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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

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A large collection of cheats that includes how to get all the characters and capsules, character moves and getting more skills.

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Unlockable Characters

Android 16 - Beat Android 16 with Goku.
Android 17 - Beat Android 17 with Piccolo.
Android 18 - Beat Android 18 with Krillen.
Android 20 - Beat Android 20 with Goku.
Cell - Beat Cell with Goku.
Frieza - Beat Frieza with Goku.
Future Trunks - Beat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks.
Ginyu - Beat Ginyu on Namek with Vegeta.
Gokule - Get Goku and hercule's breakthrough
Hercule - Beat Fat Buu with Saiyaman.
Kabitoshin (Potara) - Collect seven dragonballs and wish for the capsule from the Dragon.
Nappa - Beat Nappa with Vegeta (can only be done when you unlock Vegeta and start Dragon mode again).
Raditz - Beat Raditz with Goku.
Recoome - Beat Recoome with Goku.
Saiyaman - Beat Cell with Gohan (adult) only.

Getting Rare Characters and hints

To get Yamcha- beat Nappa with Tien
To get Raditz-beat Raditz with Goku
To get Recoome Beat Recoome the first time you see him with Goku
To get Ginyu-beat him with Vegeta on Planet Namek
Frieza:beat him with Goku
#18-beat with krillen
#17-beat with piccolo
#16-beat with Goku
if you want to get #17,#18 beat them before you beat #16 otherwise Cell will come and absorb them both!
Dr.Gero(#20)-beat with Goku
Saiyaman-beat Cell with Adult Gohan
Cell-Beat with Goku
Hercule-beat Majin Buu with Saiyaman
Videl-beat Super Buu(Gohan absorbed)with Hercule
Adult Trunks-beat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks
Dabura-100 kili
Majin Buu-1200 kili
Super Buu- 3600 kili
Kid Buu - 3600 kili.

Unlock everything

Go to the skill shop where you buy capsule but don`t buy a capsule hold L1 and L2 and bulma will talk and this is keeping increasing your capsule repeat this cheat over and over and soon you will unlock everything

Super Buu

You can use Super Buu's move absorption to fuse with 6 characters and have their best moves
1. Cell- which you get spirit bomb
2. Frieza- which you get death ball
3. Tien & Yamcha- which you get wolfang volleyball fist
4. Gohan- which you get super kamehameha
5. Gotenks- which you get super kamikaze ghost
6. Vegeta- which you get final flash
They also should have fused him with Goku, future Trunks, T. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo

Get everything

This is how you get everything
Go to edit skills the place that you buy stuff
From then keep your hand on the L2 then go in then as quick
As you can press triangle and the prusent meter will go up
It will take you quite long but it is worth it.
I hope it helps!!!

Skill cheat

In the area where it has edit skill another and skill shop before you pick skill shop hold L2 and hold it in entering in and out till you got 99.

All Capsules (the easy way)

You guys are all wrong...yiu don't have to hold on to all of the front buttons...just L2..all thats needed.hold onto L2, enter the skill shop, (still holding onto L2) then exit the skill shop. Repeat this as long as desired. When you get to about 50%, you will have to do it more than once to go up by 1%. Be sure to edit any capsule before you exit to the main menu or else it wont save and you will have to do it all over again. : )

Glitch for 99% capsules

I found a glitch to get 99% capsules, the other 1% you have to buy. Go to the Edit Skills on the main menu. Once you're in, hold the L2 button. The L2 button has to be held the entire time you're doing this. First go to the capsule case that has a 1P on it. Second you go into the store and exit out quickly, still holding the L2 button, doing this should boost your capsule % by 1. Repeat this until you get 99%. I know it sounds like a pain but it's worth it. Also save before you leave the screen with the store, skill list ect, or you will start back all over again. To do this go to the Edit Capsules and change someone's list then leave out bye pressing triangle all the way to the main menu it should save. Also the Higher the % is the longer the % takes to get.

how to get all characters and capsules

go to edit skills then when ou are in the menu where it saying shops and stuff then hold L1 and L2 after go to bulma's shop and keep doing in and out faster and fatser then you percent will get bigger and bigger. the bigger it gets the faster you go and even harder to make it go up

Fusions and super secret fusions!

~Gotenks: Automatically after beating Board #7
~Vegito: Automatically after beating Board #8 if you make Goku and Vegeta meet and put on the earings like Supreme Kai tells you to.
Super Secret Fusions:
~Tiencha (Tien + Yamcha): Get Breakthrough Tien and Breacktrough Yamcha (to get a breakthrough for a player just beat dragon world and get all of the dragon balls then when shenron asks you for a wish find the breakthrouh for the wanted character.)
~Gokule (Goku + Hurcule): Get Breackthrough Goku and Breakthrough Hercule
~Kabitoshin (Supreme Kai + Kabito) get Breakthrough Supreme Kai (Kabito isn't a character in the game but when they do the fusion he just appears)

Time limit and potara fusions

Gotenks time limit
tiencha time limit
vegito potara
gokule potara

Easy ki

Note: this only works on practice mode.
When your in practice mode if you press the SELECT button your ki gauge will automatically go to max or 6.

How to beat Majin Buu

Ok this is how to beat that annoying little guy, first kill all of his henchmen, this consists of Saibamen, Mini Cells, Cell and Freeza.
After killing these people, dig with the person you have chosen to fight Kid Buu (dig more than once in every place here dig until there is a question mark above their head.
Then move to the next place, the person should be about 150 attack and 150 defence if you plan to kill Buu.
Before killing Buu get 5 lives and then attack. You should have someone standby in case you lose.
Good luck


On the first stage they give you a dragonball to start you off but on all the other stages you have to find them using the dragon radar.
When you are on the space the radar points to press SQUARE, the character will then look around the floor and then suddenly pick up a dragonball.
Also if you press SQUARE on any other space you can pick up energy and also a thing that gives you two moves instead of one!
Laters................. Ads!

Unlock Everything

Go to Edit skills then to your memory card that has your data. Then Hold L1 and L2 andgo in and out. It takes a while but it's worth it.
PS. I got to 99% but I got the Sam capsuls so I had to beat the game to get breakthrough for Raditz.

Unlock capules even quicker

Do do this all you have to do is hold L1 and L2 enter the shop press traingle straight away and as soon as the women starts talking just press x and it skips the talking bit out

Majin Vegeta

To Complete the 'Explosion attack' you must rapidly spin the analog sticks in a counter clockwise motion.
You must spin them very very rapidly or else the move won't be completed and you will die.


Android 16 - Beat Android 16 with Goku.
Android 17 - Beat Android 17 with Piccolo.
Android 18 - Beat Android 18 with Krillen.
Android 20 - Beat Android 20 with Goku.
Cell - Beat Cell with Goku.
Frieza - Beat Frieza with Goku.
Future Trunks - Beat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks.
Ginyu - Beat Ginyu on Namek with Vegeta.
Gokule - Get Goku and hercule's breakthrough
Hercule - Beat Fat Buu with Saiyaman.
Kabitoshin (Potara) - Collect seven dragonballs and wish for the capsule from the Dragon.
Nappa - Beat Nappa with Vegeta (can only be done when you unlock Vegeta and start Dragon mode again).
Raditz - Beat Raditz with Goku.
Recoome - Beat Recoome with Goku.
Saiyaman - Beat Cell with Gohan (adult) only.


OK, First of all, In Response to Several Posts regarding Stick Rotation (Especially the one about Majin-Vegeta's Final Explosion), I Would Like To Point out that although it does Tell you to rotate the Analogue Stick, the meter will increase when ANY Button is pressed, and if you place your Left hand on the Control Pad, and Keep Tapping the Pad & L Buttons, while Using your Right Hand to Press X, Circle, Square, and Triangle, You Will Get Half The Bar Filled. You May then Use The Palm of your Right Hand to Rotate the Sticks (And With Practice, Press L3/R3) and Fill the Rest of The Bar.
Note. If used Correctly, This Trick will Completely Fill Most Energy Bars in Less Than a Second!
This is Also Effective For Burst Mode and Attacks Where The Opponent tries to Push The Attac..

Good skills

If you go to Bulmas skill shop you can get her skill for free by going in, than going out. When she says come back next time press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then rapidly after each other if you did this right you should your capsule percentage rise 1%. do this repeatedly and soon you'll have all the capsules.


To get Videl Beat super buu(Gohan) with hurcule on stage 8
To get sayian man beat fat buu with adult gohan
To get hurcule beat buu with sayian man

Unlock everything

Go to the skill shop and enter it while pressing L2 and when the girl starts to talk,exit the shop.Reapeatr this and eventually your capsule meter will rise to 100%.have fun with your game!KAMEHAMEHA!!=D

Get all charaters and their moves

In the main menu go to Edit Skills ,once there you will ps2 memory card 1 and ps2 memory card 2 ,click on the memory card you have.Now you will see Edit skills ,Skill Shop and skill list and on the right you see your percentage finished.Now all you have to do is hold down L1 , L2 , R1 ,R2 and go back and forth from the menu with skill shop to the menu with the memory card selection by pressing trianle and X. You will see your percentage go up and you will get new characters and skills, continue doing this to increase your percentage.

Kid buu

Kid buu- Get 3600 kili on babidis space ship.

Strange plant thing

On the stage where you have to meet the supreme Kai, there is one of those plant things that give you another move, it is up one space away from the thing that gives you another life.
There is another one exactly where Goku starts on the lAST stage.
To reveal these plants you have to select a character and press x and you will have a choice of where to move. Press square and he/she searches that space, you can also reveal Dragonballs if your on the right space.

*** wanna get majin vegeta ***

Ok this is how you get majin vegeta first you know that level were it says 'defeat the supreme kai'.
Well you go to that level and have goku go and attack either majin cell or majin frieza or majin vegeta you have to lure them into attacking you first.
So that you can attack them and beet them when they are uncoinsicous that should knock them down 2 barsthen the message will appear that you have babidis mind control.
I have found that you cant use the technique in dragon world mode you can ony use it in the rest of the stuff majin vegeta is the strongest character in the game.
Exept fusions his move that he learns when he turns majin is final explosion and you have to turn the anolgue stick counter clock wise or you will die.
If you ..

Train As Majin Vegeta

First To Train As Majin Vegeta, You Need Babadis Mind Control.
First You Beat Majin Vegeta, Frieza, Or Cell The First Time You See Them Majin.
(It Only Works If You Have One Person On Each Side So Your Meter Doesn't Fill Up) Then Go To Training Then Pick Somebody And Equip Them With The Heart Disease Then Wait Until Its Red And Put Him Match, Very Strong And Then You Can Practice Final Explosion And Never Die!!!!!!

Capsule gratuite

Maintenir L1+L2+R1+R2 dans le bazartech puis appuyer rapidemenr sur triangle recommencer jusqu'a avoire 100 pour 100 des capsules...

Health charts

Frieza blue
Cell blue
Majinbuu purple
superbuuabsorbed purple
kid buu purple.
See at least you know what your up against.

99% Capsules

Hold L2 and enter and exit the shop, the edit skills. Keep doing that and you will have 99% of capsules.


To get gohon beat cell with teen gohon in the kid buu saga


Go to hercule instead of veageta when on the potora stage.

Fast fast percent

First go to shop,then hold r1 and L2 and keep going in and out of the shop when you do that exit the shop than if you had a low percent it will go hire

Flying Roshie

When the load sign is up (as in Roshie Spinning) turn on the analog before it comes up and start and then rotate both of the sticks and eventually roshie will start to fly.

Unlock Dabura, Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu

If you go into Skills shop and manage to get Babidi's Spaceship, you can fight your way through 4 level types in order to fill up the Killi meter.
When you do this, you will unlock Dabura, Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu and most of thier Attacking moves (Capsules)!!

A Wicked toy

On the loading screen you will see master roshi on a jet shell thing, if you rotate the right analog stick master roshi will spin even quicker.
Press left and he moves left and if you tap the triangle button quickly he will rise.

Super Spirt Bomb

To get Goku's all time ultimate move all you have to do is beat Kid Buu with Goku and presto one of the strongest moves in the game is at your disposal.
Another handy hint is to get SUPER SAIYAN 3 for Goku all you have to do hear is beat FAT Buu with Goku and there you have the most cool looking character in the game.

Tournament tips

If you keep getting frustrated over the world tournament as you keep on losing, just try this move on them to get them near the rings edge.
Then do it again to knock them out again and again.
This does work as I am now a multi millionare on it.
move = >k k k k

How to get Z-sword

If your wondering how to get the Z-sword,here's how.
When you get to the last level when you fight Kid Buu fight Fieza first.
After you defeat him go behind the place he started.
When you get to the place where there's a sword stuck in the ground you'll get a capsule for the Z-sword!

Super Saiyan abilities for Goku

Super saiyan:
Let Krillen get killed by Frieza on stage 3
Super saiyan 2:
Beat Majin Vegeta on stage 6
Super saiyan 3:
Beat Majin Buu on stage 6

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