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New Super Mario Bros Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats that includes how to unlock worlds and secret levels. There's also a code that lets you play as Luigi.

More New Super Mario Bros Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 238 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for New Super Mario Bros please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Wii : Wii U

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Unlock Worlds

Unlock World 4:

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 2 as Mini Mario.

Unlock World 7:

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 5 as Mini Mario.

Unlock World 8:

Defeat the Boss in the last castle of World 6 as Mega Mario.

Lots Of Cheats!

Cheat #1-99 lives:

Go to world 1-1. Get a Mega Mario Mushroom. Run over everything in your way. Finish the level. Repeat this over and over untill you get to 99 lives. Its really easy but it takes a long time to do unless you get 5 lives every time.

Cheat #2-Play as Luigi in Single Player Mode:

At the menu where you choose which file you want to play on, puch L+are+A and you can play as Luigi! Note:If it doesn't say It's Me, Luigi! Then it didn't work so try again.

Cheat #3-Mushroom Houses:

Finish a level with a time {last 2 numbers} of 11, 22, or 33 for a Red Mushroom House which gives you Award Items. With the time of 44,55,or 66 for a Green Mushroom House with a mini-game for an extra-life. With the time of 77,88,or 99 for an Orange Mushroom House..

Unlock Luigi in Single-Player Mode

Hold the L and R buttons at the 'Select a File' screen and select one of your saved game files with the A button to play the game as Luigi instead of Mario.

Worlds 4 and 7

Its very simple yet very complex.

To get to World 4 you have to beat Level 2-Castle with a Mini-Mario/Mini-Luigi.

To get to World 7 you have to beat Level 5-Castle with a Mini-Mario/Mini-Luigi.

Also, after you beat the game push the following buttons in this order:L,are,L,are,X,X,Y,Y.This takes you into Secret Challenge Mode where you can't go backwards. {Like in Super Mario Bros,the orignal you can't go back for anything.}

Thanks!Please Rate Thumbs Up If I Helped!


Secret Challenge Mode

Pause game play when you are on the map and press L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y to enter the Secret Challenge mode. In this mode you will now be able to go back to an area that has scrolled off the screen when you are playing a level. This code will only work after you have completed the game.

Turtle Lives

When you have a turtle shell look for an arrangement of blocks that look like stairs. Set the turtle shell down on the stairs and when the turtle inside comes out jump on his head. If you time it correctly Mario or Luigi will keep jumping on the turtle's head and you will build up lives. When you have the desired amount of lives jump off.

Unlimited Toad House Items

To do this you must first load a saved game file which you have cleared every level (including the lettered bonus levels). Toad Houses now will no longer disappear after you take the items. The only exception are the ones that appear based on your timer when you finish a level. If you want to have ALL of your Toad Houses back, save the game and then intentionally lose ALL of your lives. When you return, ALL of the Toad Houses will be restored.


When you complete the following tasks in the game the corresponding feature will become unlocked.

Unlock Special BG Patterns:

Beat the game once.

Unlock 5th Special BG Pattern:

Collect ALL Golden Star coins in every level.

Unlock Warp Cannon to World 7:

Complete alternate Route in World 4s Ghost House

Unlock Unlimited Toad-House Items:

Clear all the levels, including lettered Bonus levels.

Big Orange Mushroom

To get a big orange mushroom to appear over your head in Versus mode you need to first get a mushroom on the touch screen and then collect 8 more coins. Note: This can only be done once per match and only works on certain levels.

Mega Mushrooms

An easy way of nearly always getting Mega Mushrooms in 2-Player mode is to let the other player get more stars than you (usually more than 5).

Alternate Way to Store Mega Mushrooms

One way of storing a Mega Mushroom in your inventory like the other items you collect is to grab the Mega Mushroom and hit a '?' Block at the same time. Doing this will store the Mega Mushroom even if you technically had enough room to 'grow'. This is easiest to do in World 1-1.

Extra Lives

To earn Mario an extra life you can either collect 100 Gold coins or at the end of a stage jump up and land on top of the flagpole.

Save File Stars

To get the following 'Save File' Stars on your file meet the corresponding requirements

1st Star:

Beat the game once.

2nd Star:

Beat every level in the game.

3rd Star:

Collect and spend every Star coin.

Secret star

Go to world 1-1 and get to the check point. After you make it there let yourself die. Once you go back to it there will be three blocks sepperated and you go to the middle one, get on top of it. Once your there jump and you hit a hidden cube that has a star in it.

Thanks for reading

Play as Luigi

To play as Luigi, select your file while pressing L+R

New Music & Lots Of Fireworks!

At the end of a level, get on the flag with a time of {the last 2 numbers count} 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88, or 99.There will be a certain Mushroom House that will pop up at the begining of the World you are on & there will be Music and lots of Fireworks!}How many fireworks show up is depending on your time.Example:11-1 firework. 22-2 fireworks. 33-3 fireworks.44-4 fireworks.55-5 fireworks.66-6 fireworks.77-7 fireworks.88-8 fireworks.99-9 fireworks.}

Happy Playing!

:D -Moemoerocks


To play as luigi instead of mario press the left and right buttons on the back of the nintendo when you pick your game file.

New Music + Fireworx (I'm surprised no-one entered this!)

This is really obvious but if you Finish a level (Absolutely ANY level) with the last two digits of the timer the same (11 22 33 44 and so on) you will get a mushroom house at the very beggining of the world. You will also get some very special music and fireworx! (The music is the Level Finish music of the Old Mario Bros.) You know, I'm really surprised no-one submitted this. But, it is kinda obvious...

Happy Gaming! =) -Craig555

Easy Mushroom

If you Ground Pound on top of a multi-coin block when you are in a big form a mushroom will appear after ALL the coins have dropped out.

challenge secret mode

In the start button press the buttons LRLRXXYY you make a old mario bros, and is more hard

Big guy!how to get him!

Alright, everyone wants big right?to get him on multiplayer(yes, I only know how to get him on multiplayer.)let your self die(on purpose) until(if playing to 5 stars)the opponent has three stars.get eight coins and watch the magic happen!(don't let your opponent get it before you!)P.S., the BEST place to get him on is the grass place with the goombas and the turtle!

Secret levels!!!

So if you want to go to the secret levels do the following.

1st secret level:in world one on the second level, you know that bridge that if you stand on the left it will raise to the right well on the second bridge stand on the left then run to the right and jump then walk. And when you see a tube and a star coin stop and fall and get the star coin then go into the tube and then you will see a red flag instead of a black flag.

2nd secret level:in the tower in world one (need the blue shell to go to the secret area) go to the door, and when you are in the room with the moving blocks go to the second door but don't go in, then jump to the two blocks to the side then go in the side and you will be in a secret room then jump and a 1-up mushroom will come out..

Easy Mini Mushroom

Save the game and enter a red mushroom house, then pause the game when Toadsworth makes the roulette block appear and you see the Fire Flower. If you then quickly press 'A' twice you will get a Mini Mushroom icon on the touch screen which you can tap any time you want to become Mini Mario.

Worlds seven and four easy

To gain access to worlds four and sven on the New Super Mario Brothers Game- DS or DSI, just defeat worlds 2 and 5 castles as a mini mario. TO obtain a mini mario, go to the level after the the first small caslte in world one, gain the mini, and defeat that level as a mini. Good luck. P.S. To kill something as a mini, jump up, then press down.

LUIGI !!!!!!

To get Luigi you go to the file select menu and push L then R then A and then you will have Luigi when you go into your file !!! Luigi can run faster and jump higher than Mario so it is really good to have him.

P.S. This cheat may stop after you turn off the game so you will just have to do it agaim.

P.P.S. I am not completely sure if it stops after you turn the game off but if you save it think it stays. P.P.P.S Please rate this cheat.

Hope you liked this cheat and find it useful

Killer Koopa!

When(if)you get that blue koopa shell,PUT IT ON! If you run with it(hold down the dash button while you are walking)you will eventually turn into a koopay shell that kills enemies on the spot.The only bad part is that you can't turn,unless you hit a wall and you can't kill dry bones for good I think,and that you aren't invincible to those metal balls with the pointy stud thingies on them.But other than that,this koopa shell has done wonders for me!

Bullet Bill taxi

This works at any place where Bullet Bills are.

1.Get a Tiny Mushroom and turn tiny.

2.Find a Bullet Bill cannon and wait for a Bullet Bill.

3.Jump on the Bullet Bill.

You will keep on jumping by yourself,but if you press

Jump you will go higher.If you go left and right

You would stay on the Bullet Bill better.

How to get 99 lives. (3 separate ways)

1st way: Go to world 1-4. Go normally until you reach the Red Koopa just before the big wall with all the brick blocks in it. Jump on him ONCE. Then press the Dash button (either X or Y) to grab the shell. Hold dash to hold it, then run for the area between the two pipes, one of them spouting Goombas. Get in the centre and throw the shell. Jump OVER it when it comes back at you. If done correctly, you'll get 99 lives easily.

2nd way: Go to world 7-5. Get a shell, as before. Chuck it between the two rotating Bullet Bill Blasters shooting at each other, and et voila! You'll have 99 lives in no time at all*!

3rd way: Play 1-1 until you get to where the Mega Mushroom is. Go ahead for a minute and stomp the Goomba. Then go back and hit the Mega Mushroom Block. Wait until..

Second Star Coin in level 7-1

Go through the level as normal, but when you reach the cloud with the two ? Boxes, RUN! Try to get on the flying ? Box. Then ride it until you reach a cloud with a green pipe. Go up that pipe, then, get the coins if you want and swing up the ropes on the wires. On a cloud will be your prize!!

Secret challenge mode

You have to complete the game then press start then press LRLRXXYY then you have secret challenge mode

Killing Boo's

I have found a way to kill the nasty and annoying boo's. When you have the blue shell make sure you have a run up, starting spinning and then run into them, that is how to kill boo's. It is the only way that I have found so far.

Hope this helps =)

Play as luigi in single player mode

At the "select a file" screen, keep pressed L and R buttons and choose one of your saved game files with the A button.

Now you'll play in the game as Luigi instead of Mario!


If you do a ground pound {Jump then press Down on the D-Pad} but before you hit the ground, press Up on the D-Pad and you will land on your feet instead of doing a ground pound!

Luigi play

For luigi play when you get to select your file hold down L and are at the same time while pressing your file, you will come out as luigi.

Get Luigi

When you are selecting files hold l and r at the same time. Keep holding them down when you select the file. If you don't hear luigi's voice when you select the file, you did something wrong. (You don't need Action Replay to use this cheat.

Musical Credits

After you beat the game,while viewing the credits you can tap them and you will hear different sounds from the game

How to unlock worlds

Its simple just get a mini micro mushroom then go to world 2 fight the boss on the last castle to unlock world 4 ten do the same thing on the last castle on world 5 to unlock world 7

Free Mushroom Houses

Instead of immediately jumping onto the flag pole at the end of a stage, take your time and watch the clock. If you hit the flag when the last two digits of your timer are the same (example: 133, 211, or 099) you'll unlock a mushroom house on your World Map. If the last two digits are 1, 2, or 3, you'll unlock a red mushroom house. If the last two digits are 4, 5, or 6, you'll unlock a green mushroom house. If the last two digits are 7, 8, or 9, you'll unlock an orange mushroom house.

Simplicity At It's Finest!

If you get a Mega Mushroom on a boss stage,save it until the boss,then use it.One hit will kill you're enemy on impact.

P.S.Try using this on Skeleton Bowser.It is funny.One time,I put on the Mega Mushroom just to be safe,because I wanted to kill Skeleton Bowser the old fashioned way.But I accidentally landed on him and crushed him,that's right,I smashed him to little tiny bits!It was really funny.

P.P.S.Fire Mario(and Fire Luigi)make it really easy to kill Bowser.Just shoot fireballs at him as fast as you can,and,of course,dodge his weapons.

Save Option Unlocked

After you beat the game,you can use the Star Coins to buy stuff.But why would you waste them buying things when you can save them?!To Save, just pause the game and there should be a new option that says SAVE.

{I'm not entirely sure, but I think this is only avalible when you actually BEAT the game.}

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