn off the power. Switch it off. Then switch it on and you will have one of that Pokemon in your party and one in the box and one of the items will be in your pack, and the cloned Pokemon (in your box) will be holding one.

Rare Candies!

Johto region: Route 34, Violet City, Ecruteak City (With Dowsing MCHN), Olivine City (With Dowsing MCHN), Radio Tower (Earn 25 Points at Buena's Password), Mt. Mortar (With Dowsing MCHN), Mt. Mortar, Tin Tower, Whirl Islands (With Dowsing MCHN), Whirl Islands (With Dowsing MCHN), Mt. Silver (With Dowsing MCHN), Shining Lighthouse

Kanto region: Route 27, Route 28 (With Dowsing MCHN), Vermillion City (Fan Club President), Cinnabar Island (With Dowsing MCHN), Indigo Plateau (With Dowsing MCHN), Cerulean Cave (With Dowsing MCHN), Victory Road

You can also purchase some Rare Candies in the dome next to the National Parl (where Bug catching contest is held).

If you have a Pokemon with the ability "pick up" there is a low probability of picking up a rare candy, ..

Secret trainers

By the daycare theres water, use surf. Surf all the way down, go on the land and go down.There is the secret people. Come prepared because when you fight one you have to fight the others with no break time. When you defeat them one of them gives you stardust I think.

All three starters

For this cheat you will need a friend to help you, first you will have to have more than 3 Pokemon including your current starter, then you will need a friend with either Pokemon yellow, red, or trade your starter to your friends game, after that start a new game with a different starter Pokemon and capture another three Pokemon and trade your starter again, once you have traded start a new game with the final starter Pokemon capture 3 more Pokemon and trade that starter to your friend game then with the three Pokemon you have left trade all the starters of off your friends game then you will have all three starters on your game.

How to beat Morty

Morty is the toughest to beat in my opinion because his ghosts are near inpenetrable.

When against his Gengar, swap to a normal type pokemon like Furret or Rattata or preferably Hoothoot/Noctowl. Let Gengar use HYPNOSIS on your Normal type pokemon. Swap to another pokemon. Gengar will use Dream Eater. HAHA

My point being, there is no point on forcing a Pokemon to sleep if he/she/it is ALREADY asleep. And there also is no point on using Dream Eater if the opponent ISN'T ASLEEP.

Keep going like that until Gengar cant use dream eater and hypnosis anymore. At that point he'll resort to mean look and shadow ball. get the hoothoot or pidegotto, waste his mean look and shadow ball and peck (or gust) at him like no tomorrow. This isn't the QUICKEST way, but it w..

Get all the starter Pokemon in 12 steps

1. Start a new game

2. Get to the point where you get 5 pokeballs- DO NOT SAVE AT ANY POINT!!!

3. Catch 2 pokemon

4. Go to a pc

5. Deposit the starter you selected earlier in the game and one pokemon

6. Change box, when it asks you to save the game, do so BUT when the words: "saving... Dont" appear on the screen turn off your game then back on

7. When you start, select a different starter and go to the next town

8. Go to the poke' center and the pc

9. Withdraw the Pokemon you caught earlier (not a starter) and deposit the starter that you just got

10. Repeat step 6

11. This time when you start, choose the Pokemon wich you havent already chosen. 12. Save the game- the other two Po..

How to get Surf!

Ecruteak city and you should see a house with dancing girls beat all of them and in the same house talk to a man and he will give you surf.

Master Ball Hint or Reminder

After you get all badges go to first city (new bark town) and to professor elm and he might check pokedex but then the loot. . .THE MASTER BALL!!!!!

Bug Catching Contest times

Here are the days the Bug Catching Contest is active:




There should also be a poster somewhere inside of one of the National Park access points that tells you when the contest is up.

Where to get Exp. Share

To get the Experience Share, you will need to either cature, run from, or defeat the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage, then collect the Red Scale it drops and turn it in to Mr. Pokemon.

Where to get the rainbow wing

To get the rainbow wing just go to pewter and there will be and old man standing to the right of the gym talk to him and he will give you the rainbow wing

I know this for sure because I have a Ho-oh

Cloning Glitch

To clone, all you have to do is go to any PC and put the Pokemon in. Switch the box to Box Fourteen and when it says "Saving Do" shut it off quickly. The Pokemon will be in the box and your Party. You can clone up to five Pokemon at a time without losing a Pokemon. This will only work in Silver. I don't know if it works in Gold but I know it doesn't work in Crystal, but there is a way to clone in CrystalSmile


Another Way To Catch Legendary Dogs (don't bother reading if you

Well first of all, I found this acciendently while training Pokemon outside New Bark Town. So by now you should know where and how to scare off the legendary dogs, well I don't know how far you have to get in the game for this to work, but I was training outside New Bark Town everyday after I scared them off, becuase of a cheat I was trying. By the times I reached the Elite Four (I havent battled them yet) I went back to New Bark Town to look for the legendarys and train more. I ended up finally running into Entei. I spent two more hours searching and couldnt find the others so don't bother. The next morning, I found Suicune (both Pokemon were found closer to Violet City, near the berry tree). Then the next afternoon, I found Raikou. So my guess is make your way to the Elite Four, then ..

Pokemon Silver FAQs

Pokemon Silver Walkthroughs