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Digimon World: Dusk Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Digimon World: Dusk

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Check out our cheats which includes entering codes for cheat mode.

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We have 8 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Digimon World: Dusk please send them in here.

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How To Not Lose Money When You Lost To Someone In A Contest

If you're about to enter a contest with your own will, prepare your digimons properly and then go to DigiColiseum. When you're in there, save the game before you talk to Leomon for signing up. In this point don't save the game again. It costs a lot of money to sign up, so it is better for you to have more money than the price, just in case. After you fight the digimons and won your Tamer Rank will go up. Talk to BAN Leomon for a reward. If you lost the tournament then turn off the nintendo and you will start from the point before you sign up, and now you don't lose any money.
14 Dec 2012

Guilmon and his Digivolvution Track

Many people have said that Guilmon and all of his digivolutions are only on Digimon World Dawn unless you trade or breed to get one. They are wrong. You have to have access to the digi-area Access Glacier, though.
1. Get the scan data for a Reptiledramon from Access Glacier.
2. Get a DarkTyrannomon.
a. Can be found in Process Factory
b. Digivolves from a BlackAgumon - Also Process factory, or, if you want one earlier in the game, get the scan data of a Candlemon, degenerate it, then you can digivolve it into a BlackAgumon. (I did option two, also, try and get a scared D. Tyrannomon, so you can get the farm quest if you haven't yet)
3. Get either Reptiledramon or D.Tyrannomon to level 35 with 3000 Dark Exp and 3000 Machine Exp, then DNA Digivolve.
4. You will get a BlackWarGrowlmon. You have a few (recommended) options to think about:
a. Get a Diaboromon as well, and get one of them to Level 63 with 25000 Dark Exp and 360 Attack.
b. Degenerate it to a Growlmon, and then digivolve it up to Megidramon (cause you need one to get a Gallantmon), then degenerate it again (if you don't want Megidramon) and get a Gallantmon.
I recommend getting a Gallantmon, then getting it to level 68 with 100% Friendship, along with a Darkdramon, who you should get to level 59 with 24000 Dark Exp and 335 Attack, and two ShineGreymons (who you can keep at level 1, I think). First, DNA Digivolve the Darkdramon and ShineGreymon to get a ShineGreymon Ruin Mode, then DNA Digivolve the Gallantmon and 2nd ShineGreymon, and then you get a ShineGreymon Burst Mode.
Lol, a lot of work, but it is useful if you want to get a ShineGreymon Burst Mode on Dusk, and either don't want to, or (like in my case) can't get to, Wi-Fi.


If you want to get Pandamon first get a frigimon and tischundra (you know the brown bear) and put them at level 50+ beast 5000-7000 and apptitude at 50+ and then do the DNA digivovle section in your lab and tah-dah you have Pandamon.....Smile

help is here

To get a paildramon your stingmon and ExVeemon must be above lv. 30 then dna digivolve them.
For omnimon lv. 50 or above wargreymon and metalgarurumon then dna digivolve

How do I get paidramon or omnimon

How do I get paidramon or omnimon

omg strange

My digimon lunamon was going to make a eg but the egg turned gray and was missing this works with lunamon and a holy digimon it is kinda fun if it works you can get a holy lunamon cool huh!

I'm stuck how do I get paildramon it's really g..

I'm stuck how do I get paildramon it's really getting me mad because I only made a status changed xveemon

Cheat Mode

Enter the following codes without the quotes when talking to Valkyriemon inside the DigiColiseum to enable the corresponding cheat function. Valkyriemon will say 'It seems you know all the passwords' when you have entered ALL four of them.
Unlock 100% Scan Data for DotFalcomon:
Enter '20060402' as a code.
Unlock 100% Scan Data for DotMirageGaomon:
Enter '70307991' as a code.
Unlock 100% Scan Data for Sukamon:
Enter '20406002' as a code.
Unlock Legend Sword, Legend Robe, and Legend Ring
Enter '02619020' as a code.

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