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Sonic Riders Cheats for GameCube

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Riders

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We have a collection of cheats that includes how to jump higher off a ramp, how to get the boot gears and how to get 100 easy rings on Splash Canyon.

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We have 21 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Riders please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox : PlayStation 2

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Unlock Mission Mode:
Complete Heroes Story mode to unlock Mission mode in the 'Main' menu

Unlock Characters
Unlock Shadow The Hedgehog:
Beat Hero Story mode
Unlock Cream The Rabbit:
Beat Hero Story mode
Unlock Rouge the Bat:
Beat Hero Story mode
Unlock Eggman:
Beat Babylon Rouges Story

Unlock E-10000G:
Play the game for at least 20 hours

Unlock E-10000R:
Play the game for at least 50 hours

Unlock Super Sonic:
Collect ALL Gold Emblems in Mission mode
Unlock Nights:
Beat ALL Jet, Wave and Storm missions
Unlock AiAi:
Beat ALL Jet, Wave and Storm missions
Unlock Ulala:
Beat ALL Jet, Wave and Storm missions

Unlockable Tracks.

Sega Illusion - Beat the Babylon cup (Normal race, Grand Prix) with a gold emblem (50 points).
Sega Carnival - Beat the Heroes cup (Normal race, Grand Prix) with a gold emblem (50 points).

Ain't cheats but helps!

Nights, ulala, Ai Ai : beat all the missions including jets
Shadow, rouge, cream : beat hero mode
Dr. Eggman : beat babylon mode
E-10000G : 20 hours
E-10000R : 50 frekin hours * ouch *

100 easy rings on splash canyon

On the splash canyon level when enter the huge lake at the end of the bridge you start on go all the way to the right behind the waterfall. Then run into it and then you'll come out of it with 100 rings on boost level 3

Mission mode.

To unlock Mission Mode you must first complete the Heroes Story.
When you beat the Heroes Story, you also get Storm's missions.
To unlock Wave's missions, you must complete the Babylon Story.
To unlock Jet's missions, you must complete Storm's and Wave's missions.

3 secret characters

After you beat both story modes, get gold medals in all the 1 normal race world gran prix (not the story mode. Both the babylon and hero gran prix) to unlock sega carnival and sega illusian race coarses. Then beat all of storm's and wave's missions to unlock jet's missions. When you beat them all you'll get nights, ulala, and aiai. This may be hard so in case you get mad easy and feel like breaking the game... DON'T TRY THIS.

Unlockable Characters.

Cream - Beat Hero story
Eggman - Beat Babylon Story
Rouge - Beat Hero Story
Shadow - Beat Hero Story
E-10000G - Play Sonic Riders for 15 hours
E-10000R - Play Sonic Riders for 50 hours
Super Sonic - Get gold emblems for all missions in Mission Mode

How to jump higher off a ramp.

When you want to jump higher off a ramp you must hold down "A" until at tip of the ramp then let go of "A" to go higher.

Sexy Speed Demon

First you have to beat the story mode for heros. Then you select rogue as your character and darkness as your extreme gear. She can fly through a map

cant reach?

When your doing a jump if its high than tilt backwards if its far than tilt forward if one way doesant work try the other. you can belive me because its in the manual but alot of people either dont read the manual or dont have it.

Weird Bridge

In the splash canyon and red canyon levels, when you first start the race (before you cross the starting line) turn sideways and stand in between two wooden boards on the bridge and you'll be standing on nothing.

Floating water

In the splash canyon level, first make yourself run out of air (I would suggest using a ring powered board though because it's easier to get rid of rings.
Ex: Chaos Emerald or The Crazy) Then jump DOWN the waterfall, not the waterfall you go flying up on, and back up as far as you can. Look to the sides and you'll see that the water is flowing over nothing. Kinda like it's floating.

3 new players

When you beat story mode you you get three new players Shadow Cream and Rauge

4 New characters

Eggman:Successfully complete both Hero and Babylon stories
Shadow,Cream and Rouge:Successfully complete Hero Story

Easy Rings

Go to time attack and get 100 rings.Then beat the level.

Cheats for sonic fans and my name is jeff murrins

To get cream beat heros story
To get rouge beat heros story
To get shadow beat heros story
To get knights beat all missions :jets,waves and storms same thing with ulala and aiai from super monkey ball hope your satisfied

Huh caant think of one

To get the tracks sega illusion and sege carnival beat both heros and babylon grand prix

How to unlock : characteres and bords and tracks.

To unlock shadow,cream and rouge beat hero story.
To unlock eggman beat babalon story.
To unlock blue star 2, darkness,smile and temptation and skate gear in shop beat hero story
To unlock e rider and magic carpet beat babalon story.
To unlock mission mode beat hero story.
To unlock jets mission beat storms and waves missions.
To unlock sega carnaval track beat hero cup with 50 pts and get a gold embilem.
To unlock sega illision track beat babalon cup with 50 pts and get a gold embilem.
To unlock NIGHTS,ulala and aiai bet storms,waves and jets missions.
To unlock super hang -on,hang-on and opa-opa gear beat both storys.
(NOTE)super hang -on and hang -on gear change the tune in the leve..

How to get the boot gears

Heres what you have todo:
Go to story mode select hero story beat it and go to the shop and youll see boots like what shadow uses.
hope this help ya ^_^

Red robot dude

To play as the red robot dude, play sonic riders for 50 hours. D:

That is way to long! Another hint from zachy1030

Go faster.

When you are in a race with a speed type,hold down A+B,and tada!You are going fast!

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