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Pokemon Ranger Cheats and Tips

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Such things as Catching Politoed, unlocking the manaphy egg and loads more are on our cheats page.

More Pokemon Ranger Cheats and Tips

We have 79 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon Ranger please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Pokemon Ranger Questions & Answers page.

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How to get and send the Manaphy Egg game to Platinum, Pearl, or

Getting Manaphy
Now first of all, you have to complete the game. After you've completed the game,(this does not mean getting 100%)you should be able to access to the Ranger net. Now to unlock Manaphy you need to unlock the secret mission. Follow my directions:
1-Press and Hold The are button, then the X button and then left on the control pad.(Has to be in order given in.)
2-Next something will appear that says "Please Enter Password"
3-Then turn off and on the power when tells you to
4-go back to the Ranger net and click on "Enter Password"(If you did exactly as I said, then it should be there. If not try again).
5-This is the Password: P8M2-9D6F-43H7
6-After you've done that, you will have unlocked the missio..

The three LEGENDS!!!

Now you're probbably wondering, "What legends?". Well, you're about to find out. Oh yeah, you must have beaten the game first.
Kyogre - Talk to proffesor Hastings in his lab, and spend the night there. You will be called to the Ranger Base. You now have to go to the guy with the Lapras. Hop on, and off you go! You will suddenly get caught up in a whirlpool. Moments later YOU FIND KYOGRE!!!
Groudon - After getting Kyogre, talk to Spenser. He will send you on a vacation at Summerland, but it's super - hot there for some reason... Talk to Cameron, he will send you to the Jungle Relic. After destroying a huge rock you will find Solona. Go into the room that she was in, and go near the water. 2 Poliwrath will jump out at you. Catch them. You will need one to clear a pool..

Catching Pokemon and Special Missions

Catching Pokemon:
Pokemon are caught by cornering them and throwing a Pokeball at it. After about ten battles the captured Pokemon must be released or they will run away.
Special Missions:
Complete the following special missions in the Ranger Net to capture a rare Pokemon.
Special Mission 1 (Deoxys)
Special Mission 2 (Celebi)
Special Mission 3 (Mew)
Special Mission 4 (Manaphy's Egg)
Enter this password; P8M2--9D6F--43H7 for US version.

Drowzee Man

After you have beaten the game, if you go to the place you fought Gordor there will be a guy name the drowzee man. If you do what he tells you, he will put you under a spell and take you back to your final showdown with Gordor again.So that means you can battle the three dogs again(if you want to.)

how to catch salamence very easliy

ok first when you enter battle with salamance, wait 4 him to stop his ground- pound attack (the fire rings)then wen he's walking around circle him once very fast. then he should get pissed and do his fire rings attack. after that he should fly around. when he is, start cirling him slowly, but too slow. going slow will give u more presicion and accuracy then going really fast. trust me, this works. i caught salamence on my second try doing this.


To get Regirock you will first have to beat the game-you will also need a Pokemon with a water ability, two Pokemon with a break x3 ability, and a fire x3 ability.
Just before you go into the temple use break x3 on the rock to the right. Then use water on the plant. Climb it then use break x3 on the wall. Go inside. There will be some Gastlys(catch them if you want it doesn't matter). Then go to the end and use fire x3 on the ice block. Go inside the big doors and Regirock will be inside.

Manaphy Egg >>>IN THE ENGLISH VERSION<<< (different code)

1. Finish Pokemon ranger story mode. Get ranger net.
2. Get onto ranger net and press the top right trigger, x, and left on the D-pad at the same time.
3. Touch the screen to save
4. Press "enter the password"
5. Tap screen to save
6. Enter the password Mg35Cpb84FW8 >>case sensitive<<
7. You will need to turn off the game (a message will appear to tell you)
8. Select special mission
9. Now, "recover the precious egg"
10. You will not be able to have manaphy on the browser, unfortunately, but if you have another DS system, someone with diamond or pearl can recieve manaphy via wireless connection

>>> I have done this and it works. Trust me! <<<
Happy gaming!

How to acces the manaphy mission

First press R+X+SELECT you should see enter the password has been added but you'll have to select play special mission and then after the the password has been added then you'll see eneter the password enter P8M2-9D6F-43H7

Nostalgic Captures

If you finished the game,return to the fiore temple's pyramid and there'll be a man standing here with 2 drowzee.Talk to him and you'll be able to re-caprute Suicune,Entei and Raikou!Hope I helped ;-)

Trouble defeating Pokemon?

Look here to find out how I defeated all these pokemon.
Pokemon: Kyogre
Number of rings: 10
Strategy: Circle him until your friend bar is at least 1 and use Minun to shock it. Then quickly do the rings around it.
Pokemon: Raikou
Number of rings: unknown
Strategy: use a Gengar on this. Didge the lightning bolts he uses and circle him rapidly.
Pokemon: Suicune
Number of rings: unknown
Strategy: before the battle starts, make sure you have full Friend bar. Then at the start of the battle before he clones himself, use minun's shock. Then rapidly circle him.
Pokemon: Entei
Number of rings: unknown
Strategy: Entei is stronger than you last battled him. You will see he has fireballs floating around him. Circle h..


To get porygon beat the game then go to the go-rock squads factory in fall city then go to the room with moving tiles wich are stopped he is invisible bet you can see him a little bit h is extremely rare

Getting Registeel!( Only after beaten game )=(

Get 3 Pokemon that have the max amount of power to do that rock thing.Then get two Pokemon that can do the vine thing and one cutter Pokemon with cutting power 2 or higher.Go to Krokka Tunnel and go to where all of the zubats are.
You should see a pole on the end of some water in the western part.Use the vine Pokemon on it.You should see a door.Go in the door and use your cutter Pokemon on the gate.Then go in.Now you use your power pokemon.Use it on the rock on the right.
Then use the next one on the rock in the middle of the next row.Then use it on either the middle or right rock of the last row.You should see a gap.Use the other vine Pokemon on it and you will cross.(dont worry,theres a tangela on the other side to escape.Then go in the door and BOOM!Registeel is ..


To capture rapidash go to the grass capture field and capture 2 spoink and rapidash will appear

Easy way to catch Suicune

As soon as the battle starts, Suicune makes 2 copies of itself. The real Suicune is the only one with a shadow, so wait till they are close together then use your partner pokemon's poke assist and Suicune will be yours.

Grassland Challenge Pokemon points

Name points
Bulbasaur 200
Kirlia 300
Spearow 400
Gardevoir 500 - capture 2 Kirlias (only two appear)
Doduo 1,800 - capture 2 Gardevoirs
Tangela 200
Torchic 300 -capture 2 torchic to reveal Combusken
Combusken 700- capture 2 to reveal an Arcanine
Arcanine 2,000
Donphan 800
Spoink 400
Tauros 500- appear in a herd of 5
Abra 500-appears after 1 minute
Kecleon 1,000-appears after one minute
Slowpoke 1.600-capture 2 abra (only one appears)
Rapidash 1,600-capture two Spoink
Dodrio 2,301-appears after you earn 5,001 point..

The u.k manaphy code

Th u.k manphy code is Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8 (case sensitive)

Gain deoxys trust on ranger net

There are 4 different forms attack defence speed and normal you can only catch deoxys in normal form. On defence form avoid the rainbow ball it will just make it harder because the circle that you make is useless. In speed form wait until it is at the middle of the screen it is easy because you just have to circle it 4 times.
In attack form use discharge then use fighting poke assist.
When you get to normal form in capture deoxys keeps on transfoming if you capture a form that is not normal it will be forced to transform into the next form the forms transform in the order you battled them in. Attack,defence and then speed. My advice to you is to wait until it is at speed form then capture it then it will transform into normal form. You have to CIRCLE DEOXYS 9 TIMES ..

Registeel in Rangers

To find Registeel you need five 3x smash Pokemon one 2x cut Pokemon and two Pokemon with the cross ability. Go to Krokka Tunnel and go to the left side of the room that has the Zubat and cross over to the other side. Then go left and cut the metal fence. Smash your way to the other side of the room then go out of the cave to get another cross Pokemon (remember to get two).Cross back over to the rock room and cross the gap to the other side and through the door Registeel will be waiting for you.

Getting Regice!( Only after beaten game )=(

You need a vine Pokemon a max power rock smash Pokemon and a max power fire pokemon.Go to the place in front of Wintown and go to the part where there are two golems.Use the fire Pokemon on the south(lower)ice and it will melt.go in the door and use the rock smash Pokemon on the right(east)rock.
Go down the hole.You should see another hole.dont go in it.instead look to your should see a pole.use the vine Pokemon on should see a hole.go down it.then go up and you will see Regice. Method of capture is up to you but I strongly suggest using Minun/Plusle's discharge.
By the way,in addition to my registeel submissionif you go down from the place where you cut the fence to get to registeel there is a rock.use strength on it.Go down and there will be a few..

Beating the Main Baddies

When you get into the cave in which you have to fight Flygon, Kingdra, and Charizard, make sure to have a full powered plusle/minun. When fighting the Kingdras, wait until they both jump out of the water. Use plusle/minun's discharge. Any weakening or powering up duration is neutralized because of Kingdra's water/dragon type, so it will last the normal amount of time. Circle them both to get a bunch more points. Before Flygon, make sure to get plusle/minun's discharge fully charged. To do this, find a Pokemon in the cave (preferably something strong) and encounter it over and over, without ever completely catching it. It won't last long on Flygon, so be prepared to Try hard. Do the same for Salamence and Charizard. Against Charizard, wait until most of the fire is gone before using the d..

Ringtown Capture Challenge

Capture two torchic, two combusken will appear, capture them and finally arcanine will appear!


If you don't want to complete a capture make one loop and then tap the icon in the lower left corner.

Capture Arena.(Fall City)

In the Capture Arena,when you capture a Pokemon,the numbers will disappear.DO NOT LIFT YOUR STYLUS!Keep going until a number 10 appears over the Pokemon.Your number of seconds will increase by 10 if you do.

Easy Way to Catc Entie on the Last Mission

Most people complain that entie is hard to catch but he is not u just gotta time him and use a water pokemon assist on him and with that u can catch him really easily

How to acces the manaphy mission

First press R+X+SELECT you should see enter the password has been added but you'll have to select play special mission and then after the the password has been added then you'll see eneter the password enter P8M2-9D6F-43H7

catching politoed

When you go to summerland and politoed is captured go to the forest straight ahead of you climb the vines keep going often you will see the guy walking with politoed follow him if he loses politoed you have to get heracross break the log down in front of the grunt he will say thanks go on then he catures 2 mankeys and a primape capture them then he sets up a metal fence get lotad cross were you used heracross go left there will be a vine that has not grown yet use politoed then go up it catch grovile go back to the fence use grovile then you will run into a grunt with quit a few Pokemon beat him keep going straight and you will find the grunt who stole politoed capture him and you have cleared the mission

Obtain Snorlax

To get Snorlax, you first have to catch every Pokemon in the game. (except Snorlax) That does include all of the legendaries in the Ranger Net. After that, if you go north of Wintown, you will see a hiker near a cave. Enter the cave and you will find Snorlax.

these are how we roll

hint: avoid his attack then use your minun on it's highest discharge to get it circled
Hint: watch out for his fire attack because it will drain your styler fast
Rings 5
Hint he is always moving so use minun at just the right time to capture him
Hint: Avoid anything he throws at you also when he starts to fly thats the best time to circle and capture him
Hint:stun them before they go under the water because they will get so annoying
Gyrados after jungle
Rings 10
This is the quest to find the auqamoles parts so annoying
Hint:get something to stop him cause he is able to shot water beams and he al..

Partner Gauge

When you start, you don't have a partner gauge that you can use. When Plusle or Minun become your partner, you get this gauge. At rank 3, 5, 7, and 9, this gauge increases by one. You fill the gauge by making successful loops around pokemon. For each filled gauge, the power of Plusle or Minun's discharge grows. At 1 filled, three branches of energy go out from the partner. At 2 filled, four shoot from the partner. At 3 filled, 5 branches shoot from the partner. At 4 filled, the lighting grows in size, but there are still 5 branches of it. When all 5 are filled, 6 large lighting bolts shoot from the partner. The stronger the bolt, the longer the target Pokemon will be paralyzed. For every bit of excess in the next bar, the bolts of lighting will spin a little bit.

Catching Mew

To capture Mew, do not use the bug assist. Climb up to the jungle temple, avoiding Mew, and capture a shedninja. With the ghost assist, the capture will be a breeze. Also, be sure to battle Mew alone, and not with another pokemon.


To get Regice you will have to beat the game-you will also need a fire x3 ability, a cross ability, and a break x2 ability.
First go to Fall City. Then go down into the cave. From the entrance follow the path until you get to some Jynx. Then go follow the path more until you get to two Golems. Then use fire x3 on the bottom ice cube and go inside. Then use break x2 on the right rock and go down. Use cross to the left side and then go through the giant doors. Regice will be there.

Manaphy egg!

To get the Manaphy egg you must first beat the game.
Then go to Ranger Net. Then press R, X, and left on the d-pad at the same time. A screen will pop up saying "Enter the Password" touch the screen and wait until it saves. Then click on it. Then enter this password:
Tah-dah! All done! Then just do the special mission and after Pokemon Diamond and Pearl come out you can transfer the egg to it(how to do this I am not sure yet =P sorry).

Fighting Entei

Alot of people have troubles trying to beat Entei, some don't but here is a hint with just using minun/plusle assist. When Entei is in the center or not near the flame circle him once. Do it over again and again until the flames stop then then circle him for the last time and quickly use Minun/plusles assist fully charged (if not fully charged then keep circlings him, it recharges it. It will stun him and as fast as you can capture him because he attacks straight after he is healed
Happy Playing Smile Pachirisu

A new special mission

First you have to beat the game then go to the ranger net. When you're there press are, x, and left at the same time, and "Enter The Password" would be added.
Put in the code "P8M2-9D6F-43H7. A new mission would be added. The mission is called "Recover The Lost Egg." I won't spoil the surprise of what you could do after the mission, but you can only do it once.

Get your own manaphy egg!!

It's pretty simple, just follow these steps.
First, go to ranger net.(you only have this if you beat the story mode) then go to special missions. Now,this will only work in you beat all three missions you get. When you beat all three missions, with deoxes, Mew, and celibi,go to the special missions screen, and press, R, X, AND LEFT CONTROL PAD ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You have to do it perfect, so it my take a few tries. When you do it right, something will come up where you need to type in a code. The code is:P8M29D6F43H7. All letters are capitalized. When your done typing that in, you will get a new mission called, save the egg! Or something like that. If you beat that mission, you will get your very own manaphy egg! But it doesn't hatch for a long time, just to tell you. Well ..

UK Manaphy code!

To access the Manaphy Mission, go to the Ranger Net option on the main menu of the game when you have beaten the main story and press R, X and Left to access the password entry menu. Stick in this case sensitive code: Mg35-Cpb8-4FW8 and Manaphy is but a quick mission away. Of course, Diamond and Pearl aren't actually out here yet - but when they come out on July 27th, you'll be able to trade over your Manaphy egg and start breeding them Phiones.


Succesfully beat the game and complete all the special missions on the new thing you get I forget what it's called and then complete all the special missions that the rangers give you in the game but you can't take pokemin with you and one of the last ones is manaphy and after you capture it you go back to your base where you got the mission and you can now download manaphy from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon diamond or pearl but you need to ds's to do this sorry it took me a while to figure this is out oh and hint on catching entei suicune and raiku catch the first Pokemon with medicham or golem catch the second one regulary and catch the last one entei I thinkl with a gengar advice keep two with you

defeat charizard easy

The 2nd time you battle charizard, get arbok and use poisen assist

How To Get A Mewtwo

No AR No Glitches but just secret places you,ve never seen

You must have plusle or minun makahitu and snubble and have completed the game between 2/4 times if more it won't work. Go into any ranger base then there will be a celebi distroying the base and then you have to circle celebi 50 times get it to 40 then use minun or plusles power and it will be paralyzed for the rest of the battle. Outside there will be flames that celebi leads you to and a mewtwo is there. WARNING YOU CIRCLE IT 200 times

The answer to:How Do I Catch Salamance?!

For heavens sake,do you guys ever quit.Ok,heres the Answer!
When Salamance as finish his hyper beam hurry and circle him,that way he will be flying while you still circle him around.Don't worry about his earth quake,he will just stop your stylus so you can't circle him.
Hoped I Helped
By Demonchild1214>><