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Diddy Kong Racing DS Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Diddy Kong Racing DS

We have 7 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Diddy Kong Racing DS please send them in here.

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Accessing Future Fun Land

When you have collected ALL the trophies and completed the sign it will look like the island has been saved. As the credits begin to roll go the lighthouse at the beach and it will turn into a rocket. After the intermission sequence ends drive into the portal of light where the lighthouse used to be and you will be teleported to a new world called 'Future Fun Land'.

Opening the Cracked Wall

When you begin the game follow the track round until you get to a tunnel. Inside the tunnel you will find a cracked wall with a picture of Wizpig. Draw round Wizpig's head (ears included) and the wall will smash open. You have to be accurate and it may take a several attempts.

Cool stuff

How to get the tt amulet, in each world, there is one race course where a key to the locked door is hidden. Don't worry about what place you get, just find the key. The levels are ancient lake snowflake mountain (I think) crescent island and boulder canyon. Then win the race against tt and you will get a piece of the tt amulet.
Super boost, if you let go of the a button before boosting (boost pad or boost power from ballon) you will get a stronger and longer lasting boost then normal.
Characters: taj, beat adventure 1 drumstick in adventure 1 or two, throw a frog up to the top of the mountain with a green frog head silhouette, next to wizpigs head and another frog will jump down off the mountain. Squish it.
Wizpig, beat adventure2 T.T. He is the best character (I think) to unlock him beat every single time trial with except for the ones you have to buy.

Unlock Super Boost

Let go of the acceleration button just before landing on a zipper or using a blue balloon to get a much stronger and longer lasting boost than you would normally.

Unlock Adventure 2

Successfully complete everything in Adventure 1 and after the second Wizpig race in space and the credits you will be able to unlock Adventure 2.

Unlock the Secret Characters

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock Taj:
Complete Adventure 1
Unlock Wizpig:
Complete Adventure 2
Unlock T.T:
In Single Player Race beat ALL of his ghosts (not including the new unlockable stages).
Unlock Drumstick:
In the world map throw a frog up to the green sillouette shaped frog picture to the left of Wizpigs face, then stomp on the frog that comes out.

How To Unlock All The Characters

Drumsick- Run over the Frog with a chickens head.
Taj- Complete Adventure Mode 1.
Wizpig- Complete Adventure Mode 2.
T.T- Beat all of the Time Trials with all modes of transportation. This does not include the 4 levels you need to buy in Adventure.

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