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The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask Nintendo 64 Cheats and Tips

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Plenty of cheats for you to look through and includes getting the Zora Mask before Snowhead temple, gettomg the feirce diety mask and unlocking the Ocarina songs.

More The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask Nintendo 64 Cheats and Tips

We have 27 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : GameCube : Wii : 3DS

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Ocarina Songs

Heal Signs:

Destroy a sign and then play C-Left, C-Right, C-Down with the Ocarina.

Travel Forward in time 12 Hours:

Play C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down with the Ocarina.

Slow Time (Normal Movement):

Play C-Down, A, C-Right, C-Down, A, C-Right with the Ocarina. To return to normal just repeat the song.

See super mario^_^

This isnt much of a cheat more of a notice.

At the bottem of the clock tower (wher you walk through the door) the guy down ther has a huuuuuuuge back and some masks are sticking out. If you look very closely youl see a mask of mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dance with your shield on!

Okay, first put on kamaros mask. Then start shielding.

Then stop shielding, and just as link is putting his shield on his back, start dancing. He will still have his shield out and his shield will do wiierd things as he dances.

Feirce Diety Mask

Get all the masks and then go inside the moon. Dont tal to the guy with the majoras mask on. Instead beat the other kids' games and theyll keep taking your masks (except the transformation masks) When youre all out go to the kid with the majoras mask on. He'll say some boring crap but afterwards he'll give you the Feirce Diety Mask. BEAT HIM and then you should be able to find it in the masks section along with the rest. NOTICE: You can only use this mask in boss battles.

Beat it

First beat the game then return too the clock town next enter the mayors house and talk too him then leave youl next have too go destroy the ballons with your horse at that pasture make sure too beat your record it help then go get your bow and arrow any kind and go too the clock and search for a balloon any balloon and then suddenly youlle become invissible and invincible youle be able too go through walls and when you put a mask on it would be and invisible mask

(WARNING) you may need too have a special version of the ga..

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I bestow upon you some cheats.

All Equipment Upgrades

E8744933 597B

E9744A7E 7973

E8744914 599F

Beta Worlds

D03E6B3B 0000

E87449C6 59??


5A Mama's House (non-beta)

59 Fearful Spider House

5C Beneath the Graveyard

5B Southern Swamp: Mr. Tingle Entry

58 Outside Tourist Information

62 Outside Magic Hag's Potion Shop

64 Southern Swamp: Woods Of Mystery Entry

76 Counter Of The Treasure Chest Shop

80 Woodfall Temple (non-beta)

8C Spider Hand

85 Statue outside Gorman Track

88 Statue outside the lair of the Temple's Boss

92 Path to Romani Ranch (non-be..

Money maker

On the first day go to the apartment as a goron/moron talk to anji you will get a key.

Amazing zora flips!

Alright, to do this trick you must have the zora mask and have reached zora hall. Once you get there, in the main room, put on the zora mask and dive into the water. Start swiming, and direct yourself towards the underwater hills of sand. Point upward as you collide with the hills, and if you did it right, link will fly out of the water and do a backflip. Sometimes he falls flat on his face! Enjoy!

Boss help

Alright, here are a few pointers on beating the bosses:

Odolwa: having trouble with his little bugs? Try pulling up one of the bombs on the edge of the arena, and the bugs will be attracted to it. If he summons his moths, simply hop into the deku flower.

Goht: try to stick to the inside edge of the arena.

Gyorg: instead of randomly hitting him when he's injured, why not use the zora electrical shield?

Twinmold: running out of magic? Try slashing the stone pillars stuck in the ground while playing as a giant, and then shrinking to pick up the stuff that comes out. If you run out of magic, you can still defeat twinmold with arrows

Be feirce diecies link outside of battle cheat

Basicly a glitch

Do anjus and kafie quest till the point at sakons hidout. Wait till sakon opens the door to hideout, before going inside, put on any mask that is not a transformation mask. Enter, sound alarm, ect. When your kafie, paose the game and switch the mask your wearing with the fierce diecies mask. Wala your feirce dicie link. Once you get the sun mask, youll apear outside the hideout like as if nothing ever happened and your stiil dicies link

You can now go back to the village. Links big enouph to jump over fence( I heard, not sure?) . WARNING I'm not sure but don't talk to the bombers (except the one who ask for the password) and peaple that sell stuff because it will freeze the game

Easy Money

Must have:acess to ikana castle and giants wallet (recommended)

First go to ikana castle and enter the will see 4 redead put a scary mask like gibdo mask,garo mask or other and they will start to dance kill them for 20 and 5 ruppes exit and enter until you have filled your wallet then teleport and depostit the money and repeat all you want!

Be diety link or giant link out side of boss battles

Ok this is a glitch

Go to the owl at milk road. Call your horse.get on your at the owl while on your horse.quit the game.(but don't turn it off)go back to your file.if your still on your horse then pause and switch any mask or item to the c-stick. If it is the giantmask or diety mask then use it. If you wear it and you get off of your horse then you can't get back on.but now you can be diety or giant link anywhere.thanx hope it helped. =)

Pay less

Ok you know the treasure shop in clock town well if you have all the masks the lady there will give you different prices depending on who you are:

Normal link: 20 rubies

Zora link: 5 rubies

Goron link: 30 rubies

Deeku link: 10 rubies

Fun to kill

If you have the stone mask, enemies will not notice you, including gerudos. If you use any sort of weapon on them, they will scream and pass out, although it looks like you sluaghtered them. Fun to do!!!!

Early escape

first as deku link go to the gaurd at east clock town. Then turbn your back to the gaurd and Z-target (make sure your far enough away to not Z-target the gaurd) make sure your on the right side and start walking backwards. then walk in front of the gaurd close enough to touch him. then walk backwards the same place as before. if done corectly the gaurd should haved moved to the opposite side and you should be behind him. nowwalk out to termina field

No race gorman race track

Requirements: goron mask zora mask. firs go to the place wear the gorman brothers are as goron link. then go to the house like structure closest to the fence and then do the goron roll stomp and you will then be on the roof. turn into zora link and jump. halfway through the jump do a zora flip kick and you will be behind the fence . all this information was from a video on youtube.

Get the Zora Mask BEFORE Snowhead Temple:

[b][/b] [i][/i] What you need:

Goron Mask (VERY important)

Regular Bombs

Go to the entrance of Great Bay (the gate you need to have Epona jump). Before you put on the Goron Mask, set a bomb BEHIND you, not too far though . Quickly put on the Goron Mask and curl up into a ball. Right before the bomb explodes , JUMP using the Goron Pound !(Don't hit the ground though)If done correctly, the bomb should have blown you over the gate making access to Great Bay for the first time ! Once you're in, go to where Mikau (you'll see a bunch of seagulls surrounding him) is drowing and push him to shore. After you can listen to his weird song about his problem if you desire. Then, play..

Some useful songs

Nverted song of time(slows time.) c-stick: down A c-stick: right c-stick: down A

C-stick: right

Double time(moves foward 12 hours.)c-stick: right(2) A (2) c-stick: down (2)

Song of time(goes to dawn of first day.) c-stick: right A c-stick:down c-stick:right

A c-stick:down

Easy mask

on the first night go in the laundry pool talk to the guy.

He talks to you he said I stole this mask from a leader here take it.

P.S. If anyone knows how to get past ikana here, thanks.

Killig Dodongos Fast

Near the Moutain area(the snow mountain area) you'll see these dinosaur looking creatures that spit out fire you'll only find them out during the day from 5:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M. To kill them faster become a Gorron and run into thier tails multiple times until it blows up,also in that area is a hole fall into it as a Gorron there will be 2 dodongos in that little hole kill both of them to get 2 50 dollar rupees.

Deku flowers in Majora's showdown

During the fight with Majora, haven't you noticed those small deku flower symbols on the floor? I found out that they are REAL deku flowers. By turning yourself into a deku you can sink down in the symbols and shoot yourself up.

Note: It won't allow you to fly anywhere but you can (if you are lucky) get a hit on Majora with this flower.

Another way for easy money

Take a photo of tingle in the swamp (must cover whole body) take it to the swamp tourist for 100 ruppes!

*You can also take a photo of the deku king for 200!

Swordless link glitch

go to milk road with epona and go to wear the gorman brothers are. exit back to milk road and save at the owl stachue and open the same save file and now you can use any item on epona. getting of epona will end the glitch.

Stone piece of heart

despite the hint's name the piece of heart is not and i repeat not stone. first look for a hole in termina field near the obserbatory. it should have a large gossip stone and three smaller one. (if you choose not to use this hint just use the mask of truth to talk with the gossip stones and they will tell you what to do)put on one of the transformation and play the song you learn in the swamp mountain and ocean/bay but play only one and make sure it corispondes with the mask you are wearing. now look for a large rock near the gate in termina field close to the mountains and there will be a hole play the same song with the same mask. for the other two holes look to another guide. sorry for the inconvinience and sorry if i spelled it wrong.

More fast way to get money

GET the ikana stone temple treasure light arrow now go back to the town use light arrow in termina field monsters you get 50 ruppes for each monster. Go collecting and depositing you soon going to have more of 5000 ruppees on your bank.

Easy money and boat cruises

Okay, go to the southern swamp, and take a photo of anyhing there.

Then show it to the guy at the swamp tourist center and he'll offer you 5 rupees or a free boat cruise.

Also, if you take a photo of a big octo, he'll offer you 20 rupees instead of 5.

Hey mrsolo3000 the person checking the mail is a..

Hey mrsolo3000 the person checking the mail is a boy and the mask he is wearing is the keaton mask

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