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Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury

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We've got cheats on how to get 255 senzu beans and how to Fuse perfectly and unlock Gogeta.

More Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury Cheats and Tips

We have 60 cheats and tips on GBA.If you have any cheats or tips for Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury please send them in here. For more Codes for Dragon Ball Z : Buus Fury go to:
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Fuse Perfectly and unlock Gogeta

Always Fuse Perfectly:
When you do a Fusion Dance and it says 'Your Turn' press Up, B, Left, Down, A and you will always Fuse perfectly
Unlock Gogeta:
Collect ALL Z Exhibits and ALL Hercule Exhibits.

cheat codes for all

1E Enable Code (Must Be On)
00000368 000A
1003D840 0007
1 Infinite Zeni
8300155C FFFF
2 Max Zeni
8300155C E0FF
8300155E 05F5
3 Have All Inventory Items
4300106A 0101
00000010 0002
8300108A 0201
4300108C 0101
00000018 0002
4 Have All Equipment
3300114C 00A1
43001150 0001
000100A1 0004
Goku Codes
5 Max Stats (HP+Ki)
43001576 270F
00000006 0002
6 Max Attribute
430015AC 00FF
00000005 0002
7 Max Exp
83001584 C9FF
83001586 3B9A
8 Max Attack
83001588 FFFF
8300158A FFFF
Gohan Codes
9 Max Stats (HP+Ki)
430015DE 270F
00000006 0002
10 Max Attribute

255 Senzu Beans

Fly to Korin's Tower and get a bean from Yajirobe when Gohan asks Goku to get a Senzu Bean during the World Tournament Saga. Then eat it instead of giving it to Gohan. When you return, Goku will still give a Senzu bean to Gohan even though he does not have any. If you now look in your invintory you will see that you have 255 senzu beans.

Invisible flying glitch(need Gogeta)

To do this cheat, you need to have access to Gogeta. This is how to do the cheat.
Switch to Goku or Vegeta. Got to a circle thingy that takes you to the world map(DO NOT FLY YET!!!). Select thec fusion icon. Do the fusion wrong. Wait till they are done with the dance and pres a. If done correctly you will be invisible and flying!!! How cool?! Please rate. Thanks

Holy Water:

Give Korin 3 Red Snappers to get Holy Water.

Easy Air Hercule Shoes

There are two easy ways you can get the Air Hercule shoes. You can use Holy Water and run around in the nick of time or alternately, get Goku to go to SS3.

goku takes goku

first type 030015DC:08 into the cheat list and the go to kami's lookout then tele port see what happens goku takes goku.

255 Senzu Beans

During the World Tournament Saga, in the part where you get a senzu bean for Videl,
Go to Korin's Tower amd get at least 1 senzu bean, Eat it.Once you go back to Gohan, He will fight Spopvich and Yamu, check your inventory. And Wa-lla There you have, 255 senzu beans

255 senzu beans

When gohan asks goku to bring a senzu bean from korin, eat the senzu bean and without opening the start menu, go to papaya island and talk to gohan. Next time, when you open your start menu you will see you have 255 senzu beans.

Kai Store

After you have defeated Buu you will be able to find useful items for levelling up, such as the Kiloton Gloves/Boots, and armour with super high endurance by visiting Kai's planet and working your way to the right-most map and then breaking through a crack in the wall.

Always Fusion Right

To always get the fusion right with Gotenks or Gogeta press up, b, left, down, a when it's your turn and you will always get the fusion right.

Get Vegeta to say what Goku says(Glitch)

Whenever you are ready to confront Kid Buu turn Goku into super saiyan 3 and Vegeta into super saiyan. Next, switch to Vegeta and go to the flight circle and go to Kid Buu. You'll see that Vegeta is not ss1 but goku is ss3. If you go back and do it backwards Goku and Vegeta will say something different.

shiny tiling glitch

When you go to get the great saiyaman outfit in the beggining of the game right before you hand bulma the capsule go super saiyan and talk to her you will see that when you stop talking the floor on the bottom of you turns a weird colour

Super Beam Attack

This cheat works for and only vegeta because he has big bang attack so do by steps:
1. Find an opponent (boss) with a lot of hp like over 30000 or like that because this attack takes a lot of the opponents hp and energy.
2. Get a wide space because you need to do it so it will go longer e.g. Arena.
3. First you fire big bang attack make it big to do a lot of damage. (extra damage later)
4. Then fire some energy blasts then use final flash extra attack but make it quick so that the big bang doesn't hit the wall,tree,tower,etc then you get extra damage that is over 2000 or more I got it 3893 - 4431.
And this is how you get extra damage. Works 100 percentage.
Thumbs up please :D

SSJ Vegeta In Closing Tornement Glitch

To do this cheat you need to have beaten the game.
(This does NOT affect your game in a bad way)
Go to West city. Switch to Vegeta. Turn into a Super Saiyan. Swich to ANYBODY BUT Goku. Go into Capsule Corp. Go straight until you get to to glass doors. Read what the text box says and click yes. Wait until the tornement starts. Look at Vegeta and he is in SSJ transformation.
Happy Glitching

How to get 255 senzu beans

During the Great Saiyaman Saga when gohan asks you to get a senzu bean for Videl, go to Korins tower and ask Yajarobe for 3 senzu beans.Eat all three of them and go back to Gohan BUT DONT GIVE HIM A SENZU BEAN.Next , check your inventory and you will have 255 senzu beans.

Defeat the destroyer

Whatever character your using, and you can't destroy the destroyer, (The big red machine that could be in various colors Look it up in the scouter) use the Z-fighter's beams Exp:
Vegeta: Final Flash
Goku: Kamehameha
Until they either die or survive.
If they survive, use a item like a item like a senzu bean, milk, and so and so to finish the job up, or if your confident enough, just punch it to death.
(I posted this up because it helped me and there are many colors of it so, if your lv. 100, there is still another colored one that could probably defeat you so pleas do a thumbs up)


After you complete the game do not go to the capsule corporation to start the final sequence of the game.If you want to train more then do the following.
1.After you take off a world circle,go to kami's lookout.instead of going in the lookout,fully descend to the ground and then go under the lookout.You will reach the barren wastelands with the strongest enemies.Have fun with training.
2.there will be another airship in place of the one you went to collect the dragon balls.However it will be now armed with the strongest enemies.You may need Gotenks or Gogeta(if you have unlocked unlock him just collect all the Z and hercule exhibits and return them to the capsule corporation and the hercule cafe)have fun training


OK this more more of like a glitch.but what it is if you get hit and you run into a wall at the right time you wont take al much damage like 4 damage.

Kid Buu

In the kid buu saga when your vegeta and theres the time,go hide in the right behind the rock.!!!buu will NEVER get you (probobly).Have fun!!!

SSJ Flying Cheat

In kami's look out go into the room next to the hyperbolic time chamber go SSJ, SSJ3 and the fusions SSJ and stuff work to then go to the window your player will fly out and enjoy your highly pixelated SSJ flying about.

Restat game

Press a,b,l,r,select,and start at the same time.

Really good stat decisions for People.

Best ideas for the characters, in my opinion are as follows.
Concentrate mainly on his endurance, and his strength secondary. His health is really high, so take advantage of that and try to make it as long-lasting as possible. Up his stats from Lv. 75 (as that's the level you get him at) to level 100 as so:
Every 5 levels: 10 points towards endurance till max
5 points towards strength or power
Every 10 levels: 20 points towards endurance till max
10 points total towards strength and power (5-> STR 5->POW)

Focus on your endurance like Vegeta, but have your power secondary instead of strength. He has really good health, not qui..

play as gogeta

Collect all Z fighter&hercule exibits.P.S.hercule is a wimp

get to use goku in chp 2(saiyaman saga)

Ok do you wanna know how to use goku in saiyaman saga then you,ve come to the right place. First enter the vegito cheat. Make sure that it works. Be sure to type the (m) code. If you don't than the game will crass.Enter the cheat at the beginning of the game & start a new game. After doing that enter the save circle near grand kais mansion then switch to vegito. He,ll be lv 75. Use him and train but you'll notice that goku levels up and gains stat points but as goku increases his lv vegito decreases. After goku reaches lv 65 meet olibu and do the rest. But when you have to enter the grand kai's mansion to compete in world martial arts tournament take vegito and win. After pikkon is defeated vegito is changed to goku and has a halo too. And in chapt 2(saiyaman saga) go to save circle and ..

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