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Jak II: Renegade Cheats and Tips

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A large collection of cheats for you to look through and includes playable cutscenes, getting the Peacemaker early and an easy way of getting down from the palace.

More Jak II: Renegade PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 66 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Jak II: Renegade please send them in here. For more Codes for Jak II: Renegade go to:
Jak II: Renegade Action Replay Codes

You can also ask your question on our Jak II: Renegade Questions & Answers page.

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Various Extras

Toggle Jak's Goatee:

Collect 5 orbs during game play.

Mirror World:

Collect 15 orbs during game play.

Big head mode:

Collect 30 orbs during game play.

Small Head Mode:

Collect 45 orbs during game play.

Scrap Book:

Collect 55 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 1:

Collect 65 orbs during game play.

Vulcan Fury Course:

Collect 75 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 2:

Collect 95 orbs during game play.

Peace Maker Gun Course:

Collect 105 orbs during game play.

Scene Player Act 3:

Collect 125 orbs during game play.

Reverse Races:

Collect 135 orbs during game play.

Level Select:

Collect 145 orbs d..

Jak 2 Renegade

Mirror World Cheat:

During the game collect 15 orbs.

Big Jumps:

Press X(2), circle, jump(2) then spin kick instead of holding L1 then

pressing X to do a big jump.

Level Select Cheat:

During a game collect 145 orbs.

Big Head Mode Cheat:

Collect 30 orbs during a game.

Lurker Shark On Plaque In Hip Hog Heaven:

Look on some of the plaques at the bar Hip Hog Heaven. On one of them there should be a Lurker shark.

Jak Breakdances

After you acquire the Unlimited Dark Jak cheat and the Dark Power Dark Giant, find a Hellcat Cruiser, turn into Dark Giant, and then high jump and execute a Dark Bomb on top of the Hellcat Cruiser. If you do it right, Jak will get stuck in the now destroyed Hellcat Cruiser, revert to normal form and start spinning like crazy on his side or back until he dies.

Good luck trying! - Oyhitar

Jak II: Renegade cheats

Unlock Extra Options on the 'Secrets' menu:

Collect the corresponding number of Precursor Orbs to unlock the following

5 - Toggle Jak's Goatee

15 - Mirror World

30 - Big Head mode

45 - Small Head mode

55 - Scrap Book 1

65 - Scene Player: Act 1

75 - Vulcan Fury Course

85 - Scrap Book 2

95 - Scene Player: Act 2

105 - Peace Maker Gun Course

115 - Scrap Book 3

125 - Scene Player: Act 3

135 - Reverse Races

145 - Level Select

155 - Unlimited Ammo

165 - Unlimited Dark Jak

175 - Invulnerability

200 - Hero Mode

1000 disc thingys

press down up down left O square and right and you should have 1000 power disc whatevers

Weird Mirror

In the Hip Hog Saloon there is a mirror behind the counter. If you go to the mirror while moving Jak there is something wrong with his reflection... HE HAS DARK JAK'S HORNS!! Also works while crouching in front of the mirror. Also, there are metal head's heads on the wall which dont appear in the mirror. Their plaques do, their heads don't. Also if you've got far enough for the whac-a-mole type game to be there, that won't be in the mirror either. To help see if you want to, press R3 while facing the mirror. Jak won't be there in this view, so you can see easily.

Walk on air

This works by going to the temple where Onin told to get the three artifacts, when you go through the warp gate go to the platform where it takes you to young Samous, as the platform goes through the door and to the otherside, jump off the platform, turn around and jump on the very edge of the platform, by doing this, this will cause Jak to fall down into the darkness, after you can move again, you can freely walk ON AIR!! ( Note: this may take a few trys to get it )

Jak and Daxter Village

If you go to scene select, you can go to view the first cutscene in the game with the time-travelling thing. In the middle of it take open the disk tray and something should pop-up saying something like; "Please insert Jak 2 disk to continue playing". Do so, and you'll be in Jak's new clothes with Daxter, in the village, and metalhead birds will be flying out of what is suppose to be the rift, but it's invisible. You can walk all around the village, every detail is in there, and in the houses, there's Crimson Guard crates, which is quite mysterious but there you have it.

Cool Cheats

To unlock the following cheats at the Secrets Menu, collect the required number of Precursor Orbs.

Orbs Cheat

5 Toggle Jak's Goatee

15 Mirror World

30 Big Head Mode

45 Small Head Mode

Big Super Jump

This is my first glitch. Go to the place where you look through the teloscope. Get on your jet bord and power up. Ride inbetween the steps where the teloscope is and press


Ps It might take riding around the whole circl before you get it.

Playable Cutscenes

When you have the scene players, you can use this cheat. Simply choose a scene, and in the middle of the cutscene, take the disc out. When it tells you to put the disk back in, put it in and press continue. It may take a few seconds, but the disk will reload. Go to restart mission, and you get to play the mission from the cutscene.

This is only useful when you need to fight Kor. You start perched on a high ledge where you can shoot Kor at your leisure. It is better to choose the cutscene "Kor Drops Down." Kor has less life at this point in the fight.

You can also explore Sandover Village by choosing the first cutscene. You can't explore Sandover at any other part of the game.

Surprise shooting

While doing a roll jump, press R1 to stop mid air and shoot.

Jumping super high with jet board

So if you want to jump really high with the jet board heres how (you do not need any action replay or anything)

Ok now first youll need the jet board then go around the palace untill you reach the bazar side of the city with the black ramp then if youre facing the big black ramp go in to the bazar with the RIGHT little ramp turn around and get on the jet board and grind on the ridge of the little ramp thats almost under the big black ramp then jak will stop he will just be hovering over the ridge stuck but right when you get there start rapidly pressing X then he'll jump really high somtimes this works really good somtimes it doesnt but if you do it right you should jump really high.

hope you have fun with this cheat


Here's a few hints to help you in Jak 2..

When you see an arrow icon on the map, walk over and press triangle. It will be Torn giving you a mini mission.

Complete these and he will give you a precurser orb or two. When you have beaten the game, you can do any of them.

Metal Kor

At the end when you are fighting metal Kor, use your blaster to shoot him and your scatter gun to shoot the little metal heads. WATCH OUT FOR HIS LASER BEAMS! If you can, shoot the eggs before they hatch. On the second round, do the same thing only shoot the flying things before you shoot anything else. On the last round, he will chase you.

Just keep walking around the hole and his shots won't hit you. After he shoots, turn around and..

Glicth: See A Picture Ratchet & Clank

Once you get the Green Security Pass, go to the part of Haven City behind the green barier.

If you look through that whole part of Haven City, you will find a picture of Ratchet & Clank on a building.

:: SPOILER ALERT :: How to beat the final boss

I'm not gonna say who it is because it spoils a suprise.

The boss is really quite simple, a word of advice, save your vulcan cannon and peacemaker ammo because you can only get blaster ammo while fighting him.

At the start he will spit out a bunch of eggs, ignore them and shoot him as much as you can, start out with the vulcan cannon.

As the eggs hatch little 1-hit metal heads will run at you, either use the scatter gun, peacemaker (it is more useful on these things) or just mad kung-fu them. Beware when his forehead glows white he will shoot this eco ball, it spreads so you'll either want to hit punch or roll to get away.

After you take out one health bar these flying metal heads will pop out of the pit, shoot them with the blaster, he now shoots ..

Easy way to beat Krew

Whats up? I found a really easy way to kill Krew!!

All I did was run around the thing in the middle of the platform so all the green guys were following me. Then I turned around and blasted them with the scatter gun.

Once they are all dead Krew comes to fight. Just take out the Vulcan fury and shoot him. Don't stop or he will shoot you. He eventually gives up and sends down more green things.

uUse the same method I did and repeat what I just said. Do this untill Krew is dead. c-ya

Unlimted peace maker ammo

I always use this cheat and it really works im not one of those people that make cheats and they dont even work.

But mine does.

Once you have all the guns equip the peace maker ( make sure all your guns are full of ammo including the peace maker) and fire it at the guard they should all start firing at you.

They drop a bit of peace maker ammo when they die, pick it upand you have the same amout as you started and you can candothis as much as you like and as long as you want.

If you need any cheats just ask me!

Early Peacemaker

I heard this from my cousin, so it may not be true, but anyway, here goes. After you do the mission with the flag in Dead Town, go back to the place you got it. It should be destroyed. Then use your hoverboard to get to the bottom of the building. There should be a Peacemaker!


Collect orbs to unlock different things in the special menu.

5 Orbs = Toggle Jak's Goatee

15 Orbs = Mirror World

30 Orbs = Big Head Mode

45 Orbs = Scrap book

65 Orbs = Scene Player Act 1

75 Orbs = Vulcan Fury Course

95 Orbs = Scene Player Act 2

105 Orbs = Peace Maker Gun Course

125 Orbs = Scene Player Act 3

135 Orbs = Reverse Races

145 Orbs = Level Select

155 Orbs = Unlimited Ammo

165 Orbs = Unlimited Dark Jak

175 Orbs = Invunerability

200 Orbs = Hero mode

Freedom to kill cops

If you're like me, your favorite thing in Jak 2 is to kill the Krimzon guard, or the Kops, as I personally call them. So if you want to kill all the cops you'll ever want, all you have to do is this:

1. Hijack a car of motorcycle or something

2. Head full speed at ground level at a cop

3. Right before you hit hit the triangle button as many times as you can, until Jak gets out of the thing (before hitting a cop), and then gets back in.

and presto, bbqd cop with nobody on your tail.

Special Delivery!

Start by charging up the peace maker(purple gun) then get on the jet board ( if you press the x button then R2 you will get on faster) then just ride the jet board ANYWHERE in the city as long as you stay on the jet board then just get off and BOOM! Jak pulls out peace maker and fires automaticlly

Hovering vehicle over Deadtown

Take a vehicle to deadtown's entrance, get as close to the door as possible and over the hole, jump out and it should stay over the hole, pull out the peace maker and FIRE!! After this is done you should see the vehicle appear hovering over the hole destroyed.

Black Hole from tree in Stadium

The way this works is that get a vehicle (cruser, flyer) and go to the stadium as you enter the stadium go to the far right to where you see the tree in the upper right corner observe the tree a little and after you have done that the vehicle will start to get sucked into the ground ( this only works for the cruser and flyer, zoomers do not work) as you are falling start to which hover zones and start to move away from Haven City keep swiching hover zones at a paste and if done correctly you should be outside of the havens wall and you can roam around where ever you please.

Enter Stadium with vehicle

The way this works is that do the Black Hole cheat after you have done that and are ready to swithing hover zones, start to head for the stadium as you enter the stadium look for a entrance that leads outside to the entrance of the stadium as you enter the door set the vehicle on the ground where it is about half way between the poles and the entrance that you came in, jump out and start to head away from the vehicle heading for the flashing poles continue running but turn the camera to where you are looking at the vehicle stop about half way between Keira's garage and the vehicle make sure that the vehicle is still in your sight after that run back to the vehicle get in and head back to the door you came in ( stadium door ) if done right you should be able to ride you vehicle in the sta..

Exploding vehicle in Stadium

The way this works is that go to the stadium and put the challenge as Class 3 race, get a vehicle and do the Black Hole cheat, as you are swiching between hover zones and heading for the stadium do the same thing you do with the vehicle in Jetboard challenge ( go through entrance, park vehicle, walk away from vehicle, keep camera on vehilce so it does not disappear, go back, get in, go to challenge) as you are in the challenge go to the racing zoomer and get the vehicle to catch fire, park beside zoomer ( this has to be right otherwise it won't work ) get out of car, get in the zoomer and start race, as the door opens to start the race, the vehicle you set beside the zoomer will fall and destroy most or all of the other racers. ( Note: this may take a few times to do )

Easier way to get down from palace

The way this has to work is that you have to have Gaint Dark Jak for this to work, go to the palace and where you fought the Baron, go to the end of the palace where the elevator is it, as you go through the barrier stop and look at the two shields that are on the wall, turn to Gaint Dark Jak, go up to the first one and crouch jump and spin kick as you are doing this also move toward the wall and after you have done this you should be able to go through the wall as you are heading downward move toward the right and you should see elevator shaft quickly get ionto it and there easier way down ( Note: you have to continue to spin kick or you will die )

Jak propeller

This works for when you are in Gaint Dark Jak, get the guards on you to where the Hellcat Crusers are on you, turn Gaint Dark Jak and jump up and do Dark Bomb on the cruser, as you are flying across the screen make sure you are on the cruser until the cruser blows up if done right Jak should be inside the cruser and after awhile Jak will die but instead of just dying you will start to propell like a helicopter but you won't leave the ground

Make Jak jump forever

The way this works is that get the guards on you to where the Hellcat crusers are on you, turn to Gaint Dark Jak and get under a Hellcat cruser and jump, continue jumping and there you go ( Note: Doing this will cause the vehicle to blow up )

Destroy Erol when racing to Stadium

The way to do this is by when racing erol when you go outside where you see him and the zoomers turn to Dark Jak and head over to erol, hit him just by walking into him, when his vehicle starts to lose control by moving back and forth, get out of Dark Jak and start the race, this may take a few tries, but when ever you do this try to keep an eye on erol cause he may run into walls and other things, this will not happen all of the time but it is a good thing to try, you can thank my friend for this

Really is happening

*Spoiler*jak went into the portal which the metal head leader came out ,but when they went in they was scattered into the past in heven city which is really the village is dead town the dig is gyser rock and the forest is the forrbiden forest.

Aim with Peace Maker

Charge up the peace maker with R1. Hold that then press R3 hold R1 until your ready to shoot.

Extra Flip

When your on the Jetboard and do a front/ back flip. Hold the analog stick there after Jak hits the ground and he'll do a flip on the ground

~Fire Wolf

Orbs by the millions

Their are 600 orbs in jak 2 so happy finding!(some places you can not go back to so look carefully.)

Daxter rides on Jak's arm

Get out a gun. Crouch. Start moving. Put the gun away while still moving. Daxter will ride on Jak's Arm.

Useful Abilities

How to become Dark Jak:

Once you have enough Dark Eco energy, press L2 to become Dark Jak.

How to use the Dark Bomb:

When you are Dark Jak, jump then press Square to use the Dark Bomb.(This may not work until you see the Oracle)

How to use guns in hovercrafts:

When you are in a hovercraft, press the button to pull out your gun to use it. In a Krimson Guard hovercraft, press R1 to use it.

How to hop in hovercrafts & to do wheelies:

To hop press L1 & to do a wheelie hop then hold down the Left Analog stick.

How to a rapid fire move:

With the Blaster gun, kick & press the R1 button at the same time to do a rapid fire move.

Get loads of precursor orbs

If you look on the big map on the start menu you might see some little green arrows next to some little green lines, go to them and press triangle to talk.

Do the tasks that torn says through the talker thing and you will get orbs worth sometimes about 5 .

Hero mode

In hero mode after you get 200 precurser eggs you will start at the begining with all four weapons,infinite Dark Jak,etc.

All of the options in the secrets but the cops wont act drunk in the zoomers,they won't have humongously bad aim,they are much more sensitive on foot and on their so called "beautiful" Hellcats and zoomers.

Hey they have good guns,but still,they aren't red(standard)they are gold(elite),whatever you do dont jump on their heads,dont even touch or tap their stupid cars,and don't run when your wanted.

Trust me I learned that the hard way just stand still,your thin'kin whats he been smoken thats true.....not!

Hope that's no guards around becuase for each guard they get to zap you just to tell you whats it's like in hard mode you..

Precurser orbs!

This is a hint to find some precurser orbs

#1Dead Town

once you come in go to the brown goo now take out your hover board and go to the spot where you first see the metal head that throws dark eco at you.

Now you will notice a house with a canopy on top of a building in the goo and look inside it to find 5 precurser orbs!

Go to where you find the titan suit get in it and destroy the wall and get out now high jump to the top you find a precurser orb even though at the end of the broken hallway it shows that the titan suit has to destroy it!

#2Haven Forest

search through the water you should find atleast 5 precurser orbs!Look through the five pillars at the big tree you should find another one!

#3Precurser Mountain

now ..

Beating through Haven City

If your a beginner and you just started out in haven city. look up to your icon and follow the FIRST one.

Before you go meet ???? and the underground warriors to defeat ????? you should attack some cops, defeat 8 and the rest will follow you to the wrong place.

Your companion, later in the game, will say "what the heck happened" and he will start fighting with u.

Do it right and you can be trusted more by ????.

Your first mission you go and get the barons banner and your getting beaten badly, always look at ur icon and maKE sure you gots lot of dark ego.

You can turn into Dark jak! then everyone will flee. if ur stuck on ur second mission of going to the pumping station, when you start, wait until MORINING!

When the sin..

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