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Jak 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

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Lots of cheats for you to look through and includes skipping four missions in Hero mode, getting alternate costumes, fly over anything and how to avoid falling damage.

More Jak 3 PlayStation 2 Cheats and Tips

We have 62 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Jak 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Vita

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Naked Girl Poster

This isn't really a cheat but if you go to the Naughty Otsel bar in Haven city and when you walk through the door turn 180 degrees and look above the door you'll see a poster of a naked girl with Daxter.

The ultimate cheat for Haven

This is the cheat for how to get to the towers in Haven City.Use a car and jump onto the first ledge.Use your light Jak powers to fly.You will find a pipe in the wall.Fly up on it and repeat the process until you get to the top.You will find about thirty precurser orbs.Please rate. Smile

Alternate Costumes and Falling Damage

Unlock Alternate Costumes:

When you've collected ALL 600 Precursor Orbs different coloured clothes for Jak will become unlocked.

Avoid Falling Damage:

If you press 'Circle' button to Kick a split second before you land from a high fall you'll avoid receiving any damage if you've timed it correctly.


if you use light jak flight in the desert you can press xoxoxoxoxo repeatedly to get high enough over a mountain you can fall in side the mountain and walk around in side any mountain works

How to be infinite

(this is hard to do) first you start the movie then you. Do the new game then go to damas (not in the arena) then collect all the egg things then get the tough puddy after the arena (to unlock tough puddy you have to get the kanga-rats with the leaper) then beat the corse and race the fat guy when you beat him go to the monk fortress and you will have everything infinite! if you touch a person they'll die and if you touch a metal head it will die! you will have all the secrets unlocked youwil have everything

Mini Handgun

First get out any gun. Then hold L1 to crouch. Next start moving while crouching. While moving hold a direction on the dpad to put the gun away. Jak would have put it away, but a small handgun will still be in his hands!

Jak 3 cheats

Cheat mode:

To unlock the correspondin cheat option spend the following amount of Precursor Orbs at the 'Secret' screen.

Bad Weather - 5 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)

Big Head Mode - 3 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)

Blaster Damage Upgrade - 6 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-9)

Dark Jak Invisibility - 25 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)

Fast Movies - 5 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)

Increased Blaster Gun Ammo Capacity - 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-17)

Increased Peace Maker Ammo Capacity - 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 2-19)

Increased Scatter Gun Ammo Capacity - 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-17)

Increased Vulcan Fury Ammo Capacity - 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-24)

Infinite Ammo - 50 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)

Infinite Dark Jak - 50 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)

Infinite Light Ja..

Fly Forever

First of all, you'll need 50 precursor orbs after you beat the game.Then go to secrets in the start menu and buy Unlimited Light Jak.Then start the game and use Light Flight.When you start flying after the first flap press 0 then x,0,x,0,x etc.When you use this cheat you can fly over walls and go to places you never went to before.

New gun

if you pull out a gun then crawl and put the gun away then you will have a new gun

Kill Almost everyone in sight with blaster gun

When you run out of light eco or dark eco to do a special move you can kill everything coming at you.Just jump press 0 then R1 immmediatly sending 15 shots at each metal head,guard,or KG Robot.

Fly over anything

Before I begin explaning the cheat you will need light jak sheild and light jak flight. After you have those you can perform the cheat. I recommend that you buy unlimmitade light jak in the secrets menu when it becomes avaliable. Now for the cheat realy all you have to do is go nere a wall. Then you use light jak flight. Then double jump and tap o,x reapetadly. This should allow you to fly over any barrier. Now before you tr to fly over some huge barrier and get frustrated ill tell you from espiereance that this takes alot of practice. After a while you will be able to fly without a wall for suport. Ill also tell you my favorite place to do this cheat. It is the spargus city wall. It is buy the haven city transprt on the rocks. Goodluck and happy gaming!

How to get to the island

you go to spargus city go to the big gon up on the pilliar activate light jak flight and press xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo repeatedly and fly towards the island look at the map its the only way to tell when you are there the squid cant get you if you stay close to the island if you go in the water you can see the cool graphics

Tower invader

Ok this glitch is kinda odd ok so you need light jak wing to do it fly to the top of one of the towers using infanit flying by keeping pressing X,O,X,O in haven port all the way drop when your at the middle of it and you will be inside the tower just walk or swim through one of the walls to leave good luck ;)

Start a shoot-up in Spargus city

Hit anyone with a gun. Then quickly run behind another person. The person you hit will try and shoot you but will get the person you are hiding behind. That person will shoot his or her attacker until they are dead. You can put more than one person in this shoot out until it is a complete riot.

Jak 33!

If you look at the front of the game box ull see the big orange 3 but if you look theres a 3 hidden inside the 3 and the K!ive beaten the game 3 times and I just now noticed it!

Skip 4 missions in Hero Mode

In hero mode, after you finish the first artifact race you can drive the other cars. Get in the Dune Hopper and go to the Monk's Temple. There are no marauders in the desert. Once you enter the temple you will see a movie. After the movie pause it and check your missions to see you have skipped 4 missions and need to climb the temple.

Skip the start

If you want to start the game imediately do this:

1) Start a new game

2) Turn off the power

3) And then load from that file you started a new game from


Shy high orbs

To get the orbs you need to go to haven city if you go to the transprot.(the blue flying thing)Go to the tower nexst to you.You will need the jet-board to go to tower to tower to get the orbs.

Every cheat activated

I noticed that you keep almost everything you had when you go into hero mode so here is my hint. When you beat the game get as many precursor orbs as you can. Then buy the invulnerability cheat, infinite dark jak, infinite light jak, and infinite ammo. Then buy any other cheat you wany but remember to keep at least 5 precursor orbs for hero mode, then when you activate it all your cheats will still be there and you will find all you former precursor orbs are there again to be found. Find them and buy the rest of the cheats for all of them.

The Morph Gun Real Form

First, equip any weapon then switch it out while crouching(moving) and holding the same button, Jak will put the gun mod away and switch to the "original" morph gun, it is notably smaller and floats in Jak's hands.

Glitch flying jak stupid car and leaper on the water!

Ok I will be telling you how to do weird stuff that are a mix of glitchs and hacks so you want to know.......? Well the first is jak fly glitch (you first should complete the last time you go to monk temple so you have angle jak and I really think you should complete the game first and then try this). Now to make jak fly and go where ever you want you have to press xx then o in the air and then back and forth xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo and he will keep flying where ever you want. Just don't try to get the wings and go over the force filed and fly to the precurcers or elece you will die when you get to the top. Also don't press xx oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.... Really fast or you will go down more then you will up. I really don't want you to this glitch because it's dumb take out the desert screamer and dri..

First fight in the death arena

While at the end and low life stand close to an enemy without letting him hit you and activate dark jak with L2 your attacks are stronger but you can't use the gun they give you

Flying car

Well I found out a cool cheat sort of thing well get the dune hopper(if unlocked)then you can do two things if your good at the game get enough orbs for thecheat unlimited turbo and the other one is kill enemy cars to get the turbo then get in the dune hopper then press L1(jump)then R2(boost) or R2(boost)then L1(jump) then your car goes turbo in the air flys into the sky at high speed try it out thanx


Take the blue ship thing to haven city if not there already then go to the other half of the city that doesn't look like junk and when you enter go till you get to the first two turns go right then you will see a a little bridge that goes to a door, go in the door you will go down a elevator then go back up the elevator then go to the fountian in haven city on a bike or car and it will be gone now you can drive over it and go anywhere you want.

Dissapearing ship when in it

I was fooling around and I DISCOVERED MY VERY FIRST GLITCH !!!! You complete the game and get a zoomer in haven city and go to the metal head nest place where you get your last dark jak move go to the place it leads to ( not mountain temple)and go low hover to go through the hole go high and get your peace maker out and shoot the guys that come out of the big hole and some on the ground and fly in high hover zone and stop over the hole then wait a bit and the ship you are in will dissapear and you will fall into the hole.YAY I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO DISCOVER THIS GLITCH!!!

Upside Down Glitch

Go to the house next to the ocean with all the orbs on it. Go towards the right edge. (Theres a little step before the edge). Walk down the step and point your left stick inbetween forward and left. When your inside the building fall off the ledge and you will be swimming. If you look up everthing will be upside down.

Ps If you want to get back on land just swim to where land meets water and you will be back on land.

Orbs all over the place

Ok you know in haven city where all the water is there are these poles or wires that you grind on and there are like 6 on each pole ok to get there is there are these to towers located close to the walls you must use light flight but it not that easy you must press xoxoxoxoxoxoxox until you get to the top then grind one then sorry you have to start over and grind the secound.

Final boss

I,m not going to who it but this how to defeat him.

1 use the blaster for the first two stages because that

the only ammo that's there, shoot him a little then shoot the small metalheads keep moving shooting both of them. The boss will go limp at the end of stage 1 shoot any small metalheads that remain before stage 2 starts. Do the same for stage 2 you will have flying metalheads along with the small ones. Final stage the boss will run after you use the peacemaker and finish him. If you have dark jak use the peacemaker on his remaining health the 1/2 way then use Dark jak's dark bomb and he will be gone.

Dark and Light Daxter?

When you turn Dark Jak, Daxter will look like he's growling. When you turn Light Jak, Daxter will be praying.

Easy orb access for Precursor orb task

When you have completed the game go to secrets and buy unlimited light Jak (50 Precursor orbs). Then head to the glowing precursor orb task next to the giant door that leads to the area with the cars. Talk to it. You will be told to collect the time freeze rings. Transform into light Jak and slow down time. the time of freezing will increase shown in the top right corner. If the slow motion finishes use it again the time will stop and you will be able to finish the task easily.

Under City View Of Spargus

My cheat is that if you do the xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc. By a building and get to the top, you can sink through the building, and the land, and go into the water. While your in their you can see through the land, into the city. Please comment, rate, and add to your cheat book. ^_^


When you get the glide light jak power go to the city in the wasteland and in the middle there should be two buildings connected by a bridge on one fly to the top and you will find about 6 precurser orbs.

Precursor Orbs in the Metal Head Cave

Go into the metal head cave by yourself without a car and look around there are orbs on the ledges. But make sure you have the second red and yellow gun upgrade and the Light Jak healing power.

The only things you need to buy with your orbs are......

> infinate ammo: 50 orbs

> infinate light jak: 50 orbs

> infinate dark jak: 50 orbs

Sadly, these only come along after you defeat the final boss, but these are a must for hero mode. Hope I helped!

Sand shark in first desert race

Once you race with the murerdas in the first desert race look on your mini map. There shood be a red arrow. If you look at the car for the red arrow it shood be Kleiver riding the sand shark

Daxter Pac-man

When you are playing as daxter after you meet Vin, hold X to make him go faster, this made the mission way easier! Also when you are changing frames at top speed, you can try to make him get stuck and hit the side, if he does this, he"ll go in reverse.

Skip Kleivers first message

After completing the first arena battle instead of talking to him jump into the lava and die. When you respaun, you will be at the gate behind him and you won't have to talk to him.THIS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO CONTINUE THE GAME.

Moving Faster in Eco Grid

As we all know, the eco grid is one of the hardest missions in Jak 3. However, you can move more quickly by pressing and holding X.

Use the light power

The light power is probably the cooliest power in the Jak trilogy. You can fly, freeze/slow down time, the time stoper can be used to help through the game. As well as the fly power. Well thats all I got. I have to go beat the rest of Rachet and Clank.

Light Jak

Light Jak is your friend use him on those mission things that you have to pay skull gems use the flash freeze to slow down time and then the misson is going to be easier

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