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Sonic Adventure Cheats for DreamCast

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Adventure

We have 22 cheats and tips on DreamCast. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Adventure please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : DreamCast : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360

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How to get knuckels golden gloves. First go to t..

How to get knuckels golden gloves. First go to the
mystic ruins.then go to the forest.when your at the
forest,go to bigs bed.then climb the wall behind the
bed.then you will see a ledge.go on the ledge and
there are knuckels golden gloves.there is also a
emblem.good luck!

Chao Clone Cheat.You First need to start your be..

Chao Clone Cheat.

You First need to start your best saved game and look in the chao garden in Station square and exit the game.

Next you go on your worst saved game and complete it until you are able to get the gold chao egg. Get the egg and take it to the chao garden.

Exit the game and start it again and you can get infinate gold chao eggs!

Now you do this until you have 8 chao in every chao garden. Go into the ghao garden that has the chao you want to clone and pick it up.

Then take it to any chao garden, Leave the chao in that garden then take anoter one out of that garden.

Once the game has saved turn the Dreamcast off and on then check your cha..

When you complete 100% with every character, you..

When you complete 100% with every character, you will unlock Super Sonic.

But beware, he has only one level, and unlike other characters, you can't just wander round once you have done his level. So you just do it over and over again.

Plus, before get to be him there is a 15 minute demo with about 10 second of walking around in between.

So, all in all, this cheat isn't all that great!

This isn't really a cheat but it contains two la..

This isn't really a cheat but it contains two last levels.

First pass the game with Tails then go to the grassy area by the Speed Highway and there will be a card that will let you in Twinkle Park...!

To get a Golden/metalic chao go to the town hall..

To get a Golden/metalic chao go to the town hall and look near the
trees opposite the main entrance, there should be a blue stone (egg
shaped - but not an egg), pick it up (by holding the attack button
when close to it) and take it to the antiques shop on the left (when
you are facing out of the gate) Put the blue stone down and lift up
the green chao egg. Put the blue stone in it's place. Take this to the
chao gardne by using on of the elavators in the hotel. To hatch it
faster pick it up and push the anlogue stick down, this is also how
you pet it.
To get a Silver chao go to the Mystic Ruins Lake and there will be
a ledge sticking out , right next to the river, push it in. Then, look at
the waterfall, you will see a blue egg..

2 player mode in ADVENTURE!Requires:2 controller..

2 player mode in ADVENTURE!


2 controllers

you must have beaten emerald beach or whatever.

Use the second controller to play as TAILS. TAILS cannot get special stuff, only rings. Use SONIC for the rest.

Here's all the locations of the upgrades:Sonic:L..

Here's all the locations of the upgrades:


Light speed shoes-In the sewer by the burger shop.

Crystal ring-In the hotel door above the manager behind the counter (Hold B in front of the door).

Ancient light-On a rock to the left of Red Mountain.


Jet anklet-In the sewer behind Twinkle Park.

Rhythm badge-When you enter the past turn left and go up the stairs and turn right.


Shovel claw-Beside Kiki the monkey in a cave by the hillside of Tails workshop.

Fighting gloves-On a ledge above big the cat's house.

Make 'Tails' Scream like a girl:When playing "So..

Make 'Tails' Scream like a girl:

When playing "Sonic Adventure",Start a

new game,choose Sonic,defeat Chaos,watch

the FMA(Full Motion Action),continue

watching the full motion action,go to

Emerald Coast,beat the level,watch the

next FMA,and after the words"Now You Can

Play With 'Tails'"appear at the bottom

of the screen,quit the game,go to option

mode,go to "Language Select",change the

language to Japanese(but don't change

the text),exit'Option'mode,select

'Adventure',choose 'Tails',watch the FMA,and when the words"Look out below"

appear at the bottom of the screen,

'Tails' will s..

To get a chao that looks like Sonic, Collect bet..

To get a chao that looks like Sonic, Collect between 10-20 green animals(deer, rabbit, kangaroo) in the action stages and give them to your chao.

Be sure to feed him! After a while, your chao will start to look like sonic. After it cocoons it will look A LOT like sonic.

Hint: If you use mostly deer and kangaroos the chao won't have those silly looking rabbit ears and will have small ears kind of like Sonic's.

Light Chao--------------------------------------..

Light Chao



Summary: Have a Chao reborn twice and then give it 15 animals.


Starting Out:

Find a Chao egg. You can create the Light Chao from any color egg.

Next Step: Have It Reborn

The quickest way to do this is to feed it LifeNuts, which you receive in the

VMU. The best way I did this was I put the baby Chao in the VMU. I played the

matching game on the VMU, eating all other fruit but LifeNuts.


how to get sonic's cristil ring:go into the hote..

how to get sonic's cristil ring:go into the hotel.go up the stairs.then store up power and hold x or here's the tricky the two buttons and quikly charge at the ring as fast as you can our the door get the cristil ring to make you power up faster.then press the button and the door will open and you have got the cristil ring.

Invincible Tails

Once you get the Rhythm Badge with Tails in the ancient place, you can hold the attack button to continuously spin around while moving, making Tails invincible and damaging enemies.
IMPORTANT-----Tails can still be hit by projectile, or ranged, attacks, such as gunshots. I am not sure if this will work on bosses because they usually have a specific way to beat them.

NOTE-----I think Amy can spin her hammer for a short while, making her the same as Tails, except for the fact that she gets dizzy and is unable to move for about 5 seconds when this happens.

Easy Way to Get the Crystal Ring

First, jump up to the balcony in the hotel place go to the left corner of the doors, charge up a light dash, the doors will open walk inside and get the ring!

5 easy emblems

At some point in the game you get to be omega. At one part of omega's level you go through a forest.go to the left of the forest and there will be a cavern with 5 emblems and 3 lives. Happy days!

adventure mode emblums1 in the burger shop in st..

adventure mode emblums

1 in the burger shop in station square

2 fly straight up where you got the ice stone

3 when your in the train station in station square go a little forward and fly

those are all the adventure mode emblums I know that are in station square

1 glide from the top of tails work shop to the top of the place you got the shovel claw

2 somewhere near bigs house

3 on top of the tree behind bigs house

4 glide off angel island somewhere

those are all I know in the mystic ruins

egg carrier emblums

1 transform the ship and break a box where you faced chaos 6


Invisible Sonic: Play Windy Valley until you get..

Invisible Sonic: Play Windy Valley until you get to the part when Sonic escapes from the tornado.

Go foward a little until you see the fast shoe capsule.

Now do a light speed attack to it and WHOOSH, Sonic Will Disapear!

This is how you get the maximum heat gloves for ..

This is how you get the maximum heat gloves for knuckles.

When you get of the trolly into the jungle get off and climb the wall.

Go to the left just keep going and going and going untill you reach a little cliff thing it'll be right there.......

Golden chao egg

In the first adventure place go to the next part off the town you will see in a window a golden egg.
If you take it from the shop the door will lock so you you will have to find a rock in the grass part in that part of the town.
If you find it replace the egg with the rock and take it to the chao garden when you hatch it it will be a golden chao.
If you can't find the golden chao egg or the rock.

Hedge Man

For a clean Pause , pause the game and hold X and Y to remove the pause screen .
Put your game disc in a PC drive and access the folder it contains and enjoy.
finish the game with every character to unlock Super Sonic.

Have fun!



1. Find the Gold chao by going to the city hall (where you go for knucles' Speed Highway level). Turn so your back is facing the city hall doors and you should see a rock on your right.

Pick it up and go into the shop on your left just as you walk towards the road in that area. When you go in, around the shop up the small flight of stairs and a gold egg will be there.

Replace the the rock with the egg and walk over to the Station Square Chao Garden. Hatch it.

2. Raise the stats of your chao to about 100 by using animals from the action stages (to see what your gold chao's stats are put it in the VMU and then go on to game on your ..

Well, this isn't a cheat but a useful tip. When..

Well, this isn't a cheat but a useful tip. When playing as Big the cat you can get the thing that makes you float.

Once you have it go try beating a level and when you fish, instead of standing on land and throwing you line way out you can go into the water and float.

While floating you cats your line from any where and it makes it easy to catch fish or Froggy.

How to see Shadow

This isn't really a hint but it's kind of weird(and weird's my middle name). On the first action action stage on the Egg Carrier,keep walking around and you will see a tank and it will say Shadow on it. It's best to use Knuckles. This might not work as my friend told me and sometimes I don't believe him.

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