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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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We have several cheats including how to unlock Hard mode, killing a Bloog easily and unlocking the Art galleries and endings.

More Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Cheats and Tips

We have 42 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes please send them in here.

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Action Replay Codes

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Metroid Prime 2 Echoes cheats

Unlock Hard Mode:
Complete the game on 'Normal' mode.
Unlock Endings:
To see Samus without her suit beat the final boss and collect 75% of the items in the game.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoe Cheats

Unlockable Multiplayer Bonuses

Sanctuary Soundtrack:
Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos

Torvus Bog Soundtrack:
Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos

Pirate Fear Soundtrack:
Restore Energy to Agon Temple and talk to U-Mos

Luminoth Soundtrack:
Talk to U-Mos for the first time
Pipeline Arena:
Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos

Spires Arena:
Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos
Dark Echoes Soundtrack:
Complete the Game

Darkness Soundtrack:
Complete the Game
Hard Mode:
Beat the game


Promotional Gallery:
40% of Logbook Scans

The Energy Tank Locations

x1) You start with this.
x2) Temple Grounds - Storage Cavern B: After visiting the Great Temple and heading to Agon Wastes, use a Missile to go through the Red Door in the Temple Assembly Site.
x3) Temple Grounds - Windchamber Gateway: Enter the Windchamber Gateway from the Path of Eyes, use the Kinetic Orb Cannon to cross the gap and Grapple to the platform with the Energy Tank.
x4) Temple Grounds - Fortress Transport Access: Once you get the Light Suit, stand in the beam of light in this room to be transported up to a secret room with an Energy Tank in it.
x5) Agon Wastes - Mining Station Access: Use a Bomb on the block in the middle of the tunnel to fall to a Kinetic Orb Cannon, which will launch you to a tunnel leading to the Energy Tank. x..

All you metroid fans. Guess what?You know at the..

All you metroid fans. Guess what?
You know at the ditch where you get the boost ball?To get out with the key, you need the boost ball or ya can't get out of the section.
You get the key you can drop down from where you are and once ya land you basically get the key, but with the other side.
And there you have it!

Portal Transition Lighting Glitch

Okay, this is weird. A glitch, probably. If you go through some portals to either the light or dark worlds, sometimes, the light reflected off of Samus's suit during the transition will be misplaced.
Like, white light will be reflected off of some side of her suit, yet that side of the suit may be facing the dark end of the portal transition. This does not apply for all portals.
The first two portals in the game properly place the light reflections.

How Dark Samus escaped Dark Aether, Likely...

If you have ever beaten this game on 100%, you will note at the very end it shows Dark Samus forming outside of Aether's atmosphere, right? Well, I figured it out... Remember how after Samus defeated Dark Samus the wall of Phazon released entry into the portal to head back to the Light World? Well, I have figured out that a likely explanation for all this is that Dark Samus, after diappearing inches in front of Samus, controlled the Phazon wall to explode to release the portal. Samus went through the portal as expected, but then Dark Samus gave chase, heading through the portal as well, invisible with her ability to sheath herself in alter-photonic Phazon. This was Dark Samus's plan to escape the Dark World before her own destruction.
That is how I predict that the Phazon wall..

The Beam Ammo Expansions

X50) When you get the Dark/Light Beam.
X100) Agon Wastes - Central Mining Station: Use the Light Door on the second floor of the Command Center to reach the ledge with the Vigilance Turrets in the Central Mining Station. Get into a Turret and blast the 3 Generators, get out of the Turret and jump onto the Pirate Skiff to the left and across the platforms to get to the back of the room.
X150) Dark Torvus Bog - Cache A: Go to the Poisoned Bog, blast open the Purple Door with Seeker Missiles and enter this room with the Expansion.
X200) Sanctuary Fortress - Watch Station: Use the Spider Ball Track near the Light Door to the Watch Station Access and Bomb Jump from it to another Track. Roll over to the end and drop onto the Kinetic Orb Cannon holding R. Once y..


- Hard Mode -
Hard Mode: Beat the Game on Normal Mode
- Galleries -
Promotional Gallery: Scan 40% of the Logbook
Character Gallery: Scan 60% of the Logbook
Creature Gallery: Scan 80% of the Logbook
Boss Gallery: Scan 100% of the Logbook
Rough Sketch Gallery: Complete the Game on Normal Mode
Storyboard Gallery: Complete the Game on Hard Mode
- Endings -
Samus Body Suit Ending: Collect 75% of the Items
Additional Dark Samus Ending: Collect 100% of the Items
- Multiplayer -
Dark Echoes Soundtrack: Complete the Game
Darkness Soundtrack: Complete the Game
Luminoth Soundtrack: Restore the Energy to the Agon Temple and talk to U-Mos
Pirate Fear Soundtrack: Restore the Energy to the Agon..

Taking Down Chykka

Alright, this is a long battle, but not too difficult!
All this whale does is swim around in a circle while sending some flying plants at you for the first bit, then it'll jump and try and splash you with the poisonous water - make sure to follow your radar here. Finally, it'll attack you face to face. Its weak points are the belly and the top/front of the head. When it jumps up, you can hit it with a Super Missile if you're ready and quick enough, so charge up your Power Beam and use the radar! When Larva comes onto the island you're on, use the Light Beam here to do some damage.
Once you take the whale out, get ready for round two. Keep shooting, the more hits the better - if you're good enough, you can anticipate where it's goi..

Where to find a bunch of ammo and health

I know that some of you are annoyed by the fact that it is really hard to find ammo and health when you need it. I know a couple spots where you can find alot of ammo and health. 1. Torvus Bog-In the hallway to where you fight the Alpha Blogg. 2. Sanctuary fortress- the place where there are all the little robots. 3.(this is hard to do)Ing Hive-Where you find the Ing Infant. Well hope that helps you.

I found the the 3 beam ammo's but the 4th won't ..

I found the the 3 beam ammo's but the 4th won't open work sheiny said
4 - Sky Temple Grounds - Profane Path - Use the portal in the Sacred Path to get to this room, then use the Annihilator Beam and Echo Visor on the Echo Keys.
The order of the keys is: far right, near right, left and far right.
That wasn't too hard, Except I couln't find the 4 key lock.
The first three are there but the fourth is hidden somewhere and I can't find it.
Not with any visor.

To Beat The Spider Guardian

This is more of a puzzle boss than a flat out fight boss and it's fought entirely in Morph Ball form. So - this Pillbug has your Spider Ball - and it will use it to roll around on the Spider Tracks. It can only harm you by making contact with you - but it's entire coloured halo is considered contact - and it can hit you through walls if you're close enough. What you have to do is bomb him so that it turns from blue to red to green. Once it turns green - a Bomb Slot will open - activate it to open a path to an energy device that will damage the Spider Guardian.
That's it - really - but it does get pretty complicated later on. The first area is a simple rectangle with branching passages. Try to stay near the Bomb Slot when Bombing the Guardian so that you're close enough to it t..


A lot of people say Boost gardien is easy, I have no clue why.
He is tougher then Imperor Ing! It takes severel tries to beat Mr.Speadey and he's no pushover (Not a pun)!
I know a strategy that can help though. First scan him, then when he comes up from his ingooze (ing ooze) hit him with a super man! er missle.
Do ths twice and then he will turn into morph ball.
PAY ATTENTION TO THIS PART! (I meant to put it on caps lock) most people mess up here.
He will rocket around the room double jump to avoid him, he does this 4 times then turns into ingooze.
Then turn into morph ball and drop bombs on him to make him turn into his normal form.
Use super missles to hurt him most.
Notes: if he runs into a ..

Samus Fear....

Just before fighting Dark Samus, when the Phazon wall is building to prevent Samus's escape, you will see Samus's face in her visor from a side view. But if you look hard enough, you will see her body trembling under her quickened heartbeat, because she is scared. Well, I don't blame her. Phazon scares me, too.
After defeating Dark Samus, you will see her fall to the ground and burn. The next screen will show Samus's face in her visor, and boy, she looks scared. But then her eyes widen and it looks like she's going to have a panic attack, which the next screen shows Dark Samus getting up and creeping toward Samus. While it is approaching, you'll see another shot of Samus, who has this worried/terrified look on her face. It's really kinda interesting, if you ask me...

Sonic Locks Solved

You have to use the Anniahlator Beam to solve the sonic locks, listen to the sounds when you shoot the door and it'll give you the combo.
I don't know if any of the walkthroughs mention that You need the Anniahlator Beam for the sonic locks, so I had to figure it out the hard way.

Easy way to defeat the grapple gaurdian

When fighting the grapple guy just hide behind the two pillars and when it is safe shoot it with a couple times with a charged light beam shot or shoot missiles, then shoot it from behind.

Phazon Beam- Final Update

Okay, here's what I have discovered:
After talking to U-Mos for the first time, if you have the Phazon Beam ready (you need an Action Replay to use the Phazon Beam andywhere, refer to the AR Codes section of this game) then you should be able to destroy red hatches, green hatches, and yellow hatches, and you may be able to open light and dark doors, though I don't know yet. I am basing this possibility off of the fact that Phazon Beam can damage the Emperor Ing no matter what color it bears, and in the fact that it can activate light and dark portals.
Anyway, I have found that after talking to U-Mos for the first time, you should be able to destroy anything that requires Bombs, Missles, Charge Beam, Light Beam, Dark Beam, Power Bomb, or Annihilator Beam... I can't p..

Finding the 9 Sky Temple Keys

Here are the locations for all 9 Sky Temple Keys:
1) Dark/Sky Temple Grounds: Defiled Shrine
2) Dark/Sky Temple Grounds: Accursed Lake
3) Dark/Sky Temple Grounds: Ing Reliquary
4) Dark Agon Wastes: Dark Oasis
5) Dark Agon Wastes: Battleground
6) Dark Torvus Bog: Dungeon
7) Dark Torvus Bog: Poisoned Bog
8) Dark Sanctuary Fortress: Hive Entrance
9) Dark Sanctuary Fortress: Hive Dynamo Works
Then go to Dark/Sky Temple Grounds: Sky Temple Gateway...

The Unlockables

- Hard Mode: Just beat the Game once to earn a Harder Version of the Game.
- Promotional Gallery: Scan 40% of the Logbook.
- Character Gallery: Scan 60% of the Logbook.
- Creature Gallery: Scan 80% of the Logbook.
- Boss Gallery: Scan 100% of the Logbook.
- Rough Sketch Gallery: Complete the Game on Normal Mode.
- Storyboard Gallery: Complete the Game on Hard Mode.
- Luminoth BGM: Speak to U-Mos for the first time.
- Pirate Fear BGM: Restore the Energy to Agon and speak to U-Mos.
- Torvus Bog BGM: Restore the Energy to Torvus and speak to U-Mos.
- Sanctuary BGM: Restore the Energy to Sanctuary and speak to U-Mos.
- Dark Echoes BGM: Complete the Game.
- Darkness BGM: Complete the Game.
- Pipeline Arena: Restore the Energy to..

The Beam Combos

The Dark Burst (Dark Beam Combo) is in Mining Station B of Agon Wastes. You need the Seeker Launcher to get in the room. First - use the Bomb Slots in the area to set the drill near the Portal - then use the Boost Ball in the half pipe to reach the top of the drill. Travel through Dark Aether - to Dueling Range - to the Portal there - which will allow you to back track to reach it.
The Sun Burst (Light Beam Combo) is found in the Wind Chamber of the Temple Grounds - enter the Wind Chamber from the Hall of Eyes. Once there - take the Portal to Dark Aether and use the Spinners and Orb Cannons to align the rings - they should be lit up and it doesn't matter which way they face - away from or toward the Portal. At that point - fire a Seeker Missile at the 4 points. You must do thi..

Getting the Seeker Launcher

If you need the Seeker Launcher - then you must have the Super Missile and if that's the case - then you must be in the Torvus Bog right now...
So make your way back to the Transport to Torvus Bog in the Temple Grounds and go through the Green Door to the Meeting Grounds...
Here - Boost Ball up the Half Pipe and roll through the lengthy tunnel...
In the Service Access portion of the path - after the second rocky portion - you're going to need to Boost over some blocks...
Next - you'll enter the Path of Honour room - just keep going...
Now - you're in the Hall of Honoured Dead - get out of Morph Ball and you'll find yourself in a large room...
Scan the Spinner and then you're going to need to Boost in each Spinner to make the floor line up (this may take some..

Beam Upgrades

- Dark Burst -
This Dark Beam Upgrade is found in Mining Station B of Agon Wastes. You need the Seeker Launcher to get in the room. First - use the Bomb Slots in the area to set the drill near the Portal - then use the Boost Ball in the half pipe to reach the top of the drill. Travel through Dark Aether - to Dueling Range - to the Portal there - which will allow you to back track to reach it. Hope that makes sense!
- Sun Burst -
This Light Beam Upgrade is found in the Wind Chamber of the Temple Grounds - enter the Wind Chamber from the Hall of Eyes. Once there - take the Portal to Dark Aether and use the Spinners and Orb Cannons to align the rings - they should be lit up and it doesn't matter which way they face - away from or toward the Portal. At that p..

Grapple Guardian

I hate this boss and everybody elses method of hitting it and then hide behind the wall and it grapples the wall DOESNT WORK. For me, at least. So here is how I do it, and it is easy. Hit it in the eye with four missiles, then immediatly charge up the light beam while dashing behind it, and as soon as it fully charges, fire at it's butt. NOTE: you will hit it with the light beam before it tries to grapple, because it shakes itself for a second after you hit it's eye.

Alpha Blogg

This is how you deafeat Alpha Blogg: you make Alpha Blogg charge at you.Then you shoot a super missle at the mouth.

Floaty jump

I think this is more of a glitch than a cheat.This only works when your fighting the chykka larva in the dark world.After you put the three keys in you will enter the temple,and you will see the cacoon and you must shoot the legs that hold the cacoon.Now,when you get to the last leg, jump in the water then shoot the leg.Then after the cut-scene you will be back on the platform,now when you jump you will float for a while,but if you fall in the water it will stop.

Sanctuary Temple glitch

First you need the Boost Ball and the Spider Ball(Which you probably already have). Well the Spider Ball track that is touching the bottom, hold your R button and boost towards the track, if you get on to it you should get an outside view of the temple (you wouldnt see this view otherwise) for a few seconds.
Note: If you miss just try again it's not all that hard.

Prymetyme at Metroid Prime 2 Echoes How to beat dark samus

Prymetyme Here telling you how to beat Dark samus step by step:
Step 1 After beating Guardian Ing {Trust me this is not easy but not hard ether but that`s another story} You have a time a time limit to get out of whatever that place is called then you fight dark samus.
Step 2 Now Dark Samus Starts To Turn invisable so use echo visor then hit him with everything you got.
Step 3 Now you may notice that she goes into a ball sheild but that means your going to die just kidding it`s okay 25 to 75 chance your going to die so what do you do first go to annhilater beam then she shoots little balls at you suck the balls up then shoot them at her then she gets out of the sheild and tries to fool you by turning invisable but when you get to echo visor you can`t see her bu..

Beating Dark Samus: The Final Form

Okay, here't the deal. You've got Dark Samus, in a room with Phazon round the walls. She's immune to rockets, invisible to the Dark Visor, and you have just under 8 minutes to beat her.
Oh, and you'll probably be low on health and ammo. Anyway, just keep shooting with the Power Beam, using Charge shots whenever you feel like it. When she goes to the middle and floats up, stop shooting. Dodge the big laser and continue when she comes down.
Eventually she'll float up and surround herself by an inpenetrable shield. She'll shoot out missiles which home in on you if you dash-jump. However, simply side-stepping seems to work better.
When the draws the shield inwards and shoots out blobs of Phazon, absorb them with the Charge Beam until it turns blue.

Have you ever wondered whats on the other side o..

Have you ever wondered whats on the other side of that wall? Have you ever want to see whats over that cliff? Well guess what, there is a way to see over the boundery! Even though there are many more "secret worlds" than the one that I'm about to explain (many others require the screw attack *hint hint*), this one is probably the easiest ones.
SECRET WORLD 1(Main Energy Controller) Requirements: Space Jump, Morph Ball Bombs.
1. Go to the Main Energy Temple in the Great Temple.
2. Jump on top of U-Mos.(Yes, it is possible.) Try doing it when he puts his hand up and he creates a ball of light.
3. Attempt a well timed Space Jump into the gaps of the design on the upper walls. Dont expect to get it the first time!
4. When you finally get..

The Power Bomb Expansions

x2) When you get the Power Bombs.
x3) Temple Grounds - Dynamo Chamber: Blow up the security gates with Power Bombs and use another one on the cracked wall in the middle of the tunnel to reveal this Expansion.
x4) Agon Wastes - Sandcanyon: Use the Screw Attack to reach the center platform and blow up the sculpture with a Power Bomb to reveal an Expansion at it's base.
x5) Dark Agon Wastes - Feeding Pit: Drop into the poison water in this room and look for the Expansion in an underwater nook.
x6) Torvus Bog - Great Bridge: When entering the room from the Abandoned Worksite or the upper part of Temple Access, use a Power Bomb to blow up the Benzium and roll into the tunnel behind it to run right into the Expansion.
x7) Dark Torvus Bog -..

The Missile Expansions

x5) Obtaining the Missile Launcher
x10) Temple Grounds - Transport to Agon Wastes
x15) Agon Wastes - Portal Access A
After Obtaining the Morph Ball Bomb
x20) Temple Grounds - Hive Chamber A
x25) Agon Wastes - Sand Cache
x30) Agon Wastes - Transport Center
x35) Temple Grounds - Hive Chamber B
x40) Great Temple - Transport B Access
After Obtaining the Space Jump Boots
x45) Agon Wastes - Command Center
x50) Temple Grounds - Temple Assembly Site
x55) Temple Grounds - Communication Area
x60) Temple Grounds - GFMC Compound
After Obtaining the Dark & Light Beams
x65) Agon Wastes - Storage B
x70) Dark Agon Wastes - Warrior's Walk
x75) Dark Agon Wastes - Ing Cache 4
x80) Sky Temple Grounds ..


If your worried that your going to waste your Light Beam or Dark Beam ammo, well all you have to do is kill those creatures with a Dark Beam and you get Light Beam ammo, and kill creatures with the Light Beam and get Dark Beam ammo.
Hope this helps.

Easy Dark Samus 2.

She's actually easy to defeat.try to enter the battle with as much energy as possible with plenty of missles(you will see y in a bit).scan her b4 she attacks then after she lands on the ground lock on and fire super missles.hint:nothin works when she is a ball or in air.after a couple hits she will turn invisible.switch to dark wont be able to use missles because they will not follow and hit.shoot rapidly until she turns back're dark visor will overload which will cause you to switch back to combat visor.repeat until death.

This is how you beat the bomb guardian. First yo..

This is how you beat the bomb guardian. First you scan him, then you hit his tail when it lights up. When his head goes with a shiny blob, shoot it with either a missle or a charge beam. Reapeat this process.

Hope this works =]

Easy way to beat Pirate Commandos

Most of you Metroid Players are probably frusterated by how long it takes to kill a Pirate Commando. Right? Well If you are, I have an answer for you. Simply activate all the light beacons(use the light or annihilator beam) in the room, and hit them with super missles(it you have them). They will fly somewhere in the room and if they hit a light activated light beacon they will die. It doesn't work all the time but it's conveniant when it does. Well I have to be goin. Try it out.

missle lancher TWICE

Using a move called getto jump, you can get the missle lancher twice, When you first enter GFMC Compound, make your way to the boot-shaped rock found just before the cutscene. Place yourself between it and the dark part of the wall. With the very bottom of the boot in the center of your view, get a running start and jump just as you touch it (while holding up on the stick).
Immediately after pressing B, hold left on the stick briefly, then hold up again as the jump is about to peak. The idea is to ghetto jump off the bottom for an initial height boost, slide left up the boot for more height, and finally push yourself up to the ledge.
Once you're up, drop down next to the missile launcher and take it. Now head back to the entrance to trigger the cutscene you previo..

Hard Mode

To Get Hard Mode Beat The Game.

Killing a Blogg--Easier Alpha Blogg

When your up against a Blogg and he comes at you full force walk backwards until his mouth is completely open then either shoot him with a charged beam shot(which takes 2 to kill) or shoot him with a missle and BAM one hit K.O. Yeah this cheat is obvious but it helped me alot when I realized it. Hope I helped.


Get hurt through a wall

Ola senior/senioreta cheater.This cheat is explained in steps.
1.Defeat spider gaurdian.
2.In Hall of combat mastery get an ingmasher to follow you to the door that leads to Minigyro chamber.
3.Go into Minigyro chamber.
4.Stay close to the door you just went through.
5.If you did this all right you should get hurt in Minigyro chamber by an ingmasher in Hall of combat mastery.

Just when you thought you had saved Aether...

So you've beaten Emperor Ing - congrats, but wait - what happened - is that...Dark Samus?!?
First thing's first - scan Dark Samus #3, now, keep moving and continue shooting her with the Power Beam - charged up shots and Super Missiles whenever you want. You may need to switch to the Echo Visor and back, either way, when Dark Samus' health is low enough, she'll hover at the center of the room in an inpenetrable shield. Scan her again here - this is Dark Samus #4 and hopefully your 100% Scan, anyway, she'll unleash some Missile shots at you - dodge these; when she draws in Phazon and shoots them out at you in blue, stay where you are and absorb them with your charged up Power Beam - when your shot goes Blue, release it at her. She'll then fall down and come at you - just hit her..

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