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Pokemon FireRed Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Pokemon Fire Red is an enhanced remake of Pokemon Red. Pokemon Fire Red was first released in 2004 on the GameBoy Advance. Still in the year 2020, the following for Pokemon Fire Red and other Pokemon RPG adventure games is as strong as ever, and our collection of Pokemon Fire Red cheats and tips will help you enjoy the game even more.

Our Pokemon Fire Red Cheats page contains our pick of the best cheats for this game, as well as some Pokemon Fire Red tips for anyone that wants to play through the game without any cheats. If you are playing the game on an original GameBoy Advance with a game cartridge, then you'll need to have a GameShark device connected to your console to enter and of the Pokemon Fire Red cheats. We have an article with full instructions on Using GameShark Codes in Pokemon Fire Red.

If you are playing the game with a Rom on an emulator, then you'll need to enter the cheats via the emulator's cheat menu, it's super simple, and many of our GameShark Cheats have a video showing how to enter the cheat code and showing you what happens when they are entered correctly.

Pokemon Fire Red

Below you'll find our pick of the best Pokemon Fire Red Cheats and Tips and the all of the submissions that have been sent in to us more users of our website. We also have a complete Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough.

Also, check out our Pokemon Fire Red Answers to find thousands of questions of answers related to Pokemon Fire Red.

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

As well as this page of cheats and tips, we have a dedicated Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Codes page with the best Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Codes.

1. Rare Candy Cheat

Rare candies are used to level up your Pokemon quickly. So it's always handy if you can have a bunch of these so you can level up any Pokemon you want super easily. You can find this unlimited rare candies cheat for Pokemon Fire Red by following this link: Rare Candy Cheat

2. Walk Through Walls / Ghost Code

Let no wall or ocean stop your journey through the map this it cheat that allows you to move freely wherever you like. Known as the Walk through walls cheat or the ghost cheat, it is one of the most popular and most used Pokemon Fire Red cheats out there. Traverse anywhere you want on the map with this Walk Through Walls Code, it's super easy to use allows you to take any shortcut you want, whether it be on land or through water. Click here to grab the Walk Through Cheat

3. Master Ball Cheat

This is a GameShark code to give you unlimited Master Balls in your PC. On this page there is also a code to make everything $1 in the shop. With Master Balls you can literally catch any Pokemon that you come across, so a cheat that will give you as many of these bad boys as you can carry is super cool. You can grab this Unlimited Master Balls Cheats here.

4. Level Modifier Code

If you are looking to catch a Pokemon of a particular level,then this is the code for you. You can set the game so that the next Pokemon that you encounter will be at the level that you specify. Click here to grab the Level Modifier Code

5. Shiny Pokemon Encounter Code

Use this code so that the next Pokemon you come enounter will be Shiny! It's super fun and a great way to easily catch the Shiny version of any Pokemon. Click here to grab the Shiny Pokemon Encounter Code

6. Warp or Teleport Cheat

Move around the map at lightning speed with this Warp Cheat. This code will take you directly to any location you specify from the list on the page immediately. Full instructions are provided on the code page - Warp or Teleport Cheat

7. Everyone I Could Find

This is a large and popular collection of Pokemon Fire Red cheats in our website, it includes a number of popular cheats, and some of the more unusual ones. Have a dig through to see if anything is of interest then try some out. Remember though that you should really only play with one code active at any time. So after using one code, make sure you deactivate it before activating another one. You can grab this popular collection of GameShark Codes for Pokemon Fire Red here:

8. Infinite Exp Cheat

Get loads of exp from battles with this cheat. It's super easy to use and the feedback from user has been great. Simply deactivate the cheat when you've reached the exp level you want to get to. Follow this link to get the Pokemon Fire Red Infinite Exp Cheat

Important Cheating Rules:

Only activate one cheat at a time, save your progress before activating a cheat in case things don't go as expected!

Follow this link for more great Pokemon Fire Red Cheats - Pokemon Fire Red Cheats page, and here for more Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Codes

Pokemon Fire Red Tips

As well as the great cheats and codes on our site, we also have a complete Pokemon Fire Red walkthrough. If a complete guide is not what you are looking for then these great gameplay tips which cover the most important parts of the game may come in handy.

Here is our pick of the best Pokemon Fire Red tips.

Which Starter to Pick

At the beginning of the game, you have the choice of which starter Pokemon you will receive from Professor Oak, you can only choose one (unless you are cheating - How to Get All 3 Starters, and each of the starter Pokemon have different strengths are weaknesses, these are summed up pretty well below.

Charmander: If you chose Charmander the first two gyms will be harder since Charmander is fire type and the first gym is rock and the second is water Charmander's biggest weaknesses but the rest of the gym's are easy

Bulbasaur: I would pick Bulbasaur because like I said the first two gym's are rock and water those are weak against Bulbasaur but on the 7th gym is fire type but by the time you get to the 7th gym you have to have a water type by then just to get to the island

Squirle: Squirtle would be good for the first gym then tie at the second then it's tough at the 3rd gym since your going up against Raichu a lightning type

Best Way to Catch Snorlax

There are only two chances to catch a Snorlax in the whole game, unless you using cheats! So you want o be sure you catch him instead of deafeating him if you want to add him to your collection. We have some great advice here Trick to Catching a Snorlax Our tip explains the best Pokemon to use to catch a Snorlax as well as the items you'll need to take with you on your quest.

How to Get a Lucky Egg

Head to the Safari Zone and try to catch Chansey, eventually you may catch a lucky egg instead. With the lucky egg you can get up to 10,000 XP for your Pokemon so they are well worth trying to find. There are more details on this tip, plus some member comments on how they used this tip to get lucky eggs in Pokemon Fire Red, here.

Train Here for Loads of XP

If you want to grind a load of XP for your Pokemon, head to Kindle Road at One Island and use the vs Seeker to battle the fighter type trainers and you'll be bagging a ton of XP in no time at all.

We have more tips, cheats and codes for Pokemon Fire Red if you continue to scroll down, as well as thousands on Pokemon Fire Red Answers

On this other page, you can also find a load of Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Cheats

More Pokemon FireRed Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 509 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon FireRed please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon FireRed go to:
Pokemon FireRed Action Replay Codes
Pokemon FireRed GameShark Codes
Pokemon FireRed Code Breaker Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon FireRed Questions & Answers page.

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All Pokemon FireRed Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips - Most Popular First

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Unlimited Rare Candy and Masterball

This cheat is just like the Pokemon Modifier cheat where you just replace the last four or three digits of the cheat code.

Unli Masterball (in PC):

82025840 0001

Unli Rare Candies (in PC):

82025840 0044


How to use these codes (FireRed, My Boy - Android GBA Emulator [I got Full Version]):


Step 0) Turn off or delete any code on your Cheat Code List

Step 1) Stand outside of a Pokemon Center

Step 2) Save your game

Step 3) Create your new cheat


Code Name: Rare Candy

Code Type: CodeBreaker

Code: 820258400044

When you save it, it should be already activated.

(if you've already created the cheat code, just activate it)


Trainer Card Upgrades

It is possible to upgrade your Trainer Card a total of 4 times by completing the following tasks in Pokemon Blue, Green Bronze, Silver and Gold. The upgrades can be obtained in any order and each one will one will add a star and upgrade the colour of your trainer card.

Star #1:

Defeat the Elite Four.

Star #2:

Complete the Kanto Dex (Pokemon 1-150).

Star #3:

Complete the National Dex (Except Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys).

Star #4:

Score 200 berries in 'Dodrio Berry Picking' and score 200 jumps in 'Pok�mon Jump'.


82003884 And add the item number next to the numbers written first

0001 = Master Ball

0002 = Ultra Ball

0003 = Great Ball

0004 = Poke Ball

0005 = Safari Ball

0006 = Net Ball

0007 = Dive Ball

0008 = Nest Ball

0009 = Repeat Ball

000A = Timer Ball

000B = Luxury Ball

000C = Premier Ball

000D = Potion

000E = Antidote

000F = Burn Heal

0010 = Ice Heal

0011 = Awakening

0012 = Parlyz Heal

0013 = Full Restore

0014 = Max Potion

0015 = Hyper Potion

0016 = Super Potion

0017 = Full Heal

0018 = Revive

0019 = Max Revive

001A = Fresh Water

001B = Soda Pop

001C = Lemonade

001D = MooMoo Milk

001E = Energy Powder

001F = Energy Root

0020 = Heal ..

Items you can have

First of all you have to copy the first code that is 82003884 then copy these codes like this 82003884 xxxx here they are

0001 = Master Ball

0002 = Ultra Ball

0003 = Great Ball

0004 = Poke Ball

0005 = Safari Ball

0006 = Net Ball

0007 = Dive Ball

0008 = Nest Ball

0009 = Repeat Ball

000A = Timer Ball

000B = Luxury Ball

000C = Premier Ball


005D = Sun Stone

005E = Moon Stone

005F = Fire Stone

0060 = Thunder Stone

0061 = Water Stone

0062 = Leaf Stone

0067 = Tiny Mushroom

Mmz mm = Coin Case

0105 = ItemFinder

0106 = Old Rod

0107 = Good Rod

0108 = Super Rod

0109 = S.S. Ticket

010A = Contest Pass

010C = Wailmer Pail


Pokemon Fire Red (you) wild Pokemon Modifier

If it's already 2016 and you're still playing this game, all of the OLD pkmn modifier codes does not work. It is because of the updates (not sure of specific update)


So here are the codes below:

Fire red Pokemon modifier list

Master code

4D83B1BF E0F5F507

8E883EFF 92E9660D

B6C5368A 08BE8FF4

90B4977C C0151DC2


XXXX being the 4 character ID of the Pokemon you choose.




0002 = IVYSAUR 

0003 = VENUSAUR 



0006 = CHAR..

Have all Badges

Use this code to get all 8 badges in Pokemon Fire Red. Simply activate the following code in your cheat menu and you'll have all 8 badges added to your account data:



The have all badges cheat will not work immediately, you will have to walk around a bit and make some battles, then check your badges after each battle o see if it is worked.

You may have to do this a few times for the all badges cheat to work.

We have a video showing this cheat in action, and showing that it didn't even work for us right away, we just continued to battle and then after a few battles we checked our badge collection and it was fully complete.

Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon FireRed

Mewtwo - Mewtwo can be found deep inside the Cerulean Cave. You need to fix the Machine on One Island, obtain the National Pokedex, and defeat the Elite Four before you can find Mewtwo. It will be at Level 70.

Zapdos - Zapdos can be found at the end of the Power Plant. It will be at Level 50.

Moltres - Moltres can be found somewhere on One Island. It will be at Level 50.

Articuno - Articuno can be found deep inside Seafoam Island. It will be at Level 50.

Ho-Oh - Ho-Oh can be found on Eight Island. It will be at Level 70.

Lugia - Lugia can be found on Eight Island. It will be at Level 70.

Entei - If you chose Bulbasaur as your Stater Pokemon, Entei can be found roaming the Kanto Region after you defeat the Elite Four. It w..

Rare candies and masterballs and how to buy rare items at pokema

The codes below will help you get through fire red without all th b.s fake codes or long winded garbage to do I've kept this simple so if starting from the start don't enter untill I repeat untill you have deliverd oaks package and returned to viridian city and at the pokemart first enter the pc item mod and then the inf pc item code and their you go you should now have unlimited rare candies in youre pc now it should be obvious withdraw say 800 candies and sell them until you reach 99999999 and reapeat process untill you have enough to level youre Pokemon up untill youre satisfied to buy master balls at the pokemart for free the downer is you can only get one at a time but they are free the othe items listed below you can get at the mart at any time but cost so be wraned also must disab..

All Cheats

Here are all cheats for Pokemon Fire Red. You can input them with the GameShark or in the cheats section of your emulator.

Walk Through Walls Cheat

Master Code - May or may not be needed - depends on your system

000014D1 000A

10044EC8 0007

Walk Through walls code Gameshark v3 / Action Replay:

509197D3 542975F4

78DA95DF 44018CB4

Cacth Opponent's Pokemon During Battle

4D83B1BF E0F5F507

8E883EFF 92E9660D

B6C5368A 08BE8FF4

90B4977C C0151DC2

Detailed Instructions

With the code turned off fight a trainer. Go to the pokeballs pocket then turn on code.

Press L+R at same time. Use the pokeball you have selected.

Turn off the code after using it.

More Cheats

CodeBreaker Codes - Includes Multiple Item and Infinite Money

Mastercode (North America)

000014D1 000A

10044EC8 0007

Enter the following CodeBreaker codes to enable the corresponding effect.

Infinite Game Corner Coins

When this code is active and you use a slot machine at the game corner, you will gain 9999 coins. Turn the code off when you hit the max number of coins.

82002DB0 270F

Multiply Item

This code gives you 99 of the first item stored in your PC after clicking B and Down.

74000130 037D

820257C6 0063

Warp to Naval Rock and Birth Island

With the following codes, you can warp to Naval Rock and Birth Island, respectively.

82031dbc 2402

82031dbc 3802

Infinite Money

Infinite money glitch


The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower it's HP. The less HP it has, the better.

2. Make the it Fall Asleep.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at it.

4. If it awakens, make it fall back asleep and continue to through Ultra Balls.

Starter type

Here a good reasons for starter chosing

Charmander:if you chose charmander the first two gyms will be harder since charmander is fire type and the first gym is rock and the second is water charmanders biggest weaknesses but the rest of the gym's are easy

Bulbasaur:I would pick bulbasaur because like I said the first two gym's are rock and water those are weak against bulbasaur but on the 7th gym is fire type but by the time you get to the 7th gym you have to have a water type by then just to get to the island

Squirle:Squirtle would be good for the first gym then tie at the second then it's tough at the 3rd gym since your going up against raichu a lightning type

There are all my tips for starter Pokemon and please rate thanks

Save error fix without having to start all over!

This is a dumbed down, step-by-step guide to fixing this without having to start all over! It has been working fine for me ever since I've done it a while ago. You are all very welcome. Smile

1. Create a new folder.

2. Copy ONLY these THREE files into the new folder: the emulator (vba), the rom (Pokemon fire red/leaf green), and the last saved file from the game (.sgm extension).

3. From the new folder open the emulator, load the rom (file > open > .gba extension) and load the last saved game (file > load > .sgm extension) to continue where you were last.

4. Now go to: options > emulator > save type > Flash 128k. In other words, change it from 64k to 128k.

5. Finally, go to: ..


Ok people, I'm telling you this because this page is made for CHEATS not questions and other stuff like this:

1)stop putting questions that is what the QUESTIONS page is for.

2) we are not going to rate you teams on this thats for forums.

and last but not least, but the most anoying.....


For obtain Hoenn Pokémons!!!


-These are CodeBreaker Codes and will WORK with GBA.

-These codes are for FireRed US version.

Remember having only Sunkern when you try to catch Hoenn pokémons? Solution is using CodeBreaker instead of GameShark.


-I didn't try to use both GameShark and CodeBreaker, so it may cause problems. Be warned!

First, add "Master Code" of CodeBreaker for FireRed:

000014D1 000A

1003dae6 0007

Secondly, add "Desired Pokémon Code" after you enabled "Master Code":


Now, after you copy+paste "Desired Pokémon Code", replace those "XXXX" letters and write the number of the Pokémon..

There are no 'cheats' as such for Pokemon Fire R..

There are no 'cheats' as such for Pokemon Fire Red. By this I mean no press up, down, left and you'll get soemthing.

But at Super Cheats we have an extensive collection of user submitted hints, questions and answers (members can ask questions too!), and walkthroughs and faqs for Pokemon Fire Red.

Many aspects of the game are on those pages, registered users can ask questions, and if you visit the questions and answers page you'll see that many hundreds of questions have already been asked - and answered! Smile Maybe your question..

You don't need escape ropes to escape

So you want to escape a cave, tower etc. But you ran out of escape ropes but if you have a TM that teaches dig teach it to a Pokemon then use the pokemon's dig and poof your outside the cave, gym, tower again etc. So now you can save money because don't waste all your money on escape ropes. Now you can just use dig. Hoped this helped with all players who don't have escape ropes and they are stuck in a cave, tower again etc.

PS:PLEASE RATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trick to catching a Snorlax. 'Oops! I accidentally defeated him'

Okay, so anyone who has played Pokemon Fire Red knows the whole story with the two Snorlax. It puts a bit a pressure on oneself when you know there's only two in the entire game. So basically, you only get two chances to catch Snorlax. (Unless you trade it in from another game) Well, I just realized a way to keep the stress off from thinking "There's only two in the whole game!" This only works for an emulator (Like VideoBoyAdvanced). This isn't really a cheat, just a game tip.

I fought the same Snorlax a good 6 times before I caught him. And I haven't even gone after the other one yet. But first I want to refresh your memory, or inform you about Snorlax. He has some very high defenses against most attacks and is at lvl 30. His Rest ability can be a pain in the butt but you j..

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.

Bug - Super Effective against: Dark, Grass, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel

Dark - Super Effective against: Ghost, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Dark, Fighting, Steel.

Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: Steel.

Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.

Fighting - Super Effective against: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.

Fire - Super Effective agai..

Pokemon gaia how to get any Pokemon for android my boy

First you will need to put in the master code

000014D1 000A

1003DAE6 0007

If you have the myboy for free you will have to make two separate bar

The cheat type is Code Breaker

Then you need to put this code to get the Pokemon you want

83007CEE 0XXX <---- this where you will put the number of the Pokemon you want

Bulbasaur 0001

Ivysaur 0002

Venusaur 0003

Charmander 0004

Charmeleon 0005

Charizard 0006

Squirtle 0007

Wartortle 0008

Blastoise 0009

Caterpie 000A

Metapod 000B

Butterfree 000C

Weedle 000D


How to beat the elite four!



LEADER: Lorelei

Pokemon TYPE: Ice

Pokemon: Dewgong lv. 52 ; Slowbro lv. 52 ; Lapras lv. 54 ; Cloyster lv. 51 ; Jynx lv. 54

HOW TO WIN: Zapdos is the Pokemon to use here. Use thunder on Dewgong, thunder on slowbro, thunderbolt twice on Lapras, thunder on Cloyster, then switch to Moltres (or Charizard if you have him) and use flamethrower on Jynx. When you win, you get a little over $10,000 for winning. Then move on to Bruno after you do necessary healing, switching etc. Switch your leader to Dragonite then head on to Bruno's room.



Pokemon TYPE: Rock/Fighting

Pokemon: Onix lv. 51 ; Hitmonchan lv. 53 ; Hitmonlee lv. 53 ; Machamp lv. 56 ; Onix lv. 54

HOW TO WIN: Using your D..

All PokeBalls

I found This Cheat Off A website Here it is!

Fire Red





It Maybe Hard To Respond To Comments sorry.


Have a full party of meowth and fight wild Pokemon or trainers(can't run from wild Pokemon will not work if you do)make sure the meowth's in your party have the ability pick up and after every battle he might pick up a item sometimes it's a nugget sometimes it's something else hope this helps

How to get lv 100 pokemon easely

All you got to do is trade them to Pokemon emerald with a rare candy and duplicate the rare candy a ton of times then raise up their level

100% WORKING - Just follow these steps!

Hey guys,

You've probably have seen this kind of code all over the place, BUT no one told you how to actually GET IT TO WORK !

SurNinja42 here to help you out! ;)

First the CODE LIST , then the STEPS:


The CodeBreaker looks like this 82025840XXXX.

Those XXXX are 4 digits from the code list below, which indicate the item you would like to gain.

(Don't worry I'll give an example below)

0001 = Master Ball

Get a bike

Go to a house in curulian city were a there is a Pokemon fan club, talk to the old man and listen to what he has to say and he will give you a bike ticket for the bike shop.

Easier catch

If you have a pokeball or greatball availble and there is a really good Pokemon (depends what level and where they appear rare or common) and you are too power and might kill them? Well, throw that ball but make sure you have a lot. When you throw it don't press anything until it hits the ending point, at that point, Press and hold the A button. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it does help alot when trying to catch legendaries. Articuno is the worst to try with pokeballs and greatballs, All though I didn't have enough money at the time to get ultraballs. But you do that and many times if needed, if you do it right the first time, you will catch 60% of the Pokemon you find on the first throw. Hope this helps you catching Pokemon.

May Arceus be with you.

4'th starter sort of

In both games you only have the choice of 3 Pokemon but if you catch the most valued Pokemon of them all at viridian forest(pikachu)and raise it as your starter it will be exepted as so because it can learn volt tackle from the old lady but your real starter still makes you have that whole decision thing with the legendary dogs.

I hope that this helped at least one of you.


Celadon Game Corner Free Coins

There's free coins on the ground everywhere in the game corner! Usually near people who give you coins if you talk to them. The biggest prize is 100 coins 1 step back from the photo booth. If you stand in front of the booth and take one step back, your standing on them! Take 1 more step back to take them.

Easy Catching Moltres

In Pokemon FireRed, there is 3 legendary bird, and one of them is Moltres.

When I battle it, I found a easy way to catch it. Now here is how:

1. You need a (eg. Flareon, Ponyta)

2. Then get a lot of great/Ultra balls

3. Find Moltres and Battle it

4. Use the Pokemon that has ability Flash Fire

5. Weaken it

6. Throw those balls on it


Alright, it's probably not my place to nag here, but....

If you're submitting a cheat, please look on the page to see if the same cheat (like mystery gift) has been submitted before. It's really annoying when I run into about 20 of the same cheat when I'm trying to find a specific one, and it seems to clog up the page.

If you're asking a question, DONT!!!! There is a SEPERATE page for questions in this game. Please don't submit questions, it bothers us to see them, as we can't answer them (if we do, we have to submit a new one, and thats TWO unneeded submissions in the cheats section.

And we are NOT going to rate your team if you put it here. Its annoying, because for those of us like me who restart their games regularly and just try training different te..

Quick money!! sort of.

I will explain it in steps.........

1.put a meowth or persian in your party.(make sure it knows PAY DAY)Attach the amulet coin to it.

2.get a Pokemon that knows FLY. to LAVENDER TOWN. down and you should see a path which is route 12. Go all the way down then you should be in route 13. should see 2 ladies standing next to each other. Use the versus seeker and at least one of them should want to battle. Fight them, keep using pay day until you win.

Your meowth or persian should be over lv 35.

Every time you use pay day it times the level of your Pokemon by 10. So if your meowth or persian was level 40 you would get 400$ every time you use it.

P.S hope this helps.

Get FREE game corner coins!

Go to celdon city and go to the game corner and use the item finder and you will get free game corner coins!

Extra Items

If you catch a meowth and it has the ablity Pick-up you will get itms just check the meowth for the item icon

Win BIG$$$$$ at the slots

If you want to win big at the slots you go to the guy that says "games can be scary" or something like that. Then go three machines above him you should get a jackpot almost every time. If that does'nt work try the machine right below that. That machine is'nt quite as lucky but it's at least second best. After you get a jackpot on that machine it's out of luck. Then go back up to the top machin. Have fun it may take about half an hour, but TRUST me it works.

Ps:I bought every Pokemon with the money I won. (abra, clefairy, dratini, scyther, and porygon)

Pokemon Fire red walk though walls hack

167DCBA7 F604FFD2

78DA95DF 44018CB4

509197D3 542975F4

78DA95DF 44018CB4

Hope this helps☺

Side note it only works for john gba ....for me anyways

Good training

A good place to train is KINDLE ROAD in one island.Battle the fighting type trainers it is sure to give you a good amount of EXP.points.Just keep using the vs.seeker.

Scattered coins Celadon city, go to the game corner. Then (Must have itemfinder for cheat) register the itemfinder and go into the game corner and use the itemfinder...later you will find coins on the ground.


Baby squirtle bulbasaur or charmander.

Ok youll need:

Your started (Evolved)



First put your starter and ditto together in the breeding day care and then use your bike to ride anywhere for 15 minutes. After fifteen minutes go back to the breeding care and your starter and ditto should have a egg. Take the egg and use your bike by riding up and down untill it hatches. It should be the main stater you got from the begining.

Good training

After you have defeated the Elite 4 and colected at least 60 different Pokemon

You need to talk to prof.Oak. When you do he will give you a rainbow pass alowing you to go to the Sevii islands.

Once you get this you need to go to 7 Island and start heading south.

There will be alot of trainers but there are 2 who give you a great amount of Exp in every battle.

You will first cross over the bridge and there will be a grassy area.

There are 2 pokerangers there battle them and then continue on.

Once past them you will need to go up the steps, at this point there will be 2 more pokerangers. Battle them and keep moveing.

Once past this you will see a rock use rock smash on this and then move up the steps on the other side.


Pokemon FireRed FAQs

Pokemon FireRed Walkthroughs