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Mega Man ZX Cheats and Tips

We have 10 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Mega Man ZX please send them in here. For more Codes for Mega Man ZX go to:
Mega Man ZX Action Replay Codes

You can also ask your question on our Mega Man ZX Questions & Answers page.

All Mega Man ZX Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Completion Bonuses

When you complete the game under the normal difficulty setting the Hard difficulty setting will become available. If you complete and save the game with both Vent and Aile under at least the Normal difficulty setting and then start a new game with the cleared game file you will retain Model X after getting Model ZX.

Unlock Arcade Mini-Games

Enter the arcade in Area C next to Transerver. Then defeat any two Bosses to unlock the Crusher-F arcade machine for gameplay. To unlock the Mega Crusher-F machine get over 100 points on the Crusher-F machine.

References from Megaman Zero games

In the area that you get Model L from the boss, in the area where you go to find the data disk about the biometal where the reversed L group of ice smash them and you find the boss that you meet in the Dark Elf chase (the water stage one) from Megaman Zero 3 hanging from their foot upside down. Also when you get the password data for Model L in the screenshot it shows Zero and Cell in front of a huge group of mavericks guarding a dome-like building. Also the models are from these Megaman Zero charecters: Model H (Harpiua), Model X (X of course), Model Z (Zero), Model F (Fefnir), Model W[the fragment not the core] (Weil[yes it's odd]), Model P (Phantom), Model O (Omega in Zero's orginal body), and Model L (Leviathan).

Model OX

If you want model OX,do this:play on normal mode and pass the game,then fight omega,if you win,go to the zone were it asks about those megaman zero 3 and 4,don't go to those doors,instead go to the door to the left,and you will see a mysterious rock,take it fleve and he will give model OX

How to unlock all the plushies...

Ok Here is how to unlock all plushies:

Fistleo Plushie:

You must defeat Fistleo while avoiding to hit his head.

Flammole Plushie:

You must defeat Flammole while avoiding to hit his arms.

Hivolt Plushie:

You must defeat Hivolt while avoiding to hit his wings.

Hurricane Plushie:

You must defeat Hurricane while avoiding to hit her neck.

Legananchor Plushie:

You must defeat Legananchor while avoiding to hit his head.

Lurerre Plushie:

You must defeat Lurerre while avoiding to hit her head.

Protectos Plushie:

You must defeat Protectos while avoiding to hit his chest.

Purpill Plushie:

You must defeat Purpill while avoiding to hit his arms.

Thats all the plushies, thanks god.



Okay here is some unlockables for you guys and girls.


Defeat any two bosses.

~Mega Crusher-F

Beat the high score on Crusher-F. (100 points)

~Flammole Plushie

Beat Flammole while avoiding to hit his arms.

Thats all for now I'll find out some more unlockable for you guys.


Keep Model X

Beat the game with both characters on normal difficulty, them start a new game. When normally you will give up Model X for model ZX you will keep X!

Beat omega easily on any dificulty

First becom Px, then start shooting at him rapidly. When he comes your way either jump dash him (if he is on the ground) or dash beneath him (if he did that uppercut thing).


Boss Plushies

When you beat a Boss with a Level 4 victory the Plushies can be found in the background of the Prarie's room. To achieve a level 4 victory you must defeat the boss without hitting where their Biometal is located. Unlock the following Plushies by completing the corresponding task.

Unlock Hivolt Plushie:

Defeat Hivolt while avoiding to hit his wings

Unlock Lurerre Plushie:

Defeat Luererre while avoiding to hit her head

Unlock Protectos Plushie:

Beat Protectos while avoiding to hit his chest

Unlock Fistleo Plushie:

Defeat Fistleo while avoiding to hit his head

Unlock Flammole Plushie:

Defeat Flammole while avoiding to hit his arms

Unlock Hurricaune Plushie:

Defeat Hurricaunce while avoiding to hit her neck

Unlock Leganchor Plushie:

Defeat Leganchor while avoiding to hit his head

Unlock Purprill Plushie:

Beat Purprill while avoiding to hit his arms.

Unlock Arcade Mini-Games

To activate the arcade games next to the transerver in Area C-2 you must complete certain tasks within the game. When the corresponding task for the game has been done press 'Up' next to the lit screen to play.

Unlock Crusher-F:

Defeat any two bosses

Unlock Mega Crusher-F:

Beat the high score on Crusher-F (100 points)

Unlock Hard Mode

On 'Normal' mode beat the game once to unlock the very difficult 'Hard' mode.

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