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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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We've got cheats that will let you play as Scorpion or Sub-Zero in Story mode, get easy health and unlock the Mortal Kombat 2 arcade game.

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We have 31 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks unlockables

At the 'Main' menu enter the following codes to unlock characters and modes
Unlock Sub-Zero for Story mode:
Hold L2 and input Square, Up, Down, L1, L1, Up, Square. Then release L2.
Unlock Scorpion for Story mode:
Hold L2 and enter Square, Up, L1, R1, Left, Right, Square. Then release L2.
Unlock Classic MKII mode:
Hold L2 and input Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, R2, Square. Then release L2.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks cheats

Scorpion in 'Story' mode:
Beat the game with Liu Kang

Sub-Zero for 'Single Player' mode:
Beat the game once with kung Lao

Unlock Kung Lao Fatalities (Story Mode):
Fatality 1 - Left, Up, Right, Right, Square

Fatality 2 (Body Slice) - Right, Right, Right, Right, Square

Fatality 3 (Mild Air Slice) - Up, Up, Up, Right, Square

Fatality 4 (Friendly Rabbit) - Up, Up, Up, Down, Square

Fatality 5 (Arm Cutter) - Left, Right, Left, Down, Square

Fatality 6 (Head Toss) - Left, Right, Left, Left, Square

Fatality 7 (Many Chops) - Up, Up, Left, Up, Square

Fatality 8 (Headache) - Up, Down, Up, Right, Square

Fatality 9 - Right, Right, Up, Up, Square

Unlock Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade Game

If you get fed up playing Shaolin Monks you can always enter this code and play the Mortal Kombat 2 arcade version. All you have to do is hold L2 at the 'Main' menu and press Square, Up, Down, Right, Left, R2, Square. You'll hear a confirmation sound if the code has been entered correctly and the game will then be available at the 'Kontent' menu. Alternatitely if you've got plenty of time on your hands you can unlock the game by completing ALL five of the Smoke missions.

Keep Weapons Longer

If you throw a weapon down and then immediately pick it up again the weapon will regain ALL of it's durability and you will be able to keep using it. Performing this trick enables you to carry weapons with you for a long time.

play as scorpion and subzero (story mode)

Play as Sub-Zero:
Complete the game as Kung Lao. Or, hold L2 and press Square, Down, Up, L1, L1, Up, Square at the main menu.

Play as Scorpion:
Complete the game as Liu Kang. Or, hold L2 and press Square, Up, L1, R1, Left, Right, Square at the main menu.

How to unlock scorpion and sub zero

Hold L2,square,up,L1,R1,left,right,square
Realase L2 for scorpion
Hold L2,square,down,up,L1,L1,up,square
Realase L2 for sub zero

Unlock Sub-Zero: Hold L2 and push square down,up..

Unlock Sub-Zero: Hold L2 and push square down,up, L1, L1, up, square, then release L2, you should hear a beep and you should have him unlocked.
Unlock Scorpion: Hold L2 and push square, up, L1, R1, left, right, square, then release L2, you should hear a beep and you have scorpion unlocked.
Unlock MK 2: Hold L2 and push square, up, down, right, left, R2, square then release L2, you should hear a beep and have MK 2 in kontent unlocked.

Extra EXP

Get Toasty on the Combo meter and quickly press start. If done right, u should get a message saying Toasty 1000. After the message disappears, u get the 1000 EXP. Repeat if you want.

How to beat shao kaon

After you beat Kintaro you will see his head in the middle of the ring but don't pick it up,if you use Liu Kang keep you distance and shoot only 1 fire ball at a time because if you shoot 2 or 3 your power meter will go down and shao kaon can easily hit you.When you bring him down to half of his life meter he will fight you useing a big hammer when he spins around do the long jump to get away form him and when he is tired pick of the skull and throw it at him then shoot him once with your fire ball,but if he blocks the skull don't shoot a fire ball at him because he will chage at you and will do a lot of damage to your life meter.So only shoot your fire ball when he falls down.
Now with Kung Lao just do the same but use your razor sharpe hat.
Hope I help

Unlock Scorpion in Single Player/Ko-Op Mode

Hold L2 while inputing code and release at the end.
Square, Up, L1, R1, Left, Right, Square
If put in correctly a sound is heard afterwords.

Mortal Kombat II Fatalities

F - Forward
B - Backward
D - Down
U - Up
HP - High Punch
LP - Low Punch
HK - High Kick
LK - Low Kick
BL - Block
(Note: When a fatality contains 'Up', press Block to stay on the ground)
Fatality 1: F F D HK (Sweep) then F D F F HP (Close)
Fatality 2: (Hold LP) B B D F (Release LP) (One Screen Away)
Friendship: B B D HK
Babality: D B B HK
Stage: D F F BL
Fatality 1: U U HP (Two people distance)
Fatality 2: (Hold HP) F D F F F Release (Close)
Friendship: B B D HK
Babality: D B B HK
Stage: D F F BL
Fatality 1: B B B B HP (Close and hold BL while inputting directions then release when you press HP)
Fatality 2: B F D F LP (Close)

Dark Sub-zero & Human reptile

Go to vs mode and the two players must pick both characters like sub-zero vs subzero and the second player will be dark sub-zero if both reptile the second player also turn human reptile
Its cool try it

Unlock Scorpion

At the main menu screen, press and hold L2, then enter square, up, L1, R1, left, right, square.

Easy Health

Low on health? Just go to any save point and activate it. If you are real low on health, you might have to do it several times as it only restores a little at a time.

How to get all the chracters

Kitana: in the evil monastery there should be a broken pillar near the two statues jump on to it and jump on the bridge kitanas secret is there.
Reptile: In the living forest jump past the shadow hood brothers exit that bit then jump over the waterfall then exit on the next bit run over to the clay statues break there sheild`s then throw one of them in to the stone collum it looks like a pile of rocks stacked together then go back to the waterfall there will no longer be a waterfall just a koin that kontains reptile.
Baraka: in the soultombs head through the red door where you see a statue break it then jump across to barakas secret.
Subzero: after where you fight subzero and after the boat then when he freezes the door on the left lion use wall jump an..

Gettin scorp

Go 2 the main menu and hold L2 then press square up L1 R1 left right square then let go of L2 and go 2 1 player or ko and see if you can pick scorp if not try it again cause I did it.

How to beat.....DA DA DA DA..... SHAO KAHN

This is almost exactly the same way as I posted how to beat Goro easy. Just run in circles around him, careful not to get hit by the shoulder ram, and when he fires the green fireball, move out of the move and shoot the hat (or fireball).
Keep doing this until he gets out his hammer, keep doing the same thing(shooting him with the hat or fireball) and when he does the spinning around thing, use the long jump ability to get out of the way(you need to do it 4 or 5 times).
Keep shooting him, and do the fatality and you will win. I'll let you see for yourself what happens afterwards. (It involves Quan Chi) !


Kung Lao Fatalities
Fatality 3: UP, UP, UP, RIGHT, QUICK
Fatality 4: UP, UP, UP, DOWN, QUICK
Fatality 7: UP, UP, LEFT, UP, QUICK
Fatality 8: UP, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, QUICK
Brutality 1: LEFT, LEFT, UP, UP, POWER
Sub-Zero Fatalities
Multality 1: UP, UP, DOWN, UP, LAUNCH ..

Easy way to defeat ORICHI HELLBEAST at the Soultombs

Before you get into the room where you fight the Orichi Hellbeast, make sure your brutality meter is filled. Once that is filled, enter the room. Right when you start fighting him (or her, whichever you prefer) use brutality on a tarkatan. While in brutality mode, fight the ORICHI HELLBEAST. Brutality mode deals a truckload of damage to him (or her). And there you go, an easy beat!

How to get the #4 health upgrade!!!!!!

After you defeat reptile go outside by the tree that gives the last hint and theres goin to be a wall that you can climb by the tree climb it and there should be the a health upgrade!!!

Hope I help if you have any questions ask me at [email protected]
good luck

Defeating Kintaro w/ Scorpion

To defeat Kintaro w/ Scorpion quickly here's what you need to do: Have your spear attack upgraded to level 3, dodge his attacks for as long as possible, when he does his small jump slam, don't get hit while his back is toward you, charge your spear attack to damage him a lot more. Continue to do so until he is dead.

How to get wall climb

At the wu shi acadimi where evre thing is buring secre the place and use the fist of ruin in the middle of the burning place and then go ford and jump down then you will see a orb get it and you will unlock it

How to get the doublee jump and swing ability

When you get to goro beat him and you will get the double jump ability then go through the dead pool place put the enemies on the hooks hanging from the ceiling and go through the door and you will get the swing ability


Brutality: Right Left Right Right Circle


When you die in the game, mysterious messages appear on the screen, here I will reveal some of them:
1 - WALL RUN IN WASTERLANDS. - This message reveals the location of sub-zero
Is the part of the great gate, which sub-zero freeze it to we break. Before entering the gate, go left near the statue and you will see a red coin, use the wall run to get it and unlock it.
2 - KABAL SAYS TANK YOU VERY MUCH-wasterlands also refers to, when you get to that place, will have a statue save between two slits. After jumping over it (when you climb the ladder of bones) you will find another slot, skip BETWEEN the two walls, and use the sword to break the bones that prevented the passage and enter the room. Escape the giant boulders and save kabal on top.

How to kill Kintaru with SubZero without getting hurt

When killing Kintaru keep using Subzero's slide attack, when your doing that SubZero will go straight through Kintaru, when you run out of energy move around avoiding his attacks while your energy regains, when it has, repeat the slide until Kintaru dies. Hope I helped!
Oh and can someone tell me where all the hidden health upgrades are, please

Fighting Reptile

When you fight reptile, he always teleports up onto the high wall, and then he shoots those acid balls that take off heaps off health.
Well, to avoid these, just hide behind the snake's body to the right of the screen. The acid balls don't hit you.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, and when he turns invisible, one way to get him is watch where his feet are hitting the ground, or you can let him get you on the ground and then do an attack while you are getting up, if he's next to you, you'll get him!!!!


When you die in the game secret messages appear on the screen, here I will reveal some of them.
6-CAN YOU SEE THE INVISIBLE PENGUIN? - This message refers to goro lair, go to the place you found jhonny cage, look at the moon, you will see a shadow in a kind reindeer, wait, and you will see another shadow this time in the form of penguin, shoot the moon to get a red coin.
7-ASK ERMAC FOR HELP. - Refers to whu-shi academy, and also the second mission of the smoke, first go back to the first area of ​​the game. Then go to the fork (that is before the bridge was destroyed by tarkatans) and take the path that has a statue and use the fist of ruin to break it and enter the portal. Climb up the left wall and use the swing ability to agarar up in bamboos, then talk with a statue ..

How to unlock Johnny Cage

In the wu shi academy where you have to do the first test your strength jump up on the roof at the top of that place you can do this the first time you are there or you can go back later and do this (if this helps anyone please comment)

Hint: living forest

Once you get to living forest, there are spikes,try to ovoid them and don't jump on them,because you need to get a living creature and throw them on the spikes and soo after wall climb or long jump.=)


To know all the screats of the (read coin) at which place are they located

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