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Soul Calibur 3 Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that include lunlocking secret characters and stages, unlock New Game+, unlock Vs. Special mode and Siegfried's Night Terror path.

More Soul Calibur 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 43 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Soul Calibur 3 please send them in here. For more Codes for Soul Calibur 3 go to:
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Unlockable Characters and Stages

Unlockable Characters


Clear Chronicle 18 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 1050 battles.


Defeat him after Olcadan, Sophitia, Yoshimitsu, Lizardman, Cervantes and Rock are unlocked. Or play 725 battles.


Beat Beloved on Easy


Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 550 battles.


Clear Chronicle 12 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 900 battles.


Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 625 battles.


Clear Chronicles 19 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 950 battles.


Clear Chronicle 10 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 850 battles.


Clear Chronicle 15 in Chronicles of the Sword or..

Unlock Vs. Special Mode

Collect ALL the character illustrations for ALL the original characters and then go to Valeria's shop and the Vs. Special mode option will be available to buy for 60,000 Gold.

Unlocking Secret Characters

Below are videos for you to check out for the hidden characters.

Soul Calibur III Secret Characters - Part 1



Watch the video

Soul Calibur III Secret Characters - Part 2

Shadow Master

Charade (complete)

Charade (blob & legs)

Charade (blob)

Watch the video

Soul Calibur III Secret Characters - Part 3

Will-O'-The-Wisp (Orange)

Will-O'-The-Wisp (Blue)

Masked Lizardman

Crowned Lizardman


Unlock New Game Plus

When you have completed 'Chronicles of the Sword' save the game file and it will be marked with a blue unicorn icon which means that when you start a new game with this file you will have ALL the EXP you acquired in the game.

Siegfried's Night Terror Path

Here is Siegfried's Night Terror Path. For weapons, I recommend either the Faust or Soul Calibur, because Faust can break guard and Soul Calibur can heal health. Don't lose a single fight, or it won't work.

Story 1

Stage - Old Toledo

Opponent - Swordsman

Seek strength in order to destroy Soul Edge.

Story 2

Stage - Lakeside Coliseum (cage)

Opponent - Rock

Story 3

Input - -> to avoid giant clock

Stage - Clock Tower

Opponent - Zasalamel.

Ignore the man with the scythe.

Focus on the cursed sword.

Story 4

Stage - Proving Grounds

Opponent - Kilik

If you decide to stop...

Stage - Proving Grounds

Opponent - Shadow Master

Story 5

Input - G/X

How to make DEATH

Hey! It's me again. I'm going to tell you how to make Death. You need the Magus hood or Hermit's hood, you need the Noble's robe, Samurai's pants, and a cursed belt. He needs to be a saint and you need Soul of Zasalamel.

Siegfried's Night Terror route

I won't go in to details about the fights as surely you can figure these out yourself. It's best to use Siegfried's legendary weapon, Soul Calibur, when doing this. To fully complete the Night Terror routes, you are not allowed to lose a single fight (until you've defeated Olcadan) or ring out the opponent after the 2nd cut scene fight (Astaroth, Raphael or Cervantes, depending on the character you choose). The choice you get after episode 4 about being watched is optional - whatever you choose will still let you do the route perfectly. You'll only get one attempt at Olcadan, who is VERY hard.

Episode 1: Old Toledo

Vs Swordsman

Choose to seek power to destroy the cursed sword

Episode 2: Lakeside Coliseum

Vs Rock

Episode 3: Clock Tower..

Seong Mi-na's Night Terror route

You should know these conditions by now. For Mi-na, use her legendary weapon Hraesberger (not sure if that's the correct spelling) as it recovers health and automatically GI's some attacks.

Episode 1: Proving Grounds

Vs Swordsman

Choose to follow Yun-Seong's trail

Episode 2: Water Mill Valley

Vs Talim

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Chose to continue searching for Yun-Seong alone

Choose to investigate the grave of the Italian merchant

Episode 4: Secret Money Pit

Vs Voldo

If choose to stop:

Prepare to defend yourself: vs Will-O'-The-Wisp

Episode 5: Pirate Raid

Input: press right + G

Vs Cervantes

Episode 6: Ling Sheng Su Temp..

Cervantes' Night Terror route

Same as usual. Go with the Phelathon as it can damage through guard and looks ace.

Episode 1: Pirate Raid

Vs Pirate

Vs Pirate

Vs Pirate

Choose to investigate the seal on the sword further.

Episode 2: Valentine Mansion

Vs Ivy

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Choose to follow the man with the site.

Choose to ignore the man

Episode 4: Eurydice Shrine

Vs Sophitia

If choose to stop:

Prepare to defend yourself: vs Collossus

Episode 5: Kunpaektu Shrine Ruin

Input: press G

Vs Astaroth

Episode 6: Water Mill Valley

Vs Talim

Choose to find the man

Episode 7: Labrynth (darkness)

Vs Unkown soul

Kilik's Night Terror Route

To get to Night Terror with Kilik, follow this route.

Note: You can not die in any battle exept Zasalamel (second time). That means the one AFTER Olcadan.

Episode 1: Water Mill Valley: vs Talim

Choose to go to where you last fought Soul Edge

Episode 2: Ostrinsburg: vs Berserker

Episode 3: Clock Tower: vs Zasalamel

Choose to pursue the man with the scythe

Choose to investigate Nightmare

Episode 4: Egyptian Pyramid: vs Yun-Seong

If you choose to stop

Prepare to defend yourself: vs Keres

Episode 5: Pirate Raid: vs Cervantes

Episode 6: Lakeside Colliseum: vs Rock

Choose to find the boastful man

Episode 7: Labrynth (darkness): vs unkown soul

Choose to proceed furth..

Chronicles of the sword

In chronicles of the sword you can create more than the main charater for your game.

Nightmare's Night Terror route

If you're trying this, you are not allowed to lose a single fight untill after Olcadan (who you've only got one chance at) or are you allowed to ring out your sixth opponent or you won't get to Olcadan. The choice after episode 4 is optional. I would recommend using Nightmare's Soul Edge (cocoon) as it recovers health when your opponent hits your guard.

Episode 1: Romanian Valley

Vs Berserker

Choose to seek strong souls

Episode 2: Eurydice Shrine

Vs Sophitia

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Choose to recover strength in this land

Choose to recover a little more power first

Episode 4: Secret Money Pit

Vs Thief

Vs Thief

Vs Voldo

If choose to stop:

Talim's Night Terror route

As I've said before, you can't lose a single fight, you only get one shot at Olcadan, the choice after episode 4 doesn't matter and you're not allowed to ring out your episode 6 opponent. For Talim, I would recommend Soul Calibur, for obvious reasons.

Episode 1: Lakeside Coliseum

Vs Gladiator

Vs Rock

Choose to investigate the warrior who communicated with a God

Episode 2: Eurydice Shrine

Vs Sophitia

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Choose to follow the man with the scythe

Choose to investigate the man with the scythe

Episode 4: Valentine Mansion

Vs Ivy

If chose to stop:

Prepare to defend yourself: vs Charade (whole body)

Vs Charade (legs)


Maxi's Night Terror route

OK, rundown, don't lose to any opponent before Olcadan, Episode 4 option doesn't matter, don't ring out episode 6 foes and Olcadan is a 1 chance fight. For Maxi, I would reccomend Vajra.

Episode 1: Water Mill Valley

Vs Talim

Choose to follow Talim

Episode 2: Water Mill Valley

Vs Thief

Vs Thief

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Choose to search for Astaroth on your own

Choose to question how the man knows about Soul Edge being in his body

Episode 4: Old Toledo

Vs Cassandra

If choose to stop:

Prepare to defend yourself: vs Doppelganger

Episode 5: Romanian Valley

Input: press left + G

Vs Raphael

Episode 6: Indian Port


Cassandra's Night Terror route

You know it by now. Don't lose any fights before Olcadan, episode 4 choice after the fight is optional, don't win episode 6 by ring out and Olcadan is a one chancer. For Cassandra, your best choice is to use Valkyrie as it recovers health and has increased attack, defense and range.

Episode 1: Eurydice Shrine

Vs Revenant

Choose to search for Sophitia

Episode 2: Old Toledo

Vs Assassin

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Choose to search for Soul Edge

Choose to focus the search on the Azure Knight

Episode 4: Proving Grounds

Vs Kilik

If choose to stop

Prepare to defend yourself: vs Shadow Master

Episode 5: Kunpaetku Shrine Ruin

Input: press G

Raphael's Night Terror route

I'm getting bored with theses descriptions of the terms, look back at the old ones. For Raphael, use the Queens Guard, as it recovers huge amounts of health.

Episode 1: Romanian Valley

Vs Footsoldier

Vs General

Choose to search for the Holy Stone

Episode 2: Secret Money Pit

Vs Voldo

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Choose to follow the man with the scythe

Choose to investigate the power that opposes Soul Edge

Episode 4: Water Mill Valley

Vs Swordsman

If choose to stop:

Prepare to defend yourself: vs Lizard men (20)

Episode 5: Kupaetku Shrine Ruin

Input: press G

Vs Astaroth

Episode 6: Proving Grounds

Vs Kilik

Chronicles of the Sword cameos

The cameos in Chronicles of the Sword are a great way of boosting your character's experience levels. The allways stay in the same place so you don't need to worry about them attacking you personally. The one's that are in strongholds (which is almost all of them) can cause problems because of the stronghold abilities. Here's where to find all of them.

Note: All cameos are at Lv. 60 and are wearing their 2nd costumes. Olcadan and Abyss don't make cameos.


Chronicle: 4

Arena: Lakeside Coliseum (cage up)

Location: From main stronghold, take the furthest left route till you get to the lone stronghold.


Chronicle: 5

Arena: Water Mill Valley

Location: head to the furthest left bridge, she's at the other side.

Get disciplines up to Soul of Nightmare on Custom Characters the

Once you get every discipline (for Barbarian) up to Soul Of Nightmare,then equip your barbarian character with a Soul Of Nightmare weapon (any weapon) to the hint parts , go to Chronicles Of The Sword mode then start (or load) a chronicle,pick your character as a barbarian,begin chronicle

Then do a battle , once battle is started do the following moves:

Death Horn Charge:While Crouching B+Right-down diagonal

Midnight Launcher:<= + B

Doom's Invitation:Left Side Throw

Soul Blaze:<= + A + B

These moves take lots of health , and sorry if I said some stuff two times

Have fun taking lots of health on Chronicles of The Sword mode


Mitsurugi's Night Terror route

Same rules as usual. Due to Mitsurugi's all-round status and good attack power, any weapon is good for this, though I advise against using Soul Edge. M preferred weapon is the two-handed sword due to it's improved range and ability to damage through guard.

Episode 1: Battle in the Strait

Vs Samurai

Choose to take a ship to Persia

Episode 2: Egyptian Temple

Vs Yun-Seong

Episode 3: Clock Tower

Input: press right

Vs Zasalamel

Choose to continue searching for the Azure Knight

Choose to search for the Azure Night

Episode 4: Lakeside Coliseum

Vs Gladiator

Vs Gladiator

Vs Dragon

If choose to stop:

Prepare to defend yourself:

Vs Lynette

Vs Hualin

Vs Valer..


Go to the one were you get levels and lose then save buy all the stuff you can and

DONT SAVE you should have what you bought and go steight back to were you get levels lose save and when you go back to shop you should have all your money back it should work

All ancient weapons

To gett everyone's ancient weapons, complete their tutorials. It takes a long time, but it's worth it.

Medievil Sephiroth

This character I created is realy cool he's called Medievil Sephiroth have a go and you will see why.

JOB Sword Master

HAIR Long Straight

CHIN nothing


MID TORSO Lord's Tunic


ARMS Evil Gloves

SHOULDERS Evil Shoulders

NECK Dark Knight Cape (Optional)

WAIST Duel belt


UPPER LEGS Leather Pants

SHINS Master Shingards


FEET Evil Leg Armour

FACE Number 5

Voice Old man (becouse it sounds sinester)





DARK KNIGHT CAPE 31/25 (Still Optional)


SKIN 05/15

LIPS 04/06

EYES 22/06..

Some pretty darn good moves!!!

Ok guys here goes. This is for Iron Sword/Siegfried/Nightmare users only.

If you are Iron Sword user- L2 constantly (cheap, but effective)

Siegfried- L2 A A (delay) A (delay) B (delay) B B B

Nightmare- <-L2 constantly (is not cheap because it can be dodged but not blocked


Best weapon, but not favorite!

Hey guys, Hera Ledro again!

Most of you probably prefer the Iron Sword, or Soul of Siegfried/Nightmare for your weapons. It's true, they are probably the easiest to master (and my favorite also), but the are not the best. I believe that Kunai are the way to go, especially if you are a ninja or assassin. Sword Masters are even better with them.

With Kunai, you can warp, high jump, flip jump, roll, and do all sorts of neat tricks. My favorite trick, though, is the head dive! It does massive damage to the opponent and, if they are guarding, will break through their guard, allowing you to retaliate with some massive combos. When they close in on you, warp (A+K+up, down, left or right) and you will usually dodge all vertical and horizontal attacks. Unblockables, on the o..

Easy Level Up!!

Hera Ledro again.

The easiest way to level up really fast, is to get to Chronicle 19 as fast as possible, and then beat Ende. He's a lv. 99, and is hard to beat, but is anything but cheap, and levels you up by like, 6-8 levels!!


Hera Ledro

Cheap Tactic

Here is a really cheap tactic I learned while playing Soul Calibur III. Most NPC(s) can block low attacks yet cannot block them REPEATEDLY. So if you do a quick amount of low attacks, the NPC will have their guard broke, and receive damage.

The best tactic is to use Yoshimitsu, and do his spinning low kick attacking by pressing left-down and repeatedly tapping O or the kick button. That will make him do a various amount of kicking moves, which if you repeatedly do, will keep breaking through the enemie's defense and inflicting more damage. If the enemy is beginning to get hits on you, use B - G to grab the enemy and throw them to the ground, and continue the attack there. If you do this tactic, not even the most hardest NPC's will be able to block your attacks, and you will in..

Create A Charater help

Everyone wants the best custom characters so when you have at least unlocked Sword Master for a job try this! Not only is it strong it looks awsome!

Gender: Male

Job: Sword Master

Dicipline: Your Choice!

Head: Samurai Headband: 01, 14

Hair: Styled Back : 01, 27

Chin: Scar : 03, 07

Lower Torso: Chain Mail: 01, 05

Mid Torso: Lords Tunic: 01, 14

Upper Torso: Lords Armour: 01, 27

Arms: Lords Gloves: 01, 27

Shoulders: Lords Shoulders: 01, 27

Neck : Crusader Cape

Waist: Lords Tasset: 01, 27

Lower Legs: Chain Pants: 01, 05

Upper Legs: Hunters Pants: 01, 14

Shins: Asigaru Shin Guards: 01, 05

Socks: Tabi: 01, 14

Feet: Metal Leg Armour: 01, 27

Face: 2

Eyebrows: 01, 27

Lips: 03, 05


Easy lvl up

In Chronicles fot he sword always leave your weakest person bak at th big tower thing so if you're others die you wont fail and theyll just respawn. Also ALWAYS go after th lvl 60 guys. it might take a couple of tries but if u keep your weak one bak u can keep tryin since their life dosnt go bak up. it took me from lvl 11 to lvl 14 wit one guy

1 way to see Night Terror

In Nightmare's ending movie, if you repeatedly press G (X button),

When the input bar flashes, he will transform into Night Terror and fly

Away after killing the 2 people.

Peace Out!!


On the subject of deafeating olcadan in the tuto..

On the subject of deafeating olcadan in the tutorial in the single player mode, to get your charecters spefic hidden weapon. I'm not sure how many tutorial lessons there are but I've deafted the tutorial several times with the different charecters. Look out for the medium lessons with delaying techniques they take forever!!


Dont build Abilia up in Chronicles Of The Sword.

Easy Item Unlock

To easily unlock items, go into options, 2 player standard, and make it so you only have to win once to take the match. Now go into 2 player standard, and choose your character and a random person for 2 player. Now just beat them repeatedly to keep unlocking items. This is the easiest way to unlock weapons for custom jobs.

Unlock Most Everything The Easy Way

Make a Custom Character for All of The Starting Jobs and go to Two Player Section. Use your character and put the 2nd player on anyone else. Do about 100 macthes(You Win) and you should have all of the weapon types for that job. Plus bonus stuff too.

(to make it go by quicker put the 2nd players health at the lowest amount possible)

Character Color Editing *Underwear

On some characters, like Cassandra's first costume, hold L1 L2 R1 R2 after selecting the character and hold it while the screen is black. You will know that it worked when you hear that unlock noise or something. There will be another color for you to edit, which is usually the underwear. **This isnt for all characters.**

Unlocking Li-Long

On tales of souls, choose lizardman.

Just to make it clear, you CANNOT lose any battle!

Battle: Silk Road Ruin-Vs Assasin

-choose head east-


Battle: Lotus Garden-Vs Xianghua


Battle: Ostrihensburg:Vs Tira

-choose pursue the girl-


Battle: Ostrihensburg:Vs Revenant

-choose stop-


Ostrihensburg:Vs Li Long

Once you get to Li Long, just to warn

You, he is VERY hard to beat.

Female custom character with max light and good personality

Choose the female as a dancer and equip these items.


Hair:curly sides

Lower torso:dancers brassiere

Mid torso:holy robe

Upper torso:holy jacket

Arms:dancer rings

Shoulders:leather pads

Neck:winged cape

Waist:dancers belt

Lower legs:leg bandage (will not show)

Upper legs:long pants (also will not show)

Socks:cloth socks

Feet:holy boots

Jiggle jiggle

Ok here it is go to any shop just keap pushin triangle and there you go the shopkeepers boobs jiggle

Spasticated Voldo

This isn't really a cheat but it's a good way to make Voldo look spasticated. (It is best to do this in freestyle practice) First go into blind stance (Back, B+K) Then press A+B and make sure you hit your opponent. When your up in the air countinually press K. Voldo will go round in circles then explode. But thats not all! When he's on the ground go into Mantis Crawl (B+K) Then press A+B about 3 times. Then hold A+B and Voldo would have just gone spasticated. It looks funny if you did it right but hardly does anything. So overall this is just for your entertainment.


Beat Luna when she has soul caliber to unlock her.

A few Character Creations

#1 Gandalf the White (Lord of the Rings)

Job -> Monk

Weapon -> Staff/Soul of Kilik

Hair -> Long Straight

Chin -> Hermits Beard

Lower Torso -> Chainmail (optional will not change the look but will add defence)

Mid Torso -> Magicians Shirt

Upper Torso -> Imperial Robe

Waist -> Carrying Belt

Lower Legs -> Chain Pants (optional will not change the look but will add defence)

Upper Legs -> Hunters Pants

Shins -> Master Shin Guards (optional will not change the look but will add defence)

Socks -> Tabi (optional will not change the look but will add defence)

Feet -> Holy Boots

Colour -> 01, 14

Eyebrows -> 01, 14

Lips -> 03, 05

Eyes -> 22, 24

Skin ->05, 17

Face -> 14

Voice -> Old Man

NOTE--> ..

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